Sun Sextile Jupiter – Synastry, Transit, Composite

In the moment of our birth, that is that magic by itself, for sure, there is a magic that is happening on a much larger scale – in the Universe itself.

Planets are aligned in a certain way, and that has an impact on our life, on a much larger scale.

Planets are aligned and affect your life, it makes paths that you can or can take, and it also explains your personality and preferences.

Planets are in mutual relations, and those relations could be very different, good and bad, but you do not observe those positions by themselves, but you are putting them in a larger context.

No postion is good or bad by itself, but it is put in the context of a larger scale, in the natal chart of a person.

Here, we want to take a look at what it means when you have in a personal natal chart Sun in the sextile position with the planet Jupiter.

Sun sextile Jupiter in General

Ok, right away, in some general form, we can say that this is a good position. It is making a person who has it in its natal chart be very, very fortunate in the majority of things he or she endeavors.

This is the person who is followed by lucky circumstances whenever he or she goes, on his or her entire life journey something good happens, because he or she has a good vibe.

It is the person who is enthusiastic and is really confident that it could be seen from the outside, it is not an inner feeling, because this is the Sun “in its effect”.

This is one human being who has all opportunities in life, with an ability to make them the best ones, regardless of their nature. He or she can make a success out of all things that occur in his or her life, and this is a trait that not many people have.

Confidence and supporting others is something that these people like to do so much, and the reason behind it is their inner need to do so, when they do it, they are in their best place.

The process of giving goes in the other way, they are well-respected and loved human beings.

People who have this position in this natal chart are part of a society that it’s uplifting and joyful to look at, and it seems like their enthusiasm and optimism are truly contagious for all.

Having them as friends is the best thing ever, they can advise you, but also can lift you when you are down.

Being able to help others is something that really makes there so souls feel warm, and you will see how when this position appears in synastry, two people can become much kinder than when they are alone.

But you have to have one thing in mind – this is the aspect, the sextile does not make problems disappear, it does not mean that you are living a carefree life.

The fact is that this position can make the best out of any disappointments and pain, so these are the people who can’t come back after a lot of pain and hard problems.

They are a mandatory part of their lives because only in that way do these persons grow.

It’s a motivation for success and you will see when you look at the personal history of these people that they have a lot of problems in their life.

And those problems can vary a lot, they could be issues with family members, close people, or lovers. It could be something like that or in the field of work.

Whatever it may be, it is always truly something that is making them turn in a different direction and grow from that experience.

It is also one more opportunity that they are blessed to use in the best way possible, for their own success.

In some cases, this sextile position is making people (overly) love luxury and living a high life, and it can be really intoxicating so they need to make sure that they don’t indulge in it so much because it can make them derail form their life path.

Also, one more thing that is always associated with this position is this – they are very deep people, philosophical; they have a lot of interest in the spiritual side of the world.

They are explorers who like to travel and are well educated, in whatever way it can be.

They love jobs that are associated with the work in groups, they simply do not have any problem dealing with pressure or high expectations.

It is their natural habitat, and they swim in that sea quite nicely.

Astrologists say that this aspect is making people feel blessed and those blessings are becoming bigger and bigger in time, as they are helping others in whatever way possible, and are making friendships along the way. They are open to everything that is new, and in this way, they are opening a lot of doors for others.

They want to share, give and receive, and they are very generous. In this way, those people who have Sun sextile Jupiter in their natal, are continuing to generate a lot more success than they could ever imagine doing.

Of course, they need to be careful so they do not become opportunists, as happens in some cases. Of course, it all depends on other aspects of the natal chart, but there is a possibility.

It seems that some of these people are determined from a young age, with a clear path to be extremely successful and deal with many different, often difficult problems which others could not achieve.

If this aspect is positioned in a harmonious way, they have an inner voice that tells them what to do and what is, beyond any doubt, right for them.

They have a strong sense of justice and will achieve it no matter what. This is the reason why so many of these people are working as teachers, guides, and counselors, teaching and advising others, because they know what is right and what is wrong, and want to make sure that everyone else knows it.

If this position is badly placed then we can meet a person who doesn’t have a lot of ambition, can be very lazy, believing that things will fall out of the sky because they deserve it without a doubt.

They believe that they do not have to work and that others will do it for them. Then they are truly expecting their group to do the work and they are just charismatic leaders.

Spirituality and spiritual discipline are important for this sextile, so people who have it are spiritual at their core, there is an undateable sense of justice and understanding of the law, so some of them become very successful lawyers.

And in some cases, they are good at manipulating people, turning them around, and making them dance, as they want to.

So, in general, this position is directed toward a deep understanding of the entire world, cosmos and they are doing that by, speaking, educating, traveling, and speaking philosophy.

They, in fact, want to expand wider than the culture of their family or the place from which they have originated.

They want to learn not just in the conventional way they won’t expand their vision by intuition, and they are called to explore more and more, to see the world that is out there.

During that “travel” they are so optimistic and joyful and it’s truly a blessing to listen to them talk because they can make you do the same.

There is an immense capacity to use all that is coming their way, good or bad, they want to find the meaning of life and they are actively doing so, in many different directions. Not being afraid that they will make a mistake and it is something so refreshing.

Sun Sextile Jupiter – Synastry

When we’re speaking of synastry, in the terms of the Sun sextile Jupiter placement, we know that these objects in the natal, Jupiter is connected to the belief system, and some religious system, depending on the personality but is also connected to the excess behavior.

And, if it’s not controlled, then who under its impact, can have a lot of problems, but it is a philosophical planet that makes us think much further than we could ever imagine doing.

The Sun is, from the other side, the representation of our will, it is our driving force, what moves us, and in what direction.

So, these combined in synastry show a couple that is growing as a team but does all those other things that are not healthy, also as a team.

This is a couple that likes to eat, drink, have s*x, and all the pleasures of life, and this is sometimes overly excessive, so if it is in continuation, then it can be their demise.

Being a lover with a partner who has such an aspect is a task because this is a relationship they can only work if they have faith in each other when they look at a lover positively and if they are able to look on good not focus on the bad.

We know that Jupiter is the planet that is connected to wealth, any type of abundance, but also to happiness, etc, and everything that it’s good and expanding.

In the case of synastry, with this position, it can only come to each other with one of those two lovers giving positive vibes and not being negative to each other. Because focus makes things grow – when one lover is focused on a negative then that negative grows even further.

If your lover has such a position, then you need to do a lot of exploration and self-discovery, and as a pair, the two of you will discover more about who is your lover and will be able to grow.

One more thing needs to be said, this is a system of beliefs, and two lovers must ask a question – what does he or she wants to do in life the question is can I match my vision with him or her.

Also, this relationship cannot go any further if two lovers are not capable of doing so there must be a lot of sense of humor because laughter and optimism are something that they both need.

The person who has the Sun energy here is the one that is expanding in this relationship, and the Jupiter person here is the one that is always present with ideas and wants to try new things, he or she says let’s try that.

The Sun person must respond if he or she wants to match this energy.

This relationship is not perfect in the beginning (it can be, but is not the rule), but it can have an opportunity to grow in time and it’s amazing what these two people can do together, by simultaneously enjoying life and the relationship itself.

If by any chance, the Jupiter person becomes overly excessive, then that can be overbearing for the other person, so it takes a lot of effort to do it but it’s not mission impossible for these two to work.

Sun Sextile Jupiter Transit

When the Sun sextile Jupiter transit is in effect, then all of us should know that this is the moment when we are looking at the wider picture of our life and the world, in general.

This transit suggests that we are searching for the answers, we want to understand Cosmos, and we want to make something bigger out of our lives, by looking further, behind Horizon.

In fact, this transit means that we need to be integrated into the world, to have more influence on it, to be more authoritative, and to see the lucky chances that are around us.

This transit says lasts only about 1 to 2 days and you should use those two days for yourself, perhaps indulge in some you have been working on for a long time, you can publish something, or you can teach others.

This is a happy time, and this is the time when you have 2 days to draw everything into your life, and all people around you are going to be so happy as a consequence, and you will be able to give them that kind of an influence and to show how your sense of integrity is so strong that’s amazing and infectious.

This is the transit that makes your mind look wider, making you able to see the bigger picture, by also contacting foreign countries, maybe even communicating with them, leaving, as a rule, an amazing first impression.

This can occur when you go to the job interview, for example, then you will be followed by optimism and good luck.

It will lead you to a happy place, where you can do growth, that will be not only spiritual but the material also.

This is one of the most fortunate transits in the entire Astrology, and all of us should use it in the best way we can.

It is said, that this is the perfect time to achieve any of your long-term goals, to start new projects, and to be as kind and generous as you can, not to judge others but help them.

Sun sextile Jupiter composite

In times when the Sun sextiles Jupiter then this is the moment when there is one great opportunity to become warmer, humourous, and in general satisfying, and the dynamic of your relationships will be better.

There is an emphasis on working together, opportunities are coming your way, so better use them.

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