Venus Sextile Jupiter – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The natal chart is just like the moment you were born, an unchangeable fact. It is done and it is imprinted on the cosmic paper.

At that very moment, the planets were aligned in a certain way, each and every one of them in a certain position toward other planets, and their interpersonal relationships are the doors through which you can go and learn about yourself.

One of those relations is the sextile position, an angle between the planets that is around 60°.

Astrologers say that the sextile is also regarded as a pleasing and harmonious aspect, just like one different aspect, a trine, but a little less influential. It enables the transmission of the two involved planets.

They are constant and in a balanced connection, but it only delivers a good chance, a chance to accomplish anything if you put in the hard work.

Here, we are looking into the sextile relationship between Venus and Jupiter.

Reveal here what it means, both in synastry and when it comes to the personality of the person who has this precise aspect in its natal chart.

Venus Sextile Jupiter in General

In general, this sextile brings dynamism, action, and energy, making people who have it in their natal charts, to be constantly on the move, continuously changing, and discovering, but what is not immediately visible is the fact that this aspect actually teaches them to find the middle ground in everything they do.

This must be reflected in their private and public lives, precisely because it offers us so many different possibilities and options.

Venus sextile Jupiter is seen by numerous astrologers as one very creative aspect in the natal, known for its successful combination of intelligence and emotions.

People who have this position in their natal charts are very likely to have very high education or are considered experts in their field of work. They are well respected and loved by society.

These are the people who are sociable and nice. They are loved and are dynamic in socializing. They are loved to be seen at parties, and you cannot imagine any big celebration without them.

In general, we could say that this aspect can awaken the passion for everything that is beautiful, pleasant, and has a quality that lasts (Venus), but at the same time, all that beauty is unusual and new thanks to the planet Jupiter.

So, they are very much interested in science and research of any kind, but also in social and political issues, all thanks to Jupiter.

Some people see them as unusual, but beautiful at the same time, they love to find out new things, find out the latest news, meet new people, and be involved in situations that will make them “wake up” from their at times sleepy everyday life, that can fall from time to time into monotony, and they do not love it.

Their work is usually partially connected to the process of investigation, and they love implementing some changes in the fields of medicine and science, which will visibly change their attitude towards life and its further organization.

This means that they love to leave a mark on the world, in whatever way they can.

Here we can see a person who has the energy with a certain note of eroticism that can be seen in his walk, speech, and mannerisms due to Venus’ impact.

Then we know that this position has its full effect, and there is a huge range of different emotions in this person, and everything is constantly reduced to emotions, not on a parched practical level but higher.

Thanks to the planet Jupiter, these energies will still bring a lot of good and beautiful things, even unexpected gains and increases in the financial field.

Their life path looks just like this—it is interesting and unusual, it is fortunate and sad at times because there are a lot of emotions.

And, a lesson for all those who have this aspect in their natal, is this: learn how to make a balance in all that you do.

Find and learn exactly what behavior should be hidden, and for yourself only, how to act and what emotions to show “in front of the public eye”.

People who have Venus in sextile with Jupiter, are able to study the situation or person in a very interesting (maybe not very reasonable to the majority of us) way and give an honest opinion.

That is a conclusion that we cannot ever get alone. Many people come to them because they are

excellent advisors or life coaching lecturers. They are people who have suffered a lot in life, but who see each of their mistakes as a new life lesson, and they want to spread that word further into the world.

They, in fact, manage to turn the bad things that happen to them into something that will actually be an initial core for them later in life, rather than remembering those bad things and thus “contaminating” their memories and making their life a living misery.

All those who have natal Venus in good aspect with Jupiter, just like this one, adore science, and music, and are interested in religion, but also in literature, philosophy, or learning of unfamiliar cultures.

You will recognize these people by the book that is always in their hands. They love to study, absorbing every word they read.

But in their lives, there is a major possibility of wisely finding an excellent and very profitable source of income, as they are very good at completing business projects and finding new clients, but they are also known for changing workplaces and progressing in their careers even more.

Now, what happens when bad things are around this aspect? What about the somewhat “dark side” of this aspect? It occurs from this-the planet Venus is in the sign of its displacement, and expansion.

It is still close to the Sun, so there is an exaggeration. For example, for example, in the lives of the people who have this position, they can exaggerate in life in numerous things.

This sextile, in negative terms, could imply that there is already a disturbed balance, but fortunately, it can be reversed and pulled back.

So, in the lives of the people in this position, we can see that there will be minor exaggerations, but without any bad intention, and that even if they make a wrong decision, everything will still be as it should be in the end.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Synastry

When it comes to synastry, we could say that this aspect affects two partners in such a way that they are more friends than romantic and fatal lovers.

This position, in reality, awakes love through friendship, and it is very likely that this relationship started as a nice friendship and then turned into something much bigger.

This relationship could work, if lovers are ready to make it work, and to skillfully balance work and private life (but at the same time, the two are very often connected in some way, interlaced).

As a reminder, we will say that this is one very adaptable aspect that combines unique creativity and the art of finding a good source of income when materializing those creative ideas.

Not many people are able to do so. This is a beautiful and positive aspect, and according to some astrologers, it can really bring us the long-awaited impulse to improve life.

In this connection between two people, we can see positivity and goodness. They are in such a connection that they help each other to find out exactly how and how much to let that other person come inside.

Also, the aspect that brings situations to be there for someone as a “shoulder to cry on”, they are lovers who can talk to each other whenever there is a problem. Remember, they are friends first place, and then everything else.

They are present with one another when they are having a hard time.

There can be situations in which they give each other a second chance to correct something that they have done in the past or to finally finish something that they have planned for a long time and allow themselves a fresh new beginning and a new chapter in their love story.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Transit

When this transit is active, you should be very happy since this is, as we have said, very harmonious.

Many things are possible at this time, but unlike some other aspects, this one is more dynamic than usual, and therefore many unusual things are very likely to occur when this transit is active.

When it comes to interpersonal relations, this transit ensures a period where many of us will very likely start a lovely relationship that has been friendly or just platonic until this moment.

Right now is the perfect moment for the relationship to blossom into something else, bigger and more romantic.

Also, those who are already in a loving relationship will be able to enjoy many more wonderful moments.

It is a time when a lot of passionate and emotional moments are coming their way, and in some cases, things will go a step further. For example, some of them will realize long-awaited plans, like expanding the family.

There is even a possibility to change the home, renew the furniture, and buy new devices around the home.

The sextile between Venus and Jupiter may even allow you to change the very location where you live.

Everything will be under the cover of very positive energy that will refresh us in this next period. It’s just important to stay grateful for what you already have and not to become greedy.

Additionally, for all those who are looking for a job, this sextile can bring a better job, and those who are already employed could get either a bonus salary or a promotion.

It does not have to be anything too big, but it will mean a lot to you at that current moment.

This transit is the perfect period for investing, extending loans, repaying any debts you may have, etc.

But, caution is necessary here-this is only plausible if neither Venus nor Jupiter make bad aspects with the natal planets.

Because, if, by some chance, there is a bad aspect ( for example, a square or an opposition with either Venus or Jupiter), then things will not go as smoothly as you may think.

Also, extra attention should be paid to avoid any exaggeration or excessive anticipation that will arise in many of us.

Do not forget, that there can be other aspects that are pushing things in the wrong direction if care is not taken.

And in the end, and this part is also very relevant, during this transit, it is advisable to go on a trip, take a vacation, or maybe even indulge in some form of exploration.

This is the moment to learn more about other people, different cultures, etc.

It is also a great time to meet new people, especially if they are from abroad, who are completely different, even exotic.

And also, it is very likely that in this period, many of us will receive unexpected recommendations or presents that will change our lives (for the better, of course).

Hard work is also in the picture, but it is not without fruit.

On the contrary, all efforts are immediately rewarded.

Also, while the aspect lasts, many of us will be more interested in art, fashion, cosmetics, and nutrition. Not to forget that during this transit, all of us, can also expect some events in global terms.

It is very likely that the world will change, or that will very quickly change will come, as well as some social and political events which can lead us into some new, for many of us, unknown situations.

During the transit of this position, it is a known fact that there can be alterations in the behaviors of people, and there will be a visible difference in people’s behaviors, not just in your immediate surroundings but more.

There will be a need for much more trust and counseling hidden from others, but at the same time, that trust will help humans position themselves in the best possible way towards a problem or a person in their public life.

Once again balance and finding the middle ground is crucial.

Venus Sextile Jupiter Composite

One lover here, the Jupiter lover, is the one that observes the world and the people around him very differently.

Often his views are not understood or misinterpreted because it is difficult to find like-minded people due to his progressive and often unorthodox way of thinking.

So he often oscillates between practicality and romance, and when a Venus lover comes, things change drastically.

The Jupiter lover always chooses between the material and the spiritual, and often, in order to avoid confusion and poor communication, he is more focused on the simpler side of life, which, of course, this Venus partner does not really know how to comprehend and deal with.

In its totality, this can truly lead to exaggeration and swinging between the extremes of life togetherness and the need to be alone and live a minimalistic life without any expectations.

This is the aspect that spontaneously awakens emotions, and has that in mind-but these two lovers must learn how to express which emotion and to whom.

The dynamics of this relationship are emphasized in many ways, so this is the reason why it is so important to be aware of everything that two lovers feel and, if necessary, not to shy from seeking advice on how to best express themselves, their emotions, so they can feel awakened and refreshed, happy in the current relationship, ready to let their creative impulses loose.

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