Venus Sextile Uranus – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The sextile is a harmonious aspect that is formed between the two planets, and has an effect both on people, based on their natal chart, and also on all people when such transit is active.

So, we have here a positive aspect that is formed between the planet of beauty, justice, and love, Venus, and Uranus, a planet that is associated with freedom, rebellion, and expansion in a certain way.

A combination of these two is amazing and can work really well in synastry.

This sextile position is very interesting to observe since it makes such a personality or a connection that is not willing to recognize imposed social, racial, national, or any divisions in the world, so the fight against it will be in the center.

This connection of planets gives birth to a child of the Universe and everything is allowed to do, there cannot be any restrictions, and when the creative talent is in question, then everything is allowed and more.

That child of the Cosmos shows no interest in the comments about its personality, looks, or choices in life.

This is the timeless beauty in the full magnificence of eccentricity.

Venus Sextile Uranus in General

People who have a sextile position between planets Venus and Uranus in their natal charts are seen as very spontaneous in interpersonal relations.

The best way this is exhibited is through their way of giving love and showing a lot of affection.

These are the people who hate being under any restrictions, and they don’t know how to connect themselves to others completely, there always must be a part that they keep to themselves.

This is the healthiest way of being yourself when you are able to show affection to others, while at the same time you keep one, tiny part to yourself.

Since planet Venus is here one part of the sextile, there is love in the center of it, and regarding emotional connections, people who have such aspects enter relationships and emotional connections only with people who will not make demands on them, because they are not able to fulfill what is asked of them, so this is just the perfect way of being honest.

No one, even their lovers can ask them to follow any norms or rules, because they are aware that they are not able to do it.

What these people need is to be accepted completely, no matter how they feel at the moment, they want complete acceptance in good and bad times.

When they love someone, they love that person equally when things are nice and things work smoothly, and when their lovers act uncomfortable, nervous, or quarrelsome.

These people take the entire package with them.

The good and the bad, along with the hidden, deviant, corrupted, dark and wonderful, and joyful at the same time.

They ask their loved ones to follow and love all their sides – both the beautiful, positive ones and the ugly, negative ones.

If by any chance, it happens that their lovers are not able to completely accept them, and only take their positive sides (reacting repulsively to the negative ones), people in this position will walk away from this romance.

Simply, these people will get out of such a relationship and will rather be alone than allow themselves to be with someone who does not accept them as a whole.

Their view on life is also very interesting, they see beauty and love where others cannot.

What they feel, every emotion, they need to show always in an original, unique way, since they are never doing anything by the book, but more according to their own sense of what is right and what is wrong.

This is the reason that they can seem to others that they are not capable of deep and sincere love, but this is simply not true.

People who have this sextile position in their natal, know very well o how to love deeply because love is right when it is given without any limitations.

Their lovers cannot expect them to act in the same way always, but the greatest quality is in the ability to always keep the relationship fresh, sincere, original, and unique. Finding a way to show what they are in a better, more advanced, and better way.

There is always room to progress and show love in until now some unexpected and new ways.

Those who cannot understand these ways should never do, because some people are not for everyone.

Venus Sextile Uranus Transit

This transit is best described as a collision in the sky when all of us will have a certain vision of the future, that will be colored with beauty and love.

Now is the time when unusual is what we want, and it is joyful in its simplicity because it does not agree to any compromises.

For all of us this time, during this transit the driving motive is unconditional love without strings attached.

This means that all of us will strive to remain independent being that does not agree with permanent association or gathering.

In these moments we are saying yes to love and no to marriage or any other similar connection.

This transit can show our selflessness because we don’t ask for anything for ourselves.

The need for constant dynamics and challenges is noticeable and must be maintained at all costs.

On a global scale, the sextile between Venus and Uranus announces nice sudden events, meeting very interesting and unusual people who will show the world something that has not been seen yet.

Also, all of us would have a need to experiment with appearance, make some impulsive purchases, and spend on what we enjoy the most, and also this transit promises sudden financial gains, profitable investments, etc.

It is suggested that we should try changing routines, trying something new, it could be food or a new lover, something that we will enjoy more.

Find new pleasures, new enjoyments, meet new people, and visit new places.

New partnerships are very likely not just in love, but also in a professional sense.

At times both will be connected and make something even better.

Everything that has in itself unusual, and original is in the center of this sextile right now, and it is more exciting than ever.

Mixtures of various kinds are plausible – social and love life, mixing love and friendship, why not?

The changes referred to in this sextile are easier, gentler, and more romantic; they are easier if it comes to changes in appearance, new relationships, acquaintances, a new way of earning, etc.

Changes are colored with a lot of hedonism, and enjoyment, and the emphasis is on security…

Venus Sextile Uranus Synastry

Venus and Uranus, when found in the sextile position indicate great attraction and chemistry between lovers, and it is the type of relationship that has so much attraction that you can cut it with a knife.

It is the type of emotional connection that is physically very strong, and in addition, there is a lot of sexual attraction here.

Nevertheless, in a negative sense, this sextile aspect between Uranus and Venus can also bring frequent interruptions and frustration to one of the partners, due to the temper that comes from Uranus.

There is no doubt that this sextile position of the planets Venus and Uranus symbolizes the free expression of love.

This aspect allows both of these two planets to be completely spontaneous and express themselves as they feel at that moment, without having to worry about that other person, their partner in this case.

This relationship can be wonderful love that has no form, but only these two lovers who enjoy spending their time together.

It does not exist for others, for anyone to see it, because it freely expresses all its contents, and only in this way it could work.

This love that is formed between Venus and Uranus, in fact, does not need any permission, no condition, no demand.

It is what it is, easy and completely free.

This is how Venus and Uranus in the sextile aspect align in love – the only relationship that is free and easy is what is seen as true love.

There is a definitive touch of exoticism in this couple, and although they may not be aware of it, because they start from themselves and it is completely normal and natural for them, it is not at all for others.

Maybe the rest of the world could not understand them, but this couple in fact does not care, what matters is that they have each other.

Now, one thing must be accented here – this sextile could give also some very unusual attitudes on the love front, and a couple could be something else.

They could be a part of a stranger or unusual combination such as “friends with benefits”, and it can work amazingly well for them.

And it cannot be wrong as they see it, since they are honest – need to either try anything and everything, but also reject everything that is not interesting and exciting enough for them.

It is true that the dose of adrenaline must be constantly present, and if there is none, they will create such conditions.

Venus Sextile Uranus Composite

A Venus lover here is seen just like a divine spark, an individual with personal magnetism, an icon of style, and uniqueness, and this lover could desire someone who can be the opposite.

A Venus lover may ask for pure love without prejudice and expiration date, and it is exactly what she will get from the infinitely free Uranus lover who does not know what are the limits.

Immaculate shamelessness in the fullness of sincerity, and the Uranus lover is erotical and naked and pure. It has a mind that creates beauty, the beauty that radiates intelligence.

A Venus lover adores watching him as a desirable weirdo from who others shy away.

This sextile demands the fulfillment of personal freedom in its purest form; even if it implies all things that are bizarre, inaccessible, and unprocessable.

There must be a lot of exciting, captivating, floating things that will keep them occupied because only then they can grow, not being stuck in the cloud of projection of other people’s desires.

They seem to others like a couple who is refined, rebellious, and relentless; those who are bigger than anyone else, and are slapping in the face of convention, a hatred for mediocrity even could be detected in some of their actions.

If this relationship lasts, then these gentle connections based on love and kindness can grow into something much bigger, like a storm menacing lightning.

They can be decadent, know even recognize the limits of decency.

As a duo, they are in a constant search for love, and mental, and artistic challenges.

Disturbing for others, they may be, because it only lasts as long as love.

This love is not committed to concessions. Therefore the misconception of emotional coldness as others depict this love.

The Uranus lover here chooses friends of the most diverse social, national and racial origins, and a lover, a Venus lover in this case is in deep love with his lucidity, intelligence, and willingness to be unique and inventive at any moment.

But the Venus lover is the one that will attempt and probably succeed in domesticating this “wild” creature.

Will the Venus lover ever know that the wonders of the heart have passed and there are no longing paths of uncertainty? No.

The answer is firm no because the only thing that exists is the promise that there are no promises.

So, the Venus lover should not even try to ask out the Uranus lover, because then their story will start to take on different shapes, and none of them will end well.

If they succeed in making the compromise, then they will gladly laugh in defiance of established social rules.

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