Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

How much Sagittarius can the world take in? We know that they are truly intense, and therefore, can there be too much of them?

In this case, we want to take a deep look at what does it mean when a person has Sagittarius in its sign of the Sun and when the Moon is in the same sign. We consider that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and, in this case, are more than ever true …

The Moon and the Sun in the horoscope represent our eyes, what we see and what we make of it… What could the Persons with the Moon in Sagittarius tell us through the eyes?

Does this mean that all Sagittarius traits are enhanced to the maximum -we would say that this is the case, of course, have in mind that the entire life and the personality of the person who has this set of luminaries depend on other aspects that are present in the natal chart, but for sure, certain aspects are very pronounced.

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General Meaning

We could say that this luminary combination symbolizes faith, truth, higher education in people because this is so pronounced when it comes to Sagittarius people in any cases, and this is also true in this case when the Moon is also positioned in this Zodiac sign.

Here we are not talking about the college and some form of common education, but abroad school, unknown landscape or views, philosophy in all of their actions, and morality, in general that is very important for these people. This is what can be seen deep inside and also in relation to others.

People who have luminaries positioned in Sagittarius are endowed with good intellectual capacity and generosity. They like discussion, reasoning, argumentation and can talk for days when inspired.

At a younger age, people who have these positions are often seen as brilliant, but it is rare for them to fulfill all their promises because they tend to move from one idea to another and not complete anything they start. They remain like that for the rest of their lives, even when they are older.

Horizons, foreigners, travel, art, art, and spirituality of other nations, international trade, tourism, diplomacy – will be part of the preoccupations born with the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius, and when the sun is in this sign, and then you do not have any doubt that this is the case.

They believe in the unseen and hidden, and therefore the spirit is questioning. All of their actions are very close to the higher plane of knowledge.

Divination, spirituality, and wisdom are at their doorstep since the day they were born. They seek the truth through the exercises of reason, and this is wonderful to hear of. They want to go beyond the realm of the known, the confirmed, and the proof in order to reach unexplored areas.

It often happens in their lives that they are in rebellion against law, order, duty, morality, or that they have to prove that they are right, and if there is some crowd to follow, then the better.

In some cases, they fall into false wisdom, philosophy, and some kind of philosophy of lightness that translates as abnormal or sick indifference. Or, in blissful optimism, with a complete lack of care, they could be seen as people of extremes, and this is their biggest loss as well as victory.

A mixture of natural wisdom and revolt is the basic characteristic of those born with the Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

Family is truly important for those who have this luminary set, and family occupies an important place in their lives; everything related to family and marriage is truly important for them.

Also, they love to be outside, to have a lot of animals, and to enjoy social gatherings, any friendly associations, and spectacles. They truly enjoy such a life.

So, in this luminary combination, we can see the tensions that slowly began to subside or completely subsided, and from this point of view, in an emotional sense, instead of the drama and energy, there can be a lack of interest and extreme passion, as they are at the same time changeable and fiery.

Always have in mind that Sagittarius is a sign of breadth, trust, and wealth, a lot of money, property, and also good luck. In fact, everything these people do will be followed by good fortune, even if that does not seem in the first place.


This luminary combination is naturally related to understanding and wisdom that could be obtained from others, and in the lives of these people, there are many foreigners, astrologers, philosophers, and all branches in general, including doctors and all university-educated people, being extremely successful in their work.

As we have said, everything they do will be followed with good luck, even if that does not seem in the first place.

In love, there is something really special when it comes to these people who have Sun and Moon, both located in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign, which is that intellectual contact is important. They are the people who adore being with love partners who talk about distant lands, have numerous same or similar passions, but do not carry them in the palm of their hand.

These people see through the inspiration of the lover, seductively appear at the window, and love cleanliness in every sense, intellectual, and over others, sexual of course.

They are friendly, talkative, bon vivant, and bohemian. Being with them in the same company is a truly joyful ride. They are generous, or at the very least, they pay little attention to the cost, provided they find the benefit. They prefer to be generous and have fun than to miss a pleasant moment due to frugality. They are a type of cheerful rebels and optimists. They are pleasant to live together, but only to those who share their enthusiasm, fervor, and activity, because sometimes it can be unpleasant for those who prefer peace, no matter how much he himself is capable of thinking and working alone.

However, their mentality is broad and mesmerized by distances, and not anyone is suited up for this. Only if you are able to be free and to endure the distance can you be with them.

Also, we can say that Sagittarius, with the Moon in the same sign, is drawn to the higher sphere of things and to a greater extent than to its ground side. They both look and see far and high and it is expected that this moves them away from others, but it is not the case. They are gladly followed.

They aspire to a broad education, dreaming of diplomas, titles, and university recognitions, publications of their works, and travel and intellectual discoveries.

This is the only way they can become who they truly want to be or are meant to become.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon – Man

This is the man that works and thinks in a way that he gives others faith and hope when they are struggling with something in their lives.

His soul is full of optimism, breadth. He is an eternal optimist whose emotions are a whole space, but not depth like some others. He has vast space in his heart, and however, since The Sun and the Moon both lie in Sagittarius, sometimes emotions change, at least for a shade.

From a material point of view, a man who is born with the Moon in this Sagittarius sign is a megalomaniac. Nothing is too big, too expensive, or too luxurious for him, and he loves it for himself as well as for others.

He is a risk-taker and loves bets and all games of chance. This man wants and usually does live in a big house and has comfortable vehicles at his. Disposal, he adores luxury and comfort. He will enjoy the property, privileges, and unlimited benefits that life sets for him.

But the material side is not forgotten. In the fields of science, art, philosophy, and religion, this is especially evident. He strives for high acquaintances, obtaining diplomas, titles, and higher degrees.

He is the one that is able to start life with a lot of optimism. It never occurs to him that something other than good things can happen to him. He expects the help of providence, as a train is expected somewhere in a comfortable station, in a pleasant restaurant.

Everything concerning the family has capital importance for this man. Questions concerning exemplary persons, masters of wisdom, will gain their attention. He himself will strive to become a spiritual leader or a great professor, but also a commander, military, or sports coach.

This man has an immodest propensity for pleasure, excessive eating, gambling, instability, and marital infidelity, excesses in the area of ​​trust – all of this is the basis of negative experiences that he has to struggle with within life.

But when it comes to the positive aspects – he can become a professor, a master, he is an honest man, a spiritual teacher, etc.

Sagittarius Sun Sagittarius Moon – Woman

In the case of the lady that has both luminaries located in Sagittarius, there is a lot of emotional drama that is particularly imagined, but for her, it is very hard, even if that does not mean that she will not be able to survive it.

But in some way, this lady is an enthusiast but of a restless spirit. Don’t hold her in place. She is always ready to jump in a vehicle and go. Anywhere. She needs movement and space, wide horizons, psychic joys, sports, walking, and exercises in the fresh air.

However, she cannot stay calm in the house and work or stay somewhere, but on the condition that some change of place is in the daily program. She loves working outside.

In bad other aspects, a lady with this Moon can be exposed to anxiety, dissatisfaction, revolt, aggressive competence, bitter experiences abroad, and heavy material losses, serious difficulties with siblings, marital problems, diseases, and accidents due to excesses.

In a well-aspected horoscope, a lady that has this position of luminary has a very rich life, enjoys happiness, luxury, prospects, respect, and public fame even if she wants to.

This is usually achieved by the opportunity to publish her work, endowed with goodwill, honesty, nobility.

In many cases, she has some form of sporting success, the accomplishment of intellectual endeavors, travel pleasant and fruitful, spiritual discoveries, and wisdom.

As we have previously had said, people with this Moon have success in the material world, but the spiritual world is what grabs their attention and what they hold on.

It is not uncommon for a lady that has this position of luminaries to consider all these advantages that are offered by her existence. She has seen it as legitimate and follows bourgeois life in that kind of life that she is set to live in the life in which progress is measured by buying the latest fashion novelties in the field of comfort and luxury and risks in stock market speculation or stakes.

At the gambling table in life, in a risky situation, she has success, and it is what makes her completely satisfied.

A wealthy spiritual life is alos there and very important for this woman.

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