Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

There is a strong desire for life, but that everything is complex, complicated, risky in which the double Scorpio comes to the fore.

Very curious by nature, mystical, fruitful, inspiring for others, so the first impressions when you meet this person are especially pronounced.

However, the person of this combination as very distrustful, reserved, closed also receives first impressions very, very strongly. It is not unusual to have love at first sight.

This person is prone to extremes, so everything is with her according to the principle I want – I will not.

Extremely attractive, fatal and dangerous for many, she constantly suffers and struggles with the forces of building and demolition. He tends to cover up vulnerability and emotional suffering well, but always acts decisively and very confidently. He can be an excellent psychologist, criminologist, and journalist.

Scorpio Sun – Meaning and Info

The calm water of the shore sinks “- says a folk saying, and the constant quality of this watermark seems to fully justify it. Scorpio is calm, strong, strong and determined, unusually self-sacrificing, but also ruthless, vindictive, quarrelsome and irreconcilable.

If you want a friend who will fight on your side, call Scorpio: if she is with you, you can be sure of her full support – she is not the type of person who will go around looking for a just solution – she is very biased, but in your favor.

The nature of the person born in the sign of Scorpio is full of contradictions; it is the source of the inextinguishable struggle of passion and feelings.

Although Scorpio is a detective who sniffs at other people’s “hiding places”, she has more secrets than anyone else does. Its most distinctive feature is restraint, which makes persons born in this sign a bit mysterious.

This person never allows himself to penetrate into her most intimate and most hidden spheres and successfully hides his weak points from others.

What gives it an advantage in many cases is a deep and strong intuition that allows it to distinguish truth from lies and to separate evil and good.

Agile and dynamic, Scorpio is often in conflict with himself and others, who, it must be admitted, usually do not understand him.

In addition, her secret is very simple: love or hate, strong and long lasting. She is most afraid that someone will hurt her feelings or self-esteem – in reverse order.

That is why she is always afraid to show what she wants and feels, and her defense mechanism is the wrong signals she sends to the world: “I care about everything”!

However, when Scorpio gains trust in someone, no one is as loyal, attached and reliable as she is.

Scorpio is extremely sensitive to the likes and dislikes of others, so it can be just as kind and accommodating as it is cold and ruthless. Firm in her decisions, persistent in action, she is able to concentrate all her forces in the direction of the ideals she wants to achieve.

The enormous power of this personality literally explodes now of action, but Scorpio is more efficient in defense than in attack because, basically, no matter how much it hides, this person is full of kindness and deep respect for other people. Scorpio is mostly an absolutist.

This side of her character is best shown in love, as well as in friendships. Feelings of sympathy and antipathy are born in this person from the unconscious, immediately, at the first meeting.

It is difficult for Scorpio to maintain superficial relationships. Her feelings are deep, so her friendships are real friendships.

He has no moral or social prejudices, and often maintains relationships with personalities of a very special character or activity. He rarely agrees to compromises and always strives for exclusive rights.

However, her friendship can be put to the test at any time: Scorpio will never let you down!

A person born in this sign is diligent and very ambitious, patient and very persistent – a combination that often leads to success.

Scorpio is passionately possessive when it comes to anything he thinks belongs to her, including success.

However, such ambitions of hers are never obvious. She works hard and in silence and waits for her chance, always knowing exactly her qualities. He shows his best qualities in medicine, politics or science.

However, he rarely manages to reach the top to which he aspires so eagerly.

Maybe because the uncle of his vengefulness often mismanages and neglects diplomacy. He firmly believes that good must return to good, and evil-to-evil!

The only inconvenience is that he considers himself the supreme judge and the only executor…

Gemini Moon – Meaning and Info

People born during the period when the moon is in the constellation Gemini are very mobile, spiritually rich and, as a rule, have great intelligence. They are said to be “Jack of all trades”.

However, in almost everything, the duality of their nature will be observed: they rush from one extreme to another, take on everything at once, and often do not finish the work they have begun.

They have versatile interests, but knowledge is superficial and not deep, concentration is low. It is very difficult for Gemini to focus on one type of activity for a long time and concentrate on a specific task.

People born under this moon sign need to show more attention to themselves, to their true feelings and desires, not to be led by public opinion, to control their emotions.

The constant worry, annoyance and anxiety that takes possession of Gemini can have an extremely negative impact on their mental health.

This can manifest itself in increased agitation, emotional exhaustion, mental disorders, and a sharp change in mood.

Often they are in constant pursuit of new impressions and a new dose of adrenaline, not having time to adequately assess the events taking place in their lives and concentrate on those that are important.

For Gemini, there is no concept of discipline or organization. With an insane love for constant travel, change of residence and movement, change and adventure, they often do it all spontaneously and without planning anything at all. Which, of course, does not always lead to good results.

If you are a Gemini, then shyness and shyness are definitely not your characteristics! You are very sociable, open to people, which, like a magnet, attracts them to you. You like to keep abreast of the latest news and events, to know all the details of the life of your loved ones (and not so) people.

You are an inexhaustible source of new topics for conversation, sometimes people around you get the impression that your stories can never be heard again!

Therefore, it is so difficult to find you alone with yourself. Gemini are terribly uncomfortable when they cannot express their thoughts, tell another gossip, or just talk about the weather.

The need to stay in social isolation for a long time can even become a cause of depression and a nervous breakdown for them.

However, among tens and hundreds of acquaintances they almost never have real close friends. As a rule, this can be one friend, a relationship with whom began in deep childhood.

The Gemini man is always in a hurry somewhere, he does not leave the feeling that he may not be in time for something. It is for this reason that 90% of the cases they start will never be completed.

However, for all their superficiality, sometimes-excessive hysteria and talkativeness, Gemini are very vulnerable. They subconsciously feel the world well, and the energies of the cosmos influence them with greater force, since their resistance to outside influences is reduced.

The problem for Gemini is also the fact that they are not able to be committed and be content with life with one person.

Therefore, it can be extremely difficult for them to start a family. Not every partner is able to withstand such inconsistency and the rapid loss of interest in themselves.

In view of the fact that the Gemini man is always in search of something new, in search of himself and his place in the world, they often turn out to be gifted artists and sculptors.

Since the desire to experiment and not get hung up on the result is such an important quality for people of creative professions!

To harmonize their life, Gemini is recommended sometimes to engage in self-reflection, not to act under the influence of second impulses, to try to assess the situation and people more soberly, to try to rationally plan their life.

Learn to see the important people around you and pay more attention to them. After all, only they will love you in spite of all your inconstancy and eccentricities.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Let us pay attention to the character of the person, when the Moon is in Gemini. Sensitivity + multiplicity = many ways for self-expression. These are people-inventors.

Their high communication capabilities help them easily adapt to the community. If a character receives, negative development, then these people are uncomfortable, they are unreliable and the surrounding people stop trusting them.

They certainly do not have enough concentration and a clear focus on anything. They are not seriously concerned with their actions and often show safety, which leads to troubles with their own imaginary world.

If the development of nature with the mountainous moon in Gemini is in a positive, harmonic environment, then such people are capable of many. They are clearly expressed; they are able to work with digital values ​​in various structures. These are public persons with developed intellectual abilities. Intelligent natures with good linguistic data.

They prefer to express their personality brightly and beautifully, showing spiritual and physical flexibility. They show an unseen interest in the knowledge of a different kind, for which their nature requires active communication.

They love tourism – travel for them is a manifestation of their emotive resurrection from the current environment.

In an unrecognizable study, it is easy to pass the period of adaptation, since they are able to quickly find a common language with other people. They forget about their unpleasantnesses quite quickly and continue their further development. They can become excellent orators.

Their emotional state forms in their minds new ideas and fantasies. People with a mountainous moon in Gemini love to talk about their different interesting topics. Consistency of the mark Good development in people of this type is obtained by intuition.

They are able to anticipate future beneficial opportunities for their successful development.

Their inappropriate attitude to work does not interfere with the development of excellent skill and speed, but many of the people with a mountainous moon in Gemini are able to create a perfect fit.

They prefers frequent variables, they cannot concentrate all their attention and free time on one person or one kind of activity.

In the harmonious environment, they are pleasant creations, loving and understanding natures. Emotional development of intellect sometimes tends to be excessive in its activity.

However, she has practically no time to listen to her friend’s suffering. She examines him at the very beginning and says that she needs to run for business.

Sometimes there is a feeling in it, especially when the thing is enough to love. Then she will listen to a friend explaining her experience to underline important tips.

She is offended if they do not want to listen to her or does not respond with interest and sympathy to her. She has a strong expression of emotion and no persistence.

In most cases, it is absolutely all the same in whom to study and in what institution.

Changed memory will help to finish chickens without problems. Her interest is not a result and a diploma, but the process of training.

It is only open and naive, which verifies literally every first thing in the world, because of which it is often burned.

It is difficult for her to hold on, so she can give out someone else’s secret. However, this happens purely by chance, she does not seek to intimidate anyone.

Mediums and extravagances are widespread among such presenters. Continuous communication is important to them. The loneliness crumbles and kills her abilities.


These are excellent interlocutors who know how to tune in to a person’s wave and improve his emotional background. She does not bind to the house. In spite of the fancy, it is easy to find a way out of a critical situation.

Their feelings change more often and carry a more natural character. He likes to flirt.

In addition, for this there is not a sexual desire, but a desire to solve the riddle, to uncover the secrets of the companion.

The head is his drug. A wife should be an interesting conversationalist and friend, and then a lover.

A man appreciates curiosity and the presence of many interests. A multidimensional personality is his weakness. The moon in Gemini requires an easy distance setting, so that it will not allow itself to be fully committed.

He will be repelled if the woman is a lot of drama, loves to cry and unnecessarily needs him.

It is alien to them to be in peace, but at the same time, their intuition is inconceivably developed. Their first impression always corresponds to a real picture.

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