Scorpio Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Scorpio is extremely hardy. He is not stopped by any difficulties or complications: he seeks the cause of failure and eliminates it.

Failures lead him out of themselves. He tends to dramatize them, but returns to the beginning of the path and begins again.

He instinctively pulls the blanket over himself, and it is better not to get in his way: he is a rival; he forgets and does not forgive offenses. He must be busy all the time.

Scorpio Sun – Meaning and Info

Scorpio thinks of himself as iron and does not understand how others can get sick or tired. He smokes and drinks as much as he can.

When he finally gets sick, he climbs into a hole, lies down in bed, and throws himself into horse cans with medicine.

Usually it recovers because it is hardy. He would have to do sports to get rid of toxins (see above), and he prefers to hunt or study at home: changing something, rearranging furniture, sorting out his rarities.

Elements show iron, magnesium and herbs – garlic. Often suffers from diseases of the genitourinary system. In women – painful menstruation, cysts, in men impotence (often imaginary). In the latter case, ginseng supplements are recommended.

The element of water in design has a clear purpose: to change the world; in relation to humans, this applies to their inner world, the psyche, and their outer reality, their surroundings.

The main apparent contradiction of Scorpio is that, on the one hand, it refers to the feminine beginning, being passive-receptive, on the other hand, are under the control of Mars and with the aim of changing reality, forced to be active to be.

This contradiction is resolved as follows: the original Scorpio passively waits, but reserves the right to adapt to external influences, and when he realizes this right, he appears very powerful (ruler Mars) and persistent (permanent cross).

If Cancer is the deepest sign of the zodiac, calculated in its pure form for the perception of reality, then Scorpio already has a powerful arsenal of influence over it.

Both signs can listen, but Scorpio also knows how to literally force the interlocutor to say something, even if the latter has to divulge personal secrets or tell intimate details that do not need to be disclosed.

How it works Scorpios – their secret (one of many), but not unique here without magic or hypnosis.

After that, the developed Scorpio can perceive the inner problem of the person very precisely and explain his essence with a few necessary words, why the problem sometimes just disappears, and sometimes a person who sees himself a little deeper finds the way and the strength to him to solve.

The developed Scorpio is a born psychologist, he can also practice introspection, explore the depths of his psyche, isolate subconscious programs and examine their interaction and sometimes consciously modify them.

However, the constant transformation of the psyche, regardless of its will, is much stronger in Scorpio: as they say, Scorpio eats itself.

This transformation can be more or less harmonious and constructive, but in any case it causes deep emotions, strength and Depth of emotions Scorpio surpasses all signs of the zodiac.

At the same time, Scorpio is not as vulnerable as Cancer because it has more opportunities to express their feelings (they are still a little flatter than Cancer, they are not even always conscious and in any case express that with great difficulty, which symbolizes the fall of Mars).

Scorpio’s emotions, expressed externally, produces no less dramatic effect than direct aggression from Aries (who already managed Mars), but looks very different since most is transmitted telepathically (look, sound, hiss), and so on much harder to block than from direct attack Aries: Scorpio like transfers his emotional state at the center of your perception, bypassing the normal senses.

When the Scorpio cannot adequately express his emotions, they go inside and poison his psyche.

Therefore, it is more important than all other signs in order to learn the psych regulation and the ability to become transparent for the disharmonious radiation.

Leo Moon – Meaning and Info

The sign of Leo represents the Divine authority. Alternatively, Divine right. It is a sign of the kingdom, hence the name it received.

The sign of Leo, unchangeable with the nature of fire, is the abode of the Sun. A radiant star, classy and pure. It brings a penchant for size, parades, ceremonies, luxury, precious things.

The place where the Sun dwells, the sign of Leo, has no place or degree of exaltation of any planet. No other planet can come to the fore from his holiness. At least not so much as to make her exalted.

The degree of debilitation exists, and that is the 21st degree, at which Neptune has its place of debilitation.

The mental form of those born with the Moon in the sign of Leo is large and powerful. They are enthusiasts and firefighters. They show great energy and have a need for it, because they think that they should advertise their lion side.

They want a reputation, and if at all possible fame. They will have the opportunity to be often in the upper strata of society and not infrequently achieve, in a way, intimacy with someone who is at the top and who rules, with someone who holds the baton.

They simply adore heroes, champions, and they strive to accomplish some feats themselves and to do something great and reach high. Psychological beauty and ethical value will be of great importance for those born with the Moon in the sign of Leo.

They tend to throw themselves into big and big ventures, and that usually carries a risk that creates problems and headaches for them.

Leo is a dangerous sign, because it is made to exert influence, to subdue its surroundings, to radiate, to shine. This sign governs the father, the male lineage, and for the female birth-the husband. Manages offspring and issues concerning children.

In principle, the sign brings a limited number of children and most often daughters when the Moon is in this sign. Born with the Moon in Leo, he is exposed to large and significant feats and tests of power. What he needs to know is that he needs many resources to accumulate such aspirations.

If those born with the Moon in the sign of Leo are not up to their sign and task, they suffer deeply because of their limitations, they rebel or fall into resentment.

It can even come to terms with failure, and then they fall as deep as they dare to spend their lives. Their unfulfilled ambitions, their stubborn pride, can make them ugly, tyrannical, vindictive and envious.

People born with the Moon in Leo love pleasures, sexual intercourse and games. Love affairs are of capital importance to them. Their feelings range from selfish passion to noble emotions, and not infrequently to spiritual ecstasy.

As this range builds and emerges, they have come a long way. Mostly on this long journey in the construction of this topic called passion, love and emotions risk that a good part of their existence passes in – the dungeon of the heart.

They have an exceptional vitality that can push them into circumstances in which there will be various pleasures, which are too intense and too numerous.

Even then, he strives for dominance. In addition, that side of him, inclined to play, enjoyment and frivolity, has a tendency towards domination.

They are cruel and magnificent. Often prone to excessive generosity towards themselves or others. They like risks, speculations, difficult conflicts…

They have a tendency to engage in sports, enjoyment and games in an excessive way. In general, they react positively when they find themselves in trouble or danger. Their exaltation and propensity for grandiosity can often become tiring for his surroundings.

As old books say, they will live in the vicinity of temples, schools, theaters, or public places. He will feel capable of leading others and ruling them. He will marry a beauty, the texts say. Alternatively, he will love them too much.

In addition, I say that the complex of exhibitionism is a property of those born with the Moon in the sign of Leo. Emphasized property. Fame, reputation, fame, authority, high duties, manipulation of important jobs and great results, will often be the focus of mental preoccupations born with the Moon in this sign.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Leo has a good effect on the growth and strengthening of hair, and not only. Today, any manipulations and actions related to hair are successful: dyeing, highlighting, cutting, styling, etc.

However, it is better to refuse perm, since perm can become very durable, which can upset you. To attract good luck and a charge of energy, it is recommended to do a haircut today.

Leo is the most infertile zodiac sign. At this time, it is better to do some kind of creative activity or just relax, but not garden or horticultural affairs.

Typically, Moon Leos are brilliant, dynamic, generous, proud, and very bossy. The inner “I” of Leo is characterized by a royal manner of behaving, nobility, tolerance towards others. People usually feel this condescension and therefore do not trust the Moon Lion too much.

The moon also determines the inner feelings of Leo, even if he does not demonstrate them with his behavior. Knowingly hidden deep feelings do not remain unknown to the world for long. It is not in the nature of Leo to hide them from everyone.

In Lunar Leo, over time, the traits of a bright personality are revealed, the scope of which, according to the people of this sign, should cause admiration among others.

Possessing an innate intuition, the Moon Lion uses it at his own discretion, that is, he tries to put the rest into dependence, playing on gullibility. People often reveal the secret places of the soul in front of the Moon Lion, succumbing to his natural charm.

The influence of the Moon in Leo makes a person an integral personality that attracts everyone’s attention. Sometimes it seems that Moon Lions know exactly what and when to say. They are able to react quickly to people and situations.

A drastic change in the behavior of the Moon Leo may be due to the appearance of a rival, a person who knows more than he does. Then the Moon Lion will be truly irresistible. Moon Leo should not show stubbornness, pride, they need to trust their intuition more.

On the other hand, the Moon makes Leo a great idealist, moreover, a very self-confident person, not inclined to listen to his own inner voice.

The imperious character of Leo manifests itself in full, and the prospect of taking responsibility does not scare him.

Arrogance in Leo’s character leads to the fact that he prefers a wide range of activities and a wide circle of friends – interesting people.

However, his entourage is not permanent. Among the positive traits of character: generosity, cordiality, wit, self-esteem, delicate artistic taste.

The negative traits include snobbery, obsession with archaic ideas, and a desire to dominate.

In a favorably expected horoscope, the Moon in the sign of Leo gives a powerful attraction and many looks, friendships and strong supports to the person whose horoscope is in question. They are mostly generous, with big profits, high status and great ownership.

Born with the Moon in Leo, he will pave his way to power, authority and glory surrounded by supporters and with the ability to organize and lead.

Mostly as a good educator. They mostly succeed in sports, but also in games of chance and everything related to that field as an activity, but also in art.

They are very religious in terms of religion, but they are not interested that philosophical and mystical side than more, and emphatically, that formal side. Rituals, holidays, symbols, liturgies. If necessary, he will make an altar in his house.

If the horoscope is poorly expected, people with the Moon in Leo are mostly averse to children; they are exposed to anxiety, problems with authorities, insolent incidents.

Sentimental relationships will cause great excitement in their lives. Wastefulness, propensity for pleasure, pride, unreasonable risks – will be the cause of painful experiences.

In certain cases, the strong influence of Leo and critical aspects can expose the horoscope owner to dramatic loss of position, tragic events that mostly lead to a deep moral decline, debauchery and cruelty.

The higher type of those born with the Moon in the sign of Leo is usually a professor, an actor, but the one from the class, sometimes they are spiritual leaders, mystics, while sometimes in the past they were kings.

While the lower type is mostly a vain person, a pervert, a selfish seducer, a gambler and a megalomaniac.


The colors associated with the members of this sign, with the Moon in it, are light gold with pink and light yellow. They should use them the most, both on themselves and around them.

When it comes to health, people with the Moon in Leo mostly have problems with heart, back, lumbago, epidermis, eyes and weak pulse.

They are at a distance in love, but they show themselves publicly with their partner, public satisfactions are more important to them than private ones. Marriage more often serves them to affirm themselves. A woman is sincere in love, but she overestimates herself. He performs directly and does not hide anything.

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