Venus Conjunct Mars – Synastry, Transit, Composite

A symbol that consists of a circle connected with a line (☌) is a visual representation of the conjunction, meaning that two or more objects coexist in the same space.

In astrology, that means that two planets aligned under the same sign. The distance between them is zero degrees, making their energies merge and giving a Zodiac sign they share heightened energy.

When the traits of these two or more planets are equivalent to each other to some extent, it makes an excellent aspect. It also produces forcefulness and action. If there’s disharmony between them, that could start contradictory vibes.

When two planets share the same place, it implies that each of them strives to triumph and dominate over the other. That can shatter harmony and trigger instability and disequilibrium.

But conjunctions are not necessarily a negative aspect. However, when one has them in their natal chart, conjunctions will likely generate more dissonance than positive characteristics.

It will depend on other planets and houses in which direction it will migrate. These aspects demand to be careful because planets represent broad traits that might not reflect our characters and lives.

The angles planets form with each other at the minute of our birth determine our personalities, desires, and aspirations.

What does that mean for Venus conjunct Mars?

Venus rules our emotions, passion, attachments, and relationships. It also determines our personal tastes, such as what kind of literature we like to read or what art moves our souls. Venus is the planet of pleasure, but it also indicates our beauty, grace, and outlook.

Besides, Venus governs our values, reproduction, and eroticism. This planet has an influential role in our wealth management, sociability, and desires.

On the other side, Mars is capable of revealing our inner willpower and what inclinations and whims drive us to achieve our dreams. Mars is raw passion, action, and intensity.

It also governs competitiveness, initiative, and ambitions. With its force, it gives us reasons to get up every day. Mars is a challenger that motivates us to battle with our fear and reach our maximum potential.

Mars gives us an incentive for bold, instinctive, and decisive actions. But be careful. Any decision that Mars influences could be determined by aggression and impatience. This planet shapes our assertiveness, how agile and resilient we are. Thus, it determines how we defend ourselves and others.

Venus conjunct Mars is a combination of feminine and masculine traits. Nevertheless, both planets are passionate, meaning that every aspect between them indicates love, s*x, or money.

It is why Venus conjunct Mars natives are likely inspiring, intense, and focused on their desires. This combination of planets can give compelling personal characteristics, including unshakable self-confidence, willpower, and determination to achieve goals.

Since it represents a blend of two powerful planetary energies, these individuals usually struggle with managing their impulses and intensity. As a result, they can be aggressive, unrestrained, and volatile. But Venus conjunct Mars persons are also likely deeply aware of their inner self and how they express it to the world.

These people are passionate in more than just a romantic sense. They feel everything, including their preferences, values, and dreams. Whatever they like or desire, they will focus on that and pursue it.

Venus conjunct Mars persons feel intense emotions even when it comes to hate, jealousy, and insecurities. These are the creatures of feelings and enthusiasm, and they express it with a lot of energy.

If there are many difficulties and challenges between them and what they want, Venus conjunct Mars natives are still ready to go for it. They will cross, face, and attack every obstacle until they can merge with what makes them feel alive, fulfilled, and happy.

But the same applies to vengeance and disputes: they only stop once they achieve the goal.

However, it usually doesn’t come to that because these individuals are typically sweet and warmhearted. It depends on other aspects in a natal chart if one would focus its energy on revenge or love.

If these two planets align under Aries, then Mars will prevail. But if they merge under Libra or Taurus, it will be Venus.

The dominance of Venus means one will be charming, courteous, and without an urge to create waves and destruction.

In case the Zodiac sign gives prevalence to Mars, the planet of heat, anger, and war, then all is possible. If one angers or gets upset, Mars will likely govern them to be aggressive and stop at anything.

But the first level of their coexistence makes Venus conjunct Mars natives charismatic and assertive. They can determine when to act sweet and soft and when they should be warrior-like and combative.

Other people likely know them as competitive but don’t see it as their principal trait because they subtly hide it under their charm and innocence.

The main drive of Venus conjunct Mars persons is their desires. It keeps them going no matter what they do because their wants and needs burn deep within, demanding fulfillment.

Love and relationships are of paramount importance to them, and they don’t feel fulfilled nor happy with someone next to them. Yet, they tend to be unable to draw a difference between passion and love. It is why lust and sexual attraction are usually the starting point of their connections.

Due to being that intense, zestful, and determined, others usually see them as fascinating and alluring. That gives Venus conjunct Mars natives the power to be great leaders, entrepreneurs, and game-changers. They are also creative and have a particular talent they aim to improve.

But these individuals are at risk of being selfish, self-centered, and machiavellian because they’re ready to go to great extents to accomplish their goals.

As a combination of lust, love, and war, Venus conjunction Mars naturally feels like an exciting romantic synastry.

Venus conjuncts Mars synastry

The romantic synastric analysis is the interaction of houses between two birth charts. It shapes the relationship between two persons. Whenever Venus forms an aspect with Mars, it will be an intense, erotic, and deeply-consuming relationship.

Venus rules sentiments, arts, and love, making it the ultimate planet of romance and grace. But Mars is the red warrior that brings war, aggression, and passion. When these two meet and form conjunction, they represent powerful sexual attraction and profound connection.

Venus conjunction Mars generates irresistible physical chemistry between two people. They feel they were made for each other right from the moment they meet.

That strikes powerful, passionate, and romantic attraction they can’t forget. These two find each other captivating, providing them with feelings they have never felt before.

Their connection feels animalistic, primal, and instinctive. It burns and screams inside, requiring to be together.

However, as with every conjunction, this one might create problems too. If a man’s Venus conjuncts a woman’s Mars, they will be attracted to each other from the get-go.

Yet, they both tend to become too demanding in a relationship, which can hurt their passion. There is a risk of sexual attraction fading over time and resulting in conflicts and accusations.

If they want to keep their relationship happy and healthy, they should avoid delving into menial details and emphasizing gender roles and expectations.

In the case of a woman’s Venus forming a conjunction with a man’s Mars, there will be an undeniable, natural, and irresistible attraction between them.

It is a more favorable combination because Venus has feminine traits and Mars masculine, generating less friction in this relationship. The woman craves the masculinity, power, and strength of the man.

Man will likely take the initiative and control in this combination. The Venus partner likes being a prey while the Mars native feels powerful and fulfilled as a hunter. They feel that they long for each other, which creates an intense bong that will be difficult to break.

Even if they break up and years pass by, these two will never forget each other and the pleasure they shared.

However, there’s a risk of one or both partners becoming too self-centered, which will irritate the other and cause disconnection in their relationship.

Thus, depending on the aspects in a birth chart, Venus conjunction Mars is the most frequent combination in love affairs and flings.

But if the houses and planets in their natal charts are favorable, this combination could be one of the most enduring and intense romantic relationships.

It is not as good for friendship connections because it often results in unrequited love, friend-zone problems, and lack of boundaries. If it starts as friendship, both persons might feel something more between them, but they will likely try to silence their feelings.

Another issue that can arise in Venus conjunct Mars relationships is that the Mars native will try to dominate the connection and control their partner.

As Mars represents war and masculine energy, this partner might emphasize gender roles, tradition, and patriarchal values. There are also jealousy and drama as both partners can be hot-tempered, possessive, and self-absorbed.

But if Venus conjunct Mars couple can leave menial problems aside, reason with envy, and trust their partner, it’s one of the best combinations possible, meant to last for a long time.

Venus conjunct Mars transit

Transits represent the movement of planets and how they affect our natal charts. Venus is a fast planet, so this transit lasts a few days. It means that it doesn’t have a durable nor powerful influence, and it can’t cause life-changing events. But it does affect intimate relationships.

Venus conjunct Mars transit awakes a strong sexual desire and intimate connection with a partner or other people you find attractive. It is a period when your feeling will overwhelm you. You will feel very emotional and ready to explore your sexuality.

However, if you’re single but try to find a romantic partner during this transit, consider that it’s the sexual desire that’s driving you.

But you will be quite direct in this period. On the other side, depending on different placements in your natal chart, you could become passionate about other aspects of your life. For instance, you could become passionately determined to achieve something in your professional life.

Perhaps, you will try to make new business partnerships, network, or organize a team building. You will likely be enthusiastic and passionate to prove yourself in your profession. Hence, that makes this transit an opportunity to start new projects or finish the old ones.

But it’s recommendable to take on physical challenges rather than intellectual ones. Venus conjunct Mars transit tends to energize us, making it a beneficial period for physical and bold actions.

Try to direct your energy into constructive ideas, physical activities, mutual tasks, and team works. Also, be careful with your wallet, or you could spend money on useless things.

If Mars is one of the dominant planets in your natal chart, this transit could make you feel more eager to achieve maximum results in everything you do. But think it through before making any drastic decisions because Mars could take over you with its power to cause bold resolutions.

All the Zodiac signs will be more inclined to develop romantic relationships during this transit. If they don’t have a sexual partner, they will go out, install dating apps, or network to find someone new.

It is also the period when you will be more affectionate, lovely, and intense. Even if you’re in a long-term relationship, you will feel the need to awake sexual tension and do quirky things.

However, make sure you don’t go overboard, and your partner feels the same way.

During this transit, you will be more charismatic, physically alluring, and seductive. You will use it to attract potential partners and fulfill your emotional and sexual desires. But if you don’t manage, you will feel hurt. If you don’t get what you want, you could become selfish, uncaring, and harsh towards other people in your life.

But if you have a partner and a satisfying relationship, you will be passionate and perhaps spend all day in a bed with your significant one. That will make you feel enthusiastic, vital, and agile.

Women will be more active and take the initiative during the Venus conjunct Mars transit. It is because the feminine energy of Venus will activate Mars’s masculine vibes. It is the time where females will be unlikely to hesitate if they want someone. They will courageously demonstrate their interest and feelings.

As a result, men will probably meet open-minded and sexually liberal women in the days of Venus conjunct Mars transit. But regardless of gender, it’s the period when you should let your heart and passion lead you.

Venus conjunct Mars composite

A composite chart represents the composition of the planetary midpoints of two or more horoscopes, and astrologers typically use it to determine the compatibility of two persons. The goal is to identify the function of a connection.

Composite Venus conjunct composite Mars gives a relationship full of intense passion, attraction, and chemistry.

These individuals feel pulled towards each other from the moment they meet, and they are curious to consume the irresistible desire between them. Since there’s a strong interest among the partners, it will likely stay even after many years.

However, if something is off and the things between them don’t work out, that passion will remain but in an ugly form. There could be hatred, regrets, and bitterness once the relationship ends.

Nothing is lukewarm in a composite Venus conjunct composite Mars relationship. They trigger intense emotions in one another, and they will likely spend most of the time enjoying the physical aspect of their relationship.

Since both partners have strong personalities, there will probably be competition between them. They can both be hot-tempered and throw tantrums, which affects their bond.

But all that tension typically ends with erotic moments or fights that resolve with sex. Nevertheless, they can go to extremes, but it excites them.

Whatever they do, they always stimulate each other. Years can pass, but there will be a spark in a composite Venus conjunct composite Mars connection. And that’s what’s the most significant for these two. They need passion, lust, and physical chemistry to stay together. But that’s not a given, and they will have to work on it and nurture their relationship.

If other aspects in their natal charts are favorable and they can keep jealousy at bay, these two will encourage each other to pursue their dreams and goals. Love and desire are their principal drives, but that can be enough for different aspects of life.

Composite Venus conjunct composite Mars relationship always gives these partner a reason to fight and go on in life, which is why they can hardly live without each other. Each native feels that their partner brings zest to their life, which is like a glue that keeps them together.

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