Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun enters in the sign of Taurus on April 20 and is in this sign until May 20. The main formative principles of Taurus are typical manifestations of the elements of the Earth. This is a female, “yin” sign, a sign of the manifestation of the vibration of the planet Venus.

In many ways, Venusians are Taurus. And you, having information about Venus, can imagine Taurus. Taurus is depicted as a corresponding animal, firmly standing on Earth.

This is a bull, as if coming out of the earth, having a direct connection with it.

Taurus Sun – Meaning and Info

The Earth gives Taurus strength, on the one hand, the ability to feel himself firmly on his feet, and on the other hand, the Earth, as it were, attracts Taurus, preventing him from tearing away from itself.

People born under the sign of Taurus are often excellent economists, planners, business executives, and trade workers.

Among them, according to world statistics, most of all are ministers of agriculture, a lot of large bankers, financiers and even politicians. This is all due to the fact that in all matters they are guided by common sense, they are very earthly, practical, sometimes pragmatic people.

If we talk about the negative qualities of Taurus, which the Earth gives him, then this is, first of all, conservatism, the desire for stability.

But, on the other hand, conservatism is necessary and useful in any serious matter.

Therefore, if Taurus in his desires manifests precisely healthy conservatism, then this is perfectly reflected in the business he is engaged in. This same conservatism helps Taurus to prove themselves as lawyers.

Their desire to adhere to the previously established order helps them to achieve great success both in society and in all areas in which they are engaged.

It is necessary to emphasize one important nuance: Taurus then act effectively when they feel solid ground under them, that is, when they have a clear life platform in any form (a strong family, a solid position in society, large material savings, inheritance; as well as the accumulation of intellectual or energetic character).

Taurus is constantly saving up everything in order to function normally. This is a necessary condition for their life. In itself, hoarding in Taurus is not a bad trait, not a good one, but a natural one.

The score “good” or “bad” appears when we begin to analyze how Taurus uses this accumulation.

If he uses the accumulated for good deeds, for deeds related to the evolution of people, large groups or the whole of humanity, it is good.

If Taurus became a grabber, then it couldn’t be worse. A small child – Taurus will always save something, whether candy wrappers, or pennies, or books, or stamps.

Parents should be very attentive to these inclinations of children, so that they do not turn into a quality that corrodes the essence of a person.

Sometimes the constant need of Taurus to always have a foundation under their feet and a certain stimulus reaches the ridiculous, then he cannot be guided in life by abstract concepts, philosophical concepts, and he definitely needs a clearly and clearly formulated task.

By the way, Taurus studies with great difficulty, knowledge enters them with great difficulty, but if the information entered the head, then nothing can knock it out. Material incentives in their activities and in their studies are also important for them.

For example, there is a known case when a person did very poorly at school, then he entered a technical school and studied poorly until the day when he received his first scholarship, and since then he has become an excellent student.

There was a period when he did not have time to prepare for the session, as a result of which he was deprived of his scholarship.

As soon as things got better and he received a large sum of money from his parents as a gift, he again became an excellent student. Hoarding is not a bad trait if put in the right direction. Remember Lenin, he was a Taurus in the Sun.

Sagittarius Moon – Meaning and Info

Lunar Sagittarius are optimistic, positive and happy people. They believe in their lucky star, do not lose heart and do not give up when faced with obstacles. Sagittarius are freedom-loving people, they do not shake restrictions in anything and never.

You will not be able to “tie” them to a place or person, to impose conventions or generally accepted rules, or to involve them in some kind of activity if they themselves do not want to.

Be especially careful and careful with Sagittarius children. With excessive pressure on themselves or strictness from their parents, they can easily run away from home.

Such children are also very curious, mobile, and active. They are an inexhaustible source of energy and generators of a thousand questions. “Why?” – You will hear from them all the time, they are interested in everything and there is always an object for study!

If the Moon is in Sagittarius and other planets do not negatively influence it, then people born in this favorable period will be endowed with such high qualities as nobility, kind-heartedness, compassion for others. They are humane and committed to their ideals.

Children’s naivety and an open attitude to the world often remain with Sagittarius even in older age. Their sincerity and enthusiasm are so captivating that the radiant Sagittarius easily win over other people.

Lunar Sagittarius are easily imbued with various ideas, are involved in new projects, they love to dream and endlessly make plans. Sometimes they even undertake to forgive other people’s dreams into life.

True, as a rule, they are blown away without completing what they started to the end, since they understand that this is not what they really want in life. For all their dreaminess and enthusiasm, persistence in achieving their goals is definitely not their strong point!

Sagittarius has everything on fire, they are impulsive in decisions and hot-headed in relationships. If they come up with an idea, they become its slave. They simply do not have enough patience and endurance to assess and weigh everything sensibly, to rationally approach the process of its implementation.

Therefore, so many of their good endeavors burn out and do not end with a positive result. Not getting what they want, Sagittarius becomes nervous and irritable they develop a paranoid state and it begins to seem that everyone around them is intriguing and interfering with their affairs.

Lack of endurance and the ability to stop in time brings them to nervous breakdowns and depression. They have an even stronger sense of their own importance and they think of themselves as exceptional, different from other people.

The constant desire for change and something new leads to the fact that Sagittarius tend to change their place of residence and not stay in one place for a long time. Their straightforwardness and frankness often harm them, since on their way there are many dishonest people who take advantage of these weaknesses.

Sagittarians are avid lovers of nature and animals. From an early age, a dog, a cat, or at least a hamster or a parrot will definitely live in their house. Horses become one of the most beloved animals of Sagittarius at a conscious age.

Therefore, in order to be able to see these noble horses more often, they sometimes choose work related to the hippodrome, animal husbandry, and become veterinarians.

Among the Sagittarius, many achieve a good financial position. But it can be very difficult for them to hold on to wealth, since their generosity and extravagance are off the charts! They do not refuse requests even to unfamiliar people, and they are ready to help their friends always and generally without compensation.

Sagittarius are born Casanova and ladies’ man. Throughout their lives, they have dozens of novels, but due to the surface of feelings, it can be very difficult for them to find their soul mate for family life.

As a rule, they are not limited to one marriage, as they quickly become disillusioned with their chosen one, who only yesterday seemed “the same” one and forever.

For a more successful and happy life, Sagittarius is advised to be more selective in relationships, limit the circle of their friends and acquaintances, and pay more attention to the really important people in their life.

Taurus Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Sagittarius, you are quite impulsive, despite the calm sign of Taurus, because the moon in Sagittarius gives you emotion and mobility. You are a philosopher who knows how to entertain and captivate yourself with something interesting. Quite straightforward in conversation, enterprising in business.

Love travel, but not simple ones, but with a share of adventurism or some kind of unusualness. You want to be and live especially, a little higher a step from others. Therefore, you have an increased interest in education, you are ready to study and learn new things all your life.

Security is of the utmost importance to you – not wealth, but a secure home, position and prestige. You are proud, and behind the pleasant and gracious external treatment hides an inner sense of your own worth, which you like to embody in specific things – in your achievements or in your environment.

Idealism is present in you, but cannot overshadow a realistic approach to everything; you would prefer a good position and comfort in this life to world fame after death.

This leads to the emergence of the material approach, but since you are the most honest of people, there is a certain shade of idealism in it. Your virtues are more of an earthly plane than a heavenly one. You believe in fair play and you act accordingly.

You are inclined to criticize and lead, because, despite the deeply hidden sentimentality, you are capable of accurate analysis of people and situations, an insightful assessment of public consciousness, as well as the consciousness of your loved ones.

You instinctively know what people are thinking now and in which direction their thoughts will turn in a minute.

The ability to assess the degree of public consciousness and what forms it will take in the future is your main valuable quality that will lead you to success.

While you need reliability, your true strong drive is the drive to influence. You love to manage and direct and feel responsible for the thoughts and actions of your team, be it large or small, in exceptional cases this leads to an unbridled lust for power, which you can quite get, and then your ability to feel the mood of society will unfold in full force and you will rise to the pinnacle of power.

Without any of these stimulating aspects or quadrature’s to the Sun or Moon in your horoscope, you will probably rest on your laurels and revel in the reliability that has finally come to you; but even then your mind will continue to work, albeit for evil, because your mental energy is so great”that, not finding a positive outlet, it finds a negative one.

This year we will all feel the energy of Taurus as it should: Venus entered this sign on April 14, Mercury – on April 19, so there are three large astrological objects in Taurus at once – and this means that no one will leave the influence of this sign.

Taurus energy makes us all feel more hardworking and determined. In the first place for almost everyone will be security, stability and loyalty. We will feel more practical, so there is a chance to pick the best ideas from the ones that came to us during the Aries season and work on them well.

The sign of Taurus is ruled by Venus – the planet of love, pleasure and beauty, so now is a great time for everyone to update their wardrobe, get a haircut, tattoo or decorate their home. Venus is a planet of luxury, so be sure to pamper yourself, but spend wisely.

The Taurus Sun period is ideal to calm down and relax. Do everything slowly, stay productive, but don’t overdo it, enjoy the spring and appreciate the little things.

Now let’s see what this period has in store for each sign of the zodiac.


Taurus is also a hypersensitive earth sign, so your sex life can take on a whole new level this time of year.

In fact, whatever you do with your partner and he with you, everything will feel much better and brighter.

But there is also a drawback in the Taurus period: this, as you might guess, is the notorious stubbornness of this sign.

It is sometimes difficult for you to hear and listen to opinions other than your own.

Try not to forget that a point of view different from yours does not make it wrong. Listen to other people, even though they may be wrong.

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