Venus Conjunct Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Whenever you see the planet Venus in some planetary aspect, astrologers say that it is the story that most definitely has got to do with love.

In a case where Venus conjuncts Pluto, astrologers say that this is a story about love at first sight.

This is the aspect of fatality, the good and the bad, when lethal encounters happen, there is much more passion than simply love, and what is even more interesting all of it could happen in just one moment.

When the planet of beauty and emotions, Venus meets the planet Pluto then the word fatal is used a lot.

In some cases, this could be a fatality- a conflict that will resolve in an ending and suffering.

But also this connection brings fatal encounters in the field of love, where they are most commonly called karmic connections.

It is said that neither of these two planets, “married” in conjunction, standing side by side can escape.

Not from each other, so much as from their own destiny, as the other planet will just enhance what the other has.

And, more importantly, this aspect is our deeper connection to the past, but not the past as if the time when we were younger, but the time that is not the time, we are talking about the connection to the past lives.

There is also an idea that that aspect depicts the choices that we had

once upon a time, and this choice is mostly seen, as we have said in the terms of love.

This is the reason why everyone who has this planetary aspect in their natal chart is leading their lives as if they were led by a hand that they cannot even control.

It may seem like they are going to the point of life that they have mapped out in the past life.

Venus Conjunct Pluto In General

In general, if we look at the natal chart of the person who has such a planetary aspect, then that person will experience life in a way that everything must be felt, and this is the only way they can live.

Always have in mind, that the planet Pluto is the ruler of death, and this is the only proper way these people can behave – everything in their lives is fatal and extremely passionate.

They convey the strength and depth of all emotions more easily when they are with a lover that understands them.

They are the people who never give up on finding what they believe belongs to them or what is meant for them.

In their heads, this is only love, and time does not exist, there is plenty of time for it to come.

They are reaching their goals with the strength of their minds, by the pure force of intention, and deep desire that does not go away.

The primary goal is the fatal love and passion that they want to live every day, only when they have it, do they feel like they got what they wanted. The same love and passion to live again, no matter what.

Regarding personalities, this combination of the planet of beauty and love with the planet of ultimate destruction and transformation, is, to say the least, deeply problematic, but from it, in certain cases, something good could grow.

Not all kids that were raised by alcoholics become just as they, but some of them become quite opposite; and in the same way, assisted with some other positive aspects, this one also could give birth to a healthy or at least a personality that could grow over time and become the best version of itself.

Not just in love, these people have all relations feel like they are challenging fateful connections that they cannot move on or change.

In other conditions, their relations are more seen as painful and fatal restrictions with the people they love, including the family members.

In fact, most often, regarding personal life, both cases are plausible.

A great lesson these people must learn is that all strong desires they have also come with the strong need for control, but also for long-term and stable relationships (that are not always achievable).

This planetary aspect is, as astrologers like to point out, potentially much more difficult for women, especially those who encounter very attractive but as a rule very violent men or simply problematic.

And, the most noteworthy part – is the idea that we mentioned before.

People with this aspect are living their lives with the feeling that they are fulfilling a mapped-out route in life, the one that they have known in a previous life.

In this path, they feel like they are meeting people they already know, and even in a conversation with them, they have memories or déjà vu, that they once talked about and had a similar conversation with.

For them, this is just a confirmation that they had a similar relationship in past lives.

Pay attention, this does not have to be an emotional relationship – it’s a partnership.

It can be our friends with whom we get along well and transmit without many words, we know what the other person is thinking, and what they will say without much contact.

We often have such karmic links with our parents, children, sisters, and brothers, who were immediate family members in our past lives.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Transit

Many things will occur in just one moment and this aspect also signifies recognition of what that consuming emotion could be.

During this transit, it is very likely that you will have a moment of acquaintance, and that you will feel like someone meant for you have entered your life.

You will recognize him or her through their gaze and eye contact.

The majority of people who will have this type of fatal experience is that this moment is what they have been waiting for, that’s it.

Sentences like – I’m waiting for you, and no one else and I don’t need anything else for the rest of my life could be heard often during this transit.

One thing is certain, there is no explanation, but the feeling, just like a flash can only be felt by those who had past life loves with the same partner. A karmic connection for sure.

Of course, every planetary aspect touches all parts of our lives, and this conjunction also.

Here, we meet potentially heavy energy, and for many, it is desirable or at least forgivable to step up the hardest you can in the field of work and career.

You do not have to be only in the realm of love, in relation to the love plan.

Because, this is the aspect that touches the emotional sphere the most, but that should not be done, especially at the cost of feeding any egoistic need.

During this transit, it is needed to restrain immature self-control of one’s own urges and passions, because in some cases, they can lead us to a place with no return.

On the other hand, this conjunction can bring something good.

For example, for all those who in any sense really know how to handle such powerful energy, including in love matters, then the influence of this Venus-Pluto conjunction can “bring” a lot of positive results and gifts in all areas of life.

If you are able to do so, during this transit you can immerse yourself in fantasy and the belief that things are meant to be, just like in a fairy tale.

This transit brings also a notion that magical and impossible events actually happen to us all the time, but we just don’t look at them with the eyes of recognition.

This conjunction between Venus and Pluto is here to teach us how – even for a couple of days while it lasts.

During them, you may feel the magnificence in the strength of feelings that can disrupt everyday beliefs, just as we are convinced in some other things in life, and we never doubt them, even for a minute.

In any case, when Venus conjuncts Pluto there is a high possibility for fatal attraction and passion to occur in all of our lives, so why should we not allow it?

If such an event happens to you, then enjoy the moments of recognition. The greatest love is the one that is beyond time, that no circumstances can stand in the way of, that is stronger than anything.

And in order for anything to be stronger than everything, it must be desired with a timeless force.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Synastry

In synastry, life is understood through the recognition, with the emotional partner, and they almost always stay together, until death separates them.

These are one of the strongest relations between the lovers that exist in the synastry.

This connection between lovers, this connection between Venus and Pluto is much deeper than any other, and this is a type of love that does not know any boundaries.

Karmic connection is a firm belief that we are followed by our soulmates throughout our lives.

The end of one life does not mean anything, and for this type of love, death does not exist and they cannot say until death separates us, but until the next time, they meet and recognize each other. Truly sounds like a fairytale.

Both lovers in this synastry will have a feeling that death or ending of life in whatever form cannot do anything to their love – that’s what these lovers vowed.

The term death is not used here just because, because these two see their love as karmic, it is like they have waited for it for centuries, for several lifetimes.

These two will have the feeling that they have met and recognized based on the strength of soul recognition – in the first moment when they have touched and felt, they knew that they have a match made in heaven.

They recognize each other immediately and both know that this moment is fatal for them and that they have actually been waiting for it their whole lives.

Of course, no one can tell them will this relationship will work, and not even, no one can tell them, and they will never know will this relationship be healthy, as oftentimes they can mistake their fatal connection for a long-term relationship when in reality it has only immense amount of passion and attraction.

But it does not have anything more and therefore it cannot last.

In many cases, this conjunction of Venus and Pluto, just shows that one couple could (at least in certain moments) enjoy their relationship, even if they feel both agony and ecstasy.

All feelings that are strong and incredibly intense could be related to their love and erotic life.

But, in some cases, such tendencies are “controllably compressed” or restrained, and a person could lead a somewhat healthy life, but this is not always the case.

Often still, fear and strategic reserve prevent this relationship from completely “opening up” and affecting the depth of many future love relationships.

But if they are able to open up, and move on, despite the darkness and heavy burden, then even on an unconscious level – the effect of such strong love can be very substantial and long-lasting.

Venus Conjunct Pluto Composite 

We have spoken of the feeling that the Venus lover has when the Pluto lover is met, and it truly will feel like they are karmic lovers or partners.

They were meant to be intense lovers and are recognized in this way in this life, as they were a couple in many previous ones.

This somewhat harmonious relation of these two planets denotes the person, on an unconscious level, who is waiting for a single person, and often after a long presence in this life, the person meets the love of their life, with that feeling that it is someone who she or he had known for many past lives.

Fatality, that we spoke prior influences this couple to believe (we are not saying that this is right or not) that they have vowed in their past life to meet again, to live together again and to continue their love relationship, from life to life.

This is why it feels so passionate and fatal; it is like it was meant to be. Because one cannot do without the other.

They cannot hide from each other, even if they are in completely different parts of the world (which often happens in this life).

In a number of cases, these couples see each other in such a fatal way, that they are each other’s last wish before they die; and you can imagine how fatal this sounds, and is.

These two lovers had only one and the same wish, to meet again and continue their love story where they left off in their previous life.

And nobody can do anything to them. Not even death.

We must say that under this category also fall couples that are so pathologically connected to each other, that they lead unhealthy relationships that could end with death because of jealousy or some other possessive reason.

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