Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

How many of you who are reading this knows its connection to the past life, and in this sense, how many of us know how to use the past lessons and move them into the present moment as lessons?

Not many, it seems to us. No one has said that we should live in the past, that is for sure, but looking and learning from it, is the best way you do not return to it.

But all of us can find out their past, with all of its glory and trauma that it carries – in astrology, our connection to the past is called the Moon.

Its position speaks of this relation, and when we know more of it, and then we can move on from any possible traumas.

Today we will take a look at the people and luminary (Sun and Moon) location in the natal chart.

Here, these two are set in Virgo and Aquarius.

General Meaning

Right from the start, we will tell you that astrologers consider the position of the Moon in Aquarius as one of the most challenging positions.

It makes people become too closed and out of this world, hard to comprehend, and seen as problematic.

The fact is that people who have this set of luminaries have a mind that others do not understand (and they prefer when that is the case, because of the Sun in Virgo). They also have a will that others do not have or understand, and the energy that others cannot cope with, this is the reason why they do not have a lot of friends, and the Sun in Virgo does not oppose.

The Sun in Virgo is close, but the Moon in Aquarius is a sign of great openness, making people become visionaries who are always striving for something new and innovative.

The cosmos has prepared many surprises for them, and in accordance with how a person accepts it, such will be his destiny.

One of the main characteristics of this luminary combination is the speed that others cannot follow, and ideas that others have not grown up with – but these Virgos want to make something of it, and in that sense, they are irritating for the society, and we can understand why.

There is always a touch of the unusual and unique around these people, love for the unusual is always there. They have a complex nature, difficult to get to know. One side of their personality seeks above all security (the Sun in Virgo), while the other dreams of freedom, independence, and fantasy (the Moon in Aquarius).

In love, there is a fear of deeper attachment for fear of losing freedom. They have a lot of relationships, which are “no obligation.” The partner must meet their intellectual needs. They like original and unusual people, who are interesting and with whom he will not be bored. He suddenly enters and leaves the relationship.

These people first expect their partner to be their friend and only then everything else. This is not a parent who caresses and comforts a child. They teach the child to be independent and self-sufficient. They can be nervous, science-oriented, unconventional, and with an unusual relationship with their children.


If we would just take a look at the Moon in Aquarius, we could say that those are people who live their lives in breaking taboos, change relationships between people and encourage them to be masters of their lives.

But the Sun in Virgo opposes, cannot deal with it so well, and wants to set boundaries if possible.

The best-case scenario is when these people fight for the common cause, fight for all, do not allow divisions into classes, races, and classes.

For them, all people are equal. They love new and unusual things, and this is the best way you can approach them and be friends with them if you show them something that they have not seen.

As we have said, the Moon is always our connection to the past, and this Moon speaks of visionaries, rebels, experts, and researchers.

But it is good to know that they are not deprived of bohemian and adventurous spirit, hurting others along the way, making consequences that lead toward unstable emotional life.

In their lives, there are divorces and terminations of relations in various ways. That is why a lot of work must be done on tolerance, and decisions must be made carefully, not hastily, and this implies to their love life in particular, and toward people they care for.

If the Moon in Aquarius is in a bad aspect, then the person is unsocial, prone to anarchy, and in the worst-case life scenarios, we are talking about the destructive nature.

In those times, we meet people who lack enough self-confidence and seem cold and inaccessible. They do not tolerate other people’s views and finds no peace anywhere.

Here, we meet people who must seek professional help and should seek it without any concern. Because, without professional help, they are doomed.

In some cases, they do not want it and rejects it because they consider it a humiliation for their mind, making them feel weak and underachieved people with karma on their back.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon – Man

This man is a philosopher who does not believe that other forces rule the world and his life but wants to freely express his own potentials: freedom of speech and movement, and friendship and humanity are its ideals. Freedom for this man is a condition of physical and mental health, and that is why they avoid deep attachments.

He is being dedicated to taking things into his own hands and is the reason why this man never has harmonious life. He is certainly specific, original, and different because he could not function in a different environment.

He easily accepts new ideas and has a sense of technique and anything that is esoteric; not only that, he often works independently or some form of humanitarian work (this is the best choice for this man). He understands machines and is very advanced in his thinking and presenting new ideas.

A man with this set of luminaries is looking for an independent woman and has multiple relationships at the same time. He loves sociable and intelligent women, and anyone who is empty and focuses on her looks, he just would not notice her.

Finding a partner that he wants, this man will be able to dominate personal and family life to ideas (letting the Virgo Sun on the surface), and if you want to marry him and make him a homeboy, then you should give up right at the beginning.

Sometimes he is so eccentric when he doesn’t care what others think – he goes towards his own goals in his own way.

Here there is a lot of talk of the rebellious nature of this man, and for him, that rebellion always has a cause. There is a “reason” for everything in his life.

He may look strange to others because he changes his mood quite often. He acts very confidently, and when he becomes mature, he exudes an atmosphere: “If you like me, it’s nice – if you don’t like me, there’s no problem.”

However, deep inside, this man does not really mean it. He just enjoys being different, and he is even proud of his individualism.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Moon – Woman

The remarkable futuristic quality of the Moon in Aquarius could be seen in a natal chart of a lady Virgo with this lunar position – she is the one that has a lot of passion for research and for putting herself in a position that contributes to others and the common good. She will do it in small details and will demand the same amount of dedication from her “team.”

She needs to have a great need for orientation and an environment in which to express herself, for loved ones with whom she will identify in order to strengthen her personality.

This woman is unconventional and open to new things, prone to experimentation, and often lives an intense life – that is what makes her different from the typical representatives of her sign, the Virgo that is more rigid than this one.

The best way is when this lady has people who understand her – in return, they will get a woman who loves, sacrifices mean, everything will go as it should. If it is the opposite, she will get her freedom with many breaks.

This woman always draws attention to herself with her unusual behavior and eccentric dress, and a woman with this luminary combination, at a certain age in her life, let others see her as unusual in her surroundings, by the price that they don’t understand her.

Everything about her is unusual (in a good way), and the only difference is that when she is younger, she cares what others things, and in later years, she stops caring about what others say of her.

In some cases, she is very rebellious and has unusual behavior and appearance; she always gathers many acquaintances around her because she is sociable.

In interpersonal relations, this woman can be very tense, unpredictable, and reacts violently if things are not going as she has imagined them to go. She hates injustice and is committed to higher goals. She is very independent, loves freedom, and does not tolerate any restrictions. She is always on the side of the weaker because she is humane and friendly.

This woman is one of a kind in the sense that she will never accept the subordinate position in any relation and is not attracted to the role of wife and mother and finds it difficult to cope with it. She will rather stay alone or have something that suits her better.

A well-aspected Moon in Aquarius creates a humane person with the top intelligence and advanced ideas which can truly make the best out of their life, and this is the case in a natal chart of a lady.

The best results are achieved when she realizes that she is the original creator of her life and a reliable friend that you can count on at all times. Family relationships are harmonious in her life, in this case.

This woman’s love is great only if she is free, and she is afraid of a deeper bond because it means the loss of freedom and identity. For her, motherhood is not an act of creation but of restraint. She shows no tender emotion and does not impose discipline on children, and she is more a friend to children than an authority. She is nervous and tense, and the relationship in the house is bad and full of conflicts. She does not like to study, but she thinks that she is smarter than everyone and finds no peace anywhere.

In cases that this lady does indeed forms a family, then she becomes a mamma bear, taking care of her family the best she can.

Things become worse, and if her kids or family members have a health condition, then she is dedicated to finding the cure. Some of these ladies become single mothers and do not have any problem with it.

On the contrary, she will make the best out of it.

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