Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Feminine, fixed sign of Earth. We are with the Taurus in the full splendor of spring. The grass and the foliage of the trees are the greenest of the whole year, that bright green that regenerates just by observing it.

The flowers have blossomed, others are blooming and offer us their most beautiful colors.

It means that when we were born the Sun was passing through this sign and will give us a vitality and a life project that follows the lines of this sign, unless we have other planets in our sky placed in very different signs study the personal astral chart.

Taurus Sun – Meaning and Info

Not all people born with the sun in Taurus are the same. The project that generally pursues a character who belongs to this sign: it is a project of stability and security.

He wants to have his certainties, he wants tranquility and peace. He does not want wars and worries even if someone takes something away from him they are ready to unleash it. Them a war, but always for things that belong to them, their possessions, their family, their home.

Being a sign ruled by Venus, she seeks beauty, beautiful things, luxury, comfort, she seeks pleasure in everything and everyone. Her sins of gluttony are proverbial. She loves good food, good food even better if shared with friends or family. He does not like solitude, he loves happy groups, having his own family, being with others.

Taurus gives a certain slowness, both physical and mental. They do not like to think too much. And when they think they do not like to think about transcendental, distant, spiritual, philosophical things. They love practical things, the here and now, they love life, the countryside, real people and genuine things in life.

They always ruminate on things, think and rethink before swallowing them … a bit like the animal Bull does when he eats and ruminates the grass. They want to have their habits, their spaces without being upset by unexpected events, surprises and changes.

Changes are something they would never want to encounter in their life, they are so allergic to it. They are territorial, possessive, and drastic in the way of perceiving a space or a person.

In love they are in need of affection and attention, lovers of sensuality, of quiet living, they are simple, they want things pure and simple without making strategies, turnarounds, complications.

They do not like to complicate their life, they almost always choose the path already trodden. They are not pioneers or explorers like Aries.

Aries is the sign that opens a way, has the energy and primordial strength to start, to open a path; Taurus what enriches this path, makes it more luxuriant and strong.

Taurus knows how to maintain and manage every situation with patience, tenacity and perseverance like few others can. This is why we often find them in roles of responsibility and management of assets and resources. You can always count on them.

Scorpio Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon controls mood, emotions and sub consciousness. She is also responsible for the principles of rest and nutrition.

The position of the Moon in the birth chart determines your inner self. It shapes your soul and what you need to feel emotionally protected. The moon controls what happens at the depth of the personality.

The sign of the moon in a horoscope can also influence how strongly your sun sign is. Therefore, people with the same zodiac sign may behave differently. If Scorpio is your lunar sign, it means that the Moon passed through Scorpio at the time of your birth.

If you don’t know what your moon sign is, calculate your birth chart. Remember below is a general description of the Moon in Scorpio. Aspects and the house where the Moon was at the time of birth can greatly affect the characteristic.

The inner emotions of the Moon in Scorpio are, to put it mildly, intense. This is a gloomy and uncomfortable position for the moon (fall). These people literally burn from the inside with deep experiences.

Their emotions usually go to extreme highs and lows, almost engulfing them. This gives the Moon in Scorpio a deep understanding of human feelings.

Such sensitivity often makes the lunar Scorpions themselves incomprehensible to those around them. These people have an inner need to transform themselves and others.

The dark intensity of this sign is not always obvious, but it seethes within Lunar Scorpio. Such a person tends to restrain his feelings and not express them, because he knows that not everyone can handle this intensity.

Since Scorpio is ruled by the mysterious Pluto, people with the Moon in this sign tend to be very secretive and find it difficult to express their feelings in words. Too truly open up to someone, a Moon Scorpio must have a strong sense of trust in the other person.

It may take a long time, but once the trust is built up, the Moon Scorpio will be extremely loyal and honest.

However, if trust is broken once, he may never forgive the person again, even if he tries. After all, Scorpio is a fixed sign, and his emotional memory (Moon) is irresistibly strong.

Another fixed feature of the Moon in Scorpio is a strong attachment to those few people whom they let into their inner world. They know how to actually connect with others on an emotional level and need these strong bonds in order to feel emotionally secure.

Moon Scorpions need people who can explore the depths of life with them, helping them uncover the truth about themselves. For this sign, the truth and the search for answers are very important.

In a relationship, the Moon in Scorpio needs someone extremely loyal and honest. This sign is known to take partnership very seriously, as it pays a lot of attention to affection.

The mystery of Scorpio gives these people strong sexual energy, but they need a partner who will always remind them of their attractiveness.

Moon Scorpions have loving and devoted hearts. With a deep understanding of other people’s emotions, these people feel well the mood of others, sometimes even in an extrasensory manner. By the way, they make good esotericisms and psychologists.

People tend to turn to Lunar Scorpios with their problems and dark secrets, as Lunar Scorpios are able to sense the needs of others. They are well versed in connotations and riddles, they work effectively when they are experiencing any crises.

Overall, it is a loyal, intuitive, creative, strong-willed and sensual sign.

Lunar Scorpio’s emotional secrecy can often upset his partner. It may seem to his loved one that he is simply not able to satisfy the needs of this mysterious person.

The Moon in Scorpio also tends to shut out situations or try to control others in order to protect their vulnerability. If Moon Scorpios do not feel mindful, they can create conflict or rekindle feelings of resentment and jealousy.

The sting of the moon Scorpio often hurts others and himself. Therefore, it is extremely important for such a person to do what is interesting to him, as well as to withdraw his locked emotions in various ways.

Emotional release should become a habit for the Lunar Scorpio to maintain inner and outer harmony. For example, bodily cleansing (sports, exhaustion, hot baths, and a fasting diet) or intellectual stimulation (watching horror films, literature about mystical riddles, disasters, crises). Introspection and finding solutions for oneself also positively affects the Moon in Scorpio.

Transformation is the main principle of Scorpio, and in order to truly transform and find peace of mind, these people need to learn to show their emotions. Then their already strong will truly become infinite.

Taurus Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

To be a true expert in astrology and horoscope, he must not dwell only on his chief zodiac sign.

In fact, each person, when born, represents a Christmas theme, or rather a “zodiac map” on which appears not only the sign in the house of the Sun, but also the ascendant e other signs they occupy different positions depending on the planet.

One of the houses that cannot be overlooked is that of the house of Luna, which greatly affects our personality. Today we will focus on the Moon in Scorpion.

To calculate the Month of your birth chart, you need the same information needed to calculate ascending, that is, the zodiac sign that was rising, exactly at the time of birth. In fact, it is based not only on the day, but also on the time.

If you find that the Astrological Moon is in Scorpio, deepen your knowledge of this very important feature of your personality.

All born from the zodiac sign of Scorpio from October 23 to November 22. Along with Cancer and Pisces, it is part of the Water Traces and is directly influenced by two planets, Pluto and Mars, a symbol of both masculinity, fire and passion.

Scorpio is undoubtedly a mysterious and fascinating sign. Discovering the aura of mystery in any situation that makes it attractive in the eyes of everyone.

It then combines this aura to be revealed by ambition and an innate curiosity, which very often leads the domestic Scorpio to travel around the world and to embrace every adventure because of his thirst for knowledge.

There is also no lack of an intuitive sense of irony that is fully exploited thanks to its exceptional intelligence. Scorpio is, as a rule, a deep emotionality that must be revealed.

Scorpio’s ambition and determination, however, can turn into conceit and stubbornness.

Also, these people tend to be sensitive, irritable and their love passion can lead them to dominate their partner.

Having made a brief overview of the most obvious characteristics of Scorpio when he is in the main position in the birthday card, i.e. the Sun, we now stop to better understand what is the influence of the Moon on an individual’s personality, to see how it can differ according to the sign in which finds.

In the birth chart, the Moon is the planet that regulates emotions, moods and feelings.

If the ascendant and the zodiac sign of the Sun generally regulate the way one positions oneself towards others, as we show ourselves on the outside, the Moon determines the interior much more.

Going to the analysis of one’s own Moon essentially means probing one’s emotional world, finding information about one’s sensitivity, having more or less strong certainty and persuasion, having a maternal instinct and his ability to intuition.

All in all, we can say that for horoscope and astrology, the sign of the Sun reveals how a person behaves, while the Moon distinguishes his reactions and his emotional sphere.

The moon in Scorpio has gods of very different qualities between them who must try to find balance.

In fact, you see the juxtaposition of the elements that are defined as “female”, which is the extreme sensitivity already visible in other moons of water, and those “male” determined by the influence of the planets Mars and Pluto.

Therefore, unlike the Moon in Cancer or Pisces, the one in Scorpio sees a major control over emotions, at least externally.

An individual with the Moon in this sign tends to hide his inner self more, showing himself to others sweetly and affectionately, but hiding in himself restlessness and noises of feelings.

The traditional charm of Scorpio remains, thus endowed with a mystery and mystery irresistible, combined with a unique ability to know how to read the people around him, deciphering their thoughts and feelings.

This innate intuition can be used to both help others, but in certain situations a native with the Moon in Scorpio can use this knowledge to his advantage.

In general, it is already noticeable extreme sweetness towards others, especially family and friends.

However, the Moon in Scorpio also means a clear rejection of compromise and a tendency towards control. These individuals fear losing control of situations, those they care about the most, and even themselves.

So we find it difficult to let people go out of their lives, especially relationship partners. It is probably the scariest water month of betrayal, which provokes strong reactions such as jealousy and possessiveness.


We have already said that, already in general, on the Moon in Scorpio, contrasting elements are mixed that cause fundamental discomfort in both men and women.

In fact, the woman with the Moon in Scorpio stands out for her magnetism, for her awareness of her charm and high sensual charge.

It makes his influence on the sign of Pluto and Mars very confident in himself and his abilities, which he is able to make the most of every day to realize his projects.

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