Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

It is always necessary to nurture the needs of the Sun and the Moon and also to know what each of them wants in your personal natal chart. With this knowledge, you get the chance to know yourself and your emotions.

And when you know where the Moon is positioned in your natal chart, then you should direct your activities in that area so that you can align with the Sun eventually.

Here, today we will take a look into the world of those people who have the Sun located in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces.

Right away we can tell you, and this is clear to anyone who knows planets at least a bit, is that feelings that appear here are very deep, reactions are instinctive and passionate, and here we get to see the achievement of things in life are always directed toward having everything or nothing, not knowing about the environment, so going to the various extremes.

And of course, we have to speak of the extremely pronounced sexual urge, that here is not alone, since here we can recognize that attachment to the emotional partner and intimate and emotional life.

What kind of impulse it gives, read here?

General Meaning

Scorpio Sun is all about self-control or the need to achieve it, along with the depths of all relations, and of course, this Scorpio is associated with the Moon in Pisces gives the spirit of research, focus on the essence.

Let us not forget that in general, we get to see great insight and perseverance, and a bit more determination than usual, at times, and people who have firm principles, steadfastness, authority, and above all are adorned with occult abilities.

This connection cannot miss this out since Scorpio here is very, very strong, and it can only be more extreme with the touch of the Pisces.

In this lunar connection, we can see inner urges are extremely strong, ready to engage in a struggle with its nature, but here still, there is a focus on nobler goals, helping and giving to people.

Here we can see people who have purified themselves and won the battle with their lower nature.

Here there is a bit chance to change all the negative, and this is a kind of optimistic idea that people who are so surrounded by “darkness” can shine, and when they do, then no one can close to their light.

Here we can also see an indication of a strong need for emotional stability in life that could not be easily achieved because of the Moon in Pisces.

It wants to have it, but somehow it moves from the hands of this Moon, he craves and craves, but something is just not in its place. The wiggling hands of the Pisces are making the process hard.

Closed and introverted by nature, they are able to control their emotional reactions and feelings, even though an emotional storm is happening in their inner being. Everything here is associate with deep emotions.

The Moon in Pisces gives in this lunar combination people who are sarcastic, very often skeptical, quarrelsome, and intolerant, driven by strong and deep passions.

This can be good in business, for example, because these people are very successful in anything they when they are led by passion, and if they do something they do not like, then they exhibit the worst of the worst, with the same passion they will act evil.

One thing is recognized here, and it is the unconscious fear of emotional loss that drives them to possessiveness and destructiveness as they strive for lasting and stable emotional states. You will never see and notice their strong desires, deep, strong, and extreme emotions that survive inside because they will not show them openly or suggest anything about the storm that is happening inside them.

They have no middle ground, and those who are close to them just have to deal with this and accept them for what they are, passionate people who do everything like life is in question.

Driven by passions, they go to various extremes in life. They can be hostile, destructive, vindictive, prone to forgiveness and forgetfulness if you hurt them, and somehow, as a karmic task, people hurt them very much, and their firm surface and the mellow middle is disturbed. They face various crises, fractures of a heart, and extreme circumstances and situations in their lives, but even in the face of the most dangerous and difficult obstacles, they remain cold-blooded, brave, and fearless.

This is a good side of the entire story, that is not the story of all people with this Lunar combination, but if other players are aligned in that way, then there are much more victories despite that problems.


Here we can see people who often love to be isolated, and there is also a lack of enjoyment of work, often accompanied by sentimental insecurity or material, loneliness, and abandonment.

This lunar combination brings forgetfulness, and not infrequently imprisonment or deprivation of liberty of another kind, poor physical and mental health, drug addiction, and irresponsibility. The Moon in Pisces makes a lot of trouble here, and it brings these negative extremes.

People who have this connection because of this extreme can close very much and almost never show what they feel deep in their soul. They tend not to show their feelings openly even if their partner approaches them with a lot of love and kindness.

When the rest of the natal chart is better aspected, these people with the Scorpio and Pisces in lunar connection can be reserved and have great power of self-control, although the intensity of emotional needs is extremely strong and penetrating.

How will you recognize them – their strong emotional reactions are perceptive, passionate, possessive, and extreme, and they often know how to be hidden and restrained, mysterious even, and therefore intriguing. They are what we like to call – bad guys and bad girls, they have that notoriety, but also incredibly charisma, and there are lines of people who want to be with them in any kind of relations, not knowing what hides underneath.

Passion is what guides them very often in life, and their energy is deep and thoughtful, but there is always that dark cloud and the possibility that they will have to deal with some very serious problems.

The one that has this lunar combination should beware of collapse in the vast majority of endeavors, and there can be a large disappointment, sorrows, along with obsessive desires that may remain unfulfilled.

These persons are always in some kind of dilemma, and their passion leads them to numerous confusing situations, ambiguous doubts, hidden passions, and ecstasies.

But, have in mind that still, these are Scorpios, and there is always a chance to grow from the darkness, negativity, and pain.

Choosing them for lovers is one thing, but think twice if you want them to become your wife or husband, parent to your kids – challenges are on the horizon, and we are not saying that it will not be worthy, but…

They are very loyal and can be very dedicated friends who are able to sacrifice for others with the greatest of joy, bound to their love life, yet at the other extreme, it brings distance through destruction and hatred.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon – Man

On the outside, a man that has Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces can seem very cold, inaccessible, and even insensitive, which is contradictory when this man is all about emotions.

All this is a great power of self-control because Scorpio’s introversion keeps everything within itself; while deep in itself, it experiences a real emotional storm while always being aware of everything that is happening around it.

He is often attracted to extremes and goes to various extremes in life, and he can be very problematic for people who are connected to him in some emotional way.

Just as we have said, being in an affair with this man is one thing and completely different when you are planning to marry this guy. It does not imply that things will go bad, but we cannot also say that you will not have challenges with him.

This man does everything in the extreme, and there is not a shred of balance in his life, he is led either to feel the heat like a volcanic eruption, so he loves you to the grave, or the cold like ice, which makes him hate you, so there is no middle ground.

A man who is preoccupied with the animal parts of his nature, instead of eliminating his lower nature, tyrannizes other people, obsessed with sex, and thus subdues and destroys this way, selfish, draw energy from others.

He is preoccupied with the animal parts of his nature, and when it comes to sex, this man is the best.

There is no doubt about it. Instead of eliminating his lower nature, that only hand full of them succeed, he is known to tyrannize other people, being obsessed with sex, and thus subdue and destroy this way, selfish, draw energy from others. A toxic man even.

But he can get into a fight with his nature, his urges are strong, but he is still focused on nobler goals. He helps and gives to people.

Born with the Moon in the sign of Pisces, he is in danger of being surrounded by cheaters, usurers, card players, or being a victim of judicial omission, gossip, and betrayal.

He can become an artist, mystic, inspired teacher, an awakened man who has a lot to say to the world, and in some cases, this man is perceived as a pure genius.

All this if he is able to deal with his demons and rise above the pain if he does not succeed, the Moon in Pisces will just keep him lower, making him inactive, irresponsible, wanderer, unstable person, a depressed human being who cannot be a good father, a good spouse, or anything in between.

He purified himself and won the struggle with his lower nature.

Scorpio Sun Pisces Moon – Woman

A woman that has this lunar combination of Scorpio and Pisces is seen as very withdrawn in love, even if deep inside there are a lot of different emotions.

She dreams a lot, and in some ways, this woman does not manage to achieve the ideal. Often times she acts erratically and has a lot of shame afterward.

This woman is very afraid of getting hurt and is always painful and dissatisfied with Eros.

In fact, we can say that she prefers to experience what she needs in some form of weird sexual relations, which are not always healthy.

Often, this woman is left “used” and in a relationship with the wrong man, but in a well-aspected horoscope, the Moon in the sign of Pisces gives the greatest intelligence to this lady and the rarest kind of sensibility.

It is one of a kind, a woman able to become great artists of genius scientists. She has a talent for interpretation in any field.

Always have in mind that this Moon gives subtlety, a gift for finesse, detachment, humility, high social status, most often in public organizations, and you can imagine what kind of work this woman can perform with her deep knowledge of the intimate nature of things, spiritual experiences, and paranormal powers.

Do not try to fool this lady. She will know what is going on, and therefore you will be crushed in the end.

When that natal chart is in disharmonious aspects, this Sun in Scorpio is likely to exhibit negative traits just like sarcasm, austerity, hatred, even cruelty, and often vengefulness. She can even become greedy, jealous, envy.

If her intentions are not good when it comes to her man, she possessively wants to be in the environment around him. If she is not able to have all of this, then she feels like her life is wasted, and there is a feeling of helplessness.

In the most extreme cases, and they do occur, this woman has a propensity for black thoughts, she is inactive, has a lack of firmness, shyness, and her life is series of very painful life experiences, mostly thanks to the Moon in Pisces.

She is the one woman that is able to focus on the essence of things with great insight and perseverance, and when she is on fire, she can be very determined and with firm, principles achieving a lot in life.

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