Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun and the Moon are, in the astrological sense, symbols of the two principles. They symbolize father and mother, so we can easily conclude that for personal development, and especially the development of consciousness and achieving a state of ease.

And when you take a look at the natal chart of any person, you can always co-relate it to the importance of the parents, mother, and father, and if the relationship with them is way bad, then it will affect badly on everything else.

And vice versa, if the relationship is good, then it creates a good basis for everything else in life.

Now, think of the natal chart, good Sun and Moon – a good basis for everything else in the natal chart, for all other relations in life, and the importance of the good basis.

In the same way, we can see how our relationships with parents are important. In the same way, our Sun and Moon in the natal chart also have crucial importance for our lives.

Additionally, the Sun is the symbol of joy, creativity, vitality, and the Moon of feelings and closeness not just with other people, but also with yourself and your inner being, so it is the parents who have the role in developing these qualities in the child during the period of growing up.

The Sun and the Moon take on this important role in the natal chart.

Today we are looking into the world of the people who have Sun positioned in Sagittarius and Moon located in the Aries Zodiac sign.

General Meaning

The combination of lunars in Sagittarius Aries makes exceptional persons, those who are strong-willed, brave to the extreme, but idealists with an expansive heart, great cosmopolitans, and believers in the process of life.

People who belong to this lunar combination feel the best when they are beside the water, but they feel the best energy by choosing an apartment next to the church, sports stadiums.

These people have a good relationship with the environment as long as someone does not disturb their peace or their turn into animals.

In fact, these people can achieve great results in sports, and they can especially show unexpected ambitions from the period of starting college or school depending on other aspects in the natal chart.

As expected, they move a lot and adore parts of the city near lakes and greenery -if they can, they will perform sports or some other physical activity.

Do not be fooled. This lunar combination Sagittarius – Aries can be very explosive, but such reactions are short-lived, and they calm down very fast but can be truly explosive.

They have strong dreams and believe in destiny, karma knowing somewhere deep inside that they are protected from the Cosmos. They like to be in company and do not like to be alone, and there is always a bunch of people near them.

The sense of justice is constant and more intense with age, so they cannot be reconciled to living hypocritically. This would be the last thing on their minds and will make them truly unhappy.

Also, this Sun-Moon combination makes them dedicated humans who often analyze their actions and can be lucky with the inheritance, stock exchanges, economic affairs, and finances that come from a member of a family. They would spend it gladly.

Because of the Moon that is located in Aries, it will always be easier for them to be ready to start something new than to finish – this is why these people have numerous unfinished projects and are known to leave things halfway because they are too bored to do it.

There will always be a lack of perseverance. The need for personal freedom, rules, ambitions that will be easier to realize over the years will be important throughout life when it comes to these people.

When they perceive an opportunity to see the whole world, to visit the most unusual and beautiful places in the world, they will do it, do not think that they will reject anything of this kind. It is their inner food.

Although rebellious and have a lot of hasty reactions, Sun Sagittarius Moon Aries belongs to those who rejoice and approach life in the right way, so we could say that this is one very lucky lunar combination. They are those who value ​​security but who, like most Sagittarius, strive for the sublime and who emphasize an adventurous drive for life.

Without it, there cannot be any life at all, and they will be suffocated in their own monotony. This is just like a death sentence for those who have this lunar combination.


Keep in mind that the majority of Sagittarians with this combination of Sun-Moon (Aries) has an exceptional sense of acting, love betting, gambling, lotteries, and can often be great leaders of social events.

In this sense, Sun and Moon are perfectly combined here. Since these people are all about actions, they are very direct in communication and draw the attention of others with their charisma, but great dynamics and a refined sense of art, most commonly, music.

They are very charming and interesting persons who find it hard to resist any challenge or action, any gathering because they have a naive character and yet very powerful energy to attract larger masses of people.

Maybe this could be their realm of work if they choose to dedicate their time and energy to it.

When it comes to love, they love to experiment with it and will always work on getting rid of any addictions and fears that they may feel in childhood.

They are true fighters, and there is no doubt about it.

Keep in mind that also, these people are adorned with an extremely sincere nature, and this only means one, that they are occasionally prone to make mistakes in things they know well or are still in the process of learning.

They love to speak, are very good at communication, know languages, and adore taking risks from an early age, which may be problematic as kids, but not to the extent that they are unbearable.

Since optimism is a strong side for these persons, it certainly helps them to move forward and go through difficult life moments.

People who have Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries are seen as eternal hedonists that do not want to “give up” pleasures of any kind, can be forced throughout life not wanting to – that he must abruptly change their diet and everyday life.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon – Man

Hope, love, and happiness are the slogan of this person’s life philosophy that never gives up. Given that he is a true fiery soul, passionate, impatient, this combination certainly emphasizes very early independence, a sense of sports, entertainment, as well as extreme perseverance.

This is the man that would make an excellent father, and he is the one that presents his offspring with great pride and always invests a lot of energy in his family. He works the best with a partner who is prone to compromises for the sake of the marriage, who will not control him, and a person with whom he can share his ideas and ideals daily.

Although the man that has Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries is very prone to strong physical relationships, sometimes he is very secret and involved in unusual events in the field of emotions.

But do not be alarmed because of this, this man chooses someone for marriage according to his reputation, free spirit, and spiritual progress, and if he finds, then he will stay in that kind of connection for a longer period of time, and be dedicated father and husband.

He is aware that the Universe protects him and that he is protected from all harm that may come to his life, and for that matter, this man can act recklessly from time to time, but this does not mean anything, and he will never change his mind and heart.

Life, love is always approached philosophically. If he gets married quickly, he can have sudden disappointment, more emotional connections, and at least two official marriages.

This is a loving man who loves to help strangers and is weak when he sees animals, and he loves to rescue them.

A man with this lunar combination always tries to find quick solutions for improving the standard of living, and he spends a lot to satisfy this urge. He sees the money as something that quickly comes, and with greater ease, it goes away. He feels bad in a conservative, narrow environment, a society that imposes its own rules, raw primitivism.

Sagittarius Sun Aries Moon – Woman

A woman that has this Sun and Moon combination is very curious about everything that is around her, and she loves movement, action, and speed in all things that she is doing.

In fact, when this lady does something, she is completely aware that she is stubborn, even if that means that she could be injured. She always fights against injustice, hates false moral principles and restrictions of any kind.

This is the woman that must be free at all times, or else she will go in an uncertain direction, and you will not be abler to find you, regardless of your efforts.

Because of all of this, this woman can be excellent in education, tourism, import, export, real estate, and hotel business. She tends to suddenly get excited and accept new people, but she will not avoid disappointments.

She is extremely passionate in love, prone to strong emotional intensity, and when this woman loves you, there will be a feeling that the world is yours and that you are the best person in the world.

It is not uncommon for her to look for a person who will match her spiritually and mentally; if it does not, then she is not interested at all.

It is not unusual for this lady with Sun Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries to find her ideal half far from the place and country of her birth (this is very common for all Sagittarius people). She is aware that she can do a lot as long as she is on her feet and has goals. He has strong intuitive and exploratory urges.

In the end, in this case, both lunars, the Sun and the Moon, show great impatience, and therefore, it is not unusual for her to draw problems in the earlier period of her life, even though she gets into trouble or out of a desire to protect others, which is a truly noble trait.

However, this woman is clearly able to comprehend the lessons and her own mistakes, which she rarely repeats.

Sagittarius – Aries in Sun and Moon, in fact, could have a positive effect on the mood of the people who are close, some dear people. This combination gives a strong connection to the family in a telepathic way, and this woman can possess many hidden potentials.

She can socialize with different types of people, she adores science fiction, and she likes branded or more comfortable clothes.

Given the cheerful but strong character, a woman with this lunar combination should wear as cheerful colors as possible and use them in the ambiance of her living space.

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