Part of Fortune in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, like Leo and Aries, lives in the element of Fire, which cannot but affect the representatives of this sign.

Lively, sociable, overly active Sagittarius are able to move mountains on the way to their goals.

Women of this sign are impulsive, amorous, but at the same time loyal wives and wonderful mothers who throughout their lives remain indifferent to household chores and household chores.

Favorable stones for girls of this sign are pomegranate and amethyst, as well as topaz, chrysotile, turquoise … Conversely; Sagittarius should avoid accessories with agate, pearls and cat’s eye.

The calculation of the point of fortune is based on the positions of the Sun, Moon and Ascendant. These three energies are considered fundamental to man and have a considerable influence on the formation of his character.

The Sun is a symbol of spiritual identity and how much love we knew how to conquer; the Moon symbolizes the emotional side, as well as the conscious and unconscious reactions.

While the Ascendant, as a visible personality, is what allows us to live the experience of incarnation.

It indicates that sphere of life that offers us the best option to experience true happiness; it shows us the place where our treasure, our fortune, is hidden.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Info

You probably have the gift of feeling happy without being aware of it. Your nature simply believes in the future and the good of man and this attitude has its reward. Your positive way of thinking gives you the strength to take life lightly, without becoming superficial.

However, there is a requirement for your happiness: the feeling of not being limited in your possibilities.

Freedom is your most valuable asset that you could never give up. If you accept any obligation, you will do so voluntarily and consciously. You have a natural confidence in yourself, and this is enough for you to enjoy life.

You do not feel the need to discover a meaning beyond what you have in front of you, since it is much more important for you to tell the truth and act in accordance with it, that is, to be authentic, and to let your spontaneity unleash.

Whoever wants to prevent you from seeking new adventures and exploring new horizons will not be your friend for long.

However, you are always eager to get along with everyone, which contributes to your popularity and, of course, to your happiness as well.

An example of Part of Fortune in Sagittarius with Jupiter on the Ascendant is that of the Underwater World explorer, the French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Interestingly, he also has Neptune, the planet of the sea, dominating the Midheaven.

The Fehr’s Foundation studies the moment of birth and the position of the planets in the sky. That reveals the enormous possibility that we all have to achieve a fuller and happier life.

Our job is to help you get to know you, the first step to enjoy the abundance that we can all have.

We are going to share the qualities that each sign possesses to have greater fortune, and the character flaws that can stop your conquests.

It always depends on you. Aries brings fortune and material well-being if creative intelligence and artisanship are used.

The tendency to impulsive action can generate critical phases, but confidence in personal possibilities allows you to overcome any obstacle. Eventually you reach the goal.

The benefits can be greater if you eliminate anger and intolerance and maintain bold thoughts, righteousness in your ideals and consideration for others.

Taurus here the interest in material goods is accentuated; the ambition to have excess may take the place of the impulse to achieve spiritual and selfless goals.

This sign, and those who choose to be born under the energy of it, can obtain the wisdom of the Buddha, which he managed to possess without being possessed; having does not mean Being and sharing to cultivate generosity.

Artistic activities, ecology, the environment and the care of the natural, cultural and nutritional heritage are favored.

The greater the predisposition to share, the greater the fortune. Everything that is given with love, returns multiplied. Gemini offers great ease and diplomacy.

It brings advantages if you work in a group, friendships are valued and bonds of understanding and affection are created.

Special to dedicate himself to social communication and to create just human relationships based on respect for identity, freedom and solidarity.

The words used to unite and reconcile attract fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is associated with material and spiritual fortune, inexplicable facilities even in the midst of desperate situations,

Cancer is said here that the born have a good star, especially if the natal moon makes a positive aspect with the wheel of fortune.

Possibility of success and notoriety. There are deep ties to the past, family heritage, tradition, and a respect for race, country, and the planet itself. They have the gift of seeing the earth as true home.

Sensitive and somewhat attached, for fear of losing what gives him support in life, he can commit excesses.

Ability for noble humanistic enterprises, he feels protective of those who need protection and care.

Leo is one of the most favorable positions; it gives direction and stimulates personal appreciation to reach goals.

Personal magnetism and self-confidence generate additional energy to carry out projects.

Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

Good luck to women of this sign will bring the colors of the blue and blue gamut, as well as purple shades. The character of a Sagittarius woman in childhood, Sagittarius girls have almost perfect behavior.

They are curious, easily make friends, and are sensitive to their parents. The representatives of the sign overcome the teenage period easily: they set goals for themselves, and then achieve them, not wanting to waste time on pranks.

The adult Sagittarius woman is a spectacular seductress, a sweet adventurer who loves to be in the spotlight. She does not know how to hide emotions, so she cries without embarrassment, and if she laughs, she infects everyone around her with her fun.

The excessive emotionality of a Sagittarius woman may seem like a game to others, but this is not so, because the representatives of the sign let all feelings pass through the soul. How To Recognize Lies Of The Zodiac Signs? The video does `t work?

Situations in which a Sagittarius woman becomes discouraged are almost impossible. She always knows what and how to do her, does not tolerate criticism, but she herself often speaks sharply about others.

Sagittarius are sensitive to children. Sagittarius does not know fatigue and is not familiar with the word “laziness”. No one understands how she manages to do seven things at the same time and be in three places at once. No? And the impression was that it was so.

The most vulnerable spots or how not to ruin a relationship Video does not work. Some Sagittarius are prone to flirting for the sake of flirting – this is not an attempt to cheat on a partner, but a confirmation of their own attractiveness and sexuality.

Excessive emotionality of the representatives of this sign can obscure their eyes and prevent them from making an informed decision.

What qualities should be developed? Those born under the sign of Sagittarius should develop punctuality and tact, because they have serious problems with the latter.

Sagittarius often quit a lesson halfway if it ceases to interest them, so they need to work on responsibility and perseverance. “Traitors among the signs of the zodiac: 4 unreliable representatives of the zodiac circle” Video does not work?

The ability to make concessions is another trait that is lacking in her character. If this skill is not developed, then a woman risks ruining marriage and friendships.

What a Sagittarius woman loves Sagittarius are so fond of travel that they can easily go to distant lands, taking with them only a toothbrush, a passport and a camera.

They only prioritize careers when they are engaged in the work of life. If this is not the case, then the Sagittarius woman will achieve success in another area (self-development, marriage, raising children).

Sagittarius love to travel. She loves noisy parties and dances, walks in picturesque places, can spend many hours reading.

Part of Fortune in Sagittarius – Meaning and Info

Cultivate openness, honesty, and understanding of the universe and its laws. Such a position indicates having a greater sense of contentment when visiting distant places.

If there is, tension in the positioning, one must be careful in any hurry to get answers to your doubts and wishes so as not to make a mistake.

Because you want to immediately resolve many situations, you can make mistakes that could be avoided if everything were resolved in time and with serenity.

Also, pay attention to confusion and lack of clarity in ideas. If studies have been negatively affected or neglected for some reason, this can trigger disinterest in academic activity, compromising their learning potential.

By becoming aware of such circumstances and following their intuition, the person makes peace with himself and resumes his path, no longer judging without knowing the facts.

Chances that have been wasted throughout life can return in many ways, including through education and the pursuit of knowledge, through friendship circles and travel.

Anyway, the person needs something that awakens the mind and gives space for creativity for it to flourish, thus finding their own truths in a more grounded way.

It is also important to talk about your ideas for the world sincerely, to know new doctrines, cultures, learnings and philosophies, as all this tends to bring greater joy and interesting opportunities. You have the potential to have fate’s hands on the events of your life and feel good every time you travel to distant places, experiencing the world and its opportunities.

The right profession one of the most important criteria for a happy life for a Sagittarius is infinite knowledge of this world.

Therefore, women of this sign stay for a long time in search of the work of their whole life and are very upset that they cannot do everything at once.

Sagittarius are encouraged to choose professions related to creativity, travel or social activities.

From the representatives of this zodiac sign, talented teachers, social workers, psychologists, guides, linguists grow up. Sagittarius are more inclined to study art, languages, they can prove themselves in oratory.

However, the exact and natural sciences are difficult for many representatives of the sign. They choose professions related to mathematics, chemistry or biology only if they are guided by a desire to help people and a sincere interest.

How to raise a Sagittarius child for a girl Sagittarius children are quite active, but non-conflicting. In early childhood, they need to constantly explain what is bad and what is good, forming the correct system of values ​​in the child.


This placement suggests a more open channel for self-knowledge and a true connection with others.

There are promises of joy in exploring, opening up spaces and letting out what you feel or think, as if there is a greater need for freedom and adventure.

With this, it is possible that you have a little more difficulty dealing with limitations, whether ideas or physical interactions.

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