Venus Sextile Neptune – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Some planetary aspects could almost completely be described by just one term, and in the case of the sextile of the two planets, one being Venus and the other Neptune, that word is faith.

This planetary aspect says to us that is very important to always have belief even if it is hard or dark all around you.

It says how is very important to stay a believer!

This means that for example, people who have this aspect in their natal charts are able to find a shred of faith amidst the pain, or that during this transit all of us would find the faith to do what is necessary to do, even if we are doing it against the odds.

More precisely, the accent here, based on this transit is this – the need to build secure and reliable bases and structures in connections, which will be the foundation for future desires.

The lesson that comes from this sextile, in whatever form you want to observe is this – ability to see the basic needs and feelings of yourself, and others because only in this totality, we are able to create the basis for healthier interpersonal connections.

Venus Sextile Neptune in General

People who have this aspect in their natal charts are considered to be very or in some cases, more than others, imaginative and creative, and such tendencies could be seen in their private life and also professional.

They appreciate the subtlety of others and notice interesting coincidences between personal relationships and the higher meanings in life.

Those who have this sextile between Venus and Neptune are people who are easily making friendships and not only that they are efficiently making agreements with others and the word compromise is their middle name.

In fact, what is, even more, is that compromises bring satisfaction to them, it is like they are simply seeing all sides of a problem and are great in the role of mediators.

For this part, they are often getting rewarded by their environment.

When they find themselves in emotional relationships, they are always deep and loving.

Thanks to this aspect, people who have this sextile, are great at expressing emotions towards their lovers and want to spend as much time with them as possible.

At times they find themselves in undefined relationships, and they have a problem learning what it is and where they can go.

The inner life is very rich in these individuals, they love to imagine and daydream of a perfect life, a perfect lover, etc.

On a more negative note, this sextile pushes nerves and challenges calmness because, and those who have it in their natal must be aware of what they are saying and to who.

It does not mean that he or she will be understood, regardless of how compromising they can be.

They need to watch what words are coming out of their mouth because at times their need to assist and be diplomatic could not end well for them.

One of the challenges that they may experience is their augmented sensitivity toward all, and among them, there are some who do not deserve to be there, and it is an issue.

Another element that they must pay extra attention to is not to try to hide their feelings, because they are not able to skillfully hides their feelings, because they are able to recognize them deep inside, and this is a good thing.

Given that, there is a certain enthusiasm in these personalities, since they can achieve a lot when they allow themselves to rebel, just for the deeper desire to be free.

It could be manifested in personal and professional life.

Speaking of their professional life, all imagination and creativity are clearly seen, there is no one who can do it better than they.

They are even able to see the detail and the subtlety of things and people.

Those are things that others miss out on, but not they, as they are being able to notice interesting concurrencies that surround them and make something out of it.

They work great in teams, as they easily make arrangements with others, and are great even as bosses, as they are fully aware that they are bringing a solution.

That solution is based on a compromise that brings satisfaction to everyone in the group.

For any job that requires a mediator, the advice for all is suitable for that o have a sextile between Venus and Neptune.

They can see all sides of a situation, making them amazing in the role of a negotiator, and their surroundings applaud them for taking such an unflattering role in society.

It is important to remember to spend their days, as much as they can, not so much in fantasy, but in joy and fun.

The problem may arise, but they have the tool to resolve any disagreement that will come along the way.

Venus Sextile Neptune Tranist 

In times when this transit is active, then this sextile of Venus and Neptun is bringing into our lives a lot of emotionalities and increased sensitivity.

This means, more precisely, that the planet Venus brings more awareness than usual, all to make us believe that what we need is to build stable foundations.

That basis can be something that has a firm structure, which will be the basis for the future and all that we want and desire in life.

Consequently, you will notice how during this transit we will prioritize the needs and feelings of all those who are close to you, all dear people.

So, this transit is amazing for the creation of a foundation for healthier relationships.

During this transit, it is so relevant to have faith is what moves us, and gives us meaning and the possibility to be creators of our reality.

You will have those thoughts and will think of what can be the essence of the entire Universe, and your life within it.

Don’t be afraid and allow yourself to become a magician because you always have been.

All those who during this transit find themselves in an emotional relationship, this sextile provides an opportunity to express your emotions towards your partner and spend some time enjoying his presence.

If you are single this is the perfect time to create an intention and define the type of relationship you wish to attract.

However you decide to spend this transit, one thing is certain, you will enjoy the pleasure that it brings, and on some other level, you will overcome some disagreements that you may be having for some time.

It is also said that this transit brings relentless conversations and energies that sometimes bring out the worst in us – for example the situation where we want to speak honestly and the other side does not want.

Then, it is plausible that the worst possible words come out of us.

For some, this transit could mean bad news in the financial area of their lives.

It may bring an unstable financial and economic situation, with an idea that now is the moment to speak openly about this problem and try to find a solution.

Neglecting that we have a money problem can lead us to more problems and then the solution would not be plausible.

The sextile of Venus and Neptune can also suggest that we will have the feeling that we are not being able to find the solution and that we are going around in circles, without the proper solution.

Some of us will show that the way to resolve some problems is by being rebellious and exhibiting a greater desire for freedom.

There are some people amongst us, who thanks to this transit will go further, and will dig deeper until they reach the whole truth, at any cost regardless of the victims.

So, during this transit, we must be very careful not to have casualties during our rebellion.

Also, be extra careful what you say or what you have been trying to hide, or someone else, because karma could catch up with you or someone else now.

Venus Sextile Neptune Synastry

When it comes to the realm of love, this sextile position is amazing and beneficial.

In fact, we could say that it very much supports the easier realization of harmony in the field of love between the two lovers.

This couple is known to have numerous exciting moments of exchange of tenderness and love passion.

This is one love relationship that very fast or easily turns into a marriage, that will last for a lifetime.

In certain cases, the Neptune lover in this sextile, could, on the other hand, feel that he is lonely and that he could have some issues in this relationship, not feeling that he or she could let go completely.

This sextile consequently could indicate the love relationship is only in the domain of fantasy.

Both lovers here can, to a certain extent, lean towards escapism and blur reality, but the difference is that they will react differently to it.

The Venus lover will, for example, loudly complain and want to change the Neptune lover who can easily pretend that nothing concerns him or her.

Also, it is not excluded that in the middle of all of this, they are still having a great time.

If we look at all aspects together that catch up with us during this week, the conclusion could be “the dog that barks doesn’t bite”.

Both lovers are types, who for different reasons, do not want to stay silent during the argument, but directly say what they think, and don’t think about the consequences.

This may be an issue in their relationship, with the accent to remember to stay silent at times, and some things are better left unsaid.

We are not saying that it is ok to try to cover up things because it is not possible, everything will be revealed either way. But maybe here it is all a matter of timing.

However, even though communication between the two lovers may be tense, it will rarely or never come to the escalation of the conflict.

They will never allow it, and of course, this all depends on other aspects in synastry.

It is important to remember that here, in this sextile, the goal is not any oppression or violence (quite opposite), but in all this, and for example, if other aspects are bad, they need to find empathy and the desire to resolve the conflict, that will come, there is no doubt that they will be having it.

However, it is important how they resolve it.

Venus Sextile Neptune Composite

The influence of this sextile, however, in whatever scenario, gives a touch of romance to a love relationship.

It can soften the fierceness of one lover that he or she normally has, so what is most important is that the mutual communication in the relationship in most cases, goes smoothly.

The accent here is on the enjoyment with the Venus lover, and even if a fight breaks out, love will now still overcome everything, of course, if it is set on good foundations and true values.

This is the main thing to remember when you think of this relationship.

Here, in this relationship, the Venus lover is more aware that she needs to build safe and reliable foundations in this relationship, which will be the basis for the future.

This lover is distinguished with the will to prioritize her needs and feelings, believing that she is creating the foundation for a healthier relationship.

But the Neptune lover is constantly looking for new ways to express his emotions towards a partner and at times it could be lovely and romantic and in others, it could be confusing.

The balance here is the key, to finding the perfect time to create an intention and define what exactly he or she wants to express, not to confuse the Venus lover with its intentions.

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