Taurus in 8th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

If you want to go beyond reading daily horoscope predictions and genuinely understanding your birth chart, houses are a stellar starting point.

Thus, you don’t have to be a professional or an avid reader to comprehend the three basics of a natal chart.

Houses are among the fundamental principles of astrology and necessary for horoscope reading. The planets, Zodiac signs, and astrological houses are the basics of every birth chart.

As the clock and hours, there are 12 Zodiac signs and 12 corresponding houses. Each of them represents an area of your life.

The planets travel from one house to the other, but what matters is in which one they were when you were born.

At the time of your birth, all the planets stood under a different Zodiac sign and house. Since these houses rule different categories, they give more specific meaning to each planetary position.

For instance, the third house rules communications and message decoding, while the 9th represents education, travel, and intelligence.

What does that mean for the 8th house?

The 8th house – Death, rebirth, addictions

The Zodiac sign of Scorpio and planets Mars and Pluto rules the 8th house. It represents taboos, sexuality, death, and transformation or rebirth. It is the house that dives into relationships and their depth.

The 8th house goes beyond the 7th, and it navigates the sexual realm and spiritual side of it. The elements the 8th house covers are mostly those we try to conceal, avoid, or keep to ourselves. It touches our fears, hopes, and desires.

The Phoenix controls this house, which means rebirth, again and again. Dominant Pluto and Scorpio in a natal chart or the 8th house can cause addictions, traumas, pain, and violence.

The 8th house is the one that impacts unbelievable life stories, mysteries, and experiences. That doesn’t mean that the 8th house is unfavorable per se.

But it’s a stimulus for the obscene, sinister, and dreadful. It is no surprise that the 8th house is probably the most dreaded of them all.

It typically stands for everything we want to run away from and forget. Yet, it is also the house of reincarnation and transformation. It also represents revenge, hate, taxes, and inheritances.

The 8th house indicates things we need to let go of or what we leave behind. It is how it generates spirituality and learning. Things we abandon will likely cause pain and hurt at first.

However, the 8th house will reward us with a different kind of energy. That is another form of transformation it gives.

Since the 8th house represents death and birth, it requires a profound look into one’s soul, the truth, and desires. It demands the ultimate honesty and preparedness to confront the darkest parts of life and ourselves.

Hence, it is no surprise that the 8th house is responsible for what the unconsciousness invites to our conscious selves and what issues that can cause.

The 8th house also stands for the hidden and kinky sexual preferences, deviations, and inclinations. As a result, it often indicates what we are ashamed of and what we want to conceal.

However, it can also show dedication, loyalty, and a profound emotional connection. That proves that the 8th house can give much more than people tend to believe. It can make us better people and help us heal.

Hence, the 8th house represents transformation, sexuality, and kinks. How does that affect the zodiac sign of Taurus?

Taurus – Pleasure, material resources, good humor

People who come to our world during the reign of Taurus are born between April 20 and May 20. They are cheerful, humorous, and persistent.

These individuals know that one can’t sit and wait for the rewards to come. Instead, fortune comes through hard work, rolling up the sleeves, and getting exhausted.

Taurus isn’t afraid of bustling and making their way toward fortune. Possibilities of getting rich excite them and make them push harder.

These natives dream about luxurious items, fancy resorts, and a life full of expensive things. They love being in the company of influential and well-off people because they inspire them to fight.

Even though these individuals appreciate every dollar they gain, a little is not enough for them to be happy.

Taurus sees stability as their objective number one, and the best way to achieve it is by accumulating wealth. These natives dream about having a big mansion and being crazy rich.

They usually have a plan to accomplish their goals, and they are happy to tell people all about it.

These individuals love to brag about their achievements, objectives, and ideals. Their ultimate mission is to earn the love of as many people as possible.

Taurus loves material possessions. They see them as an indicator of power, influence, and control. These natives are afraid they will live in poverty without any resources and security.

It is why they do everything they can to move up the professional ladder or be friends with affluential people who can help them reach success.

These natives believe that the goals justify the means. They are ready to go far to accomplish their dreams, including turning to manipulation and persuasion.

Taurus is generally charismatic, extroverted, and funny. Their ruler Venus rewards them with a pretty face and physical attraction that they often use to their own benefit.

Taurus knows how to find their way, both in professional and romantic life. It is why they usually get what they want. These natives also like to inform other people about their achievements.

Taurus can be cocky, arrogant, and show-off. They care deeply about what other people think of them.

These natives often think that there is no point in doing something if the world won’t know.

As a result, Taurus could be over-present on social media or even become an influencer.

Since they are good at managing money, they could become their own bosses or start a business.

In relationships, Taurus natives tend to be dependable, insecure, and needy. They are terrified of losing possessions, but also people. They are often afraid their partner will leave them and need others to prove their loyalty.

However, Taurus is not the epitome of fidelity. Instead, they tend to follow their impulses or choose the option that seems more secure at the moment.

Even though they can go as far as experiences burnout, these natives have their version of a perfect life. If life were perfect, Taurus would spend their day sipping cocktails on a beach in the company of beautiful people.

Hence, Taurus is rational, seductive, and materialist. How does that blend with the 8th house?

Taurus in the 8th house – Natal and meaning

People born with Taurus in the 8th house are stellar mathematicians and at managing money. They think and act quickly, making them decisive and efficient.

Thanks to these characteristics, these individuals often help their friends and acquaintances with their finances. They find joy in helping others to increase their wealth and obtain power.

However, these natives are not good at adapting to changes and transformations. They avoid it at all costs. These natives prefer the old and tested ways of doing things.

Those born with this placement need a lot of time to prepare for what’s coming, and they need to know what it is. They loathe uncertainty.

Moreover, these natives tend to obsess over minor issues and make a fuss out of nothing. Everything worries them, and they are always stressed. Sometimes they can’t sleep at night because they incite insomnia with their potential scenarios, doubts, and questions.

They only feel comfortable if they can adapt in advance to any possible change. These natives often overwhelm their loved ones with apprehension and fears. Undoubtedly, they are high maintenance and often find it challenging to deal with themselves.

Besides, these natives tend to think that their problems are the worst and people should feel sorry for them. They overthink and don’t know how to deal with their worries without going through short panic attacks.

Passionate about the cause

People born with Taurus in the 8th house love working in groups because they feel more comfortable than when on their own. They also tend to mold their views toward what the majority thinks.

However, these natives will defend their community’s ideas and plans passionately because they know they have their support.

Overall, those born with this placement have stellar investment skills and teach their offspring the same. But they rarely have understanding for the less fortunate because these natives think everyone can gain money if they put an effort.

These individuals often have hefty savings, and they are not eager to spend.

Although they would like to reward themselves with luxurious items, these natives feel safer when knowing they have a safety net. It makes them happy to see their bank account, pockets, and a fridge full.

Moreover, those born with this placement tend to be happy with little. These individuals dislike changing places, friends, or styles.

These natives prefer comfort and safety. Hence, they will rarely make renovations or large purchases.

Afraid of changes

These individuals are sensual and need other people’s attention. They want their partners to take care of them and show their affection.

Moreover, these natives enjoy being in a relationship and having easy access to physical intimacy, which they find highly significant. Their sexual side is strong, and they seek sexual pleasure.

Even when their resources run out, these individuals know how to make more profit. It is why they rarely struggle with living the life they want and affording all the things they need.

On the other side, those born with this placement have difficulties with turbulent changes because they require investing a lot of effort to adapt and learn.

For example, these individuals don’t like moving to another home because it disrupts their lives and takes immense adaptability on their part.

People born with Taurus in the 8th house want things to happen when and how they want. Huge life reorganizations are difficult for them and leave them confused and exhausted.

Overall, these natives are idealistic and morally righteous. They are loyal to their values unless the lower Taurus’s octave is more prominent.

In that case, these natives will be more interested in the material realm than spirituality.

They often look for the ultimate truth about life and what it means to be human.

However, that often manifests in egotistical ways because these natives want to be the ones to share the answers with everyone. They love being knowledgeable and having people admire them for their awareness.

However, if these natives ever find what they consider to be the truth, they could become preachy and enforce their views on others.

That could happen because these individuals might feel the need to enlighten others and help them find their path.

On the other side, it could also be because they believe they are always right and others should follow their way of thinking or living.

Taurus on the cusp of the 8th house – Meaning and traits

People born with Taurus on the cusp of the 8th house are in danger of taking the path of co-dependency. These natives like it when others have to rely on them for various reasons.

On the other side, they could be the ones to depend on people in their lives because they are terrified of being on their own.

These individuals tend to struggle with their values and what drives them through life. They often feel that they should immerse themselves in higher qualities and do things for pure joy.

However, these natives also feel that’s not enough, and everything should have a point and tangible reward.

Moreover, they often have the know-it-all attitude that encourages them to act bossy with others. These natives love when other people come to them to ask for opinions, advice, or suggestion.

It makes them feel powerful and admired, which is highly significant to them.

However, those born with this placement can also be dogmatic. Or, perhaps, these natives used to struggle with these kinds of attitudes in their youth.

It could be that they think they should preach their religious views, or they are overly nationalists.

Whatever the scenario, these natives like the feeling that they belong to a particular group, community, or movement.

Moreover, they are willing to enforce their ideas on others and expect everyone to think like them.

It is why these natives should learn to respect other people’s religious, cultural, and societal viewpoints and avoid sharing their ideas to convert others.

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