Pisces Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Pisces – your relationship to your partner if you are lunar Pisces, then you will attract lunar Taurus with your romance and sensitivity, but your impracticality will confuse him and may alienate him.

Material stability is important for him, and you are somewhat frivolous about money issues, which scares Taurus: a frivolous attitude towards money is unacceptable for him, and if you do not change, he is unlikely to be able to feel calm and safe with you.

Taurus – the attitude of a partner towards you If you are a lunar Taurus, then you are attracted by the romance and sensitivity of Pisces, and your relationship can be very warm, calm, peaceful.

Pisces Sun – Meaning and Info

Just try to understand and forgive Pisces for their impracticality, do not demand that they begin to value material stability – they will immediately become bored with you.

Otherwise, everything is fine: the main thing is that you are able to give each other a sense of security and comfort.

Pisces is a characteristic of the zodiac sign. Moon and love relationships.

People born under this sign are hopeless romantics. Emotional sensitivity allows them to be receptive to the words and actions of others.

The prerequisites for a serious relationship with Pisces are sincerity and complete mutual trust. Probably no one can compare with Pisces in romanticism.

When they are in love, they are in “seventh heaven”, completely oblivious to what is happening around.

When they have emotional problems, they are able to sit and feel sorry for themselves for hours.

Moon Pisces should not allow themselves to dwell on their own emotions. They must combine a romantic relationship with a practical view of the world, and then the most important love relationships for them will become more fulfilling.

Moon Pisces does everything to make their half really happy.

They show amazing ingenuity and variety: new ideas, actions that speak of affection, tender words and gifts – all this for the chosen one of Pisces. People of this sign are very practical.

In addition, they are excellent at avoiding the truth or keeping it silent altogether.

When they fall in love, they forget about everything, including relationships with other people. Pisces do not betray their former halves, completely surrendering to a new romantic love.

Their lunar emotions are so strong that they overshadow everything else. Lunar Pisces, free from the bonds of marriage, will turn life into bliss, being the most gentle and loving creature, the very charm.

They are terrified by the thought of unrequited love, therefore, their emotions should be handled very carefully. You cannot play with their feelings, otherwise deep feelings are inevitable. A cozy, pleasant life with your beloved Pisces sign can continue as long as his soul is filled with sincere feelings for you.

As long as love is alive, happiness is possible for you on earth. The moon and family relationships People born under the sign of Pisces are very fond of relatives and friends, because their soul is full of sympathy and sympathy.

Pisces should beware of excessive soulfulness. Sometimes they take on too many responsibilities and obligations, not having time to cope with everything.

Sometimes their sensitivity turns into weakness. Moon Pisces needs to trust not only their own emotions, but also try to assess the real state of affairs.

Pisces love to be surrounded by people, and many dogs and cats live in the house. Undoubtedly, such a person is the support of the family, he helps his friends a lot, he loves and understands children, knows what they need.

Sometimes Moon Pisces is prone to melancholy. During this period, it seems to them that no one loves them, they are not needed by anyone. They really need family support. Only relatives can give Pisces confidence, convincing them of their own uniqueness.

This sign is depicted by two fish facing in opposite directions. What does it mean? The old is facing backward and the new is facing forward. Fish is the embryo of the new, growing in the vessel of the old; the new grows by feeding on the old.

In astrology, this sign is associated, first of all, with transitory, unstable, changing and borderline states, with the transition from one to another, from the inanimate to the living, from the abstract plane to the tangible form, with the transition from the old to the new, with overcoming the border or barrier.

with frames and their conventions, with going beyond, with looking into other worlds and states, with the expectation of this transition to a new quality, just like a child is waiting for new interesting impressions and events.

Let’s remember, because in childhood, absolutely any every day and banal event for adults was perceived as the first, unusual and surprising.

Tara’s Shevchenko (conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Pluto in Pisces square to Neptune) wrote about his childhood and about his desire for the beyond: “And what is there behind the mountain?

There must be iron pillars that support the sky! And see how they prop him up there? I’ll go and see, it’s not far away. ”

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon in Taurus in the natal chart often indicates an extremely creative person who in any activity tries to find an opportunity to make a real masterpiece out of even the most ordinary things. He can also look at life as an artistic canvas painted with vivid colors.

The Moon in Taurus The great love for life, art and nature was emphasized, as well as the respect for nature and the “mother earth”, to whom we owe gratitude for everyone’s individual existence.

The need to enjoy all the beautiful and useful things that nature has made possible was emphasized: in the spring greenery, fresh mountain air, large backyard gardens full of intoxicating flowers, rich and fertile gardens, mountainous landscapes, mountains, soothing murmurs of rivers, enchanting lakes, colorful meadows…

With all his senses, this being wants to feel strongly and to absorb all the beauty of nature and all the beauty of life itself. The “aesthetic sense” is emphasized, as well as the enjoyment of artistic beauties, which show nature in its full splendor and supremacy as eternal inspiration.

Of course, depending on other indicators in the natal chart, the characteristics indicated by the Moon in Taurus can be more or less pronounced.

This person also likes to enjoy the fruits of his business engagement, with a special emphasis on enjoying spending money. The emphasis is on comfort, convenience and security in life. Also, there is a greater need to enjoy food, especially sweets.

A person with the Moon in Taurus is especially pleased to enjoy sweets tensely and slowly. And this being is, of course, an unsurpassed hedonist, even when it comes to sensual pleasures that is bodily pleasures in a loving relationship.

Taurus is the position of the Moon’s exaltation, which reveals a very sensitive, family, receptive, caring and protective nature of a person who often feels an increased need to treat loved ones with a huge dose of “maternal / parental” attention and love.

Since the Moon in Taurus is exalted (delighted and in ecstasy), many features of the Moon can be overemphasized here, which can contribute to the easier formation of an extremely caring, attentive, warm, romantic and gentle being.

This position of the Moon in many situations encourages an increased need for true enjoyment of pampering close people from their environment.

The Moon in Taurus in the natal chart indicates the art of living because this creature tries to make a masterpiece out of everything in almost every situation in its life.

When he is very interested in something and when he is engaged around something, he usually approaches it with a huge amount of love and in a very creative way.

Since the Moon is in the fixed and earth sign of Taurus, this person uses his energy and his creative gift to achieve as concrete, realistic and lasting results as possible. She is well acquainted with her real possibilities.

Patience and perseverance in creating plans and in realizing life goals were also emphasized. So, he usually strives very patiently towards achieving realistically achievable successes.

There is often an increased need for security in financial and material terms in order to achieve better quality and greater comfort and convenience of living, which contributes to making careful, cautious and slower moves.

The expression of emotions is usually very careful and controlled. Namely, this is a very stable character of more measured and calculated reactions. Sometimes the reaction can be much slower, but this usually happens in accordance with the assessment of the given situation.

On the love plane, there is a greater need to achieve stronger intimacy and greater emotional security. There is a tendency to achieve a love affair in the long run.

A person with the Moon in Taurus is ready to give a lot of warmth and tenderness in love to the one he carefully chooses after a certain time. He will open the door of his warm, family home and the door of his heart only to the one when he determines that he is worthy of trust and love.

In love (as in life in general), he will try to show himself as a reliable person who does not run away from reality and who is ready to take responsibility for his actions in every situation.

However, stubbornness in behavior and decision-making can sometimes be noticeable.

Also, in moments of greater uncertainty (in which speed and dynamics in thinking and actions are most often needed), the tendency towards a slower, more inert and passive attitude towards solving problems comes to the surface.

In fact, it is harder to decide for changes and in such situations he may feel a greater blockage.

In any case, he builds his world very carefully, does not like to rush anywhere and tries to achieve his goals and ideas at a slower but safer pace.

Pisces Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

There are depths in your mind that even your best friends are unaware of.

In dreams, you lead a different life that has nothing to do with reality, and this takes you away from getting into close relationships with people, although you have a great need for love and compassion.

This is, first of all, the position of the artist, the creator, you are not endowed with the gift of leadership.

You are not in danger of need and anxiety associated with money, and therefore, you can say, from a material point of view, are lucky in life, money does not matter much to you. You can be interested in them to the extent that they can provide you with safety and reliability when you pursue your personal and idealistic goals.

You are very sensitive about issues related to emotions, greed for love and flattery and should be careful not to tie yourself in relationships with the wrong people, as there is a possibility that you will be deceived by your friends.

Life is real, life is serious with you, and if you don’t think the grave is its purpose, you have a metaphysical rather than a religious view of what happens after death. You are attracted to occult, mysterious, hidden things. You are fascinated by unusual activities and pleasures.

Magic and spiritualism can captivate you, you believe in the existence of mind outside the body, in the ability to control thought from a distance, etc.

This is good, because in your case there is a risk of getting sick as a result of anxiety and excitement, and controlling your thought processes will greatly help you eliminate the tendency to hypochondria.

You are quite self-sufficient and tend to be self-centered. You should develop objectivity and the ability to express your thoughts and views and try not to take yourself and your problems too seriously – or, at least, if you do take yourself seriously, share your problems with a sympathetic friend, rather than keep them in yourself.

You must do this voluntarily, as no one can call you into a conversation if you do not want to speak. You will close like a mollusk in a shell, resenting the interference with your privacy, and calling for help with all your perseverance to withstand the presence of a person invading your privacy.

You are quite agreeable under normal circumstances, but not when you are being interrogated, and not when you have already made a decision, and someone opposes. Then you can get stubborn!


Figuratively speaking, although the fish lives in the water, it looks at the sky, feels itself a part of something bigger and grander, is not content with stories, but wants to see everything for itself.

Copernicus was a Pisces in the Sun. And Galileo Galilei (Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto in Pisces) refuted the speculative metaphysics of Aristotle, laid the foundation for classical mechanics and was one of the first to use a telescope to observe celestial bodies and he also supported the views of Copernicus, Galileo had a conflict with the church, as you know.

Copernicus and Galileo believed that it was the Earth that revolved around the Sun, and not vice versa, while the Church believed otherwise. Galileo acted like a classic Fish, tried to hush up the conflict and for sixteen years wrote a book that reconciled the two points of view.

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