Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Venus rules the two signs, shows a peaceful, affectionate and attentive to the needs of others. Her need for continuity and affective security is well supported by this Libra Moon who, with her critical and detached vision, mitigates her too possessive and materialistic sides and gives relationships a little lightness that doesn’t hurt.

Many consider him a lovely person and in fact he is surrounded by friends, because he is straightforward and simple, conciliatory and affectionate.

Balanced and able to tell the truth even unpleasant without hurting, and with an inner refinement and delicacy that when they emerge they conquer.

Man needs a partner with undoubted moral human qualities. He has a very high ideal of a woman. He is attracted to the beautiful, intelligent and balanced woman. The woman is looking for an affectionate, sweet, nice, elegant man with a certain class.

In love sexuality is overbearing, love is made up of support and understanding, as well as physical attraction. In the love life he needs a sensitive partner who is able to give him the attention and delicacy he needs.

Taurus Sun – Meaning and Info

But, think for a moment: even our globe is nothing but a ball that turns without support! ‘Everything is changeable,’ said Heraclitus. Nothing is truly stable. Imagining being able to freeze reality in all its aspects is one of man’s elusive signs.

Only within ourselves can we develop endless stability, discovering that deep and divine center around which our thoughts and feelings revolve.

It is the constancy of Taurus that we should all try to advance; the ability to evolve, regardless of the obstacles that stand between us and success.

This attitude could be called ‘positive application of doubt’, since our awareness would be used to determine the amount of energy needed for liberation.

The famous fury of the Bull is due, in part, to the sense of frustration caused by the constant effort to dominate events.

However, such fury is very rare. The Hindus to whom I mentioned that Western bulls are ferocious were surprised. It may be that fear and doubt in contacts with others generate in the natives of Taurus that fleeting anger which, however, they try to control.

The outward expressions that escape them when they are angry are only the excesses of the steam from the boiler of an inner frustration.

Most of the natives of this sign, however, tend to maintain a state of peace.

The famous stubbornness of the Bull is also to be attributed to the fear of losing dominion over events and can be justified in the following form: he knows that he must let the seeds work under the earth in spring and wait patiently. He can work out a plan for years without being seen or suspected, as he knows that the growth of a plant cannot be forced.

Those who want to speed up times find opposition in the natives of Taurus, and in this there is no lack of reasonableness, sure as it is, that the green sprout will certainly open its way after the spring rains.

When Taurus’s plans have matured and emerged at the right time, when the awaited opportunity finally presents itself, he will launch into an action so sudden and vigorous that it will leave his friends astounded.

If you are a native of this Sign, you must learn one of the greatest lessons reserved for man: faith. The illusion of holding the things of the world firmly in your hands, on which you make your survival depend, can be transformed into an ardent faith that will make you adhere to the highest realities. Increase it and learn to surrender to the Supreme Giver.

Remember that tightening tightly around things is a sign of doubt. Rather, learn to trust the Cosmic Plan unfolding for the best. The tendency to want to keep events in hand can be ennobled if you learn to recognize the inner energy, not the outer one. Remember the teaching of Karma Yoga: ‘Action, without desiring its fruits.

’Try to direct the inner flow of your energy well. Determination and perseverance are indispensable for holding firm – not things – but the keys that free from human bonds; the keys that teach us to submit rather than dominate.

By giving, do not confuse love with indulgence, nor practicality with greed. Learn to love selflessly, and donate your energy for the welfare of others. By giving, you will also learn not to impose yourself: do not be possessive with the exuberance of your love and friendship.

It is difficult for a native of this sign to learn submission. Even when you manage to grow on a basis of firm faith, a feeling of attachment to life will still develop in you that will die out only when you discover that you do not really need to adhere strictly to matter since everything you want to possess already belongs to God.

In the meditation that you must practice every day, bring all your desires and bonds back to the Venus chakra, that is, to that center located in the spine at the height of the heart. Be aware of the subtle rays of energy that are radiated from that chakra to all things that you consciously or not hold onto.

Firmly direct the rays upwards to the brain and locate yourself in the Christ Center between the two eyebrows; offer them to the Divine with the affirmation: ‘I only desire you, receive me. ‘Spiritual freedom is achieved with naphtha (resoluteness in effort). With this technique you can go far and free yourself from all slavery.

Do not forget that freedom cannot be controlled by everyone, but only by those who know how to use their will and can transform themselves.

When the rays of desire are made to converge with faith and love in the Christ Center, offer them freely to the Lord; abandon yourselves to him, to be entirely guided by his will.

Married Taurus – a good family man, economic, practical and thorough. They are characterized by loyalty and devotion, they rarely change their wives, although they can flirt with the opposite sex. Overall Taurus – pleasant in every way people.

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and the second of the spring ones. A good symbol for this month is the cool earth which, in spring, is soft and rich, ready to produce in abundance.

Beauty (the Sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus) and utility (the Sign of Earth is also known as the Fixed Sign) are the two main references of this zodiac position; the native in Taurus is happy if he can change the opposition into harmonic balance, beauty into utility, utility into beauty.

Libra Moon – Meaning and Info

Those who possess the Moon in the sign of Libra in the horoscope tend to be fine-minded, refined in taste, sociable and are inclined to seek a harmonious understanding with the surrounding environment.

Polite in the ways of doing research, the company of carefully selected people. He attaches great importance to the elegance and external appearance of people and objects.

The individual usually leads an active life, but there may be a certain inconsistency in interests. He indicates a taste for art and the pleasures of life.

Although from time to time, natives with the Moon in Libra calmly endure loneliness, prefer to be in good company, need contact with people and stimuli that can bring new people and constantly updated information.

The Moon in Libra corresponds to an aspiration to human contacts, to social life, to relationships of all kinds, without which it would feel dull. If not afflicted, it indicates a peaceful marriage.

Gentle, balanced, charming, the man with the Moon in Libra needs a lot of attention and confirmation, especially in the sentimental sphere. Out of fear of conflict and fear of being abandoned, he is willing to mediate and adapt. Indecisive eternal, he can be inconstant in his emotions and be subject to great swings in the sphere of feelings.

Born seducer, he seeks a woman who responds to his aesthetic ideals. She must be elegant, refined, well-finished, with style and good taste, in short, almost perfect, although often more than the person she falls in love with the idea of ​​love.

You can be a poet and express your feelings, as well as the feelings of other people, in a particularly attractive way; you can be husband or wife and get the greatest satisfaction from your spouse; but everywhere you take into account only your heart’s interest.

To feel emotionally safe, he needs to build harmonious relationships and live in a peaceful environment. In love then as soon as he feels neglected, the world collapses on him and he withdraws from the game.

Those who have the Moon in Libra can have a good couple affinity with the signs of air, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. The relationship that is created between these signs is often of a predominantly intellectual nature and sometimes social life will take over in the life of the couple.

With the signs of fire, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius or with those who own the Moon in these signs there will be fun, complicity and passion. Sharing interests, travels, dinners with friends is unlikely to make the couple fall into the trap of routine.

Among the earth signs, the most complicated relationship will be with Capricorn or with those who own the Moon in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is more reserved and less affectionate and warm than Libra. Furthermore, Libra finds security in personal relationships, while Capricorn is more independent and tends to give greater priority to work rather than to life as a couple.

A good understanding can be created with Taurus or with those who own the Moon in Taurus, even if in the long run Libra could suffer from the lack of mental stimuli, which will not be lacking with Virgo.

Taurus Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are an incorrigible romantic, and regardless of your profession and social status, your successes, your failures, your happiness and your disappointments stem from your emotional nature. You can be an actor, have success and receive satisfaction from the emotional impulses coming from the audience.

You can be a poet and express your feelings, as well as the feelings of other people, in a particularly attractive way; you can be husband or wife and get the greatest satisfaction from your spouse; but everywhere you take into account only your heart’s interest.

No matter how smart you are or how independent intellectual you may seem, you have a real need for compassion and love. You are generally consistent and give your devotion to one person or your family In any case, such a position of the planets is characterized by strong nervous tension.

You are able to make an excellent career and achieve much in areas related to the general public or young people, since the doubled power of the influence of Venus (both the Sun and the Moon are in a sign ruled by Venus) gives you a charm that even your nervousness cannot hide.

If you are a man, then you are a favorite of women – and you are undoubtedly in awe of it! If you are a woman, you will never lack admirers and lovers.

But in any case, your hectic love life can hurt you from time to time.

Self-reliance is what you need first of all, that is, a sense of self-sufficiency. While loyalty to another person is beautiful and romantic in itself, it can steer you down the wrong path and bring confusion to your life if you can’t find the right person for you, or if you’re forced to end the relationship.

The Moon in Libra corresponds to an aspiration to human contacts, to social life, to relationships of all kinds, without which it would feel dull. If not afflicted, it indicates a peaceful marriage.

Over time, you will still need to learn to be confident, and the sooner you believe in yourself, the less grief and disappointment will fall on you later.


The Moon in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus, gives those who possess it charm, charm, beauty. A woman with the Moon in Libra will therefore strike for her femininity and for her ways of doing, always impeccable and refined.

Courteous and kind, she is still a very strong woman, more than you think.

The ideal man must have class, good taste, education, intelligence and know how to woo her. For women as well as men, intolerance of ugliness and sloppiness will lead them to always choose good-looking partners.

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