Virgo in 12th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

It looks ironclad, but destructive passions can boil beneath the dormant surface.

There are things that people of this sign find unbearable. When faced with something similar, they suddenly leave abruptly, ruin their careers and personal life, and fall into depression.

When choosing names for the Virgo zodiac sign, this feature should be taken into account.

The tradition of giving talking nicknames is very old. It is clear that nowadays no one refers to a person as “Mr. Sharp Eye” or “Mr. Brave Heart”, but in some cases it is not difficult to understand what qualities a name should hide in oneself.

The most famous example: Victor is the “winner.” Great option for Virgo! In a banal set of sound vibrations, which is a word, a special vitality, perseverance, courage is encrypted.

Virgo – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

It is these qualities that the stronger s*x, born under these “feminine” stars, may lack. Virgo boy names are simply bound to spur them on to perform feats, otherwise they run the risk of being too indecisive. Calling his son Denis, make sure that he will not only pump muscles, but develop the strength of his mind.

Virgo will overcome difficulties with the tenacity of a rhinoceros, and in Timofey’s character, commitment, conscientiousness and resourcefulness will be intertwined with success.

For women who are sponsored by this rule of the zodiac, excessive shyness, shyness in relation to the opposite is characteristic.

Unfortunately, Virgos are too preoccupied with the opinions of others. Between excellent and correct, they choose the latter. It doesn’t hurt to shake them up a bit, this is where the name given at birth will help.

Anastasias are dreamy, romantic, tender, true Virgins. But his gentle disposition is combined with a sharp mind, a tendency to analyze and a heightened intuition. It is impossible to control such a woman against her will!

Virgo is very energetic, focused on career success, and is incredibly harmonious. These girls are kind and trustworthy, they attract men with a special charm, but at the same time they are not afraid to defend their interests.

When deciding which names are the most appropriate for the sign of Virgo, it should be remembered: of all the heavenly benefits, mistrust, self-criticism and fears have already been measured.

Now you have to give your child a little more vitality, healthy self-confidence and a sense of humor.

Many people are convinced that the name carries a certain characteristic and the ability to influence the future. It is selected according to certain criteria. Personal preferences, time of year, month, zodiac signs, and signs all play a role.

Consider which male and female names are favorable for those born under the sign of Virgo, as well as which ones will strengthen the positive aspects and soften the negative qualities.

Children born in the period from August 23 to September 23 are under the favor of Mercury. A symbol of clarity of thought, clarity of vision, and logic. The behavior of the little virgins is based on independence, accompanied by a strong character.

The sign of Virgo is incredibly fond of order in everything, already in childhood she collects toys and mends clothes. Moderation of emotions allows parents to exhale calmly, knowing that the child will not throw a sudden tantrum or act.

12th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

Homologous to House IV (Cancer) and House VIII (Scorpio) which are occult Houses and in analogy with the Water Signs, House XII (Pisces) possesses the sense of hidden and secret things that derives from the connected metamorphosis-gestation phase to this House.

It is divided into two parts like the other houses of water and this duality (spirit-matter) is the symbol of Reincarnation.

Here the being completes its cycle and finds itself in front of two paths: the first that leads to involution in Matter for the being whose karma is not purified, the second that leads to integration into absolute Oneness for those who are they are freed from their karma.

Like the other water houses, it is both destructive and creative at the same time because water is regenerating and destroys only to recreate it on another level. As for the attribution of the Tradition to the XII House of the enemies, here is the theory of A. Nègre.

“Suppose that an electric current (of cosmic energy that generates every creation) runs through the Zodiac in the normal positive-negative sense, that is, passing from the positive to the negative hemicycle (from House XII to House I) through the intersection of House VI / VII without tension (due to the neutrality of the life sector).

When it reaches the beginning of the I (Ascendant) in front of the XII House it hits its opposite pole, the positive; hence the voltage first (because there is a break here) and then fusion in the form of an electric discharge. House I personifies the subject and House X in the hemicycle of the non-ego represents the world outside him and foreign.

A tension is an antagonism and on the human level an antagonism is an enmity, the subject is faced with an enemy and therefore House XII is “the House of hidden enemies” (the secret character of the Water Signs explains in part this attribution).

Since a discharge is an abrupt, unexpected, accidental thing and suddenly breaks a normal state, the meaning of accident derives from it”.

Tension, antagonism, opposition, accident, clarify other attributes of House XII: obstacles, boredom, delays, falls, and illnesses.

According to tradition, House XII also means the loss of freedom, prison, and exile. In fact, being is in a “prison” by entering House XII and its incarnation is a loss of freedom.

It also indicates evasion to the higher spheres, the access of the spiritual being to the paths that leading out of the Manifesto leads to reintegration into absolute Unity. Transitional house between two sectors, the XII represents the Causal Plane as the IV symbolizes the Etheric Plane and the VIII the Astral Plane.

Opposite to House VI, the House of the limited, of the domestic, of work as a daily obligation in dependence on others, House XII represents the sublime, the capacity for abstraction, the possibility of reaching wider horizons, the attitude towards big problems and the trials of life, detachment from routine, the search for isolation or exile.

Psychologically, the moral strength and the ability to endure loneliness and to look death in the face and to tear oneself away from the material and the daily minutiae to range in immensity and eternity.

As in House I the ego is in its pure state, in House XII it presents itself to the final goal transformed by events.

It also expresses the conclusion of life and a very strong House XII indicates a serene attitude towards death and often a liberal philosophy towards suicide.

Being opposed to the world of the usual, it represents the unusual, the extraordinary, the humorous, philosophical or political detachment, the tendency to paradox, the nonconformist force of challenge to society and the world but in analogy with the co-significant Pisces of the House it also means the irony, sarcasm, the tendency to scam, the morbid curiosity for the oddities and the forbidden.

There is an important House XII in the themes of great creators (musicians, poets, and writers), ascetics, monks, criminals, and exiles, hermits, alienated. Opposite to House VI which indicates diseases, it represents diseases that are difficult to diagnose, those that are chronic, strange or hidden and of mental origin.

Meanings of House XII: what is hidden, trials, hospitals, long chronic illnesses, occultism, astrology (with IV-VIII-IX), exile, hidden enemies, invisible obstacles, kindergartens, large animals, crimes, betrayals, espionage, suicide, occult life, great sorrows, prisons, punishments, slavery, limitations, mass riots, troubles, temptations, the hidden intrigues, the hospitals, the trials, the psychic complications, the asylum, the convents, the closed places, the nostalgia, the torment that comes from the fear of life and death.

Virgo in 12th House – Natal, Meaning, Cusp

The Lord of the Flies 12th house shows how a person behaves alone, as well as the secrets of his kind, sub consciousness, a tendency to negative actions.

Here you can see the likelihood of imprisonment, hospital stay, and even going to a monastery. Knowing the subtleties of the aspects and influence of the zodiac sign, you can choose a compensator and neutralize the danger.

The 12th house in Virgo does not give the owner of the horoscope inner support and optimism in a state of forced loneliness. Any interference from the outside plunges into panic, knocks the ground out of underfoot. Most problems arise from mistakes made by stupidity or carelessness.

The situation is aggravated by picky petty enemies who know how to wait for the moment when the native is especially vulnerable. Problems and Limitations the talent and at the same time the trouble of the owner of the 12th house in Virgo lies in the unconscious ability to notice details and little things that are invisible to others.

Sometimes it saves lives and helps to find a way out of the crisis, as in a fairy tale the heroes found their way out of the thicket of the forest by the pebbles left behind.

However, in most cases, these are suspicious people who are infuriated by the slightest failure in plans, not to mention the intrigues of ill-wishers or poor health.

Deviations from the norm frighten and shatter the nervous system. Hence the maniacal desire for order and polishing all the small details of the house to shine. At a low level of development, the opposite is true: they plunge into the mental experience of all the nuances of the problem, and the house turns into chaos.

Men and women with the 12th house in Virgo are faced with a difficult task – to sacrifice their suspiciousness and fixation on details, to learn not to get attached to small pleasant things, daily routine, any symbols of stability.

They will need an abstract and mystical vision of Pisces in the 6th house, the ability to go with the flow and the flexibility of thinking.

The main problems that arise for the owner of the horoscope: inability for long-term planning, life in a compartment of one day, when the big is seen at a distance, but next to them they cannot see it (it concerns friendship, love, career opportunities); the habit of appreciating and realizing happiness after its loss, picky, stinginess, secrecy.

Difficulties with promotion in society, support of communication, retention of material resources with a weak Mercury and the Sun; lack of selflessness: expects a reciprocal service for any trifle or calculates in advance how to deserve the favor of people, but just doesn’t help, unless Venus is in Cancer or Pisces.

an overestimated sense of self-importance, selfishness, secret vices and violations of the law on trifles; anxiety in matters of religion due to an increased sense of guilt and moral principles, all the time it seems that God will punish for wrongdoing.

At a high level of development, the 12th house in Virgo provides a unique employee who will meticulously double-check every detail, without admitting the slightest mistake, and at the same time has a creative approach and rich imagination.

Yes, and it is difficult for a native to get to the hospital. Fears that they will discover terrible diseases or that they will have to sit out in long queues interfere. It is not in their rules to spend money on private clinics. Secret enemies await the owners of the 12th house in Virgo at work.

These are inconspicuous, modest employees who do not grab stars from the sky, but are very jealous of the horoscope owner’s ability to combine commitment and technical mindset with a powerful stream of creativity.

It is especially important not to offend simple-looking and quiet workaholic in the team, because they will calculate their revenge masterly, carefully studying the enemy and hitting him in the most vulnerable place.

At a low level of development, the native’s suspicion is excessive. He sees conspiracies and negative attitudes everywhere.


This is a unique combination of Mercurian precision and Neptunian creativity in one person. Enemies and Diseases Men and women with the 12th house in Virgo are prone to nervous diseases, arthritis of the joints in the hands, ankles, and respiratory infections.

They inflate the problem out of any ailment, worry about their health, but it is extremely difficult for them to follow the treatment, especially when taking pills in different dosages throughout the day is scheduled. It just drives them crazy.

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