Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn really needs a stable, reliable, calm and measured life so that he can experience satisfaction and happiness.

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn should avoid situations of race and rush.

Internally, Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn is ambitious and in order to be happy, professional achievements and recognition of his merits are important to him. To feel satisfied with life for such a Taurus, you need to be the best in what you do.

Taurus Sun – Meaning and Info

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn must strive to take a high position in life. When he deserves authority, and they begin to listen to him, seek advice, then such a Taurus will feel in demand.

Consciously Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn is directed towards the material sphere, and for happiness he needs to have supplies and property.

For Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn, both material accumulations and the fact that the possession of some prestigious things increases his influence and authority are of great importance.

Both Taurus and Capricorn are earthly signs of the zodiac, so a person with such an arrangement of planets in the natal chart will be very stubborn, even somewhere conservative in their views and beliefs.

It is almost impossible to persuade him if he himself does not come to a decision by means of long reflections.

When Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn undertakes to do something, he probes the ground, learns all the best ways of moving the target.

And the results of the work of such a Taurus will, perhaps, be seen later than in other more active people, but they will be reliable and loyal.

If the elements of water or fire are poorly expressed in the natal chart of Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn, then he will be a person who is not emotional, restrained.

The actions of such a Taurus will be measured, and emotions can be blocked by the mind.

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn will be pleased when order reigns in the environment, everything is in its place, and everyone conscientiously fulfills their duties. And it is better for such a Taurus to build his life so as not to relax too much and keep himself in tight hands.

Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn is a stubborn, hardworking and practical person, he cannot sit around, and he does not want it himself.

Choosing a profession for themselves, Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn must be taken into account so that the work is monetary and prestigious.

Capricorn Moon – Meaning and Info

When you were born, the Moon was in Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, ruled by Saturn, the stern overseer of the zodiac, which the Greeks called this god Chrono’s.

Capricorn is a female earth sign of the cardinal cross, referring to the beginning of “yin” while the Moon is associated with the opposition sign – Cancer, also a female sign of the cardinal cross, also “yin”, but water.

In many ways, this position of the Moon is not so bad, although it is in Capricorn in exile. But it is quite clear that since the Moon controls the emotions of a person, in Capricorn there is a clearly expressed tendency to suppress emotions.

The position of the Moon in Capricorn gives an extremely practical and organized people.

Since the Moon represents the inner essence of a person, his inner life, to which Capricorns are treated with special attention, it is almost inevitable that they are subconsciously determined to constantly control their feelings. And if you are a typical lunar Capricorn, this feature of your nature will never leave you.

The influence of Capricorn on a person makes him strive for reliability and safety on all planes, but at the same time, one should not forget about idealism and impressionability, the qualities that the Moon gives to Capricorn.

Of course, it’s good to stand with both feet on the ground, but it’s not a sin at all to indulge in romantic dreams sometimes, to feel the desire to rise into the air and soar at an unattainable height, and also to allow yourself to express your feelings openly and naturally.

Very often, people born with the Moon in Capricorn have difficulties in childhood or adolescence, possibly due to some problems in the parental home, and when this leaves its mark on a strange inner shyness, which is all the more surprising to observe that she states with external manifestations of the lunar Capricorn, invisible to the world.

Lunar Capricorns have a tendency to clog up their feelings and emotions so much that they sometimes seem cold and insensitive, materialistic and closed to emotions.

Therefore, it is very important for them to get in touch with their higher “I”, to get to know the spiritual side of their personality more closely and to learn the simple truth that they will not lose anything from the fact that they cease to suppress sensitivity, and will gain a lot in everyday life as well and especially in relationships with other people, if they give themselves the trouble to get to the deep spiritual plane of their individuality.

Feeling completely confident on a sinful earth, Capricorn loses this confidence, plunging into the spiritual world, so he must allow the Moon to release his deep instincts and free his intuitive principle in order to overcome fear and insecurity that are deeply rooted in somewhere.

The weakness of the Moon in Capricorn is manifested in the fact that when he feels something instinctively, his practical, materialistic side of the personality, due to the influence of Capricorn, literally “hooves” his intuition and makes him consider it divorced from reality and useless.

Saturn has endowed the lunar Capricorn with a tremendous power of concentration, so why not use this power in order to get to know your inner content better and find out what the inner “I” can teach for its own benefit?

On a certain level, being devoid of sentimentality, practicality and reality-oriented is not bad at all, but on a deeper spiritual plane, it can mean that, due to tight control over their feelings, a person can lose the beautiful experiences that adorn life.

Moon in Capricorn sometimes makes his attitude towards people too harsh and critical. He is very serious, but sometimes lunar Capricorns have a peculiar dervish sense of humor, which can make them interesting and entertaining interlocutors.

When communicating with lunar Capricorns, it sometimes begins to seem that they were never children, but were immediately born as adults.

Talking about feelings, of course, is a “taboo” But after they learn to communicate with their inner “I” and make intuition their best friend, and not something from which you need to fence off in every possible way or just run away as quickly as possible, they will gain new knowledge not only about their own personality, but also about how to open new ways in life.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Taurus strives to possess, and the inner need of the Moon in Capricorn to have power and authority. Accumulating wealth, deserving honor and respect, such a Taurus finds peace of mind.

Also, Taurus with the Moon in Capricorn has creative fertility and organizational talent, which must also be realized in life for complete happiness.

Although you need to consider where Mars is in the natal chart in order to understand how strong-willed and strong Taurus is.

If you have the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Capricorn, you are a ready-made leader, organizer, manager. Because you have bright business qualities: organization, discipline, self-discipline, reliability and the ability to perform routine work with clearly set goals.

They are serious and responsible, capable of taking reasonable risks, you can be relied on.

Outwardly, perhaps you are a little slow, internally – unsure of yourself, but you do not show this to anyone. You go slowly but surely towards your goals, and practically nothing can stop you. Emotionally, you can be a little dry.

You are very sociable, love people, but at the same time very picky in acquaintances. You would rather stay at home and read a good book than be bored with all sorts of boobies or those you are not interested in.

You are able to succeed in any area, as you always speak out to the place, and the manifestation of such tact in human relationships greatly contributes to your success, which will often be associated with working with people. You can be a good leader, teacher, or lecturer; you express yourself frankly and directly and know how to make you feel sincere and decisive.

Your extremely stubborn nature is expressed in the ability to insist on your own gradually. You can talk about extraneous things and at the same time lead the conversation to the fact that in the end you insist on your own.

You hold very high moral principles and adhere to them firmly both in your personal life and in defending truth for the sake of truth, which makes you a kind of moralist, and you probably allow yourself to judge your friends and neighbors, although you will never allow them find out your real opinion about them.

Your opinion will remain with you, but you do not tolerate those who, in your understanding, violate the laws of morality or the rules of fair play.

You are a bit of a gossip and as soon as possible retell the rumors that have reached you. You are also a good listener, especially if the story being told affects the interests of another person and in it different “sins” are attributed to him.

You must cultivate the accuracy of thinking and speaking, as the penchant for gossip is very strong you have a good bold taste and love bright colors and their original combinations, which you know how to choose skillfully, perhaps violating all the traditional rules of color combination.

You are courageous in every way, and despite your tact when it comes to principles, you will speak bluntly even to a judge. Here you do not give up your positions and unambiguously dot the “and”. In disputes, you use reasonable arguments and do not use dishonest methods.

You understand your opponent’s point of view and refute it logically, point by point, without forgetting your position.

Attractiveness, fairness and imagination – these are the qualities that will lead you to success either in business, or in art, or any other professional field, depending on the aspects to the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Security is of the utmost importance to you – not wealth, but a secure home, position and prestige. You are proud, and behind the pleasant and gracious external treatment hides an inner sense of your own worth, which you like to embody in specific things – in your achievements or in your environment.

Idealism is present in you, but cannot overshadow a realistic approach to everything; you would prefer a good position and comfort in this life to world fame after death.

This leads to the emergence of the material approach, but since you are the most honest of people, there is a certain shade of idealism in it. Your virtues are more of an earthly plane than a heavenly one. You believe in fair play and you act accordingly.

You are inclined to criticize and lead, because, despite the deeply hidden sentimentality, you are capable of accurate analysis of people and situations, an insightful assessment of public consciousness, as well as the consciousness of your loved ones.

You instinctively know what people are thinking now and in which direction their thoughts will turn in a minute. The ability to assess the degree of public consciousness and what forms it will take in the future is your main valuable quality that will lead you to success.


While you need reliability, your true strong drive is the drive to influence. You love to manage and direct and feel responsible for the thoughts and actions of your team, be it large or small, in exceptional cases this leads to an unbridled lust for power, which you can quite get, and then your ability to feel the mood of society will unfold in full force and you will rise to the pinnacle of power.

Without any of these stimulating aspects or quadrature’s to the Sun or Moon in your horoscope, you will probably rest on your laurels and revel in the reliability that has finally come to you; but even then your mind will continue to work, albeit for evil, because your mental energy is so great”that, not finding a positive outlet, it finds a negative one.

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