Sun Sextile Uranus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Planets can make certain aspects between themselves and those positions affect us all, and they can be favorable and less favorable or completely bad; that of course all depends on other planets, their mutual positions, etc.

In favorable aspects such as sextiles and trines, planets can work so well to make a person’s life true magic, to make all go his way, etc. To fulfill all he or she wants, it seems that things are going smoothly and like that person is born under the lucky stars.

Of course, this is not the rule, since all other aspects must work together well, or otherwise, just one good aspect by itself does not mean much.

Here we want to look at one specific position – when the Sun sextiles Uranus.

What kind of character does it give and what kind of perspectives do we obtain from it?

Sun Sextile Uranus in General

The Sun and Uranus, when they are found in this harmonious activity, using the sextile position, will shape the character that is always inspired and ready for brave challenges and also for setbacks.

These are the people who do not have a problem being brave when necessary and even when it is needed to occasionally fall.

Such experiences, for sure, change and enrich both their lives, but also the lives of members of their environment, including society as a whole. These people are seen as brave visionaries and commanders, which are able to take us toward the future that only they can see.

But they are never those who are happy with what they have done, satisfaction is never permanent.

They are never hushed into the security of their achievements, but will always strive for new challenges of pushing the boundaries regardless of the cost and consequences.

Sometimes those consequences are very harsh on them, but they are able to endure them, they are strong and know how to deal with setbacks and pain.

Those people who have such an aspect between the Sun and Uranus will, among others, be granted a mind that allows them to do research and science.

These are independent persons, reformers even, those who in some way can stand out as an authority to others, and are often seen as leaders.

Some people who have this position want to fight for many causes, one of them being freedom and equality for all. They are extremely humane people with kind words and tender hearts.

People who have Sun sextile Uranus position in their natal charts are often those who are living in the future, they are popular in their unique way.

Change is also a part of their lives always, and love to change the way they look, the place they live, etc.

Transformations are generally the biggest influence on this aspect, various discoveries, originality, and creativity are seen in every facet of their existence, along with the rebellion, which is also an element of this planetary energy.

It is mostly seen in their youth when they can be rebellious with or without the reason.

Sun Sextile Uranus Transit

This transit is very short in its duration, but when it arrives, then all of us are presented with enough time to do anything we want, usually, it is something different, original, and brand new.

Never seen and challenging.

Sun sextile Uranus is a transit when we can do something original or new not just for us, but for society in general.

This transit is a very good aspect for any social events and activities, where you can take the lead; and such transit could be used for all things that are connected to the internet and social networks.

We can use this time for doing something against boredom, to break the monotony; in these few days you will easily break the routine, those boring things in life that repeat and replicate, and we do not enjoy it anymore.

You do not have to have a plan, you can use a little improvisation, it will speed up the pace of life.

This sextile also brings various surprises thanks to the Uranus impact, so be prepared for it.

Be careful not all of them will be pleasant, but all of them will have their purpose.

You, on the other hand, could be the one who can surprise yourself and others, and be free to do it, since all familiar and already seen.

It encourages you to do something unexpected, liberating, and some creative change.

This is the moment when you can be as spontaneous, innovative, and experimental, and for those efforts, the Universe will reward you.

Even if you are free and like this for just a couple of days, it will worth it; to stimulate your imagination and your curiosity. Sometimes we really lack it.

Surprises can come even if you do nothing, but with a little effort, some surprises can start you to new things in your lives – whatever that may be.

Feel free to surrender to this liberating energy that comes from this sextile.

Be open to new acquaintances, approach them with an open heart, and do not shy away from renewing old friendships, and socializing as much as you want.

Now is the perfect time for new ideas, for trying new things, for positive changes in your environment; and it would be a shame if you did not use it.

Adapt to new ideas, new circumstances, and unfamiliar situations. Try to become a custom to them.

During this aspect, you can take actions that will later have an effect on your life.

Getting rid of what’s keeping you back is maybe the main message that comes from this transit.

This transit will “work” at a thousand revolutions because even if it is very short, time does not flow at the same speed as some other time.

Sun Sextile Uranus Synastry

The trine and also the sextile position between the Sun and Uranus in synastry is an aspect regarded as favorable in compatibility astrology.

Primarily, this is a creative aspect where the planet Uranus gives his original ideas to the Sun, providing him with inspiration at the same time.

These two are able to inspire one another and make the best results when they are together.

Speaking of synastry, regarding this sextile position, you must know that here the most important aspect is freedom, which must be maintained in all aspects, and also in love.

Sun sextile Uranus in a matter of love shows that personal freedom stays very important in the lives of both lovers.

These two lovers will live in one very unconventional relationship, that rebels against it all.

These two may be having parallel lives if that is what it takes to be together.

They do not have any problem in doing so, and what this sextile does is, is that if it is necessary, these two will go against tradition and established norms and forms.

Conventional marriage does not interest them at all; also this combination can be childless, and both sides will not have any problem with it.

For them, the established opinions of the environment, as well as established taboos, will always represent a call for revolution and change, and such an impact could be seen also in the sexual part of their lives, that for some, could seem weird.

This could mean also this – this sextile could convey a little sexual attraction to a marriage or love relationship.

More like this – this aspect is more favorable for creating friendships, than some over-the-top sexual relation.

But, if other aspects are problematic in some way, and pull at least one of them to the more traditional side, then there will be conflicts, for sure.

Because this type of connection makes the environment not give understanding and approval, and the couple who shares this aspect might get into conflict with their families because none of them approves of this relationship.

It is because others always need time to see and understand the value of their efforts in the right way, and even if they want to do it, it does not mean that complete acceptance will be accomplished.

Uranus is the planet of freedom and independence.

One more thing must be added here – it is a common fact that in synastry, aspects between the Sun and Uranus, very often, give a love relationship that will be unstable and short-lived.

So, couples that have this position are maybe for a short period of time together, but certainly, it will be a memorable affair.

If in the natal chart of one partner Uranus has a lot of indicators of freedom, we can safely state that the existing love relationship is impermanent, but this does not mean that this relationship is forgettable.

Whereas, if a person has the Sun with a similar effect in the natal chart, in that case, both partners can be together for a long time, but the relationship between them will eventually bring distance.

Either way, it will be a connection to remember.

This synastry can provide this pair to achieve amazing things, and this collaboration permits them both to uncover what is already there have been always, and what intelligent things separate them to stand out in the mass with unrestraint.

They are not trying to be different than everybody else, they simply are different, and are enjoying this status with ease.

This connection can be barely restored, and there is a thing around the other that permits such incredible liberty of manifestation.

Sun Sextile Uranus Composite

A pair with Sun sextile the planet Uranus in synastry includes an effortless association with the uniqueness and electric, creative and positive dynamism between the two.

This affair manages to maintain an aspect of magnetic infatuation and unpretentious excitement, and possibly there are even some shocks, both positive and negative.

Having in mind that freedom is the most important term here, and it represents not only the fundamental driving force in these two but also the goal of their every challenge and achievement.

Anything that is not aligned with it, means that it is in opposition, and therefore it is jeopardy for the relationship.

Because of it, they may be able to make compromises, but it will be an uncompromising need and aspiration in their lives to remain free by all means.

These brave visionaries, investigators, and rebels, during their lifetime, will rarely be understood (and the same case is with their lovers, who rarely can reach their core), but their vision will boldly move the framework of learning and knowledge of their contemporaries, which will be fully understood only in the age of future generations.

Who can follow that?

Love, in these terms, transcends through time, and this is the reason why time does not represent any relevance for this aspect.

This aspect may have a hard time focusing their attention on close people because their vision advances its focus far ahead of itself.

It is like there is something that is bigger, and stronger than love itself, and nothing can compare to that vision.

Therefore, emotional closeness is not an innate predisposition for these people, but the love that gives birth to the interest of all humankind is something that will push them to the most courageous and humane acts.

There will be a feeling that one of the lovers is doing more for the world than for the relationship itself, and we must say that this can be the case.

When a such sextile position is formed between the composite Sun and Uranus, there, we can clearly see a distinguishable rate of exposure to the love connection.

These two are able to encourage each other to experiment, crack a few laws, just like true rebels do, and let go of all that has been stopping them, any restriction.

And above all other things, they are encouraged to taste unexplored terrain; but this also does not ensures the lasting of this relationship.

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