Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

We know that the Moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer and therefore we should pay special attention to the presence of the Moon in that sign.

The sign of Cancer is the natural abode of the Moon. The fifteenth degree of the sign is the degree of exaltation of the mighty and good Jupiter, while the 28th degree of the sign is the degree of debilitation of Mars.

As a fixed sign, especially under the double influence of signs and sub-signs, the double Scorpio always hides things a little below the surface. She is attracted by beauty in all its forms, but what is dangerous, mysterious, and occult.

Scorpio Sun – Meaning and Info

She knows how to be paranoid, but she tends to love when she loves – to complete commitment or not to love (not to say she hates, because she knows how to remember the bad actions of others and sometimes retaliate when others do not expect it).

This person can feel the music in a special way and make the best works with musical inspiration.

She tends to have a large material income, but if she does not take risks, she has the opportunity to live comfortably and peacefully.

Most members of this combination can have large material losses due to the risk. Mentally strict and prone to criticism, but control of his environment. Still, she tends to make her moves and decisions wisely and tactically.

As a fixed sign, especially under the double influence of signs and sub-signs, the double Scorpio always hides things a little below the surface. She is attracted by beauty in all its forms, but what is dangerous, mysterious, and occult.

In a special way, she has the right influence to attract and repel at the same time, which is why people will love or reject her at first sight. He certainly possesses personal provocation, insight, but material generosity. She can inherit many things through life, but over the years, she tends to collect and become more attached to her property or what belongs to her.

Although unattainable, cold at first glance, since it belongs to the most emotional sign, it always goes through very deep emotions, but it is either at the “bottom” or climbs to the top, it quickly regenerates after loss and disappointment like Phoenix. He has a very strong sense of smell, and can show strong blindness to himself and his appearance. She strives to be independent early on.

She is emotionally very romantic, sensitive, idealistic, but as if she is destined to have to go through some difficult situations, losses and learn life lessons in that very at least once. She tends to keep her intimacy, but to easily find out about others.

She enters marriage out of strong emotions, but in a random, unusual way and through marriage she often goes through a struggle.

Although she is able to “survive all the sufferings of this world” it is a normal state for her, so when everything goes smoothly, standard condition for her.

He can be a leader, do the hardest jobs, and be a particularly good doctor, astrologer, and scientist. She gives herself completely in the business, and is especially capable of leading positions. She is very educated and likes to move in intellectual circles. She loves to travel and often experiences very important personal situations while traveling.

Professionally, regardless of the frequent rivalry in which he especially expresses himself, he has the opportunity to achieve a lot. He can often suffer from head problems, bladder problems, and genitals. She can be vicious.

The trust and loyalty of a double Scorpio simply needs to be earned, and when that happens you will have a person by your side who will be with you in the most difficult moments, and vice versa.

Cancer Moon – Meaning and Info

Cancer is a cardinal, water sign. Those born with the Moon in this sign are divided between two great desires. As a cross between the desire to lead a very active public life and the aspiration to engage in intimate affairs, family and household mostly.

This often results in an interest in communal affairs, political economy, work in public affairs and their organization.

In any case, the sign of Cancer is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac. When it comes to high political power, and that is unchangeable, know that it comes from the sign of Cancer.

In particular, Jupiter’s good atmosphere and influence through exaltation strengthens the importance of judicial affairs and contacts with the legislature.

Under the influence of the Moon, those born in this sign, and with the same in it, as well as the sign itself, direct the places and circumstances of the beginning of life.

Their main and priority interests are the house, first the birth house, then the parents, and through the expansion of apartments, land, property and real estate, they design personal affairs, intimate life and domestic affairs.

This is a much-closed circle of priorities and ways of being such people on this planet and in this life.

Homeland, as well as all things and persons related to that place, will have the appropriate importance throughout the life of a person born with the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

The influence of parents on them will be constantly great, from the beginning to the end of life.

He will have a strong sense of responsibility and family life, as well as a strong sense of everything related to these problems and the topic, and he will constantly strive in every way to get rid of them.

The whimsical wandering of the Moon makes quite a mess in the emotions, so the desire to get rid of the problem is almost never fulfilled.

So, social life, common life, interpersonal relationships, family, homeland, origin – will be issues of primary importance in the lives of those born with the Moon in the sign of Cancer.

Of course, he will thus have many opportunities to find and always make new and new friendships and to be constantly in the company and surrounded by friends.

Whether they want it or not, those born with the Moon in this sign will very rarely be alone. Not even short.

Obligations, contacts, engagements of any kind, never cease to interfere in the life of a person born in this sign, and to occupy his spirit and soul.

In addition, the Moon is the soul, the soul of each of us. People born with the Moon in Cancer will want to penetrate the secrets of nature and the mystery of that human soul.

The sign of Cancer is the abode of the Moon, which gives popularity and often-exceptional affection to others.

Of course, it is not uncommon for a person to be known as a white crow in the sphere of his activity. They will often deal with many, so to speak, attachments. As I said before, first, family ties and domestic problems.

In some way, they will be handicapped by their environment or through family circumstances.

Born with the Moon in Cancer, they are smart, cautious and mysterious. They are adorned with a lot of insight and a little story. They are cautious in their actions.

Their nature is both conventional and eccentric. They are very emotional and suggestible, but they never allow it to be seen and shown. Yet they are members of one of the most mysterious signs of these that we know.

They are unusually sensitive to the environment and to all kinds of invisible forces, to those intangible things, subtle.

Very susceptible to astral influences, so it would not be bad not to experiment a lot with such occupations, and especially not to try it on yourself personally.

In one period of their life, and most often in their youth, the search for comfort and enjoyment will dominate their nature and character.

Later, questions concerning spiritualism, esotericism, and the human psyche will be of great interest to them. A completely new world is opened to them that they will want to explore, but they must be taught, not charlatans.

It usually happens that they finish one of the high schools and get a higher education, and since the sign itself brings a desire to learn about old things, people born with this position usually start studying history, archeology, dead languages, scriptures or old books about wisdom.

Everything that draws them into the past, tradition, folklore, can attract and pull them. Many acquire a deep knowledge of some religious tradition or esoteric science.

Scorpio Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Double Scorpio is very talented, prone to sarcasm, direct communication, and does not tolerate uncertainty. Especially when provoked, she can be prone to scandals or intemperance. He can be a great negotiator.

It is difficult for her sometimes to understand her needs or to change, she does not like sudden changes, but she knows how to adapt to every situation. Although it is difficult to meet a double Scorpio, she has a strong will, emotions and constant struggle.

She is good as a friend, very resourceful and willing to help. As a parent, she is compliant and emotional. She tends to constantly seek herself, her faith, and to practice and believe in natural remedies or healing.

Double Scorpio loves life; she is prone to experiments, but especially to emotional security that is not immediately visible from the outside. He may have difficulties in marriage because he may be inclined to control a loved one or be jealous.

The more difficult the life circumstances, the more Scorpio comes to the fore and becomes stronger.

Often seen from the side, one gets the impression that she is constantly struggling with herself, but that she can be capricious and prone that others have to adapt to her style, and because of that, she can often have sudden family changes and changing relationships. Appreciate a fair relationship.

She is very dedicated to her children, the people she loves, and she often gives without reservations, which can occasionally bring health problems.

There is also a profile of double Scorpios that accumulate problems in themselves, and thus increase the risk of serious diseases.

Therefore, the position of sports and the daily draining of energy from bad influences from the side is very important.

It should not be forgotten that the double Scorpio knows how to hurt with words more sensitively than itself, but that she does not notice it at that moment.

That is why she must always be tactful and learn greater tolerance, which she personally lacks in order to be complete.

She is not afraid of anything. She knows how to be extreme in her views. Water and meditation are her best medicine to find her peace.

She makes the best creativity and business results when you leave her alone to do the way she knows best, does not like pressure, restrictions and does not tolerate authority.

In business, she needs a lot of breadth, space, but also recognition to be complete.

Although he does not like interference, he can often make mistakes by interfering in relationships in which he should not participate.

Work and emotions do not always go together, so she has to share it in order to have fewer problems. She can be a great manager, because she is convincing and verbally strong.

When she is dissatisfied, she should be allowed to recharge her batteries and be like new, because otherwise she can be very uncomfortable. She tends to drive out stubbornness and sometimes do things to her own detriment, but it is hard for her to say “sorry”. The truth often comes with inexplicable premonitions.

People born with the Moon in Cancer live in an ivory tower and keep the secret of their jobs and their private problems. Secrets, personal and family, are never revealed.

Interpersonal sympathy, compassion, expressed maternal feeling in women – these are the main characteristics of these people.

They try to find shelter for others, not infrequently they take those with problems into their house and protect them from problems, encourage and strengthen them, feed, take care of and support them, especially if it is a relative. They show a strong will to protect their family and protect their interests.

They have been dealing with children from an early age, as well as with the weak and the sick. The desire that does not go out, for feeding, caring, dressing and protecting those who are in trouble.

Female members of their family, and especially the mother, and women in general, have a significant place in their lives.

They are extremely persistent and attach themselves to what they have no matter if it is a matter or a being, with rare persistence.

It is not easy to distract them from a decision. They show a tendency to collect, accumulate and collect all kinds of things, and when it comes to something they love, they are capable of endless patience.


The Moon in the sign of Cancer also governs life in contact with the sea, ports, ships, navigation, river and maritime trade.

For most members of this sign, the ocean, say, or the sea, is a real fascination. In addition, they always long for overseas travel.

People born with the Moon in Cancer want to have their own house and their own home peace, but at the same time, they will want change. They are emphatically inclined to place themselves in harmonious circumstances and in everything that has to do with and implies human comfort.

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