Taurus in 11th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

There are 12 houses, and each of them carries an explanation and guidance for different areas of your life. They resemble a map that indicates what you find valuable or challenging.

It is why they relate to every aspect of your birth chart. The planets travel from one house to the other, but what’s crucial is in which one they were at the time of your birth.

The moment you were born, planets aligned under different Zodiac signs and houses. These houses govern different categories that impact your life.

Hence, they can affect your natal chart to a great extent.

What does that mean for the 11th house?

The 11th house – Friendships, social circle, community

The Zodiac sign Aquarius and planets Uranus and Saturn rule this community-oriented house.

Astrologers see it as the house that determines the groups in which we will find solace, acceptance, and belonging.

The 11th house is all about that collectivity mindset and networking. It shapes how group engagement and interaction makes us feel.

Ultimately, the 11th house indicates how the objectives we accomplish and the feelings we nurture as one small link in society affect our happiness and growth.

The most crucial is that the 11th house shows how we behave in friendships and how our friends perceive us.

That also says what kinds of groups, organizations, associations, and communities we will choose for ourselves.

The 11th house represents friendships, togetherness, and organizations. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Taurus?

Taurus – Relaxed, seductive, money-centered

Born between April 20 and May 20, these natives are the joy-enthusiasts and hedonists of the Zodiac. As an Earth sign represented by a bull, they are typically pragmatic, vital, and passionate.

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. That makes them enthusiastic about art, aesthetically pleasing views, and sexual intimacy. They love succulent flavors, strong scents, and unforgettable experiences.

They are typically highly sensual, intense, and erotic. These natives have an edgy aura, and it’s hard not to notice them.

Taurus is energetic, seductive, and flirty. They are aesthetical beings and often fall in love with people whose physical appearance fits the classic societal beauty standards.

These natives strive to live peaceful, stable, and joyous life. It is why Taurus finds money and success so significant. Financial gain is their way of ensuring they never end up on the street, without resources or people to help them.

Taurus is sensual, money-centric, and dislikes changes. How does that blend with the 11th house?

Taurus in the 11th house – Natal and meaning

People with Taurus in the 11th house worry about ensuring financial security, and they often do it through their friendships. They put finances at the forefront of their lives and give them a priority.

These individuals cherish money because they see it as the means to be free.

They believe that being rich can provide you with safety, a better position in life, and the ability to go everywhere.

Although these natives usually care about more than just money, if finances are the only thing on their mind, they could have problems.

Other than that, they are creative, artsy, and loyal. People can rely on them because these natives see it as their duty to show up for others.

Moreover, they are usually well-off or find a way to accumulate a lot of money.

But these natives can be secretive, especially regarding their salaries or how they became wealthy. They dislike sharing details and privacy with others, which is why they confide in a small number of people.

However, these individuals like it when others talk about their financial secrets openly.

Moreover, they read many books on how to get rich fast and make the best spending decisions. These natives are also likely to reach out to their wealthy friends or acquaintances and ask for help.

Team players and procrastinators

They love working with others and being in a team but hope to benefit from their participation. It is why they are always focused on success and getting the most out of everything.

On the other side, if these natives collaborate with a group of people, they prefer to stay on the sidelines and not stand out.

But those born with this placement never give up their viewpoints. They defend them even if everyone else proves them wrong. These individuals are beyond stubborn.

That isn’t to say that they are always wrong or close-minded. On the contrary, these natives are intelligent and can understand abstract information without problems.

Their most alarming issue is hating being wrong. These individuals wish everyone could obey them and follow their recommendations.

People born with Taurus in the 11th house are prone to laziness and procrastination. They love taking many breaks, relaxing, and enjoying time with their friends.

It is why these individuals often put their responsibilities on hold and lay back, dreaming of work finishing itself.

They are also prone to getting too comfortable with any situation, even if it’s toxic for them.

These natives dislike putting in the extra effort because they believe life should be about enjoying and taking time to breathe. They are often discontent with how the world is chaotic, fast, and unforgiving.

These individuals wish society nurtured a relaxed approach to life, placing peace and pleasure at the forefront.

Moreover, people born with this placement require others to nudge them to start working or being active. They like sleeping, eating, and attending parties.

So, these natives often forget there’s a big task waiting for them.

Hence, they need multiple reminders, alarms, and encouragement to get things done.

These individuals care about ensuring security, but if they don’t have any (favorable) placement in their 2nd house, they could lack financial skills altogether. Whatever the scenario, money plays a critical role in their lives. Because of that, these individuals could become rich or poor. There is likely no middle ground for them.

Since they love food and eating, these natives are usually great cooks. They might also be interested in working in the hospitality industry.

Overall, these individuals care about having a job that fills them with joy and pleasure. It is not enough for them to have high salaries. These natives also need to love what they do to achieve impressive results.

Loyal and traditional 

People born with Taurus in the 11th house are loyal partners and friends. They usually never cheat or finish long-term friendships without a good reason.

Moreover, these natives can stay with someone they met young all their life. They appreciate the commitment, loyalty, and dedication.

These individuals are traditional and a tad conservative. They dislike changes and thorough transformations.

These natives need a long time to adapt to a new routine and things not being how they used to be. It is why they often refuse to move forward or make big life decisions.

Although those born with this placement respect family values, they might be reluctant to start their own.

These natives are afraid of all the responsibilities marriage carries. It is why they will likely postpone this milestone for as long as they can, and some will never get married and have kids.

Others often tend to perceive these individuals as slackers, selfish, or self-centered. They may come off as egotistical because these natives put pleasure and well-being first. They see sacrifices as something unnecessary and humiliating, despite what others might be thinking.

Those born with this placement are influenced with ease by their social circle, especially concerning money.

Others can convince them to make careless or risky investments, start projects that are not well thought out, or buy redundant things.

But these natives aren’t show-offs. No matter how much they love money and material things, they usually leverage it to fit into a social group or make new friends.

Friendships are another thing these individuals can’t live without. They crave having their tribe and someone who understands them.

Trends and belonging

These individuals also see social groups as a way to be safe and somewhere to turn to when hardships hit. But they will also be there when others need them.

Those born with this placement need to feel useful, needed, and helpful to know that they’re on the right path.

Since groups and belonging are highly significant to them, these natives care about trends. They want to have the gadgets, clothes, and things most people or those in their closest social group have.

These natives see it as a way to create a bond with others and are accepted. Like in teamwork, they dislike standing out in friendships.

People born with Taurus in the 11th house are typically low-profile persons who prefer blending in and following the crowd.

But deep inside, these individuals have warm souls and love helping others. It is why they will often use their money or assets to support charity organizations and those in need.

Overall, those born with this placement need to feel a sense of belonging and safety. These natives find it either through money or social groups.

Taurus on the cusp of the 11th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Taurus on the cusp of the 11th house are loyal friends, and their friendship groups inspire their actions and decisions, especially the financial ones.

However, humanitarian crises, societal issues, and global problems also affect how they spend money.

These natives often provide to charity organizations, volunteer in shelters, or work in NGOs.

However, they are also highly susceptible to other people’s opinions and suggestions. Their friends could affect with ease their financial decisions or influence what these individuals purchase.

Hence, close people can convince these natives they need something they don’t genuinely need.

Moreover, they are also attracted to fashion and tech trends, or any other that helps them fit into a group.

These individuals need to feel safe and accepted, which they often seek in teamwork. They will unlikely stand out because these natives prefer following the crowd and being one of them.

However, their need to belong can often cause selfish behaviors or intentions.

It is crucial that these natives learn how to be a part of the group without losing their identities or becoming selfish and focused on their needs.

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