Uranus in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Uranus in Greek means “the sky crowned with stars” and the energy of this planet is as infinite as the image that its name evokes. Uranus is visionary, by integrating it positively we are able to color outside the lines and live outside the box.

He rules shock, electricity, surprises and those moments where you realize that there is something NEW that you had not taken into account for your plans.

Uranus in your natal chart by sign and astral house indicates where there is a tendency to break with the established, to be more emotionally detached, and to resist staying in the known zone or status quo.

Uranus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

It is worth mentioning that this planet governs the sign Aquarius, so if you have this sign of the sun or ascendant (or for astro-advanced if they have the 11th house with many planets) this means that Uranus is a constantly active archetype in your life.

To take advantage of it in its maximum vibration, keep in mind the “why” of your rebellious crusade. Let’s say you want to leave the job you have because you want to undertake. Very good! But reflect, why do you want to undertake?

What can you deliver to the world from that brave action? What do you plan to offer with your venture? Channeling it to some generous cause beyond yourself and your ego makes Uranus work in cool and innovative ways.

Uranus poorly integrated, that is, if you resist or use it selfishly, it tends to create accidents, chaos, emotional coldness, very radical points of view and chronic anxiety (it is like having electricity shocks inside you all the time).

It is very important when we feel the Urania vibration to return to the body, eat healthy, and have habits of self-love such as yoga or meditation.

This will help us to land our ideas effectively and not be left in the “electric shock” that no matter how great it may be, without landing it is nothing more in a frustrated revolution.

It is important to clarify that since Uranus is a transpersonal planet (the personal ones are the Sun, the moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) its influence is felt less as part of our identity. These planets, if they are not conscious, manifest as external events that “happen to us.”

Uranus manifests itself as something that happens out of nowhere: “I met him out of nowhere and we fell in love” “out of nowhere he disappeared” “Out of nowhere I collided with that post” “From nowhere he lost control of his impulses”.

Of course if you work awareness you know that nothing happens “out of nowhere.” Everything is cause and effect of something, we are in a continuous network of events that are created mainly by our beliefs.

Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

They probably basked in dreams or fantasy games. But as they grew up, World War II broke out, and many of them rose up in idealistic zeal to come out and save the world, and for many the reality was too harsh.

Fortunately, the group that comes will be able to seek freedom and bring about change mainly through artistic and spiritual activities.

With negative character development, a strange love for wasted secrets and a tendency to regret about unrecognition among people are formed.

Such a person is prone to an unexpected rupture of emotional ties and fruitless fantasy in the absence of a desire to act and translate thoughts into reality.

With a positive development of character, a stable intuitive gift is formed with the possibility of bringing inspiration down to the soul at any time at will.

A person has a mysterious talent to inspire others with his own thoughts, a rare deep sense of mystery, a cosmopolitan worldview, an enviable peacefulness and a mass of unusual gifts hidden in the subconscious.

The mental life of such a person is full of the most unexpected premonitions and inspirations.

With regard to their own future, such people are always calm, since if they really need, they intuitively receive answers to any questions. Their life is dominated by the unconscious, as if in their service.

They are only seemingly helpless – in fact, the energies of World Life, conducted directly into their own sub consciousness, help to overcome any obstacles and enter new levels of life where everyone around them has long since given up their attempts to save. They are talented organizers and leaders who manage others “from behind the scenes” very effectively and rigorously.

Uranus in Pisces – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Uranus gives Pisces unexpected ideas that are very difficult for them to use constructively. The ideas of friendship (Uranus) and love (Pisces) at a low and medium level of evolutionary development are poorly combined: compare school disputes on the topic “Is friendship between boys and girls possible?”

Low love means submission or absorption, and friendship always implies equality and independence.

Therefore, the lower octave of Uranus in Pisces manifests itself in stubbornness, stupid originality and inappropriate collectivism of Pisces, which are served as spices to their generally plastic behavior.

With a strong defeat, mental illness with sharp and strange attacks (exits to remote spaces and inaccessible plans), sexual perversion with a strong psychic background, mediumship, the desire for group sex or extravagant religions with strange rituals and cults are possible.

The worked out Uranus gives Pisces a channel to the highest revelations of the Cosmos; this is already the level of saints, prophets, spiritual teachers sent from the distant future (in the sense of the evolutionary development of mankind).

The ways of working through Uranus lie through the comprehension of the ideas of Uranus in relation to the general karmic program of this Pisces and the correlation of the ideas of brotherhood and cosmic love of the higher plane with real people and situations encountered on its way.

Initially, these ideas are quite abstract and can serve only to distant ideals; the ways of their practical implementation and the inclusion of the energy of Uranus will show its aspects.

This generation is capricious in terms of mysticism, has occult abilities, although not always realized, and loves to worship idols collectively; it is able to make a breakthrough into the secrets of the subconscious and comprehend on a new level the processes taking place there. His works on occultism, psychoanalysis and psychology should be studied, as they contain more than could have seemed to his contemporaries.

Uranus in Pisces: A Generation of Collective Idol Worship. Breakthroughs into the secrets of the subconscious. Unexpected ideas that are difficult to use constructively. Plastic behavior. The pursuit of the mysterious, the management of secret processes. Discovery and use of secret energy sources. Strange and interesting people.

In the best case – the correlation of the ideas of brotherhood and cosmic love of the highest plane with real people and situations; saints, prophets, spiritual teachers.

In the worst case, stubbornness, stupid originality, inappropriate collectivism, mental disorders, forced isolation from society.

Very high sensitivity and intuition, the gift of foresight, foreboding, clairvoyance, high discernment, strong imagination and inspiration, spiritual concentration, faith, wisdom, compassion, humanity, mercy. Interest in astro psychology, occultism, parapsychology, healing, electricity, radio, non-traditional methods of treatment.

Intuitive abilities, scientific curiosity about the action of the subconscious, mystical religiosity, for example in the form of interest in meditation, the philosophies of the East or the yoga system.

Guiding ideas can come in a dream or as a result of inner insight. Sometimes it may seem that you are helpless, but if necessary you will be able to pull yourself out of the swamp by your hair.

The tendency to free oneself from the spiritual influences of the past, the spiritual struggle to overcome materialistic tendencies, the search for a higher spiritual correspondence.

Materialism divorced from life, insecurity and maneuvers to mislead in relationships with friends are possible. Avoiding unpleasant situations.

You are in the age group where the age ranges from 7 years old. There is great creative potential here in art, music, literature, philosophy. People in your age group are enthusiastic themselves and inspire others.

From many different styles, they synthesize something different, refreshing. The creative enthusiasm of people in your age group is highly sophisticated and emotional.

Often during your lifetime, your work does not find a worthy evaluation, recognition comes much later. Working, creating, people of your age group do not think about selling or conquering the market for their labor.

Such a generation is inherent in the spontaneity of ideas and the desire to find new things in the depths of the subconscious, which gives discoveries in the field of psychology and good intuition. It is difficult to overcome the anarchy of thinking.

Uranus is related to society, the good of all, technology and machinery. He is in conflict with Leo, the sign of individual creativity and artistic gifts. Uranus represents rebellion, revolution, ingenuity, and the ability to break through limitations and resurface with a new sense of freedom.

He proposes a new concept of the “I”, encourages us to reinvent ourselves, to trace new paths and reminds us of the importance of authenticity. This is Uranus in Astrology. “The symbol of Uranus has two faces; one facing the past and one facing the future. The dual mind of Humanity is separated by the cross of matter, which unites the human world to the Divine circle of the spirit. ”

Uranus is one of the “modern” planets, along with Neptune and Pluto. This expression refers to planets that were unknown in ancient times, at a time when it was not possible to see them with the naked eye.

Uranus was discovered in 1781 by the British astronomer William Herschel (1738-1822). Its name was suggested by the German Johann Bode, based on the name of Saturn’s father and Jupiter’s grandfather.

It is often called the “Frozen Giant” because 80% is made up of frozen methane, water, and ammonia. It has 27 very faint moons and rings compared to those of the other gas giants.

The symbolism of Uranus in modern Astrology is quite independent of the myths related to classical mythology. Uranus is related to riots and revolution.

Its discovery sparked a revolution in the cosmos known to ancient and medieval times and threatened to overthrow the traditional symbolism of Astrology and numerology.

Instead of the seven sacred planets, there was now an eighth, not sacred. Around the same time, political revolutions devastated America (1775-1783) and France (1789).

It takes Uranus 84 years to go all the way around the Sun and about seven years to move through a single sign. Therefore, its influence is felt for long periods of time.

All people born in the same seven-year period have the same sign on this planet, influencing the behavior of an entire generation.

Uranus is the planet of revolution, of unconventional ideas. It drives changes, questioning the status quo. Uranus makes us want to go beyond limits and borders, breaking new ground.

It is made of rebellious energy that moves away from the past to create new thoughts and ways of acting.

The position of Uranus in the birth chart indicates the area of ​​life where the soul has to free itself from restrictions or where it feels most restless.

But the house you occupy can also reveal abrupt changes, or the end of relationships or a personality that has come to awaken consciences.

When the energy of Uranus circulates without barriers, it creates chaos. Its greatest challenge is to create a new order, bringing the best of the past into the future, transforming deep and destructive crises into opportunities for development and harmony.

Uranus is an intuitive and illogical planet, being able to draw hasty conclusions. It acts for the good of all and not so much for the individual good. It symbolizes independent thinking, the drive for change, inspires revolution.

The orbit of this planet is quite different from that of the other planets in the solar system. It is an eccentric path, which rotates on its own axis at right angles, giving the impression of having the poles where the other planets have the equator.

Uranus travels in the opposite direction (east to west) from most of the other planets in the solar system (a feature it shares with the planet Venus). These strange characteristics have led Astrology to associate this planet with everything that is marginal, misfit, and genius.

Uranus is the planet of technology, of innovation, of wanting to do different, of invention. He sees no limits. It knows no borders. He only sees new possibilities to evolve, to always go further.


People influenced by the energy of Uranus are visionary and courageous. They are not afraid to rise up against the established and question the traditionally accepted currents. They are innovative, nonconformist and rebellious.

Despite not feeling the need to be socially accepted, he has a deep social conscience and acts for the common good. The personality on Uranus fights for social justice and for the oppressed.

Well or badly positioned, Uranus maintains its tendency towards chaos and eccentricity. A well-positioned Uranus is imaginative and revolutionary, while a poorly positioned Uranus is rebellious and unstable.

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