Uranus in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Uranus is in its daytime abode, together with Saturn, in the house of exaltation of Mars, in the sign of the element Earth (in the house of the fall of Jupiter and Selene, the expulsion of the Moon and Isis).

At this time, there are fundamental changes in historical forms (this is especially likely in 2003, in the era of Aquarius), changes in public policy and economics.

There may be attempts to introduce new ideas into the rank of state activity (while Mars gives the force for accomplishment).

Uranus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

An unexpected goal in life’s struggle. New ways to reach the top. Incorporation of technology into everyday life.

The desire to change the current state of affairs for the sake of ensuring the future.

But the new carefully adapts to the old. Despite the desire for constructive change, it is difficult to finally leave the past.

Strong ambition, drive for success. Original ideas in science and business, but efforts are aimed at achieving a career and position. They manage to find new areas of application of old ideas.

Too much professional ambition and excessive ambition can become a source of problems in relationships with management.

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. These people are active, transforming private property enterprises, reforming the structure of governments, carrying out large social undertakings, various reorganizations.

Most of all this activity leads to an improvement in the well-being of the people and takes different forms in different countries.

For example, in some it is a great socialization of the service sector, while in others they strive to ensure that the service sector is in private hands.

In any case, the people of your generation are concerned about increasing labor productivity, the efficiency of any kind of activity, as a result of which unproductive labor is noticeably eliminated both in industry and in the government structure.

Children born now (1988 – 95) have Uranus in Capricorn; this is a time of great tension and change in long-established large and serious organizations of the Capricorn type – corporations, churches, and governments.

They will grow up in the process of numerous challenges to the power structures – we are now only seeing the beginning of this process – and their generation will obviously improve and strengthen changes in this structure on a practical level.

More purposeful and cautious than the previous group, they may try to return to the “old ways”, but nevertheless cultural changes and work in the new reality will continue.

Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

You are probably purposeful, prone to reform, secretive and know your business well.

However, you may be too detached, focused on the actual reversal (Saturn). Your generation will be a dynamic center of concentration and new fulfillment.

What was scattered during the Saturn period in Sagittarius and Scorpio will take on a systematic character. Old ideas, for example, the occult, will find application again in new areas.

In the agony of the Piscean age (the last 13 years before 2003), we must evolve if we want to survive.

Since Capricorn is the daytime abode of Uranus (in which it has not yet manifested itself enough), you must consciously ascend to the highest spiritual level.

This time is characterized by the use of old methods and means to reach new heights. Your generation will act unexpectedly and for a long time, you will skillfully achieve your goal: this was the case in 1906-1911.

According to far-reaching plans, you surpass people with Uranus in Sagittarius, since they only prepared consciousness for changes, and in Capricorn the situation loses its uncertainty: either new areas of research will be recognized and legalized, or they will be strictly prohibited.

Only people who are focused on new directions will be able to work at this time. But on the other hand, you can turn out to be a real scientist, architect and builder of a new society based on astrological principles.

True, you may be hindered by pragmatism and frequent changes in projects and plans, the presence of a strong strategy with a simultaneous lack of tactical maneuvering.

In the worst case, you may be characterized by extreme ambition, striving for success for the sake of a career, too big professional ambitions, sometimes “stubbornness” in implementing reforms, a desire to seize key positions, neglecting everything in order to achieve individual goals.

This generation is trying to work out fundamentally new forms of organization of collectives and production, which is directly related to the political organization of society and breakthroughs in spiritual development.

In case of defeat, this is fraught with hobbies for which society is not yet ready and the corresponding blowbacks.

In an individual chart, Uranus in Capricorn can give political adventurism, ill-considered eccentric leadership and throwing on the path of life; with deep elaboration, witty work directly with the egregor.

Uranus in Capricorn. Generation of fundamentally new forms of organization of collectives and production, political organization of society. Breakthroughs in spiritual development, awareness of the role of the subtle world. Coups on the way to the goal. Discontinuity of life events.

At best, a great understanding and use of collective energy, constructive forward-looking ideas for society as a whole; high level of spiritual development.

In the worst case – ill-considered eccentric leadership and throwing on the path of life. Passion for empty and premature ideas. Sharp negative situations, balancing on the “knife edge”, juggling with dangers; unwillingness to take responsibility for their affairs.

Uranus in Capricorn – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Another positive quality is warmth. It is practically impossible to look with such a person, he always attentively listens to other people’s opinions and takes his attention.

Also, those around them give the restraint that distinguishes the given person.

It can be maintained and endured. A person actively works on himself and his behavior, he can feel the self-delight that he cannot not please his friend and co.

But you can’t get around without some conflict situations. In some cases, a person starts to oppose his parents and the beginning.

This action, of course, does not occur without attention. It’s hard for him to bow to the same authority over the course of his entire life.

Most often, people who are idols for a given person are constantly changing. A person can achieve success in many areas of life.

He can become well-known throughout the country as a politician, a business man, and occupy a state post. They do not always manage to achieve financial goodwill, but there is no need to be known and honored Stability helps to achieve success, leading to every task it approaches very responsibly and seriously.

Also, this person can be represented by creative tasks and inventiveness. It is for this reason that he can take a creative duty and, with a great deal of reliability, he will be excellently cared for with a satisfactory task.

A person possesses some safety, which may be due to the lack of confidence of a person in himself and his strengths.

Also, the reason for such safety is barriers and obstacles on the way. The cabin in most cases is unstable, it constantly runs through the changes. Yes, and personal life, as a rule, does not lead to permanence.

A person is a strong personality, therefore it is quite difficult for him to get along with another person. He may have a feeling that another person is trying to oust him from his own space. In most cases, the life of such a person is associated with constant movements and changes.

An important advantage of the person is purposefulness. On the way to reaching the goal, he practically does not see obstacles. To that end, the person is perfectly trained in his own business, which will allow him to become a required specialist.

If he wishes, he can concentrate on the affairs that play an important role in his life. He does not satisfy himself with theoretical talk about changes in life, he needs to see real changes. Only in this case the person will be satisfied.

He is ready to constantly develop and perfect, analyze his mistakes, try to find the future in the future. Only in constant labor and development sees the opportunity to survive in a harsh world with its simple rules.

Most often, she manages to achieve the desired goals. But it should be noted that the price of success is often too high. To the same, hard-to-please, one can also combine with patience, as well as with preference.

Despite the fact that such a person loves philosophy and dreams, he never forgets about history.

Such a person will surely become an excellent leader and manager. He is without problems with organizational moments. The main advantage of such a manager is his success, he rarely accepts impulsive decisions, which leads to positive fruits.

A person is encouraged to be able to sort out in people well, which gives him the ability to find the right partners and trusted friends.

Despite the desire for everything new, he knows how to appreciate the old traditions. In the eyes of the people who surround him, such a person will appear as a reformer, which keeps nothing on the way to achieving success.

At the same time, he is moderately serious and persistent. Unfortunately, far from everyone will be able to see the depth and permeability of this person, and his personality is very interesting. Personality is not at all afraid of risky events, in addition, he knows how to predict the future.

Subordinates, he knows how to evaluate objectively, taking into account their professional skills and experience. It is not surprising that he manages to build solid companies and enjoy the respect of his colleagues. This guy is confident in his unreadability, therefore it is quite difficult to knock him out of the neck.

People with Uranus in Capricorn are very ambitious and success-oriented, and they are additionally supported by their sense of power and authority. They may have somewhat unusual goals in life.

They use their mathematical-scientific and technical-constructive talent with great concentration. They come up with original ideas. They use this with regard to business interests in order to climb the career ladder or to strengthen their position.

A challenging uranium exhibition, however, indicates excessive ambition, which leads them to place too high demands on their profession. As a result, such people can suddenly change jobs.

On the other hand, they have the ability to find new areas of application or possibilities for old ideas. However, it is difficult for them to let go of the “old” and to make room for the “new”. They constantly fluctuate as to whether they should keep some old order or whether they should simply risk an unclear new order.

Nevertheless, they want a constructive change, but still hold on to the past because they do not want to give it up completely. They may become too focused on certain projects and stand in their own way. These people must learn to carefully build their new ideas on an already existing foundation.

Ultimately, they want to change the status quo so that they can guarantee more security.

Therefore, they are among those who initiate changes in national political and economic areas.

After all, Uranus, the planet of change, is in the Saturn sign Capricorn, which stands for old structures and entrenched traditions. This means that Uranus in Capricorn is tearing down the foundations of society, politically as well as socially.

So you first have to think of 1990, when Germany was reunified. A wall was torn down there in the truest sense of the word in 1989.

The freedom thus gained initially resulted in an economic upswing, as the former GDR citizens now made up for everything they had missed, for example by buying a car or furniture from the West.

In addition, overcapacities were accumulated in companies and wages rose, although these were well above the growth in production.

As a result, business in former West Germany boomed for the time being.

In this way, the global economic downturn could be compensated for. But after the preliminary reunification boom, the global economic crisis shifted to Germany and the economy collapsed in 1993. For the first time a mass of approx.

4 million people were unemployed in Germany in 1994. Uranus is a slow moving planet and it takes 7 years for a zodiac sign.

Therefore, the Uranus in the zodiac rather describes the “specific change and change process” of an entire generation.

The interpretation of Uranus in a sign of the zodiac is mainly used in oral astrology.

The interpretation of Uranus in a zodiac sign for an individual person is not necessarily negligible, but it does not play the most important role.

The interpretation of Uranus in the respective house has a much higher priority and is much more meaningful for an individual person.


Uranus is a slow moving planet and it takes 7 years for a zodiac sign.

Therefore, the Uranus in the zodiac rather describes the “specific change and change process” of an entire generation.

The interpretation of Uranus in a sign of the zodiac is mainly used in oral astrology.

The interpretation of Uranus in a zodiac sign for an individual person is not necessarily negligible, but it does not play the most important role.

The interpretation of Uranus in the respective house has a much higher priority and is much more meaningful for an individual person.

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