Sun Conjunct Venus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Charisma and charm may be the two words that could accurately describe this planetary position, because here the Sun and the planet Venus are in a positive aspect, giving to each and extracting the best there is, from a physical appearance to charismatic personalities.

Kindness and popularity are the main characteristics here.

The accent here is undoubtedly on beauty and charm, and love also, but there can be a lot of passion that could end abruptly.

And for starters we will say this – astrologers love this conjunction in the natal chart, whether it is in the natal, transits, predictions, or solar horoscope.

It is simply a good position that could be used in so many ways.

It is because it brings a lot of, what we like to call, blessings since there is nothing that is better than happiness, love (the real one when you become one with your lover and together you become better people.

This aspect usually can predict birth or the crowning of some love with marriage, which could be without kids, but still amazing and fulfilling.

Sun Conjunct Venus in General

The conjunction position between the Sun and the planet Venus in the natal chart often means that those who have this aspect are charismatic and charming.

These people strive to be physically very beautiful, they really dedicate their time and money to looking attractive.

In their entire lives these people, both male and female strive to take good care of their physical appearance, but it is not like they neglect the inner side, but appearance and admiration according to it, are what counts.

Listening, as others are talking about them in superlatives, is music to their ears, since they adore receiving sincere compliments from close people.

In many situations, people who have this aspect in their natal charts have an adequate understanding of others, attempting to listen and deeply understand the motives and try to give a helping hand.

They want to be those who are authoritative, whose word makes a difference and is listened to, and when society recognizes them and makes them popular, then even better.

But, in the same way, and with the same intensity, people who have this position in their natal, can be significantly affected by other people’s irresponsibility, not only at work but also in personal life.

Organization matters to them and must be pronounced in every aspect of their lives, for sure.

For these human beings, it can be especially difficult to face some problems caused by other people’s irresponsibility or disorganization.

They simply cannot stand such behavior; they look at it with disgust, and will never choose a partner who is not able to follow their organization of life or some form of irresponsibility.

This may be the reason why they, at times divorce or leave their partners since they feel like they are not on their level, and do not see their union as important.

Also, the physical appearance of their lovers is really important, they must be representative and a true match to these charismatic personalities.

The conjunction of the Sun and Venus reveals people who very much take care of themselves, it means so much to them how they will represent to others.

In their case, it is all about the impression, and how they represent to others, and here is one catch.

At times, they may seem like humans who are superficial, who pay too much attention to how they look, to their appearance, and less to what is inside.

If they do not feel comfortable in a certain situation with certain people, they are more than willing to leave it, but, for sure, they will always leave their surroundings very kind and pleasant in communication.

They do not want anyone to get hurt or to be offended in any case, so they will kindly excuse themselves.

Also, this conjunction gives people a tendency to admire and desire popularity, they simply love it, and will most definitely strive to achieve it and increase it if possible.

The good news is that they will not do it by all means, since there are some things that are a big no-no for them, and there must be a line that they do not want to cross.

Chances to become successful and popular do not have to happen at every cost.

In the end, when it comes to the personality of those who have this aspect in their natal, the word is the key, and it is harmony.

Most often, they know how to appreciate harmony and peace, as inner peace is their leading feeling, and they see it as a receipt for a happy life.

They are often able to highly appreciate other people’s talents and creativity and are true fans of art.

They can be artistic also, often expressing their emotions through their creativity, it can be just a hobby, but they would really enjoy it.

People with this aspect may be more original in expressing their creativity, so they may find greater satisfaction in artistic creation. Should not shy away from it, but let go of such tendencies.

Sun Conjunct Venus Transit

During the transit of this position, all of us should put the light on love, cause one cannot go without the other.

Sun or the light is shining bright on love, and this is the primary impuls all of us will have during this transit.

Maybe at first, it won’t be the most comfortable for us, because many of us have already used to withdrawal, hiding, retrospective, and re-examination of all kinds, but this is ok, and it is, in fact, good for us, on the long term.

This conjunction of the Sun and Venus is usually seen as very, very positive, and experts say that it is all thanks to the influences and qualities of both objects here, the Sun and Venus.

Here they show their best, love, light, success, and beauty, and this transit teaches us that there cannot be life (the Sun is the symbol of life) without love (the symbol of Venus).

One cannot go without the others, and all of us must learn in this transit, that only if we have love, then we are complete people, and love could be found in all corners of our lives.

Generally, the conjunction of the Sun and Venus, is usually, if not always carries a dose of self-love, love (Venus) ego (Sun), so at times it could truly be a self-centered love, where we are more focused on ourselves, and it is a good lesson to learn how to love ourselves.

It is also the story of love that is trapped inside us without any desire to share with others, although we must learn that this does not exclude the need to be loved by others, like lovers and family.

This conjunction formed between Sun and Venus undeniably conveys charm, popularity, eroticism, and physical beauty (those born with this conjunction are indeed beautiful), as we have said.

And. while the conjunction lasts as a transit, many want to emphasize their beauty, show it off, seem more attractive, and therefore loved.

We will seem to others as very charming, loving, sociable, and attractive, but we will not be able to hide that we nurture a great desire to be loved by others.

This is the transit when we will gather our strength and tell someone we like that we want to be a part of their lives, and we expect courtship from others.

Sometimes this conjunction leads to egoistic tendencies since Venus is love and Sun is ego or me.

Following this lead, we can break some relationships, just because we have expected too much from others.

This conjunction in transits usually brings into our lives, the free feeling of love, we sense that all world deserves to be loved.

It brings a lot of joy, happiness, and luxury, it brings a period of fun, a tendency to live “luxuriously”, spending too much, but for that moment to be and feel happy.

Use this transit to get to know emotional nature, and sociability, to do some important visits, give and receive gifts, and do and ask for favors, this is also an aspect of popularity.

Popularity during this transit means that artists will feel the growth in their creativity, and all thanks to the Sun that shines a light on the planet Venus which is in charge of beauty, art, aesthetics, and creativity.

The Sun, during this transit, illuminates all that the planet Venus represents, like properties and meanings, wanting to be in charge.

Drawing attention to her beauty, charm, appearance, and this also can be a birthplace for unhealthy relationships, that is turning into obsession.

It is much better when they move away from each other a little, otherwise, there will be an energy that is not healthy.

Some people may experience during this transit, sudden changes in relationships or alternatively, somewhere someone will appear who will conquer us without even trying too hard.

Or doing anything, to be exact.

The emphasis, in some cases, for example, during this transit, and in the lives of water signs, like for example Scorpios, on their intense feelings, emotionality, depth, intuitiveness, and a lot of passion.

One more thing is important when we speak of this aspect – it lasts relatively short, but be certain that its impact is incredibly strong and obvious.

Seen in the lives of all of us, even if we do not want it, it is so obvious.

The scenarios could be very different, but for the majority of us, this transit means that at a certain point, all of us will be in a certain position to realize, to comprehend more than ever before.

We will experience a flash of truth, or in practical terms, what or who is worthy of our attention, what or who is precious in our lives, and where and what love deserves to be under the light of the Sun.

Use this transit to find the answer to this question.

Sun conjuncts Venus synastry

Now, how does this conjunction is seen in the lives of two lovers?

Well, with this aspect, partners are connected by the need to be loved, and mutually they love all that is beautiful, anything that is valuable.

This is the couple who enjoys fancy dinners, like to have expense travels, and looks at art objects.

These two love power, and are very well respected as truly powerful people, who live life of luxury and have expensive entertainment.

In synastry, we could say that this conjunction between the Sun and Venus demands these two to constantly be in the center of attention, but they are charming, and others see them as the couple that is in a well-deserved place.

The problem in this love connection arises when one of the lovers sees that life is not just fun and that there are things that are bad that must be spoken off, and that’s where the problem is sometimes!

This conjunction depicts a real man or a real woman because we know that the planet Venus besides beauty, and love, represents a woman, girl, wife, or lover.

We also know that the Sun besides the will, vitality, and ego, depicts a man, a mature man, father, husband, and authority to us. He can be the boss or a president, he must be obeyed.

Now you can understand why these two are such a perfect match, there is a lot of intensity in their love.

At times, and in certain cases, that intensity may be too much, not just for the two lovers, but for their environment.

But we must say that this connection can at times be without the expanded family, just a beautiful glowing love without the addition of practical, matrimony, or happy children at all.

They may seem like a couple who is amazing as they are – alone, powerful, and in love.

Some like to describe this conjunction as a lot of love and beauty, that comes from Venus’s influences, and “birth to the will to live”, which is manifested in the quality of life that is lived in the best possible way.

The Sun lover has here a lot of will to power, but the Venus lover does not mind, since we know that here, in this conjunction, all ambitions are aimed at winning love, joy, and pleasure, as it is, for these two the necessity of existence.

These two are the couple who has a lot of love, and it here, this aspect requires respect and admiration, and this is something that both lovers must give to one another, it applies to both women and men in the same way.

One more interesting thing here is that this conjunction, very often, makes women fall in love with older men, and men fall in love – not with older women, but with those who remind them of their mothers.

Sun Conjunct Venus Composite

Ladies in this relationship may want to have kids, but never do, and on the other side we can see men who have an amazing relationship with women, not just in a romantic sense, but in every other.

There is no doubt that this aspect brings shine, in a sense of major happiness, a lot of fun, and luxury but do not think for a second that this is just a fun and short-term relationship. This is not the case, this aspect also brings serious relationships.

In love, compatibility can be a contact of loyalty and affection between the two lovers.

This conjunction of the Sun with Venus shows that these people are in harmony with their partner and will enjoy our company and fun together.

They share their own world, very often sharing the same interests and cultural values.

There is a strong emotional and intuitive factor here; these two know what the other one is thinking without ever him or her saying a word.

If other factors in the natal are seen as favorable, this comparative aspect greatly contributes to a romantic relationship, and it is one that could last for a lifetime.

Also, at the same time, this conjunction is a sign of marriage, that could be without any kids, and both lovers are going to be very happy about it, and do not will suffer at all.

Both lovers in this romantic relationship create a sense of harmony and offer some common interests in the partnership.

A partner whose Sun is in synastry in aspect with Venus will feel a lot of love and attraction, while a person describing Venus in synastry will see a fascinating and intriguing person in their partner.

There is also a strong mutual sexual attraction here and a lot of passion that we spoke of before.

Acceptance and toleration distinguish this partnership, although they must accept themselves as they are, not trying to change a lover, but making him or her better.

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