Part of Fortune in Taurus

The first thing to notice when studying the calculation of the Wheel is its position relative to the natal circle.

The PF located on top of it gives a hint that others will often promote the native’s success other than himself.

That is, the benefits will come to him even easier. A similar calculation falls to people with pure past karma as a special reward. They had a good previous life, and with a competent awareness of themselves, they will be able to live their present incarnation, bathed in luck.

Part of Fortune – Meaning and Symbolism

The PF, located at the bottom of the natal circle, indicates that a person is only laying the foundation for the future. In addition, the strength of the forthcoming help from heaven depends on how he behaves.

It is also worth knowing the action of the Point of Happiness in conjunction with the Descendant – the opponent of the Ascendant.

If the lot falls on this zone, then luck will hide behind different trials. It is worth learning to recognize it and not succumb to the provocations of fate, as the return will be much higher than in ordinary cases.

It is not necessary to ignore this aspect in conjunction with Proserpine, the most distant planet, little known to the nonprofessional.

The planet embodies innovation, originality, change. In addition, in combination with the symbol of luck, it gives incredible success in science, opens the way to superpowers and the secrets of the Universe.

The union of the sign of Luck with a certain sign of the Zodiac reveals the conditions for the native that will allow him to easily achieve maximum success. The place of the Parsa is Aries.

When the sign of Luck is in the sign of Aries, such an individual is favored by the fate of a servant of society.

Politics, medicine, military affairs, law enforcement, science and even trade and metallurgy – everything that is connected with service for the good of the people will lead to any success.

Purpose implies willpower, initiative, and the ability to distribute and take goals. Therefore, it is also a sign of the success of the athletes.

However, it is prudent to be wary of the negative aspects. That is, when the area of ​​success is hit by unfavorable combinations.

In this case, intemperance, weakness in front of pleasures and cruelty can become an obstacle to the dream.

The place of the Parsa is Taurus. In order to achieve prosperity, such an owner is supposed to have

high spirituality. He should put material values ​​much lower than moral ones, and honesty, kindness, friendliness and responsiveness, purposefulness should be the cores in character.

The location of the mark of luck betrays the favor of the gods in art, including bodily art – sports, bodybuilding. They are also open roads for bankers, servants of the earth, jewelers, chefs, tailors.

Negative aspects give rise to laziness, envy, limited thinking. Your own stubbornness and pride will interfere with success.

The place of the Parsa is Gemini An extraordinary mind, insight, imagination, innovation, curiosity – only these qualities developed by an individual will allow him to achieve success if the Wheel of Fortune stopped in Gemini now of his birth.

Emotion must be kept under control. In addition, eloquence is always at hand. Areas where luck awaits the most are modern technologies. This is the space industry, nuclear, electronics, IT. Verbal classes promise great achievements – guides, translators, sales representatives, publishing, and book business.

If there is, a sign of damage to the aspect nearby, the path to happiness will cut bad relationships with family and colleagues. Problems will bring lightheadedness, scattering. Parsa’s place – Cancer When the calculation of the Parsa Fortune showed his location in Cancer, this is an indicator that gentleness of character will not harm a career, as usual, but, on the contrary, will help.

Smiling, shyness, childish charm of a native will only benefit him.

However, rudeness, strength will not give what you want. Such a position of the sign of luck brings success and profit in creativity, freelancing, work related to foreign travel.

However, true happiness as a result will await at home. High results will be in the field of psychoanalysis, anthropology, natural sciences. Bad neighborhood warns of the dangers of excessive dependence on people’s opinions, imbalance, and laziness.

Taurus – Meaning and Symbolism

The male bull, according to the zodiac sign, is simple, sensual, earthy and stubborn. The star Taurus consists of 216 stars, which are visible to the mindless eye and mark like a bull.

Taurus represents perseverance, hard work; there are combinations of strength, anger and tenderness in him. He has anger, but his outlook on life is quite rational.

They can be both practical and romantic. To a sage they are like an open book, all women dream of such a man. They are like a wall, behind which is comfortable, calm and reliable. They are practical and earthly people, called by proper names. The land of the element represents physical strength, material well-being.

The male bull sign of the Zodiac is practical and rational, according to the compatibility of terrestrial people, the water element is appropriate. Water boils and feeds the earth, giving it life. These two elements were created for each other.

By merging the two earthly elements of a harmonious community, they will be reliable partners in business and life.

The complete incompatibility of the male Taurus will be with the elements of Air and Fire. Their relationship will be short-lived because they are completely different, but there are exceptions to all the rules.

The male bull must be closer to its element of the Earth. It is recommended that they live in a private house or somewhere on the lower floors.

A person begins to feel more restless than living more off the ground. It has a close connection with nature, so the apartment should have indoor flowers and some kind of pet.

The planet is considered the patron saint of love and is responsible for the emotional sphere of man. He developed a love of country, tact, elegance. Venus rewarded him with feeling, not for a reason, he can be happy and he knows how to love.

Low Taurus is aesthetically underdeveloped, lazy and passive, but he even understands the beauty of life and is very stubborn. He is loose, has a consumer attitude, and indulges in instinct.

The other planet controlled by Taurus is Chiron. This planet gives him insight and flair.

Part of Fortune in Taurus – Meaning and Symbolism

A person with such a position of the Part of Fortune strives for everything permanent and lasting and is not interested in superficial and fleeting pleasures. He wants to know the meaning and benefits of all things so that he can build a lasting future. His joy is based on his ability to support and develop the essence of life.

This is an example of the positive energies of the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio directed into matter and the way this is expressed through the Part of Fortune. If the powers of Scorpio are viewed negatively, a person sees only the destruction, decay and chaos of the world.

A person with a Part of Fortune in Taurus knows that people can be defeated by a lack of patience arising from the fact that things do not materialize instantly. He observes the unstable and unpredictable situations that a person encounters in life.

Identifying with them means losing your own sense of stability. Taurus energy represents cohesion and support, while Scorpio’s negative expression can represent destruction instead of transmutation.

This person must understand that there is a need for destruction, that destruction and completion are part of the process of creation. If he wants to be happy, then his role in this process is to forge a powerful and meaningful foundation. Destruction must be seen as transformation.

This person likes to take a break, but while resting, he does not feel happy. He would be more comfortable working towards progress, no matter how slow. It must be firm enough to guarantee that distant day when he can truly rest in the reliability he has created.

Here rest and slow progress are examples of the Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio – rebirth and growth.

One of the greatest joys of the Taurus Portion of Fortune is achieving personal love and expressing it on the physical plane.

However, there is a big difference between the sexuality of Taurus and Scorpio. With the Taurus Part of Fortune, a person does not share sexuality and love.

This artificial division causes the experience of the lower levels of Scorpio, which is detrimental to the true purpose of Taurus.

Taurus sexuality is always about building a meaningful union based on warmth, sincerity, and commitment.

What is viewed and perceived as a misuse of sexuality. Scorpio seeks to allow relationship and love to be a well from which the warm waters of pure emotion are drawn to nourish the inner life of a person, making it possible for its transformation.

This is one of the functions of Mars and Pluto, acting from the position of managing the water sign.

A person with a Part of Fortune in Taurus is happy when he knows where he is going. Hindering external conditions and people must be considered impartially. One of their weaknesses is their tendency to feel like a target and then react negatively to it.

A clear look at this sensation, supported by the ability to understand emotions (which is given by the Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio), will show him that this is not so.

Perhaps he just happened to be in this position, and that is all. While one of the greatest strengths of a person is the ability to hold on to something or to retain something, negative identification with a Piece of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio can waste his energy by remaining dissatisfied with what happened in the past.

In order for the energy of Taurus to work in the best possible way, a person must learn not to block the energy of Scorpio, which tends to destroy and transform what is done. He must learn to preserve without losing sight of what he seeks to build.

This person is extremely slow in making changes in life patterns.

However, his ability to establish and maintain long-term and meaningful patterns will bring him great happiness. He takes pleasure in understanding, which creates an inner reliability that everyone can rely on.

The energy of Taurus is the energy of peaceful existence in harmony with the forces of nature. This is one of the few signs of the zodiac, thanks to which a person can experience satisfaction. Taurus is a very “giving” sign.


The more a person tries to console and calm dissatisfied people, the more he will disturb his own peace of mind when negatively identified with a Part of Impartial Consciousness in Scorpio.

A person can best interact with the energy of Taurus, learning to live and allowing others to live and appreciating all the completeness that exists in life.

While Scorpio’s intensity has a place in life, it should not be negative. When one remembers that this basic power is beneficial, if it is directed towards exploration, study, spiritual search and growth through generation and rebirth, an important expression of this intensity can be found.

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