Pisces Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Another Mystical Sign and the Moon feels interesting in it. The Moon in the Water element is alert.

There is always a moment of anxiety here. The world is perceived sharply, intensely. Emotions, feelings prevail.

Intuition works to its fullest, and Neptune (ruler of Pisces) gives depth, a sense of the most hidden secret processes of the Universe.

Pisces Sun – Meaning and Info

Here is the initial understanding (but not with the head!) Of the unity of everything, of the built-in of oneself into the cosmic processes, up to the loss of individuality.

A few words about what Pisces is. The Last Sign of the Zodiac. 12th house in the natural zodiac. Place of Timelessness. Earthly laws do not work here, there is no Life and there is no Death.

This is the Place of Connection with the World Space Ocean. For a person, these energies are transcendental. They are perceived by them with fear, even more with misunderstanding.

After all, it is impossible to comprehend this with the head. It is necessary to include other abilities, feelings.

And how many are ready? From an everyday, down-to-earth point of view, the Sign of Pisces is associated with all Riddles and Secrets, with all Incomprehensible Affairs and Secret Enemies, Mists and Incomprehensible Creatures from Other Worlds, with everything that a person cannot influence. And the Moon gives an intuitive, instinctive perception of these energies.

Moon in Pisces gives attunement with everything around on an intuitive sensitive level. Usually a person tries to hide the depth of his feelings, but in my opinion, getting out is bad.

Although he gravitates towards secrets like no other. Here everything unusual, unknown, mystical fascinates and beckons.

Often they do not perceive life realistically, they are carried away to their illusions and worlds, and they can often be a victim of deception, making wrong decisions. They are very vulnerable and emotionally unstable. This is a life with impressions of a non-everyday nature.

In fact, Sasol is the Moon in Pisces. Wait and believe that Prince Charming will appear! And it’s really possible to wait … I envy. Dream support is very important here. And with this, as you probably guessed in our boring gray reality, not very much.

They attract a lot of energetic dirt to themselves, suffer very much from “sensations”, and are unable to explain logically what is wrong. Than they can enrage more rational people around. And the fact is that Pisces is ALL the waters of the World. Including sewage.

The ability to enter them without disdain is the destiny of Pisces. But this requires years of work on your consciousness, or rather, more than one life. In everyday life, Lunar Pisces constantly “catch” any negative. It seems to them that they were jinxed, cursed, took away their energy, and dragged their luck…

And, you know, I would not rush with skepticism. Very often they turn out to be right, if not in form, then in fact – they are sensitive to any influences or changes in the environment.

In general, I strongly advise such Moonfish to be attentive to the Environment that surrounds them. And people too. I understand, we are not in a vacuum, we must live in any conditions.

But I strongly recommend introducing subtle energy into your life in the form of music on your own. In general, it is believed that it is classical music that cleans up.

But that’s how it goes. Music for meditation is excellent. Mantras, all sorts of singing bowls, Gregorian chants, and Orthodox male choirs are yours. Folk, ethno-excellent, if you feel comfortable when listening (just often folk, folk or ethno is dark, then you have to watch). More music. Just train yourself if you haven’t listened before.

Because if you ignore the ability of the Moon in Pisces to scoop up dirt with a full spoon, you can very quickly lead yourself to unpleasant consequences.

The Moon in Pisces completely “finishes off” the rational approach to solving life problems, there are only feelings and intuition. And if this channel is dirty, there will be serious distortions.

A person will lose his bearings, plunge into his illusions, perceiving their reality. Here you can come up with everything for yourself, create a world, come up with a relationship – and believe in it.

A dirty channel can simply give the wrong path, constant errors. If really bad, alcoholism, drug addiction, leaving the sect. a person is looking for his own, invented paradise.

There is the strongest suggestibility and lack of mental control. This is especially true for women!

Aries Moon – Meaning and Info

We will consider the sign of Aries as the main sign among others. It is a fire… A young man’s fire is located in the abode of Mars. He is the place of the exaltation of the Sun.

More precisely, the 19th degree of the sign of Aries is the degree of exaltation of the Sun, but it is also the 20th degree of the sign, the degree of debilitation of Saturn.

Aries does not know of any other way than direct, nor of any other way of existence than to work and be in action, and to express his personality through his deeds. He intimately believes that the beings and things that surround him, as well as the circumstances in which he lives, expect the participation of his transforming energy in order to set out on a path more harmonized and in harmony with his nature.

He is there to reform and correct the mistakes of nature. It is the number one zodiac. Those born in his sign also want to be always first. They have the right to stand out. Among their most legitimate rights, they place freedom.

The Moon in the sign of Aries makes from birth a very working nature, more precisely active, for which the world is a workshop, studio or battlefield, on which he is obliged to work, create and fight.

This position of the Moon endowed him with mental energy well above mediocrity. He recognizes this gift very clearly and is aware of it.

By acting, he must, in his own understanding, repay that privilege. It possesses power, activity and inexhaustible internal resources that are essential in acquiring the things necessary for existence, as well as for preparing the fertile soil for material comfort and psychic pleasures.

It is a very ambitious being with aspirations both strong and numerous. It will be resourceful, energetic and above all practical. He is full of ideas and always inclined to new projects or new ventures. He shows enthusiasm, zeal, ferocity, obsession and cunning.

He will show great mental strength in difficult circumstances. He will be bold and able to act in a timely manner in critical and crucial moments and cases. He never doubts himself, never loses hope and never succumbs to decay.

His mental preoccupations revolve non-stop around the idea of ​​reforming, changing and transforming existing circumstances. He will be thirsty to improve himself scientifically and to acquire all the information that science has at its disposal.

He is almost always the most important person in the family. Probably the oldest of the children or in deeds. His character is strong from one piece, but at the same time he is a person who is both sensitive and expressive. He will have few lasting interpersonal relationships throughout his life.

He will try to gain the interest and admiration of others. He will become known to everyone and often known far and wide. Or, not infrequently. It will express a strong individuality and radiate a charm capable of producing objective results.

This is all part of his basic preoccupations. Beneath the surface he will possess a constant desire to be someone, to conduct and dominate.

Those born with the Moon in the sign of Aries, when they find themselves in a group endeavor, will be far more preoccupied with their reputation, their influence on others, than material gain.

He will often find himself in a state of self-defense, fearing humiliation and contempt like the plague.

Everything that can elevate and magnify him, strengthen his image of importance, satisfies and fulfills him. He also pays attention to everything that touches his appearance and posture and his self-expression from afar or up close. More precisely, in expressing his personality.

Pisces Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Aries, then you are hard to miss.

Outwardly, you are more manifested in Aries than in Pisces: a dynamic and active person, striving for constant movement. The sign of Pisces makes itself felt very strongly in your inner life.

Inside, you remain the same romantic dreamer who wants to experience a diverse range of feelings and emotions. Decisions are not easy to make, you doubt, rush about, you are a lot of nervous.

Depend on external events, on the people around you. But you can’t put pressure on you, you can answer quite aggressively.

In general, you are an active person, you work with enthusiasm, and you will not let yourself be offended.

You have an impartial mind – quick and intuitive. You prefer to develop your own principles and concepts based on your knowledge of life. You are naturally reserved, although your energetic demeanor makes you seem less reserved than you really are.

Despite all its expansiveness, no one is allowed to intrude into your personal life. You are constantly evaluating people and events. You prefer to influence people by remaining alienated and out of reach of them. Your self-esteem is immense and, walking hand in hand with your independence of spirit, they carry you through life.

You have a sense of reliability that makes people trust you. In love, you are gentle and passionate and at the same time sensitive and easily offended. You are a little grumpy and arrogant, albeit in your own way. You are truly temperamental, and hot temper, anger and grief excite you and do more harm to you than your opponent.

You need peace and tranquility and must not let the more aggressive side of your character interfere with the peace that the other side of your nature needs so much.

You look like a person with authority, and it confuses less determined people who always breathe a sigh of relief when it turns out that you are not as uncompromising as you seem. You are a very compassionate and understanding person, and your bravado is nothing more than a protective sheath around your sensitive core.

This position tends to be more likely to engage in business or profession than art.

With your energetic nature, you are better off dealing with people than with abstractions or ideals, and your attractiveness, as well as organizational and managerial skills, helps you to succeed financially.

You are brooding and sad; you are capricious and temperamental. You give the impression of a strong person, but internally you are a little shy, afraid of the world around you and are not even sure of your own opinion.

Because of this lack of inner confidence, you are likely to be deceived often, which makes you extremely offended.

Your speech flows easily and freely, and you are sure that you know the truth about many things, but for some reason you cannot reveal this truth to others.

This is the position of Cassandra – a prophet who, quite possibly, will be right, but cannot force anyone to believe him.

Despite your apparent resilience and vitality, you are likely to worry a lot more about your health!

Than necessary, and because of this anxiety, you risk really getting sick with those diseases that you fear.

Brave as a lion on the outside, you are far from so brave on the inside, as you are very sensitive and afraid to say or do something wrong.

From time to time, you need to be alone in order to regain strength and self-confidence. Crowds of people are likely to annoy you, and you can fall into a gloomy mood, being among the crowd of laughing people.

You are prone to self-reflection and self-pity, and you yourself create many of your problems. You find it difficult to concentrate, and even in the most favorable conditions, you may find that instead of doing business, thinking about extraneous things or dozing.

Impressive nature, you lead a company with strange people. You will likely end up in wacky love stories or give your affection to an unworthy person and feel sorry for yourself instead of taking advantage of this situation.

In a man’s horoscope, this can mean a constantly ill wife; in a woman’s horoscope, this means poor health and a warning against the desire to live at the maximum of her energy, as well as against the excitement and anxiety that contribute to the emergence of diseases.


The best and most suitable field of activity for you will be the one where you need to put your personal efforts, for example, in music, art, poetry, or writing – in creative professions in which your propensity for thinking and daydreaming can be combined with your energy.

You have a deep understanding of many complex issues, and once you find a medium to express your thoughts, you can capture the imagination of your audience and amaze them with the unusualness of your views and the style of their presentation. You are unlikely to be happy doing business, although you might be successful in it.

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