Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Lunars are the most critical factors in the natal charts since they are present to determine everything else.

Their importance is indicated by the fact that astrological representation implies that we state the sign in which the Sun is and that the position of the Moon is also important.

Do you know where your Moon is positioned? This is so important, keeping in mind that a lot depends on the Moon, some character traits, such as sensitivity, sensibility, emotional sensitivity, intuition.

It is often said that the Moon is responsible for the innate human inclination and for the habits we acquired in childhood.

Having said all of this, it is not hard to see that these two positions must be observed in any astrological analysis, and therefore we will dedicate our time to one specific example.

Today we will speak of people who have Sagittarius Sun and Taurus Moon. See how these two works together.

Certainly, the basic characteristics of the sign are freedom, so it is very important through the profession because, over time, Sagittarius Taurus comes to saturation and wants to provide secure independent positions.

General Meaning

At first glance, we could say that the combination of Sun Sagittarius with the Moon Taurus gives a being that is full of diversity, conflicts of fire and earth, but still, despite everything else, this lunar combination brings cheerful, positive persons focused on expansion, constant development, and productivity. They set their lives to achieve as much as they can, in every aspect of their lives, spiritual as well. We say spiritual as well, having in mind that the Moon in Taurus pulls them toward doing not much and enjoying so much.

Eventually, we can see people who love life, are born hedonists, with a protective attitude towards the environment, have strong senses, and are persistent.

But, what is even more important here is that Sun Sagittarius – Moon Taurus is their family – when it comes to it, it is their sanctuary. They are very proud of their origin, extremely sentimentally attached to the place of their birth and their closest relatives.

What we also can see here are people who are fighting hard for the right to freedom of others, and although can be skeptical, can find a way to feel better healthily and physically over time with the help of alternative methods. They are open to anything and will try whatever they want for the achievement of goals that they have set for themselves.

There will be wins in their lives, inheritance, and they often can expect a lot of help from family or loved ones. However, this is the type of Sagittarius who, with the Moon in Taurus, must be loved, respected, and put to the throne. They will give a lot in return,

They love with all of their heart, and they can transfer even better energy to others. Somehow when things are emotional as they want, everything else is fine.

Sagittarius Taurus lunar combination takes more care, and it should be like that because they can give tender health from time to time.


A lunar combination Sagittarius – Taurus is very confidential and thinks a lot about actions and closest family’s needs – this combination is compatible in the sense that you get an interesting person who is at the same time family-oriented. Also very successful in work, often related to food or travel, or both even.

With years of daydreaming, work on spiritual values, the need to get to know other cultures – they come to the fore always comes to the surface, and it is the only way they can become complete.

This combination also gives fights against conventionality and constantly wants to break down barriers. There is a need to look for constant answers to numerous questions that are asked on a daily basis – intelligent and deeply meaningful conversations are their true joy.

Over time, as time passes, these people have a chance to be much more careful and firm in their decisions than other Sagittarius, and we must applaud this since this is a great achievement in the life of someone who is known for impatience and inability to finish the business their start.

These people like to work in large groups, and love working with people in business and can do great in real estate, fashion, have culinary skills, especially are wonderful in marketing and aviation, because they love to travel, they love to cook and eat of course, and anything that had to do with luxury and hedonism.

One more important task in their lives is to get rid of prejudice while at the same time remaining emotional, although picky from time to time, acting like brats, prone to strong physical ties and adventures.

It is not uncommon for them to find important loves at work or away from birth, as all Sagittarius does, and the Moon in Taurus would not mind it.

They seem very relaxed in private because of their public persona that gives different vibes completely.

In connection with others, only a few people know what problems they are going through. They just don’t allow it.

It is easier to solve other people’s problems than their own, and it is ok, as long as they do not overdo it. This makes them great friends and never leaves their loved ones in the lurch.

Although they are not ready for disappointments in that area, they are very prone to higher expectations of others.

This can often be related to people who have related abroad or at a distance, and sometimes they cannot be understood by the people in their environment.

Through “darkness” to experience great personal transformations and very unusual personal events is a one-sentence that could describe their lives.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Man

This is the type of Sagittarius with the Moon positioned in Taurus is the man who values ​​elegance, purity, possesses sophistication.

At the same time, he is emotionally prone to extremes (either he is attached to a person for a long time with whom he grows old, or he is looking for an ideal person for himself for a long time).

Interestingly enough, this man has a weird position in love since it knows how to make him sick or completely ennoble him. He loves challenges and justice in business and can make very far, be extremely successful, etc.

But, on the other side of the story, we can say that this man might lack a little courage in decisive aspects, especially through the desire to start ambitions, so he always has to try more jobs, change locations, and meet many people to decide on a specific profession. This does not mean that he will not be successful. For sure, he will do it, but maybe in some cases, it takes time, but it will come.

This man that has the Sun-Moon combination in Sagittarius and Taurus can find a great way to generate income from even more sides, and this is the good side of wandering around. He can be successful in savings in foreign banks, stock exchanges, and in the field of inheritance, just like all Sagittarius people, as long as Taurus does not make him spend it all.

He adores large living spaces, collects or likes to own valuables, and often has a large kitchen where he cooks and eats, of course, and he does it with amazing joy. He is very hospitable in that field and loves guests, and he often throws dinner parties.

A lunar combination Sagittarius Taurus tends to have nothing happen to him for weeks, and some things may take slow to happen, but they eventually do.

In marriage, this man may lack a little more self-confidence and enthusiasm, so choosing a good partner is a must for this man – it can be someone who will push him to become a better version of himself. This is very, very important since he needs someone similar to himself. In this case, opposites do not attract.

When in love, and when in a serious relationship, this man that has Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Taurus values reliability and loyalty highly, and wants it in return, and emotionally does not tolerate control and possessiveness. These two traits will take this man over the edge, and this would be the only way he will leave his family because he will not tolerate it.

However, according to the general parameters, he can always have a small sense of rivalry and struggle in marriage just to make it more interesting.

Sagittarius Sun Taurus Moon – Woman

Here we meet a lady that is very warm, cordial, and above anything else, this woman is able to physically attract attention with a smile and kindness.

She helps others have a certain impact on the environment, but the basic feature is to spread positive energy.

This could be a reason why she is chosen as one of many successful men as their rock and support.

Keep in mind that the Moon in Taurus knows how to restrain Sagittarius a bit and forces this woman to constant analysis, self-examination, conservatism, and this is the reason why this lady can doubt herself from time to time. She can have problems with weight from time to time, and this “problem” may occur the first time when she is in her teens.

Because of this lunar combination, this woman is also very capable of showing enough patience for her time to shine, and she can wait for 5 minutes and learned eh lesson of security and peace.

It is very common that a woman that has this Sun and Moon combination can live most of her life in prosperity and peace, as she constantly strives for it.

This woman was not born to be in the shadow of a loved one, being support for her partner, but she is ready to give up many bad habits and trifles because of emotions that she has, as she wants to be loved and to love equally.

And here, the Moon in Taurus gives its best – this woman sees herself having children as one of the most valuable and significant moments in her life. She can have more than three kids and wants a large family, and if she does not have it, then she will suffer and maybe adopt if she has support from her lover.

As a parent, she is a very caring mother, prone to listen well to the needs of her children, and she rarely makes mistakes in this real, since Sun and Moon make a perfect combo here. A mother that is all about the action, and also caring, and knows how to listen to her kids and family in general.

This woman strives for constant perfection and sometimes makes enemies that she doesn’t want to have, but it is just what her a bit competitive spirit does. She is known as a person who is emotionally connected with more demanding people, but that she often enters into marriage after a long struggle, search, but strong passion.

Problems in family or marriage do not set a particular problem for this lady because she is able to deal with any problem that can come from it, and in the majority of cases, she does with 100 percent success.

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