Venus Sextile Pluto – Synastry, Transit, Composite

This aspect is beyond beneficial, although some might say it’s weaker than Trine. Planets that form a 60-degree angle have a sextile between them.

Hence, those Zodiac signs with this placement are a great combination due to the yin and yang energy.

Sextile brings good vibes and positivity, rewarding him with the category of good aspects. It’s also flirty, inspiring, and friendly.

Wherever sextile appears in a natal chart, there will be fewer complications and unfavorable situations.

But it also triggers harmonious effects during sextile transits, providing relief from those that form conjunctions or opposites and cause chaos.

However, this aspect is typically not action-oriented, and it’s all about peace and relaxation.

As a result, transits that include this placement don’t bring life changes nor surprises. Sextile aspects also liberate synastry charts from drama and conflicts.

On the other hand, it’s easy to overlook sextile benefits as most astrologers focus on more challenging placements.

But if one wants to make the most of this aspect, they have to take action.

What does that mean for Venus sextile Pluto?

As a planet in our birth charts, Venus represents giving and receiving. Venus is about love, pleasure, and art.

However, what one perceives as joy depends on the Zodiac sign where this planet lies. Venus is responsible for courtship and passion, but it also dictates what pleases us aesthetically.

But Pluto is all about power across all levels. It shows how other people can control us by using what we love the most or turning our fears against us.

As a result, this planet points to the areas of our lives where we harbor our traumas, worries, and panic. Pluto forces us to confront what makes us terrified and what we hope will never happen.

It is why many see it as a dreadful planet that implies darkness and death. But most often, Pluto represents the other side of our terror.

When Venus forms a sextile aspect with Pluto, it gives a passionate personality, enthusiastic about everything they do.

These individuals believe life is a wonder, and they should cherish every moment because it only lasts that long.

They hate wasting time on menial things and holding grudges. These natives believe that the key to living a fulfilling life is to be genuinely present and enjoy the small moments.

Love is their prerogative, and they are involved in the lives of their loved ones. These individuals avoid keeping feelings to themselves because tomorrow, they might be gone.

Their philosophy is that love gives meaning to everything. Even when circumstances are unfortunate, it’s worthy if one is with who they love.

These natives enjoy giving and receiving but don’t mind if they’re the ones who give more. They love making other people happy and seeing their satisfaction.

In the lives of these individuals, everything centers around love. Whatever they do, they do it to help others or make their loved ones proud.

These natives feel intense and profound emotions. Love doesn’t come often to them, but when it does, they would never let go. Regardless of their professional achievements, these individuals use love to define themselves.

The relationships they have are what make their lives unique. That attitude helps these natives attract and retain genuine persons and nurture connections with them. They’re typically proud of their emotional intelligence and believe that those they love are happy because they have them.

However, these individuals are prone to fatalism. For instance, they believe in the principle that only death can separate real love.

Other people may perceive them as too intense or clingy. But these natives don’t see it that way. For them, that’s an expression of honest concern and loyalty.

These individuals tend to be pushy and over-protective if they believe their loved ones are in danger.

It’s not about love only for them. These natives are also passionate about friendships and perceive their friends as family. They’re warm-hearted with everyone in their lives. Loyalty and commitment are unquestionable with these individuals.

Yet, they rarely encounter people who are capable of the same faithfulness and devotion. Because of that, these individuals often feel lonely and used.

On the other hand, Venus sextile Pluto often gives influential personalities, but it doesn’t guarantee happiness.

Instead, these individuals tend to feel empty even if they have a lot of people around them. They have a mysterious streak, and others often find them fascinating. These natives are often attracted to shady, dangerous, and secretive persons.

They love their privacy and rarely overshare. Moreover, these individuals maintain their love life hidden from the world, protecting it from ill intentions.

Even though they come off as friendly and outgoing, they often keep many secrets and love keeping some parts of their lives as a mystery.

Overall, these natives are energetic, kind, and sincere. They care about material comfort and believe that being well-off makes life easier.

However, these individuals are prone to forming relationships to accumulate wealth or ensure safety. Ultimately, they believe love is the principal factor deciding happiness, but money is the second one.

Venus sextile Pluto – Synastry

The romantic synastric analysis is the interaction of houses between two birth charts. It shapes the relationship between two persons.

As the Sun represents our fundamental identity and consciousness, it is one of the most significant planets in relationships.

When a person’s Venus forms a sextile aspect with their partner’s Pluto, it implies a passionate relationship with intense sexual activity.

These two natives notice each other from the moment they meet. They will likely find each other fascinating and want to know every detail. From the get-go, this connection brims with excitement, thrills, and curiosity.

It’s also transformative, and it aims to make these persons grow together and address their challenges. Whenever Pluto forms an aspect with another planet, it speaks about changes and evolution. Hence, this relationship isn’t easy, but it will be exciting and reward both partners with personal development.

Both persons need to work on this aspect to reap its benefits. Sextiles open the door to happiness, but in the end, one has to decide whether they’ll be brave enough to enter what’s inside.

In this connection, both partners might have to face the ugliest parts of themselves. Perhaps they’ll have to address their jealousy issues or self-insecurities. Whatever it is, this relationship will emerge their secrets, requiring solutions.

Most of all, Venus sextile Pluto elicits a higher love, and it helps both partners learn what genuine feelings are. As a result, it brings lessons about faithfulness, devotion, jealousy, manipulation, and control. It won’t always be easy, but it will be enlightening.

Both partners earn that genuine love isn’t about wanting to control the other or manipulate their feelings. Instead, they’ll become more selfless and empathetic.

These two natives can notice each other in a crowd and immediately feel an overwhelming attraction. They cause a series of thrills in each other that travel through their bodies and overtake them. This connection runs strong on energy and intensity, making both partners fall in love with each other.

But there are also possible downfalls with this aspect. Although Venus sextile Pluto can bring wonders to a couple, it can also cause difficulties if Pluto native holds on to their dark side. This partner is prone to self-insecurities, manipulations, and controlling their partner.

On the other hand, the Venus native often holds back their desires to make their partner happy. The Venus native must stay true to themselves and collect enough courage to stand up for themselves.

Because of that, the Pluto native might try to control the Venus native without even noticing it.

However, if both have the will and keep their impulses, fears, and struggles restrained, they can reach a higher love and make each other happy.

Overall, it’s a good connection that promises passion, memorable moments, and mutual understanding. All it takes to last is courage and trust because the stars already gave a good base.

Venus sextile Pluto – Transit

Transits represent the movement of planets and how they affect our natal charts. The Sun is the energy’s source, meaning that it will trigger actons of those houses that the transiting Sun occupies.

Depending on other aspects in a birth chart, it will either increase or diminish planetary effects.

During the Venus sextile Pluto transit, people become more enthusiastic and interested in love endeavors. It’s the time of passion, intensity, and zest for life. You might find yourself more eager to spend time with people, share stories, and be affectionate. This transit points to the human need for love and touch.

Companionship is one of the elementary necessities, and it comes to the forefront during this transit. It makes you lonely if you spend too much time alone.

But it also inspires you to reach out to your loved ones, contact friends you didn’t see for a long time, and surprise your partner with thoughtful gestures.

Venus sextile Pluto transit is about sharing, and if single, you’ll be fixated on the idea of meeting someone new and forming a profound connection.

Moreover, you’ll likely be more passionate about your partner and keeping the flame between you alive. This period is ideal for re-awakening intensity between old lovers and bringing back excitement.

Moreover, the Venus sextile Pluto transit reminds us we don’t always have to let go of a relationship if it got stale. Instead, it motivates you to revive it and seek novelties with someone you trust.

On the other hand, if you meet someone new, that could be a long-lasting relationship and a whirlwind romance that shakes up your life.

But romantic connections aren’t always possible. Hence, this period could also be about becoming closer to your friends and nurturing friendships. You might spend more time with them and become surprisingly affectionate.

If you’re already in a relationship, your connection could grow or reach higher stages. You might find that you and your partner connect on a spiritual level during this transit.

Thus, you’ll likely become more sexually active and willing to try things you didn’t consider before. The Venus sextile Pluto transit makes us more open-minded and curious about intimacy.

Venus sextile Pluto Composite

A composite chart represents the composition of the planetary midpoints of two or more horoscopes, and astrologers typically use it to determine the compatibility of two persons. The goal is to identify the function of a connection.

When a person’s composite Venus forms a sextile aspect with their partner’s composite Pluto, it implies a connection that was meant to be. It isn’t a coincidence, and these two partners don’t even feel it was.

Instead, their connection could be destiny, the one that lasts for a lifetime. One thing is sure: these two natives won’t be interested in having a casual relationship or fling.

When they meet, life-changing events will start happening. These two will question and transform their values, decisions, and convictions. They will also change how they feel about relationships and love in general.

For instance, if these two were sure they never want to get married, their beliefs might change when they meet each other.

Loyalty, devotion, and commitment are the most powerful points of this relationship. These two natives have no interest in other people and continuously seek ways to make their intimacy more exciting and refresh it. They’re aware that they have to work on keeping their connection strong and maintaining trust.

Indeed, Venus sextile Pluto composite often requires a lot of sacrifices and will. Both partners will have to adapt to each other and accept that despite their intense feelings, they’re different.

However, they will likely be ready to fight for each other and change behaviors that hinder their relationship.

These two find each other attractive and are always willing to get physical. Sometimes the judgment can get clouded due to intense passion.

But this intensity will keep this couple together when things get tough.

Overall, the Venus sextile Pluto composite relationship is favorable, but it takes a lot of work and compromising of both parties.

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