Uranus in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

Uranus bothers Sagittarius even more than Chiron because it gives him even more fantastic ideas.

With a bad study, it will be a romantic dreamer with passionate but extremely short-lived ideas that are easy to replace without ever touching reality.

When defeated, one can be stubborn in the style of a moving cross; He insists on his ignoring and plastic withdrawal from contradicting opinions, and in the event of severe defeat – attempts to actively transform reality according to his convictions and in the full belief that everything will be as it was planned in his imagination, without any feedback from the real world.

Uranus – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

The high octave of Uranus in Sagittarius allows the development of fundamentally new ways to develop religious and philosophical systems and bring them closer to the life of humanity, especially astrology.

In general, this generation tends to perceive cosmic love and energy from collectives, for him the terms brotherhood and friendship are sacred and individual religiosity and spiritual development are questionable.

With negative character development, one gets used to fighting traditions and undermining the foundations of life out of sheer curiosity. He remains blind to the strangest ideas and shows examples of rare fanaticism, vain fear and tactless harshness.

With a positive character development, a deep desire for systemic reforms is strengthened, strategic long-term goals of life change are formed, and the desire for independence, freedom and the full mobility of both the psychic world and the physical organism are strengthened.

Such a person is prone to the most unexpected changes in views about reality, basic principles of thought and worldview.

Perhaps a radical rethinking of attitudes towards religious and philosophical foundations and spiritual ideals is only an hour or two. In his spiritual quest, this person is free and extremely agile, which enables him to attain more perfect forms of perceiving the world without becoming obsolete on what is already obsolete.

Intellectual will and spiritual energy are very great, irrepressible desire for personal freedom, independence and independence.

There is a strong tendency to revise scientific, moral and spiritual teachings. One person shows a particular interest in higher education and pedagogy. Such people tend to create special forms of ritual behavior and spread unusual cults.

They are characterized by prophetic dreams, intuitive visions of the future and unexpected changes in the outlook on trips abroad. They devote their whole life to spiritual creativity and selflessly spread their ideological values, inspired by the lofty ideals that they can only see.

They are extremely fruitful in their desire to change reality, and the changes are not so much related to the material as to the spiritual life of society. They transform the existing worldview and philosophical traditions with all their might and attract both occult and scientific expeditions to new spiritual constructions.

It is a generation developing new philosophical and religious positions, a generation of reformers of traditional cults. Generation of builders of new socio-spiritual institutions.

Such people are particularly interested in the synthesis of different cultures and the combination of seemingly antagonistic concepts and attitudes.

They are looking for a new morality and a reform of the moral foundations. They try to get to the bottom of the depths of the phenomena and personally experience the high states of prayer that come in different ways.

Such a person subjects all previous authorities and teachings of the past to harsh, persistent scrutiny, tirelessly in search of new foundations, and skillfully synthesizing the information gathered by society into fresh, updated teachings.

These are restless explorers and selfless educators who all strive to expand the limits of consciousness and try to penetrate into the depths of the psyche. They are convinced that the intellectual revolution will lead to real independence of thought and a shift in economics and politics.

Not only do they learn new things and immerse themselves in their being, but they actively spread the extracted knowledge among their like-minded people and manage to transform even those who oppose it first into their own beliefs.

Uranus is similar in structure and chemical composition to Jupiter, but its character is not so cheerful and good-natured. The planet is serious, large and slow to go around the Sun, it takes as much as 84 years (for comparison, Mercury copes with this task in 88 days).

Due to the fact that the planet is far from the Sun, it is very cold and inhospitable on it. Uranus has its own “retinue” – as many as 15 satellites, it does not rotate like all “normal” planets, but against its axis and it needs only 16 hours for one revolution.

What Uranus is responsible for in the horoscope Uranus in astrology is the first of the so-called “Higher planets”.

It is far away, so due to the position of the planet, its influence is not so noticeable and not so clear. If personal planets, like Venus, “hit” us here and now, then Uranus is something beyond the control of mortal man.

Uranus is the highest octave of Mercury, it symbolizes thinking and intellect, but this is the highest, not “earthly” mind. Uranus is everything new, it is changes and transformations, often painful. It is under the influence of this planet that discoveries and revolutions take place.

As you can see, the characterization of Uranus is not the most inspiring. Uranus belongs to the planets of the highest level, and its influence in ordinary human life is almost imperceptible. She is responsible for global processes in the world.

Uranus in the signs of the zodiac Uranus goes through the zodiac circle for 84 years, and in each sign it is quite long – 6-10 years. This planet becomes strong and powerful under the influence of the zodiac signs Aquarius and Scorpio; the least aggressive are Leo and Taurus.

The planet is difficult to understand even in a direct position, and retrograde Uranus is simply unbearable. He is not friends with any of the zodiac signs, but he is at enmity with a number of planets: Mars, Saturn and Neptune.

Strong Uranus in a person’s horoscope is almost always to hardships and hardships, through which one will have to go, as if through thorns to the stars.

Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

They are characterized by an increased interest in the areas of ideology, sociology and national politics.

Their irrepressible activity leads to a new worldview in one way or another, and consenting to participate in coups in one way or another expands their consciousness, which then turns out to be a blessing to their disciples and followers.

They are progressive liberals, convinced of the need to renew the foundations of cultural and social life. You have a keen sense of humor, significant compassion, and an optimistic view of the world. They broaden their outlook at the cost of information that falls into their field of vision.

They are deliberately non-dogmatic and used in the construction of a synthetic picture of the world, even the most insignificant details of reality. They are spiritual rebels and seekers of new revelation. They are characterized by a strong will, a passionate desire for freedom and a rejection of all authority and order.

They strive for higher moral development, full of unusual dreams and fickle in their attitudes and opinions as developed in the lesson.

The power of the Spirit in them is associated with vivid inspiration and rich imagination, and therefore such people ceaselessly radiate revelation and intuitive knowledge and give them others. Such people tend to be broad cultural studies and religious studies.

Your spirit of adventure will always be based on humanism and the desire to improve not only the external but also the internal life of people. Often they are considered by theorists as not only representatives of the traditional churches, but yesterday friends, not maturing them in their inner development.

Sooner or later, their desire to reform themselves, basics of culture leads to success – and sees them discovered by others known as the moral law. They are only adventurous on the surface, but in reality they are invincible in finding new meanings and values.

But Uranus is not always good for surprises: it is also an integral part of every natal chart, which forms the basis of our astrological personality. This is not only shaped by the zodiac sign, but also by the personal planet symbols such as the Uranus sign. We explain what it means and what it reveals about your character.

Astrology focuses, among other things, on the twelve signs of the zodiac between Aries and Pisces. Depending on which sign the sun was in when we were born, our zodiac sign can be defined in this way.

But also the other planets like Uranus, which move steadily through the cosmos, were in one of the twelve signs of the zodiac during birth.

And these positions are at least as important in astrology as the zodiac sign itself – because when they work together, they create our complete natal chart and describe our individual personality.

The Uranus sign results from the position in which the planet was at the time of your birth. If this was in the zodiac sign Taurus, you belong to the Uranus Taurus.

To find out your personal Uranus sign, you only need your year of birth – because the planet wanders very slowly through the cosmos and stays in the same zodiac sign for a full seven years (or longer).

The only question left is what does the Uranus sign mean? While the zodiac sign forms the basis of your personality, the ascendant reveals how you affect your fellow human beings or the moon sign shapes your emotions.

The Uranus sign shows which topics are particularly important to us in everyday life, what we are fighting for and what how much rebellion there is in us. In the Uranus horoscope we take a closer look at each sign and explain what it says individually about you…

Uranus in Sagittarius – Woman, Man, Meaning, Personality

People with Uranus in Sagittarius strive for new religious, philosophical, and educational ideas. They want to free themselves from traditional and long outdated views, which is why pioneers of new forms of religion and education can often be found among them.

In doing so, they try to incorporate scientific and occult principles into these reforms. These include, for example, reincarnation, astrology, and thought transference.

However, when Uranus is challenged, these people tend to tend towards eccentric religions or social philosophies. Here they can almost fanatically pursue an exaggerated dogma or, as a strict agnostic, reject any higher existences and religious forms.

In relation to the entire generation, religiously affiliated religion in particular suffered major losses in the 1980s, especially from younger people.

In addition, the number of people leaving the church increased enormously, as the relevance of the church was classified as particularly low, which resulted in a further decrease in the number of church attendants.

The old-fashioned church system was replaced by the privatization of religion.

People with Uranus in Sagittarius are interested in distant countries and their peoples and cultures.

Driven by their thirst for adventure, they can simply pack their suitcase unplanned and start a longer journey. They use this to gain new experiences in foreign areas and with foreign people. Sometimes they also tend to adopt the religions or philosophies newly discovered there.

In general, they shouldn’t overdo their adventurous spirit, as they are otherwise easily prone to sports injuries or accidents.

If you look at the entire Uranus generation from 1981-1988, it is noticeable that travel was very popular during the period mentioned. The young “Interrailers” had the opportunity to travel free of charge by train through Europe.

Hitchhiking was also very popular at the time. An Interrail train ticket and “thumbs out” was a mass phenomenon in the 1980s, with entire groups of people hitchhiking with self-painted signs at border crossings.

In addition, there were more long-haul flights and flat-rate flights, which changed tourism to the point that travel by plane was now preferred.

In general, the number of emigrants who sought their fortune abroad also increased.

Technical development also advanced. The first emails have already been received in Germany and the first computers have been networked with one another.

In addition, schools and education were reformed, with particular emphasis on equal opportunities.

In general, the people of this generation wanted to understand higher-level relationships better. The focus was more on the big picture and less on the small things.

The interest in alternative healing methods such as homeopathy and acupuncture grew increasingly.

The southeastern understanding of the world was particularly popular at this time, and esotericism and astrology also gained in importance.


Uranus is a slow moving planet and it takes 7 years for a zodiac sign.

Therefore, the Uranus in the zodiac rather describes the “specific change and change process” of an entire generation.

The interpretation of Uranus in a sign of the zodiac is mainly used in oral astrology.

The interpretation of Uranus in a zodiac sign for an individual person is not necessarily negligible, but it does not play the most important role.

The interpretation of Uranus in the respective house has a much higher priority and is much more meaningful for an individual person.

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