Virgo in 10th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Virgo works great where there are any card indexes – they can be librarians (2 functions at once – Mercury – books, Virgo (Earth) – order, catalog, etc.) and archivists. May be museum workers.

Standardization and certification is also a large area of application for nine abilities.

In general, everything related to papers, everything related to order is all Virgo, so where there are archives, where there is a large amount of information and the need to keep everything in order, Virgo can always come to the rescue.

Virgo – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

They possess a sense of responsibility and know their long-term relationship with others. The possibilities provided by them are perfectly established and directed towards personal gain.

Their external appearance usually corresponds to the internal one and highlights them among the crowd.

House 10 in Virgo is a person’s characteristic at work 10 houses in Virgo are usually cold and away from other members of the team.

The choice takes a lot of time and is done carefully and sparingly. Before starting, they can delve into the smallest details, losing sight of the main task.

As a result, under a load of small things, it can hide itself, for which everything has been applied. The task received from the manager may be incomprehensible to him.

To direct the thought in the right direction, you will have to ask unnecessary questions that only irritate the manager.

This applies not only to the main directions of work, but also to various little things. In the result, the deal will not be done. Blame yourself is not collected, because you are striving for perfection.

Zero is better than a good result, which does not correspond to its high requirements.

One and the second option, when the best quality of personality is enhanced. In this case, the ongoing gradual Virgolopment will make the person an excellent expert on the operation of the collective and will be able to handle the operation of clear points.

Will act as a great manager who recognizes the strong sides of the staff and is able to use them. Such a person will take care of the establishment of a pleasant atmosphere among the staff and will not allow the possibility of conflicts.

It is not worthwhile to take everything on yourself, it is better to do the distribution of the full power. Then the area of ​​responsibility of each member of the team will be visible.

If the level of Virgo placement is low, then the manifestations of insecurity are possible. Among the people from 10 houses in Virgo come out the present universities, possessing at the same time different specialties.

Many find a profession in the field of business. To reach the tops of the public position, they need not sit, put their hands together, but work hard. Criticism towards other people makes them unresponsive to advice.

With such a character it is difficult to agree that it is wrong. They have a real change of coordination, which manifests itself not only in physical health, but also during the organization of work. In those areas where balance is needed, they are not equal.

10th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Engineering, drawing activity, and in general any work where technique and accuracy are important – Virgo can implement.

As for the bosses, bosses will be extremely corrosive, very attentive to trifles, a little (or maybe a lot) boring. Prudent, and, as a rule, not very generous (except for special cases of good communication – elements of 2 and 10 houses, for example).

If you are not lucky enough to have a strong harmonious connection of the type indicated in parentheses, then this is the chef – who very clearly evaluates who has worked for how much, who has “screwed up” how much, and very carefully distributes “earrings to all sisters” in both good and bad case.

When working with such a boss, it makes sense to immediately do your job well, because otherwise, you will have to redo it until the boss is satisfied (which means – to the ideal state).

Such a boss will not demand great enthusiasm or initiatives from you, he just needs his order to be carried out flawlessly.

If you do everything as stated, then there will be no complaints against you. He articulates his requirements precisely and in detail.

Arriving at work, you will have to sign a bunch of papers familiarizing you with safety rules, job descriptions, orders and everything that is necessary for the accurate implementation of your professional relationship.

At the same time, if it happened that your boss at the stage of recruiting and clarifying the order does not behave as described above, then he will not demand a result either.

From time to time I have to hear from people with such an MS that the chief gives the introduction very indistinctly, but he finds fault with the result of work to the fullest.

Therefore, having such an MS, it makes sense to seek clear instructions and intelligible explanations yourself when they do not come to you automatically – remember, they will still demand as if they explained everything to the last letter.

You will have the same characteristics when you become a boss. At best, he is an attentive, neat, excellent specialist in his place.

At worst, a bore, depriving the initiative and any desire to do anything. Or completely irresponsible in relation to their obligations but extremely demanding of their subordinates.

Virgo in 10th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

As for social status, then we can say that Virgo, as a rule, does not give any great ambitions, while she really wants to be recognized on the topics that she implements, in which she works.

And if she invests in her business, and as a rule (if Mercury or the map as a whole are not affected), she gives a person the opportunity to do their job very professionally, and very responsibly. And therefore, Native, realizing himself in his profession, can acquire quite a worthy status.

But at the same time, nothing will come to him just like that (of course, if the card as a whole does not indicate a big lucky one), his social status will be completely personally earned.

Social ambitions depend on which Sign Mercury got into (or which Sign is MC if we just see Mercury in the 10th house).

In its purest form, Virgo on the MC gives a person who does not dream of some fabulous riches and ranks, but, nevertheless, the work that he performs should bring him respect and sufficient recognition (at least as a very cool specialist) …

As for the professions – firstly, you can go to the Gemini lecture on the MC – since both Signs are under the control of Mercury, which means that, despite the differences and inclination to some specific activity, a person can work in the Gemini spheres.

All concrete practical activities – accountants, auditors, office work. Such a Mercury knows how to disassemble everything, and loves work that is clear, understandable and obvious. It is important for him to know what exactly he is doing.

They are very often anxious about the fact that the entry in the work book exactly corresponds to his real activity (perhaps it will not always be so, you still need to look at the state of Mercury and the 10th house in general, but for normal health at work – this moment is very important).

Mercurial governance will allow people with Virgo on the MC to work as teachers and specialists in the field of linguistics and speech (in the broadest sense).

But Virgo loves more those areas that allow making calculations, calculations, planning (Capricorn also loves this) – therefore, here economists, accounting (this is generally a pure maiden signification). All small and routine work.

Virgos work great with their hands, especially in those areas that are associated with small elements. They are excellent seamstresses, embroiderers, knitters, they can weave baskets, assemble furniture, make cosmetic repairs – in general, everything that is associated with performing minor routine work.

One of the most important areas of Virgo is medicine. Virgos are wonderfully realized in everything that is connected with her. They are excellent doctors with the widest specialization.

But at the same time, the most beloved for Virgo is, of course, everything related to the intestines, stomach, and proper nutrition.

She also manages hygiene – it can be both doctors who deal with these issues, and employees of the SES and other bodies that monitor the observance of cleanliness.

Since Virgo controls the intestines and cleansing procedures, then the direct signification of Virgo will be ideology.

Homeopathy – again the “pure” sphere of Virgo – is work with small doses. Virgos are very fond of herbs, and herbal medicine – therefore, all healers, herbalists, herbalists are here.

Despite the fact that Virgos, like any Signs, have their “favorite” topics, medicine in the broadest sense can be called their industry.

Among them there are wonderful allergists, unique infectious disease specialists (this is also a kind of problem from lack of hygiene) – the only one of its kind Sergei Petrich Bodkin had a dedicated Virgo in his horoscope, general practitioners, and in general doctors in the broadest sense of the word are Virgos…

Virgo rules small animals, so she can work with animals in the broadest sense of the word. She can be a professional cat breeder, or a dog owner (especially with a focus on small breeds). And of course the most virgin is veterinary medicine.

They know how to work with animals, they interact well with them, and most importantly, they are very attentive to little things, and can notice what will remain on the sidelines for others.

And this is the main quality of a veterinarian – after all, a dog, even if you ask it strongly, will not say where it hurts – the doctor should see it, paying attention to the slightest signs of deviation from the norm.


Virgo symbolically corresponds to the themes of the 6th house. And the 6th house is the very same health, small animals, routine activities, and, of course, CLEANLINESS and hygiene.

Therefore, all activities related to cleaning and cleanliness are also in Virgo. You can be the owner of a laundry or dry cleaning (with or without the Moon or Neptune).

House cleaning agencies, as well as the people who work in this job – cleaners, janitors, etc. In general, all junior staff, in any area, this is also the Devine Signification.

At the same time, let me remind you right away that the 10th house is responsible for our careers. And in this sense – working as a janitor or a cleaner, this is not a 10-house activity, it is a 6-house job.

But at the same time – the owner, or the head of the agency, KSK (house committee, housing offices, etc.) – this is already the 10th house.

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