Scorpio Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Scorpio is a Fixed and Water sign. This year, the Sun will be crossing this constellation between October 23 and November 22, when the Sun King will enter Sagittarius.

The Traditional ruler of it is Mars and, currently, so is Pluto, discovered in 1930.

Scorpio is the most mysterious sign of the Zodiac and corresponds to the time of autumnal stability (according to the climate in the Northern Hemisphere), when the fallen leaves in rot are waiting to fertilize the earth to give rise to the new life. It is when life begins to hide and then be reborn and nature prepares for the new cycle.

Scorpio Sun – Meaning and Info

Scorpio is the sign that represents deep transformations. Being a Water sign, it is emotional in nature and, as it is fixed, it adds qualities such as constancy, firmness and stability.

Its rulers, Mars and Pluto, give it a passionate, extreme, undisciplined, combative and intense instinctive nature. They go straight to the point, with them there are no subtleties.

Magnetic, they have a characteristic, deep and shrewd look that can even pierce the other person. Endowed with a deep and analytical mind, they are keen observers.

One of his strengths lies in the knowledge of himself and that of others that is why many scorpions are dedicated to psychology or psychiatry.

The natives of Scorpio are very sensitive and highly susceptible, which is in continuous struggle with their great personality and strength.

That creates conflicts for them. His deep mind and keen intuition admit no lies. They are good detectives, they also excel in those fields in which it is a matter of “mastering” matter, decomposing it or creating new combinations, such as cooking or chemistry.

They also excel in all those professions that require cunning and decisiveness are natural strategists, and can be relentless enemies.

Although externally they may seem cold, in love they know the storms of passion and painful crises.

They are suspicious and cunning, but if they give their heart, no best friend can be found, they are loyal and protective.

When a Scorpio has a harmonious Natal Chart, we can find the following virtues: passionate, intense, cunning, hard-working, resistant, and willful.

On the other hand, when the whole of the card is inharmonious, some of these defects can be found: critical, bellicose, cruel, possessive and jealous.

Aries Moon – Meaning and Info

Here the Moon is visiting Mars. This is a sign of the fire element, so you are most likely unconsciously tuned in to situations of struggle, extreme tension, perhaps very sensitive to everything sharp and sharp.

Mars gives you subconscious determination, impulsivity, sharp, keen perception, idealism, hot temper, addictiveness, fearlessness, self-confidence, subconscious readiness for extreme situations.

In life, you may notice that you are often under the influence of critical, extreme situations that you were hardly looking for.

Why it happens? Since the Moon is in Aries, the attunement to these situations leads to a subconscious search for situations where you can experience this tension.

Apparently, in any situation, you will unconsciously perceive those sides that are associated with struggle, active actions, overcoming, seizures, the desire to achieve the goal with one jerk, a strong-willed impulse.

Accordingly, your character will probably also be colored with Martian features, that is, you may have a heightened, sharp perception, you are often impulsive, hot-tempered, in some cases even rude, although this is not so much rudeness as spontaneity and disinhibition of manifestations.

You are probably an addicted person, and since the Moon shows our perception and how the external environment affects us, and since the form of manifestation is Martian, active, then you may even have some idealization.

Any planet, once in Aries, will always have a certain color: it will have a “black and white” perception. There are almost no halftones here. Therefore, the idealism here is not of a “watery” nature, not intuitive, but the idealism of extreme assessments.

That is, apparently, on a subconscious level, you will show determination, fearlessness, a propensity to take risks, to fight and aggression. You can also note that you are most likely often emphatically self-confident and thus a readiness for extreme situations is reflected in you.

Medical contraindications. People with the Moon in Aries have a vulnerable head, so you need to plan all operations on the head and face, including plastic ones, on days when the influence of the Moon is weakened, especially to avoid the effects on the new moon.

It is better to perform operations on the head when not the Moon, but the Sun is in the sign of Aries. You are susceptible to headaches, headaches, and eye diseases, frequent insomnia or increased sleepiness, especially with overwork and nervous excitement.

Your diseases may be associated with circulatory disorders in the brain. In general, during the transit moon in Aries, it is better not to overwork, as the head is vulnerable, the fundus of the eye becomes weak (especially with the “evil” moon).

Therefore, with the Moon in Aries, you need to read less. Your kidneys are probably working well, since the opposite sign of Aries – Libra – is associated with the kidneys.

If in the horoscope the Moon is “good” and is not in negative aspects, then these recommendations can be ignored: they are of a general nature.

However, if the Moon is in negative aspects, these rules must be strictly adhered to.

With the Moon in Aries, the kidneys and the bladder canal are also actively working (according to oriental medicine). However, the inclusion of the latter in the work depends on the time of your birth.

The moon reveals the sensitive part of the sign where it is; if only it does not stand completely harmoniously, a subconscious program is formed in a person that protects this place, the so-called complex.

Aries instinctively feels like a conductor of an energy flow, so the only thing that really worries him is that this flow reaches its destination, be it a specific matter that will spin on Aries’ energy, or a person who will fall under the influence of the flow. Moon in Aries sharpens the sensitivity of Aries and its flow.

If she (or Aries himself) is struck, then this sensitivity becomes downright painful: the flow (objectively) is very unstable, it is easy to cut off a person, “cut off”, and then he (depending on the position of Mars and Saturn) falls or falls into meaningless rage (meaningless not as a means of psychological defense, but in the sense that his mind is turned off).

On the other hand, although the Moon (except for a completely harmonious position) and reduces the stability of the Aries stream, it enables him to react much more subtly to changes (and the very existence) of the environment.

And although it may seem to others that Aries does not see or hear anything, all in the power of his flow, he, nevertheless, in some incomprehensible way subconsciously rather accurately estimates it, at least what worries him: the level of his perception flow.

The extent to which his subconscious sensations enter consciousness and influence his behavior depends on his age and the position of Saturn.

The expectation of stormy contacts is characteristic, slow, protracted relationships do not suit, the expectation of an active attitude towards oneself – African passions. Subconscious readiness for a sharp reaction from a partner, even hysteria. Unconscious attraction to strong, passionate natures.

Irrational need to satisfy your inner nature with wild antics, passions of other people. The ability to enter into resonance, imbued with someone else’s passion. The periodic need for temporary shocks, in the absence of them, is pathetic, boring and not interesting.

In harmonious aspects, the subject has a rich imagination, infectious fun, enterprise, enthusiasm, courage, strenuous or excessive activity, a very strong tendency to protect from danger, to patronize. Striving to fulfill all your desires and intentions.

Commitment to something. Often a good, joyful, optimistic mood. Self-affirmation in personal relationships (not socially, but in relation to the one who is now in front of this person) contributes to popularity.

Demonstration in the manifestation of feelings, a tendency to sensations, spectacles, shows, performances, good acting skills. Reason prevails over feelings, despite the fact that the Moon in this sign gives a fiery temperament and passion, renewal of feelings, relationships. Greater independence. Love for change and travel, wanderings.

In tense aspects – absurdity and noisiness, impulsiveness and reckless behavior in public, irrepressible desire for novelty, sometimes aggressive, arrogant, demonstrative, defiant behavior, lust for power, heightened emotionality, exaggerated sensual side, shamelessness, rude nature, reckless, reckless, straightforward exaggerated imagination.

Due to your fiery temperament and impulsiveness, you are prone to emotional outbursts. You express yourself directly, openly, so no one needs to guess what you are true feelings are.

However, you do not like to demonstrate your weakness or need for support, comfort, care.

You are often impatient with yourself and with other people. You hate emotional dependency and hate whiners.

You encourage people to take action with your enthusiasm, your readiness to face everyday difficulties. You are attracted to people of an adventurous warehouse, courageous, independent.

The person is quite domineering; you do not like to communicate with people who immediately obey. Sometimes you are happy to enter into a violent quarrel.

The ideal of your relationship with people is communication based on mutual respect and at a certain emotional distance. You become irritable if you stop doing enough physical activity. From time to time (and quite often), you need to fight on a tennis or badminton court (or take part in some other competitive sport).

If you do not have enough control over your words and actions, then those around you may consider you as a fickle, emotional, impulsive nature, which is characterized by haste and little thoughtfulness of your actions. You are characterized by a thirst for recognition, and in order to achieve it – excessive zeal.

Most often, you are an independent person, persistently going your own way. You may suddenly flare up, as you often take the reactions of other people to heart, and do not tolerate the interference of outsiders in your affairs.

Aries is a masculine, mobile, positive, “fire” sign ruled by energetic Mars. People who have the Moon in this sign are enthusiastic, spontaneous, love travel, love excitement, excitement. They are competitive; they can often be found working for a purpose.

These people are creative and original, sometimes aggressive and quick-tempered, courageous, inspiring others. Physically they are usually healthy, have a hardy, strong body; they are active and enjoy exercise.

Their speech is harsh; they are able to make a strong impression on other people by the force of their superiority of character. They are somewhat arbitrary; in order to live with them, you need to be a good-natured person.

They may suffer from headaches or asthma, depending on other features of the horoscope; they may suffer from accidents and from fire. They like to live in cities or in places marked by significant activity, as they usually have a restless mind.

Both my experience and classical texts say that such people like spicy food suffer from dental diseases, travel a lot (but usually on the ground, as they may be afraid of water).

Their spirit is cheerful, they are talkative, partly selfish, self-confident, love communication with another

Scorpio Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are a realist, and you yourself are the center of your highly material world, first and second, and fifth and tenth. You are not interested in generalizations or abstractions; your ambitions are very specific and highly personal; you are loyal to people rather than ideas; feelings of love, hate, resentment for you are applicable only to an individual person.

Philosophical or metaphysical ideas or concepts such as right, wrong, fairness and injustice have no meaning to you in their abstract sense; but if any of these categories touches you personally or someone in whom you are interested, you begin to take an intense interest in them.

If you are worried about someone’s personal animosity, you are actively resentful; quarrels can consume you completely, to the exclusion of everything else; you like a good fight, and you just cannot live without it.

You are quick-witted, perceptive, have a good protective instinct, a punctual critical mind, are able to do difficult work and conduct long-term scientific research.

There is only one abstract category that you understand very well and apply to yourself, and that is ambition, for which you are constantly looking for the means to realize it.

In love, you are unbridled and passionate, but you are not easy to love. You are capricious, a little pompous and demand absolute devotion, which in no way you consider obligatory for yourself.


You will never become a completely objective person, but the more you strive for objectivity in your judgments, the happier you yourself and your environment will be.

You are quick-tempered, you just have dangerous outbursts of rage, and you are so immersed in yourself and in your own affairs that you are probably not good at understanding people, and on your life path, you may more than once come across such personalities from whom you do not have to wait nothing good.

Look around and take time out of your personal goals and emotions from time to time. It will help you develop your abilities and achieve success through the combination of energy and magnetic influence on people.

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