Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Do you believe in stars? Do you think that they hide something more than being celestial bodies?

We believe that on some level, all of us think that there is something written in stars, and it is up to us to learn what it is and how we can use it the best.

It is called horoscope, and specifically in the individual form, it is called the natal chart – the position of the planets as they were in the specific moment of our birth.

All planets, including Moon and Sun, are relevant, and their position in the natal chart reveals so much – where is your Sun is your sign, and the Moon is what is hidden deep inside.

Today we will take a look in a luminary position Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius – this airy combination is very interesting.

The accent here is on the Moon in Aquarius, and we could say that, as some astrologers like to point out, is that this may be the match made in heaven.

We can say everything about the Moon in Aquarius, except that it is an image of attachment and belonging.

Here, it is a matter of freedom, justice, and equality. This leads us to the conclusion that this Moon is nobody’s but its own, and the Sun in Sagittarius just enhances this to the maximum!

General meaning

Any insistence on one’s own position and defending it is incomprehensible to this luminary combination because this combination does not give them mind that things locally; narrowly, this mind sees things from a cosmopolitan point of view.

This is a picture of people who can provide unconditional help, support, and every kind of support to the endangered.

As a rule, he is on the side of those who are in the minority, and he is not in the least interested in the opinion of the environment about it!

Logically, you will ask the question, what is behind it all? What’s the catch? What’s going on behind the hill, and how much can I “mess” with it? These are completely expected questions for us because who today does anything in vain and without a desire for return service?

In a general way, people who have Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius truly believe that every individual is equally worthy of a chance and are often driven not by the individual urges but the ones that are touching others.

The accent is on this Moon, and it is what will make them go crazy if someone is in jeopardy based on any kind. They will always stand up for those who suffer, and being their friend is the most wonderful thing in the world. They do not know the power of the ego and therefore have nothing to defend. They love the multitude, diversity, and harmony of these personal peculiarities.

A mother of them, as it is seen from this Moon, could be a very generous woman who raised her children to broaden their horizons, and they usually do it in the best way they can.

These are people of great intuition and quick wit – rarely could someone beat them in the argument. They read others like an open book, and there is no one that can fool them, so do not try to do it.

These people defy the norms. In every situation, they go with the flow. Rules exist, to be broken – is the basic motto of these people and they do it with such a joy. They do not break the rules in order to re-establish their own; they break them because they do not see the purpose of their existence.

Thanks to this connection of these luminaries, these people have an interest in everything. They see themselves and act as an eternal student, adoring freedom, new things. They believe in a happy tomorrow, like to make contacts and multiply experiences.

The desire to socialize is above all for them, and this implies in everything they do in life. They consider themselves a resident of the whole world and reject boundaries in all their forms – any kind of limit is their biggest obstacle, and they will do anything to avoid them.


This is a picture of a person standing with open arms at the window and symbolically embracing the whole world – how many people you know are like this? Our guess is not many!

Their strong personality does not arouse possessive urges in some others that are perhaps weaker or want to be stronger than he is.

These people cannot be caged in any case since those who have this combination of luminaries are too obsessed with the freedom to restrict others just for their own benefit.

However, the Moon in Aquarius makes them smile enigmatically at people’s questions and continue to pat them generously on the shoulder and offer a hand of support.

Advice for others is to never try to understand them, and their mind works at a different frequency than the majority of us, ordinary “mortals who do not know too much of the world and the ways it works. And it is ok!

Ideas, intentions, plans are boiling in their head, which, despite their number, are very original and which are not always realized, but they don’t seem to care much because they like surprises and challenges.

In fact, this combination put an emphasis on personal freedom that goes beyond freedom for all, in a kind of spiritual rise of happiness that destroys many negative things that these people want to avoid.

We are speaking here of pettiness, prejudice, racism, and many other negative things that people who have Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius want to extract from the world and leave it a better place.

People with this combination, usually, would like universal harmony and contribute to improving understanding between people and nations – and many of them are truly able to do so, of course, they are starting from their own world.

At times, these people dedicate their whole life to it, trying to spread love and helping others to understand each other better and leave a world a better place than before.

They may seem utterly elusive to them, as they will try to understand it and clarify it for themselves, but it is all in vain because they will not have anything to classify it in. It belongs only to themselves – and no one else in this world, so we can see here a shred of stubbornness.

They will often ask themselves, can I do more for others, and being in love with this man is a joyful ride for sure.

The most compatible match for these people with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aquarius is someone who will give them freedom, allow them to chase their dreams, and be a safe harbor when things are not going well for them.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon – Man

A man that has a luminary combination in Sagittarius and Aquarius an inexhaustible strength that directs him to always look for the reasons for the events and behavior of people around him.

Often times he is just a part of them, and this is the way how this man manages to be in harmony with everyone around him. He is not weird, and he is a joyful man to be with. He does not tolerate authority, bosses, orders. He is not driven by reason or passion, and he is driven by the desire for freedom and achieving absolute independence.

He is a generous free man and an ultimate optimist when and if there is no temptation that can stop him.

If there is, in that case, he can be tempted, but the Sun in Sagittarius breaks the light, so even in seemingly hopeless situations, he draws his greatest energy and moves on as a winner.

For the outside world, this man is seen as the embodiment of pure strength capable of playing the most sophisticated traps, demonstrating the most complicated conflicts, and inspiring others with the will to live.

He is the leader, in the best possible way, the one that leads and carries others to the best life they could live.

The Moon located in the Zodiac sign Aquarius influences him to enjoy being different, even proud of his individualism.

His stories about things we do not understand will really bring us to the puzzle. And only when he wants to support you in everything, and help plans, after you only know him for a few minutes, not to mention that!

This man must be aware that the only way he can get to know himself is through others. They observe, conclude, and accept life without bitterness.

Obsessed with his own freedom and independence, he is no less engaged in the group to which he attaches his destiny, fighting at the same time against mediocrity, fatalism, anarchy, and monotony.

Sagittarius Sun Aquarius Moon – Woman

This lady with the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius and Aquarius is seen as a good friend of herself and other people to the same extent, and every problem she approaches with the same joy and great advice.

She is an anti-fatalist who believes that there is always “something to be done” to improve human destiny or solve some unsolvable problem – many of these women could be seen in some form of humanitarian work, and they can be even involved in politics, all for the purpose of improvement of human life.

This is a picture of a dedicated woman, who accepts all the friends of her children, and behaves like a mother to the whole class.

She is, in fact, driven by indestructible hope and great faith in humanity, endowed with the exceptional originality of her view of the world. She has a kind of drive for progress, which places her among reformers and innovators in her own time, and it is truly wonderful to know them or be her partner.

She is a woman who is driven by a social ideal that leads her to understand others, to try to alleviate conflicts of opinion, and calm the raging storms of everyday life. She has one mission to achieve justice and equality for all.

That desire may seem unrealistic in this crude materialistic world, but she does not deviate easily from her path, defending her interests when she is in danger and looking up at the “blue sky” of a more humane and harmonious society. After all, she feels like she has eternity before herself.

This Moon that is located in Aquarius wants that independence for only one reason, and that is the absolute equality of people in her life. T

his is the lady that strives for impartiality and objectivity. She is not indecisive; she just does not want to be put in a position to decide; she wants to make every conflict meaningless in advance.

She is constantly and desperately looking for things to defend, such as political and social attitudes, and in a simple way, a lady with the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon Aquarius manages to get rid of all the doubts that are the biggest obstacle to her victory.

This woman is tolerant, adaptable, keeps a lot of friendship, but she can be overly affected if you touch his interests.

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