Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Feelings are deep and it is logical not to publish them. The meticulousness of the Earth heightens attention to detail. In women, the Moon gives an indication of healthy offspring (one of the strongest indications).

Such women usually do not have a “formula of infertility”. The combination of the Moon and Taurus increases patience, attention to loved ones, caring and tenderness.

This is with high emotional stability (Taurus) and in the absence of damage to the moon. Patience grows and the combination of the Moon in Taurus is stronger than the Sun in Taurus.

The fixity does not allow the moon to doubt her feelings. Emotional value arises, natural empathy from within. Such people cherish and preserve what they love – comfort and coziness, their well-being.

The Moon in Taurus is grounded and calm. Taurus slows down the moon, calms, and envelopes. They are good homemakers, owners. They are practical, realistic, attached to close and dear people. They are good educators – patient and loving. A person has habits, things, occupations, interests, knows how to enjoy simple things.

The moon in Taurus is conducive to art, music, vocals, working with the earth, with food, in agriculture.

Also a good indicator for working with people. The ability to adapt is taken into account from the Moon – this is trade, doctors. For them, the main thing is a moment of communication, understanding, and a sensual response.

With a damaged Moon, patience turns into stubbornness, thoughtfulness and thoroughness give laziness, slowness, lethargy. Laziness arises from inertia, helplessness.

Passivity, envy, vanity appear, and capriciousness develops. Emotional coquette parasitizes the environment, imposes immediate satisfaction of their needs.

Scorpio Sun – Meaning and Info

The individual with the Sun in Scorpio, abhorred by the vanity and superficiality with which other mortals relate, decides the introspective path in which to sublimate before death.

In this sense, the awareness of one’s own death will be a reality in this Sign, which will naturally lead you to make decisions with courage, being aware that you are going to die and that an intense life is preferable to a life without flavor.

The crises lead him to deep reflections and learning, where he closes himself in towards the search for depth in his own interests.

This is why the Sun in Scorpio inclines to refinement, to become a diamond polisher, conceiving himself of a different caste than the rest. In this sense, he will despise mediocrity.

We are facing one of the positions where the Sun behaves in the most loyal way, linking itself with a degree of depth that can become excessively intense for other signs.

At times, they can seem overwhelming and jealous, as they view relationships from their own prism, from their own light; unable to betray the people they love.

In addition, it is that in this sense, the Sun in Scorpio neither betrays nor forgives betrayal. It is hidden from the majority, and it opens with a few.

If he chooses you, if you are one of those few, the last thing you can and should do is betray his trust, since all pain generated with great probability will be returned.

The Sun in Scorpio dresses with a halo of mystery, its ego (the Sun) goes through hiding, going unnoticed in order to study, analyze and above all… “Smell” the people around them.

This is how he detects them, instinctively, knowing them most of the time just by looking at them, always knowing their strengths and weaknesses.

This position makes you need to express your own transformative energy, often reshaping your status quo, or that of the people around you. His yearning for intensity, to get to the core of experience and truth, will often lead him to deep, fusing relationships, such as “clan”, “blood pact” or “mafia” and often intensely sexual.

Your level of vitality is connected with constant inner compulsive desires, which sometimes turn into obsessions. And in this sense, obsession is a powerful tool on your way.

It is the tool with which you can achieve a high degree of wisdom being the “crack” of any field (especially those that, such as medicine or stockbroker, require leaving emotions aside).

At the same time, this tool, obsessiveness, can become a weapon against itself to destroy itself, so in this sense the Sun in Scorpio must be careful.

This degree of intensity, of “immersion”, can be frowned upon and valued on a social level, so you will end up giving up on opening up and, in many cases, being afraid of losing control.

When the Sun tells us about the vitality of the individual, this position will generally be good (Mars, the depositor will have to be valued) to regenerate health in post-operative states, recovering more easily than the rest.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

These people are very pleasant to the environment, since they do not tend to demand immediate answers and give themselves false importance.

Lunar Taurus is a person whose Moon in the horoscope is in Taurus. This person is reliable in all respects by characteristics. Although, this sometimes has its drawbacks.

After all, overdoing it with calmness and taking on a detached position, the lunar Taurus can harm itself if now it is necessary to be active in any changes.

The influence of the Moon on Taurus contributes to the development of excellent intuition, gives a huge potential for common sense and a willingness to withstand numerous tests in the name of achieving the ideal.

In addition, the lunar type of Taurus is shy, kind and rather sentimental. They have excellent memory, but poorly developed ability to create original ideas.

Such people reason soberly, but it is difficult for them to change their opinion about something. Moon Taurus have an innate excellent taste and talent for gardening and various arts.

Most of them have pleasant voices and love to sing, but their other senses of touch are well developed.

They love to collect, but not only works of art, but also friends. In addition, they have a heightened sensitivity to comfort and to their material condition, and strongly react to harmony and disharmony in relations with the outside world.

Lunar Taurus, like ordinary Taurus, is very sexual. As with all aspects of life, they strive to have the very best in relationships.

In addition, if the lunar type of Taurus decided that he met exactly the person he needed, he turns into one of the most persistent admirers in the entire zodiac.

Perhaps the reason for such a persistent desire of Taurus to ensure consistency in his life and in his relationships is some kind of self-doubt, which is hidden in the depths of his soul and which he needs to overcome.

Lunar Taurus sincerely wants a deep and meaningful relationship, but at the same time, he needs to live in his own rhythm and time.

He is not interested in frivolous relationships, and he generally considers divorce unacceptable and even the word itself is excluded from his vocabulary.

In addition, if it comes to breaking off relations, then Taurus prefer to be abandoned.

Representatives of this sign also understand that in order for a romantic relationship to develop into love, they need time.

In addition, it is love that occupies one of the highest positions in the priorities of the lunar type of Taurus. Scorpio Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

It is believed that the best that the Moon can give in the natal horoscope is its presence in Taurus at the time of birth of a woman, a girl.

In addition, this position has a beneficial effect on the man born under it. However, the good news is the fact, first, for those who are looking for the perfect soul mate for a classic, correct marriage.

The general influence of the Moon in Taurus on the character. Simplicity, devotion, stability. These three qualities determine personalities who have the Moon in the sign of Taurus from birth.

The water that protects the Moon, meeting with the earthly element of Taurus, takes on solid ground.

Its bottom becomes strong, even and reliable. Such a union gives birth to people who are not devoid of a sense of beauty, but who have their feet firmly on the ground.

During the day, they are ready to work actively for the benefit of themselves and their loved ones.

In addition, in the evening – indulge in a relaxing holiday, witnessing the sunset. Alternatively, listening to the evening birdsong.

The best vacation for those whose horoscope is marked by Lunar Taurus is outdoor recreation, outside the city, away from the noise. In addition, delicious food.

A good, undamaged Moon in the Taurus zodiac sign means the character of the owner: understanding, responsive; calm, open to creativity; practical, economic; skillful, hardworking. They are ideal spouses and family men.

Their houses are always beautiful and cozy; it is warm, many supplies, calm. It is not necessary to expect impulsive actions from them; their actions are always clear, predictable. They will not betray, they will not throw tantrums.

In addition, even serious disagreements will be resolved calmly.

Lunar Taurus has the best compatibility with Leo and Libra. Such marriages become an example of deep love and strong rear.

Unions with Capricorns, Aquarius can be painful – relationships are possible only based on passion.

With the rest of the signs, everything is possible, but if they show tact and understanding.

Features of the female Moon in Taurus If the Moon is in Taurus for a woman, the best homemaker cannot be found. Able to provide a brilliant life, she is not a down-to-earth, gray person.

Everything happens with her in an interesting, inventive, talented way. A woman with a Moon in Taurus in her natal chart can brilliantly cook, sew, and make something with her own hands.

In addition, her art, and this is art, is unique. Moreover, she has the gift of imparting her skills in lessons.

Therefore, her children, as a rule, perfectly adopt all her findings and successfully use them in life. In addition, her master classes attract many grateful fans.

A calm, harmonious marriage without shocks, a clean house in which they always cook deliciously, loyalty – all this gets a happy husband of such a nature.

However, the husband’s thoughtfulness is of great importance for this. With twitchy, unassembled and eternally hurrying people, Lunar Taurus becomes withdrawn.

Features of the Moon in Taurus for a man what does the Moon in Taurus give for a man, as opposed to a woman’s chart?

The only difference is that the female type loves a variety of hobbies, new applied activities, and handicrafts. Men, in whose astrology the Moon is in the House of Taurus, prefer complete rest at home. Journalists have learned the secret of the Valley’s transformation!

She got rid of all the wrinkles with the help of a mask from … More This is due to the fact that he comes home to rest after a hectic day at work.

For there he works hard to ensure the full prosperity of the family. In addition, he does it very well; his family does not vegetate much.

Accordingly, the characteristics of an ideal wife for such a husband include obligatory gentleness, femininity, the ability to cook and provide harmony and comfort around.

Isn’t it so much like his horoscope neighbor – a woman with the Moon in Taurus? If the union does not turn into a routine, then the option is indisputable.

Your thoughts, emotions, plans and goals are all on a global scale. You think in broad categories, and everything you do is marked with the stamp of grandeur.

Little things do not interest you – you just do not understand what little money, little emotions, or modest plans are.

If your ambitious plans are also feasible, then you will be perfectly provided in life, since you have a practical sense, and combining this quality with the high goals that you set for yourself, you can achieve a lot.

However, if you do not look at life soberly, your way of thinking will lead you into the jungle of metaphysical reasoning, mysticism, etc. You are superstitious. You believe in your luck, signs, symbols and omens; you almost recklessly believe in your ability to exert a magnetic influence, and you probably believe that you are marked with the seal of luck, or believe that someone brings you good luck.

You are able to influence people and win them over to your side thanks to the charm, the external charm of your personality, behind which there is a tough determination.

You are a pragmatist who does not miss any opportunities, for you who is strong is right. You are not particularly generous.

The breadth of your thinking extends only to the material plane of life and only partially to ideas and philosophical concepts, but not to personal relationships in which you can be petty, vindictive, jealous and envious. You do not know how to lose, especially if the loss is accompanied by what you see as a loss of dignity.


If you decide that something is about to happen, you take it as a personal insult that it does not, even if the weather is to blame. You will be angry even if the rain interrupts your plans, as if it is pouring on purpose to interfere with you. You are full of pride, in love you are jealous and domineering, although not particularly constant.

You tend to evaluate everyone, severely and even harshly judge your friends, and you do not always agree to soften; but, placing yourself above others, you should remember the law of retribution and the words of Saint Mark: “With what measure you measure, the same measure will be measured to you.”

In personal and business relationships, eventually the day comes when curses fall on the head of the one who curses.

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