Sun Sextile Neptune – Synastry, Transit, Composite

When we can see in the natal chart that the Sun and Neptune are well balanced, in a good position like the sextile, first of all, if we are stable enough with the energy of the Sun, then we can derive great profit from these two planets – because when they cooperate, they can really be driven by each other.

This cooperation goes in the way that the Sun is there to give the light and warmth, or the life itself, while on the other side of the spectrum, we can see the planet Neptune which gives one thing that life cannot work without, it gives faith in life.

Seen together, well balanced these two, the Sun and Neptune can work so well as the best teachers, the great motivators.

If the person has a such position in the natal chart then this aspect can introduce a person to tiredness and “ruins.”

It works as an elixir that can be very sobering, or with the idea of how things in life can look much better if we just take a look at them in such a way.

Always bear in mind that the planet Neptune is always in charge of binding people emotionally, allowing them to learn something spiritual and sublime, but at the same time brings chaos and confusion.

Sun Sextile Neptune In General

People who have such an aspect in their natal charts are just like the fresh energy that we all need in life.

They are willing to start things new and are firm believers that we are connected in the Universe and that all of us are as one.

This is why the large majority of people who have this sextile in their natal chart are interesting in spiritual life, they want to know more about the invisible cosmic threads that are intuitively connected.

Many of them work as doctors, and they are interested in mysticism, and the paranormal, as well as all chemistry, pharmacy, etc.

They want to know what can lift us and what can affect us as a poison.

Also what is pronounced here is the ability to understand deeply, with a strong imagination and enthusiasm, an inclination towards mysticism, and a big tendency to travel.

These people adore traveling and often their work can take them overseas.

In certain cases, they can have modest success in money matters, nothing over the top but still something that will make their lives feel more comfortable.

But in the middle of all of this, we can see the need to protect and heal.

The Sun and Neptune together work in this sextile and bring the person the healing gift of nature.

They are the ones who you can turn to when you are in pain, they know the cure for any disease and they can tell you a nice word if you need one.

In any case, they will kindly look at you and you will feel like the light has touched your face and made you feel better.

Some people who have this aspect in their charts have the need to make their homes a free and comfortable space, they love to cook and listen to relaxing music.

More importantly, these people, when all other aspects are aligned are able to realize some dreams and ideals and are even able to solve some material issues which for some of them may be the issue that needs to be resolved.

With this transit, where the Sun makes the sextile with the planet Neptune, is this – since this is a harmonized relationship between the planet, then there is less danger of excessive enthusiasm, and there is still a refined feeling of affection for spiritual and aesthetic values.

This is an ideal planetary transit for creative work or establishing stability in the spiritual sphere.

For those who want to deal with such matters, now is the time.

In the end, this transit brings the ability to understand deeply, for all of us it gives a strong imagination and enthusiasm, an inclination towards mysticism, and a strong tendency to travel- far or close.

Sun Sextile Neptune Transit

What should all of us do when this transit is active?

It announces a relaxed and peaceful moment and it gives us the ability to enjoy things we want to participate in life, food or sex, or just traveling.

During this transit, the majority of us will have a very vivid imagination and it will seem like we can daydream the entire day.

When this transit is active it increases the tendency towards mysticism, along with the desire to travel, and these moments are perfect for small rewards. At times they can be material.

This transit announces the need to indulge ourselves in some kind of enjoyment to do things that make us happy.

But have in mind that this transit suggests that now is the moment when the majority of us will show some characteristics that are not as nice as we want them to be.

We will show the worst of the worst in an emotional sense.

This aspect will pull out to the surface enjoyment that is maybe over the top and that leads to unhealthy behavior, but also possession and Neptune particularly is pushing people during this transit to fantasy, mysticism, and wandering.

Some of us will have a feeling that we are walking somewhere, not knowing where we are going, but it feels good just to wander.

These two planets combined make such an interesting combination, some would say it is a bit strange, and all of us will encounter some strange circumstances.

As it is the sextile aspect that favors activities with others, during this period others may ask you for help and you will readily respond.

It will seem like we are surrounded by some strange people and like some strange events are occurring. Take them as blessings.

Nevertheless, the most important influence of this aspect is reflected in its innovative and creative boost.

It wakes up mysticism and creativity, but this aspect has its practical influence that is also noticeable.

Some of us will be able to achieve in practical way things that we have dreamt of before.

Sun Sextile Neptune Synastry

It is very likely that in synastry these two lovers are joined by their need to be helped.

This means that they have found each other in moments of pain, solitude, and break up.

This sextile position makes these two a couple of people who are based (often times successfully) on the desire to help, they are involved in numerous activities as a couple. Most of them are humanitarian.

This couple loves to spend time dreaming together, having unusual ideas introducing each other into the imaginary world (one shows it to the other, and later on they are building it even more).

The Neptune lover may direct its creative force to sacrifice for some higher goals or ideas or show the unstoppable will to save others, to help; and it is important for the Sun lover to encourage this not to demise it.

Have in mind that the Neptune lover is here in charge to stimulate the partner’s imagination and is a source of refined feelings, bewitchment, and attachment on an emotional level.

And if there are identical ideals (if the Sun lover is able to do the same), great benefit can be expected.

One more thing is a crucial thing regarding this synastry, the Neptune lover could show a cheating personality.

He may be the one that does not like arguments and often tends to avoid facing the truth in a relationship, and the Sun lover does not want to take the blame.

But if the couple overcomes the difficulties and solves the problems, they will be able to maintain peace and unity in love.

Maybe it does not seems that this couple whose heads are in clouds could make it, but this couple can stay together and in the same way they can acquire material goods since this postion allows it.

It is a favorable aspect of financial matters.

One rule that these two must follow is to be as grounded as they can, otherwise, the influence of this aspect can lead them to impractical solutions to common problems that are inevitable along the way.

Astrologers say that these two planets are found in the harmonious connection, in synastry then which opens spiritual communion, mutual understanding, and romance.

These two are seen as charming and loving couples; but it could occur that in most cases, what is seen as a vulnerability in relationships, is painless attachment, compassion, and pity.

A love partnership based on this sextile position is surrounded by imagination and symbolizes illusion.

It could be seen as a blessing and as a curse, depending on how far it goes.

Sun Sextile Neptune Composite 

When these two meet as composites, then we can expect the planet Neptune to strives for unattainable qualities.

This sextile aspect between Neptune and Sun aspect provides a sense of dependence, as well as a sense of “karma”, these two will have a feeling that they belong together and that they have been a couple in previous lives.

These two feel that their connection is given by God and that they are meant to be together.

They may feel like they have met in a past life and that they are now connected to each other.

But, these two lovers must know one obvious aspect of this relationship – this sextile makes a couple face serious proems in the future.

In fact, this planetary combination will sooner or later lead to the fact that the couple will face serious misunderstandings; some of which they will never be able to go over successfully.

It may be their demise, a problem that they cannot get over.

In such a partnership, people do not want to see each other without an illusion, and this means that they are making up things that do not exist in reality, all for the purpose of saving their relationship.

And this is not a healthy stand for a relationship.

If these two lovers, the Sun Lover and the Neptune lover find a way to either assist others to help the community or do some humanitarian work, then their ideology will be directed in the right way.

But if these two indulge in too many visions, dreams, and unusual ideas, and if these two remain living in the imaginary world, not sacrificing for some higher goals or ideas, they will never be able to function as a couple.

Advice for these two would be this – this sextile between the Sun and Uranus is so much a favorable aspect to be as grounded as possible, or otherwise, the influence of this aspect leads them to have such an unrealistic view of a relationship.

Then this couple will resolve some easy and practical issues with impractical solutions.

Out of it, we can see the birth of numerous misunderstandings, and deceptions, and even if things are not working out the best, addiction problems, not just with one partner but with two of them.

But, if they are able to move past it, then there they are able to deal with other people’s problems and concerns, helping them and feeling that their relationship has a deeper meaning.

If the Neptune lover is able to keep his or her sullen temper under control then he or she will be able to see that there is no need to look for an outlet in fantasy.

But, despite all the “bad” and challenges, we could say that this relationship can work well.

Here, in this sextile, we can see a great sensitivity in romantic relationships, along with the negative side.

One of the biggest is the unrealistic expectation of the two lovers.

With it comes the dependence and idealization of partners as they are often found in aspects of these two planets.

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