Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

How can we move on in life if we do not know where to look for the answers, to find small signs around the way?

And one of the ways that could help us along the way is astrology or knowledge of our personal natal charts – do you know your own?

Where is your Sun and where is the Moon, and what can you learn from them?

Sun is who we are and our path, while the Moon is something that is hidden, that we cannot see right away, that we learn along the way, what is hidden deep inside.

Today is the day when we are going to find out what does it mean when a person has Sun positioned in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces.

You will be surprised how much good can come from this combination, even if it does not seem as such.

General Meaning

Here in this luminary combination, an unconscious in us (subconscious), our dreams, visions, fantasy, romance and excitement, creativity, spirituality, all rolled into one. And yes, it is exciting how it sounds, but in reality, it could have a problematic outcome.

These are the people who are having such actions that can serve on some level as the channel to the cosmos, the non-physical in the world.

This is the combination that endows these people with a lot of imagination, subtlety, sensitivity, and all of their actions are directed to the universal love and compassion toward others. There are not many people like they are.

If all aspects are aligned in the best possible way, there is even a lot of empathy toward those who are unprivileged in any case.

There is also a lot of vulnerability, hypersensitivity that all comes from the Moon in Pisces, and even in the case of “positive” Sagittarius,” things cannot be moved from these feelings.

In a negative alignment of other planets, there can be a lot of deception, lies, dishonesty, projection of things that will never come, and the need for salvation and rescue. They are strong, but the Moon in Pisces wants them to be saved in some way, and we can also see a lot of suffering and sacrifice, martyrdom.

In extreme cases, we can see dissolution, mysticism, and a world filled with secrets, denial, isolation, imprisonment.

Escape from reality is also present in the lives of these people who have luminaries in Sagittarius and Pisces, with an accent on the Moon in Pisces, having in mind that it is the one thing that moves them on another dimension far from people and objectivity.

While this energy reigns, we can never be sure whether what we see is reality or illusion – and you can imagine how their lives turn out to be because of it.


This energy that comes from the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces what is so obvious is the changeability of moods, from sublime feelings to sadness, there is an entire specter of feeling, and this is the reason why they are both interesting and at the same time, weird and difficult to be with.

Many, however, who have this interesting luminary energy will go in search of their soulmate, go in search of a perfect or ideal partner, so the most prominent impact of this combination is seen in the aspect of love.

The fact that they know that there is no perfection, but still, they will not settle for anything that is less than that.

But the Sun in Sagittarius says that there cannot be any obstacle that under the influence of this energy, a little imagination, illusion, some magic, someone becomes just that – perfect.

Seeing things from this perspective, we cannot say that it brings negative things, but we can say that it brings a search and that it is all about the journey.

Although Sagittarius and Pisces are a combination of two variable signs that are extremely adaptable by nature, and plus you have a common ruler of Jupiter, it is still not enough to maintain stability in life.

In this luminary combination, there is a need for a deep understanding on an intellectual and spiritual level, but at the same time, there is a difference in the understanding of love.

This is what we have spoken to before, people who have this combination of luminaries want a partner that is nothing less than perfect, and there is a big disappointment when they do not meet him or her in reality.

That is why their sex life will have ups and downs, excitement and disappointment, too many expectations, and lots of surprises. The level of intimacy for them is generally unsatisfactory because sexual intercourse is rarely realized due to rethinking.

They wait too much for the lover to show emotions and give passionate initiative, waiting for all the pieces of the puzzle to merge into a perfect picture.

It rarely happens, and in the majority of cases, none of these things will happen, and therefore they will not go beyond the platonic relationship.

In addition, these people can be too direct, and their brutal remarks can harm fragile emotions – their perfect lover is not someone who will be too fragile because she or he will not be able to endure the pressure that comes from them. They are not a good choice for gentle souls who are ready to sacrifice for their loved ones, and only, it seems that they are not ready to make that much sacrifice towards the one who constantly directs sharp words like arrows at them.

Keep in mind that the Moon in Pisces makes them one of the biggest dreamers of all, maybe their head is in the clouds, but their feet are firmly on the ground. You can hurt them several times, but be sure that once they turn around and disappear from your video circle forever, they will evaporate from your life just as the water on a fire evaporates.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon – Man

This alliance of these luminaries values ​​the optimistic, trusting, generous and peaceful nature of this man who is in the best-case scenario, ready to live his life to the fullest.

In this combination of luminaries, there is a vision of life that takes on a deeply religious character that this man can have at times, and from it, nature is born, there is extremely awareness of life values ​​and human needs.

The best-case scenario is when he deals with some activities that help people who are underprivileged.

This man can be inspired by great ideas and elaborating ambitious projects that go beyond the measure of the individual. Such a man is fulfilled and confirmed in collective achievements.

A good thing here is that the man who has this set of luminaries is not a naive fatalist of the type “it takes a lot to build the world,” but a more voluntarist type of “use differences and energy to do something better.”

So, the most important thing for this man is to set his activity in the best possible direction.

This type of man forges his personality by exposing himself to the most diverse experiences and trying to be in contact with the universal. He prefers to see himself as one part of a great whole, as a wheel necessary for the functioning of life.

He can often be mystical, fascinated by experiences that come from his own intuition and the irrational.

There is a lot of daydreaming in the life of this man, and yes, he is Sagittarius, but the Moon in Pisces makes a big difference. He likes to play many roles in life, and he will do them well even if we know that he is so changeable that those around him are constantly guessing who he really is.

The contradictions in his personality create problems; they are seen between a certain passivity, between weakness to other influences, and between a passionate nature and beliefs that are sometimes close to service and unwavering are very noticeable in him.

But, let us not forget that this man is very creative, and he needs to swim in the sea of ​​uncertainty for a long time in order to come up with ingenious ideas and manage to control your emotionality – which in the end, he achieves.

And he does have them, and when he listens to a bit of a reason, he can monetize his ideas.

Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon – Woman

A lady with this set of luminaries, Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Pisces, also has a very developed sense of mysticism (and the need to implement it in her life) or a sense of belonging to something bigger than ordinary that causes communicative enthusiasm in her. If there is a conversation about it, she is in.

For this lady, on the other side of the story, chaos has its magnitude, when it occurs, and disorder is only an impenetrable asymmetry, inexplicable to an ordinary mortal, but only to those who are capable (as she is able) to approach it intuitively or with the help of aesthetic or mathematical abstraction.

This is also a place where she can find her occupation and purpose in life.

If abstract thought fails to encompass the world, it is still left with a religious feeling that it will succeed – so even when the reality is not as she has imagined being, in that case, this woman will continue with her imagination, not seeing that she falls deeper.

This is a character of a woman who is ready to surrender at any moment to the power of events with deep modesty, which can often prevent decisive action necessary for personal affirmation.

This state of affairs causes a difficult internal struggle from which fear contradictions can arise, which make it difficult to fulfill wishes.

But, this gives something else also; she is basically a passive person with dreams that are a constant in her and the deep need to make an impact on the world.

But there is hardly any other nature so ready to understand everything that happens and with such power of forgiveness in all life circumstances than this woman.

Always have in mind that the Moon in Pisces that is a double sign, make their two different types, and this is also true in the case of this woman who is basically Sagittarius, but the Moon in Pisces makes a difference and it not a small one.

In one case, she can be an active person that knows how to draw energy from higher sources, has good intuition, works calmly and quietly, compassionately, and with a little distance, prone to isolation.

The other type of these people, in this case, a woman, consists of dreamers who are not able to face failure, and then they will not even try to do something because they are not sure of success … Whatever type she can be, she reacts very emotionally to life.

She is a resilient and expressive person, when all other aspects are aligned, aware that she is only part of a wider whole, and always ready to help others. She has a deeply intuitive nature (sometimes she has true premonitions that she knows how to use as a useful tool in its spiritual and intellectual development.

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