Venus Sextile Saturn – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The Sextile position is in the most general terms, considered to be one of the best positions in the natal.

But this is not the rule, since astrology is much more complicated than the observance of just one aspect in the natal.

Generally, this is one position that is seen, in astrology terms as a nice aspect that could bring so much good.

Of course, there are numerous factors that determine how they will affect our lives, and things are never black and white.

What does it mean when the planet of Love, Venus is in the sextile position with the planet of time and punishment, Saturn?

Venus Sextile Saturn in General

In the life of these people who have this sextile aspect in their natal charts, there is an immense need to socialize and to improve one’s self-confidence and self-esteem, this is a genuine need, but the planet Saturn here is drawing and does not allow it to go faster.

These are the people who are not all about emotions, since Venus also represents money and material goods, and Saturn represents ambition and career, so these people could be very successful in any business activity. Determination and hard work are present here.

They must have a good amount of money, and they must enjoy their work, feel pleasantness at work, and will not shy away from finding a new job if they do not like the old one, although it may take some time.

The main thing is that these people are bounded to take on some responsibility in a business, they need to be in charge.

This sextile is a very good aspect for cooperation and business contacts, and what they need is to be stable in life, and will not be, by any means overspenders and reckless spenders.

They can have even artistic and creative tendencies, but because of the need to stay stable in life, this will only be a hobby, not a regular job.

Also, these people are very productive and responsible, but may not feel particularly social in superficial relationships, and will unapologetically shy away or openly avoid frivolous conversation.

They will not stand it even for a minute, all that they do must be genuine and honest, and with purpose, not just a conversation without any meaning.

Such a sextile position between the planets Venus and Saturn, in fact, creates interesting situations in love, and regarding love, they are often in a relationship with people who were part of their past, someone with who they already spent some time in an emotional relationship, that stopped for whatever the reason.

This sextile position between Venus and Saturn conditions real karmic love stories, but with one more thing that sets it apart – in that relationship, there will be a lot of obstacles and challenges, that these people must endure if they want to stay together.

Have in mind that very commonly they have a hidden desire for command, for dominance in an emotional relationship, which if not realized, can bring emotional disappointments.

So, their professional life can be stable and very successful, while in love, these people can endure true pain, although this does not exclude a loving relationship that could last, it will be one that has some hardships.

Venus Sextile Saturn Transit

This is the transit that brings challenges in love relationships, where lovers are putting you on a test, where one side wants clear and undeniable proof from a loved one, but this desire is not only reserved for lovers.

Putting on a test applies to everyone around us, so family or business relationships are also at stake here.

People during this transit want to receive a confirmation of love and fidelity, and in professional life, people demand some respect. There can be problems if such recognition is not given.

But this is the tendency that is not healthy always – if you demand confirmations of love, then you are in a problem, this is not love, this is just food for your own Ego. Use this transit to fight this urge, not to indulge it.

On the other hand, this transit also brings male energy of destruction and creation, the counterpart of the female energy of destruction and creation, and both control our energy.

You can use this transit to learn how to control yourself, it could be used to learn how to handle our energy, in the direction of destruction or the direction of creation. There will be a lot of choices to do one or the other.

In astrological terms, the planet Saturn is here to destroy all that is bad, how there would be a conversion and the rebirth of something new and better, so his sextile with Venus makes it clear that the period of cleansing in emotional connections has now come. Use this time wisely.

The sextile of Venus and Saturn increases our need to be in society, to have companionship, and also, why not to escape from solitude, and some feelings of loneliness.

All of us will have a desire to feel loved and appreciated by someone, but it must be serious and true love, except in the case that Venus prevails then it brings the urge to be loved by anyone, in any way, just that she is not alone.

Those people will not use this transition to find someone special but will cure their need to be with someone, by being with just about anyone.

During this transition, everything is intense, strong, and over the top, maybe some people will feel like they are under a major burden, but this transit brings a more practical and realistic view of all relationships.

For some, it brings a more conservative view and approaches to relationships -maybe a relationship you are currently will grow into something that is much more serious.

With this aspect, it will be easier for you to deal with the fear of rejection and being alone.

This aspect has the energy of serious, responsible, and faithful love, and if you meet someone during this transit, it could be someone older than you, the difference in generation or status. This love connection will be serious from the start.

But this transit brings emotions even to those who have given up on love, and many years have passed, they have been strung together, but this aspect does not count for years.

Things will change now, love will come after years have passed, after a long time of search and solitude.

If you have a partner during this transition, in that case, during this transition you will seek even greater security or greater commitment from that party to you, but you will also want to reciprocate the energies of love and attention, and make you’re more beautiful and stronger half happy and satisfied, as she did for you.

New emotional relationships are possible now in this period, but you will not be interested in “one-night stands”.

Fortunately, Saturn is much stronger than Venus here, so you will still want to patiently wait for the right moment and slowly choose the person you want to be within an emotional relationship.

Often under the influence of this transit, emotional relationships are possible that bring with them a certain age difference, so it is a person from the past (or karmic love that is happening again now, as a rule) or there is simply a visible difference in maturity between the two lovers, which because of this aspect of the sextile is essentially good.

In the best-case scenario, astrologers say that Venus brings a smile to Saturn, and Saturn brings stability to Venus. This could be the birthplace of something that will stand the test of time.

Love is important for all of us, and this sextile will point out a rather practical and common sense approach to anything in life, and also love.

This is especially true for dealing with recent financial, health, or career-related difficulties – now you will be able to solve them in the most efficient way.

In the period of this transit of Venus in sextile with Saturn, the focus of your life can be directed towards better earnings and advancement in business.

This is, therefore, a good time to start a savings plan, but also to pay off debt, or to invest in material things whose value never goes away (real estate in the first place).

Your interaction with other people will be more serious these days, while you solve problems, overcome obstacles, or work on details related to better organization of life and increased comfort.

It is advisable that during this transit you stop and think about the relationship you are in (if you are in a relationship), about your relationships with people and those close to you, and to those who are not, but still mean something to you…

Is everything dark in your relationship, do you feel insecure, and in which direction is your relationship going?

Maybe you should see what the other side thinks because there is always the other side and the other view of everything (and his horoscope and character).

If there is no cooperation, then don’t you think you should think about whether you are for each other…

Reconciliation is what you need.

Venus Sextile Saturn Synastry

In this sextile position, we can see a lot of things, and all that occurs in a relationship has potential, but also obstacles that could be extremely hard and long.

The Venus lover may demand a lot from a Saturn partner and not give anything, and there is a clear chance that this relationship will not last because Saturn’s characteristic is selfishness, and that lover will put himself in the first place. A Venus lover will not like it, and this may be the first obstacle these two may endure.

There is a chance that this relationship works and it is when the two lovers allow approach primarily emotional life constructively with a different energy, and then everything else – their mutual connection must be put first if they want to succeed in love.

They need to overcome things that are brought to the surface, these are some things that are not so lovely, but the good news is that the planet Saturn provides an opportunity and a chance to fix something there, so it can be a good place to start.

However, this aspect and its energy are very good for fixing relationships, and we can say that these two lovers can make things much better if they are ready to speak to each other.

If the relationship in question is a new one, then it is plausible to find a good balance between passion and something that will have a chance to last, for example, a long-term marriage.

Venus is already responsible, but with the influence of Saturn, responsibility becomes even more pronounced, Venus’s lover accepts all responsibilities and is ready for the next serious step.

With this energy, people are much more ready to stabilize existing relationships, to be more committed; and all love connections that have just started have the energy of longevity, and could truly turn into something that will last.

In the end, this transit is convenient when things are not right, it is good for reconciliations, for calming the situation that is now burning up. Expect the invitations for engagement or marriage.

Venus Sextile Saturn Composite

Venus when it is in a sextile position with Saturn conveys eternal, long-awaited connections that demand responsibility, trust, loyalty, and obligation, and if this is not present, obstacles become bigger and bigger, until they cannot be overcome.

A practical and realistic view of love is what will make this relationship last.

In such connections, there is frequently a more significant difference in age of the lovers, as we have said, and there is a presence in a relationship due to duty and care for the partner, that in some other conditions you will leave.

Love lasts even though there is no more infatuation and passion because it turns into a more mature relationship – marriage.

A partner can be hard and dedicated by nature and it is difficult for him to show his sentiments, but there is attachment and the need to show love through settlement, work, and safety.

This sextile often postpones marriage until a mature age, sometimes there is a fear of closeness, and it has a lot to do with the past, with childhood, where one of the lovers did not receive enough love from parents.

In order for a relationship to work, it takes to form an alliance, reciprocal respect, ease in setting limits, fidelity, financial security, and appreciation.

The relationship evolves to be more durable over time, and women with this aspect often become more self-satisfied and more attractive as the years pass.

Usually, women are those who are attracted to older partners, because they are looking for security, but they may be attracted to a much younger man in their later years as well.

Have in mind that the planet Saturn requires maturity, self-control, and responsibility, and if it is gone, then it could happen that this aspect between Venus and Saturn will teach them a lesson.

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