Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Moon in Virgo has good compatibility with Taurus. These signs have no contradictions, and solid, diligent, consistent, appreciate the comfort of home.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, endowed him with sensuality, which Virgo misses so much, so people with such a combination have strong sexuality and attraction.

They know how to look at things more easily than pure Virgos and treat things more carefully. This applies to those born in May, but is also important for the April Taurus.

Taurus Sun – Meaning and Info

The other would be the zodiac – Taurus. It is characteristic to consist of different directions, because it manifests in different ways and at the same time looks in different spheres of life, such as work, family, love, friendship. The main qualities are reliability, stability and love of beauty, self-confidence and strength.

Little “Bullhead” – wonderful children. They are strong, cheerful, friendly, sociable and sweet. Since childhood, the representatives of this sign tend to all that is beautiful, they touched the wire art, music, dance and other forms of creativity.

In all they are harder ideally, they always achieve their goal. Despite these qualities, the small body is very slow. This is due to the fact that in any case they are approached thoroughly, carefully. After that, their perseverance and ability to concentrate on one thing helping Taurus achieve success in all areas of life.

Representatives of the sign in the horoscope are under the influence of Venus – a beautiful female planet. She was the one who gave her players calm, confidence, firmness, love art. Often there are also phlegmatic.

Taurus are calm and patient, quite objective, hardy and mysterious. They are practical and prone to greed, it does not save money on pleasure.

Taurus is, perhaps, one of the most sensitive members of the horoscope. They recognize sex only because of love, and are always ready to satisfy their partner. Taurus love long caresses, they can enjoy their feelings and lovers.

As a rule, the representatives of this zodiac sign are different external beauty and charming, gallant men and thoroughly, and women are luxurious and elegant.

The characteristics of the stronger sex is an alloy of self-confidence and practicality. Women have always bribed him with their respect and aspiration for equality in a relationship. For his lady, they are generous and generous, but at the same time jealous and independent. Taurus distinguish loyalty and rarely dissolve a marriage.

This lady is a different whim, sensuality, beauty and grace. There are always crowds of fans around him, as a rule, worthy and rich.

But the Taurus woman is not in a hurry to stay on any of them. In love, she tends to take pleasure, and as soon as her boyfriend ceases to delight and surprise, she goes to another.

Taurus – A zodiac sign, which function allows you to keep in mind that all its representatives have high demands on their second half.

Taurus represents that time of year in which the planted seed must emerge and produce, the time when the earth breaks to open up to the sun. It is the season of slow and peaceful beginnings, of patient preparations, but of considerable vigor.

The writers have embroidered a lot on this Sign, they have emphasized, in particular, the anger of the Bull when it is provoked.

But in the East, where the astrological signs were born, these animals are considered docile creatures, not at all to be feared and meet in the streets led to pasture by small children.

In the East, the toot rather symbolizes the ability to continue in a certain direction as does the ox pushing the plow, tensed only when it encounters resistance in the ground.

The Taurus is characterized by the spirit of grasping and completing what it started with sustained energy. ‘If your Sun is in Taurus, you are led to express authority by demonstrating that you have life in your hand.

While Aries loves to see existence as an opportunity for ever new beginnings, you prefer to see its continuity and persevere until the end.

Even if, like many famous Taurus, you favor rebellion, you have the aptitude to justify it as a continuation of a tradition.

Just as the spirit of Aries suddenly sparkles with brilliant beginnings, so the spirit of Taurus is pushed to get the job done even if it is difficult.

When resolute and tenacious perseverance (typical of this Sign) is required, he is able to accomplish his feet by overcoming every obstacle.

At a higher level, Taurus helps in the development of nishtha, the steadfastness that favors the attainment of spiritual goals.

But Taurus who are not evolved enough to receive the high influences manifest themselves in various earthly paths.

Many born in this Sign express their solar nature in the desire to fix, ‘fix’ the things around them, to control their world, and remove the unexpected from their lives as much as possible.

Security is important to every Taurus, personal security of possession as assured continuity. For a Taurus, this necessity is a matter of abstract principles rather than of personal possession, although he feels he is living on selfish levels.

The Taurus needs to always be sure that they have a solid foundation to work on. This base can be a hearth of his own, or only a firm certainty on which to build future investigations.

If your Sun is in Taurus, the power and initiative will be considerable in you, although they are underestimated by others due to the gentle manners that characterize you and the slowness in starting things.

In this case, you will not appreciate the phenomenal vigor with which you can carry out commitments. When you take on a job you will continue it, while other people, in the same case, would collapse from exhaustion. You are like the mushroom which, though soft and flexible, grows the soil that covers it.

What will be the main source of so much energy? Love for hard work? Perhaps not, since many individuals of the same Sign avoid what others grasp and waste their energy in intemperance. In all of you ruled by Venus, there is a deep, instinctive love of stillness.

So you ask yourself: why is it necessary to feel the need to control events? Why do many feel they have to consolidate their world and push the unexpected out of their way? Those who are sure of themselves do not fear the future.

Taurus is a spring sign. The young, tender shoots, if they could think, would be aware when they emerge from the ground, of the enormous difficulties that oppose their survival: hungry animals, a sudden frost, excessive heat.

The tender buds are much more vulnerable than trees; their strength lies in their zeal and willpower, in the desire to grow at all costs!

Taurus is essentially a young Sign: it possesses the exuberance of youth. You too, like the tender shoots that want to open to the sun, are easily vulnerable, yet persistent. What in the eyes of others appears to be self-confidence is only impatience and ardor, a vigorous drive caused by being aware that the road to success is blocked by enormous obstacles.

Virgo Moon – Meaning and Info

Worn by the details, such people often do not notice the holistic picture. They don’t make good leaders and strategists. Virgo protects the inner world from unnecessary negative emotions, over time she becomes angry.

He likes to criticize, but does not experience criticism at all. He differs in his hypocritical attitude towards other people, noticing their smallest flaws.

At the same time, he considers himself a perfection, which only by grace came down to communicate with others. The desire to do everything perfectly leads to uncertainty and anxiety. Excessive meticulousness makes such people insane and unproductive.

They are afraid to show their feelings towards others, which often creates problems in their personal lives. Family relationships are complicated by the constant picking of nitrogen to the partner, the children. Not only loved ones suffer from this, but also the Lunar Virgin herself.

Moon Virgos can make money if the Moon in Virgo is from a woman, you will not buy it with empty compliments and unfulfillable promises. Such a lady chooses a partner pragmatically, without unnecessary romance.

She is stingy with feelings, she looks at the world through the eyes of a realist, and she adheres to strict principles. The partner expects the same attitude. They are interested in smart men who are building a career and know how to make money.

Next to them, Virgo feels confident and protected. In bed, this woman is chained, although the rising moon can awaken her hidden sexuality, destroy the image of cold ice. Without hope for further serious development of the relationship, the girl will not establish intimate contact. He does not want to spend on trifles, because life does not consist only of pleasures.

But with a partner who really suits her in terms of intellectual level, temperament, she can open up and become a passionate mistress. The Virgo woman and mother turn out good, though not progressively. It doesn’t leave loved ones carefree.

The house is always in perfect order, often everyone lives according to a clear schedule. The spouse ensures that the children and the husband have a regular healthy diet, so that they do not sit still, develop and improve.

Taurus Sun Virgo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Sometimes such behavior causes problems: not everyone is able to sustain life according to strict rules, because a woman’s moon in Virgo does not always make her happy. Lunar virgins are active, rarely devoting themselves only to families. They know how to work and make money.

Often choose the profession of secretary, teacher, and doctor. Achieve success in business if it does not require strategic vision and planning. Such wives also force husbands to take action, help them make a career, build their own business.

The moon in Virgo in men gives it many qualities that women do not always like. He is picky, draws attention to the smallest nuances of the partner’s appearance. You may notice a stain on his clothes, a casually styled lock of hair, a messy manicure, or a bad haircut.

In the manifestations of feelings a man is stingy, seldom speaks compliments, kind words, and almost never makes love.

But these guys have a lot of positive traits. They are polite, they will not cheat on a woman, and they will not leave her. If a man starts a family, it is for life, and for divorce it is extremely rare.

He is diligent, efficient, makes a successful career, and knows how to build his own business. He never loses money and expects the same behavior from his half. He controls the purchase of both his and his wife, but never refuses the things needed in the house.

The material side of life is treated with more care than the spiritual.

Sometimes the Moon in Virgo turns into a domestic tyrant in a young man. He requires everyone to follow the order he invented himself. For the slightest injury, he criticizes and finds guilt. Spoiled things cause scandal.

For a woman and a child, life next to such a person turns into torture. Much here depends on the solar-lunar combination. Some signs of daylight can smooth out negative character traits.

When the Moon in Virgo is in a man, she makes him a good performer. It is always easy to rely on such an employee.

He will complete any, even the most difficult task. But the instructions must be clear, otherwise the Virgin will simply not understand what they want from her. Cases that require imagination or wide views, this man cannot do.

Not self-confidence (and not even the love of hard work) is the goad that pushes the Bull to an ever more intense determination in his efforts, but rather doubt.

Perhaps he feels that his abilities have not yet been truly tested and this feeling also accompanies him in his mature age.

Doubt leads him to try his hand always, always. If you are of this sign, know that the great desire to fix things permanently was born from inner uncertainty, from the fear that events will take your hand.


It is the anxiety of the young seed who is afraid of never being able to split the earth, to face the countless battles for survival, yet anxious, at the same time, to demonstrate his abilities.

There are undoubtedly these characteristics in each of us.

Whenever, to whatever sign you belong, you become anxious to grasp things firmly, try to remember that the source of your anxiety lies not so much in the lack of trust, as in the lack of inner security. It is the Earth Element that makes you want to be solid as a rock.

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