Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

During one year, in 12 months, the Sun passed through the zone of 12 constellations- all of us have all long been accustomed to calculating our character, our destiny, and forecasts for the near future, depending on what sign we are born.

It turned out that it is not only the Sun but the Moon in the zodiac sign “travels” and that it also has its traits and part of our life journey that has an impact on us.

The Moon also travels through each sign in the Zodiac, but its travel lasts shortly only 2-3 days.

Both lunars, the Sun and the Moon, travel and make an impact on us on each sign in the Zodiac. One affects personality and ego, other inner being and interpersonal connections.

Today we will take a look at the natal chart of the people who have the Sun positioned in Scorpio and Moon in Aquarius.

Read here what it means- and question number one is this – can Aquarius calm down the passionate Scorpio, and what are the areas of its rule?

General Meaning

If you want to speak of the most passionate sign in the Zodiac, we can say that it could be Scorpio – passionate and dramatic, at the same time, not just in love, but in all aspects of life.

But, when it comes to this combination of lunars, we get to see these people as those who at first sight seem as very withdrawn people, but once they relax and find themselves in good company, they are very open and quite funny and interesting.

The Moon in Aquarius does not take away their mysterious, complicated nature that is always present. Along the way, they are able to radiate magnetic attraction and sexual tension.

But when in their lives there are people who are aligned with their passion, these people can be very loyal, and be certain that betrayal and infidelity affect them much more than any other, so don’t expect them to forgive you easily.

In fact, with this lunar combination, people will never forgive if you hurt them, and even more, be prepared for revenge.

When Scorpio gets angry, even the devil himself runs to the shelter, and this is not the enemy you want to have in life, and even as a friend, he can be brutal (but honest and loyal at the same time).

On the other side, if you gain their trust, be certain that you will get a lifelong friend and ally that will stand by your side at all times, despite everything “bad” that happens.

Here we can see a readiness to do anything they want, as long as it makes them happy.

Scorpio is a water sign, and that means that here the matter of emotions is emphasized, and in the lives of these people, everything and anything could, and usually is reduced to s*x and survival.

But, unlike some other Scorpios, those that have the Moon located in Aquarius, survival is more directed to the future, and the manifestation of energy is stable, decisive, concrete, persistent, directed toward a common goal.

This Sun-Moon connection strives to establish emotional security at the appearance of threats from the outside world.

This lunar position does not manifest itself clearly but is hidden, masked, and mysterious since Scorpio has that need to overrule everything that comes in its way.

In general, this combination is all about pronounced instincts, visual aspects, deep psychological traumas (that could be overcome and used for better in the future), inner demons, and death.

But, on a more positive note, when there is death, there is an ending, and only then something new better could be born. This Scorpio will not miss its chance to be transformed.


It is a known fact that this type of Scorpio with the Moon in Aquarius does not fall in love so often, but when that happens, neither the partners nor they know what happened to them.

It is like they lose their minds and be certain that they will do it much more potent than any other sign.

And in general, this lunar combination makes people so smart, and they cannot be fooled since they are meticulous and cautious.

They may even shock you by saying shocking, terrifying, and difficult things, but we must say these are the things that all of us need to hear. All that they are saying is, at the same time, very accurate.

But, this combination also brings an intense eternal struggle between what the heart feels and what the mind commands and you can never tell what they are thinking or feeling. They have very high standards and a clear tendency to be the best in the business they do.

For them, life is all or nothing, and by all, they think that they are truly made to touch the Moon.

Speaking of the Moon, when it is located in Aquarius, it just shows that these Scorpios can become friends with ease and stay in friendly relationships with all types of people.

Throughout their lives, they have numerous experiences in relationships with friends and acquaintances in a broad sense, and since they are very passionate, they will have s*x with numerous of their friends, not being able to hold on to the sensual urges. They know how to make contacts with groups, social circles, and associations of all kinds, not seeing any boundaries which can come into their circle, all people are welcomed, but because of Scorpio, all of them must be passionate about something. They experience strong desires to change ideas and circulate their views, and they are able to do it despite the atmosphere of insecurity and instability that are created by life circumstances outside the usual and all sorts of dramatic personal events.

But, this lunar combination of Scorpio and Aquarius makes people, despite all of this to remain immutable.

The unconscious language of symbols is easily recognizable, so they are the most powerful enemies that are impossible to defeat because it is difficult to know.

One thing must be taken care of – this combination brings changes, which is undeniable, but they can be superficial, no matter how spectacular and exciting they seem in the first place.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon – Man

It is worth mentioning that this position of Sun and Moon in Scorpios and Aquarius brings great changes, rough and relatively frequent, unique experiences, non-conformism even.

Also, in the majority of cases, a man with this combination acts and reacts impulsively, his impulses are very pronounced, and opinions, sympathies, and antipathies are conspicuous. He will never stop being focused on some complex problem while exposing himself to great mental tension.

Yes, this man can be very tense, but this does not exclude his strong, loving, and even kind emotions.

When we are talking of emotions in the life of this man, we can say that when feelings are in question, he is all about passion and jealousy.

Even when he is afraid of the unknown, he will face harmful consequences, so there is a tendency to control the situation, all the way to obsession.

His life is not an easy one – he must change himself, in whatever sense, so for this man also transformation is the keyword.

He is the man of only one idea or one big problem, depending on what sign will overrule – when Aquarius rules, then he is a creator of that new big idea that will change his life and set him into notoriety.

But when the Sun in Scorpio shines even brighter, then his entire life reduces to a problem that is equal to death.

In a poor aspected natal chart, this man can be in one big problem, all thanks to the passion, and do not be surprised when this man commits a crime out of passion. He very often experiences drama in terms of finances, for some tragic events, diseases, accidents even, but the Moon in Aquarius will let him see the bigger picture and realization why certain negative events occur.

There is an opportunity to see life as a whole with the perspective toward the future, realizing that truly the end is the new beginning.

Sometimes his life can be ruined by secrets, but he can rise like no one else, endowed with the greatest ability to regenerate; he can get the most serious diseases and has the best chance of surviving. He has a strong will, perseverance, and steadfastness, and do not be surprised when this man makes a major success in later years. He has fantastic strength (physical and every other, of course), so he goes towards the goal with terrifying energy.

There is no mercy in the fight, nor does he seek it for himself. He can’t help but worry about something. The energy that guides him drives a man to descend into the abyss of the unconscious with the task of overcoming his lower nature.

He has a very strong sex drive and is a passionate partner, and only sensual lovers can find a place in his life. Prudent people are not welcomed.

In the end, if you want to have a good friend, choose this man – and this may be the best connection ever, having in mind that from a friendship has a perspective of suddenly moving in a romantic direction, sometimes very unusual and non-conformist, but this is what you want with this type of a man. And there will be nothing truly conventional in his living conditions, mental perspectives, and relationships in his life.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Moon – Woman

When you take a look at the woman that has this Sun and Moon combination, she may look like the sweetest and most beautiful creature, and in the next, she may become the scariest person you have ever met. Possessive and non-interested at the same time, but when she loves someone, she is very loyal. But, she can be closed and very mysterious.

Even if you ask her directly, you will get as much information as she believes you can handle. She is smart and witty, brutal at times, honest to the core.

Her life is not really easy since the Sun in Scorpio sign is seen as a life-and-death struggle. Everything she does is the most important fight of her life, regardless of how small or big it can be.

But the Moon in Aquarius keeps all emotions under control even though she is emotional, and she hides them most of the time or is not comfortable in showing them with ease.

All emotions are sanctioned because her task is to get to know them and to overcome them, as well as taboo topics like perversion, death, illness, etc.

She will come into contact with this deadly impulse someday, whether she wants it or not.

On a more positive aspect, she will try to have perfect control, and if she doesn’t want to say something, she won’t, and the one who is on the other side of her will never know.

Always have in mind the Scorpio is extreme in everything she does and is the woman of great courage. She is fully consciously sacrificing her life to fulfill what she intended, and often she easily manipulates others because she recognizes what she has gone through and realized in others.

Is she is your lover, or your friend, and is very reluctant to give all that has, but when she does, then she becomes aware of emotions.

In that process, this woman cannot be compared to anyone in that, but she is a Scorpio, and in love relationships, she goes to the extreme, turning to deadly possessiveness and deadly jealousy that can ruin not just her own life but everyone else.

At that stage, a person descends into his hell and needs to be known and purified. Knowing the content of his unconscious, she changes her attitudes through that confrontation, which is an obstacle for her to progress further.

This woman with the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Aquarius expresses everything without restraint and sometimes rudely even. She is the one friend that speaks the truth, you like it or not, and along that way, she can be brutal, being able to speak the truth that none of us wants to hear, but we do. She would have to learn diplomacy and balance in life as well as overcoming her own insecurities, which lead her into the abyss of jealousy and possessiveness, unhealthy relationships.

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