Virgo Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Let us pay attention to the character of the person, when the Sun is in Virgo. Sufficiency + Observance = High level of performance. The Sun in Virgo by the mountain of Virgo is distinguished by its modesty and shade.

Such people prefer to always remain in the shadows, inconspicuous, they do not like to stand out and be in the center of attention.

With a great degree of reliability, you will not take a high position, despite your excellent mind and motivation. You yourself will not strive for fame and popularity.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

These are distinguished by their observance, they can, without a problem, notice small nuances that other people will not pay attention to at all.

Employees without problems ensure that such a person is responsible for the work, because they are always meticulous about the fulfillment of all tasks.

An important advantage of such a person is acuity. For him, it is very important to perform the task perfectly, and in this case the person feels proud of himself.

In some situations, confidence in one’s strengths will show a person, he wonders what will be able to cope with a given task.

You can justly be called a too kind person, so it can take a lot of time to complete a task.

It is important for you that everything is clear and organized, xaoc is your main enemy. Among strange people, you often feel yourself, as if not in your own glass.

To the personal personality of such a person is often too critical, he is constantly trying to improve, to improve.

In some cases, it would be possible to value yourself a lot higher than what you are doing. Precaution and precision are not only about work, but also about everyday moments.

You are very careful about your nutrition, the composition of your exercise programs, and hygiene.

Most often, such people regularly visit medical specialists for the purpose of prophylaxis and run to the doctor for the first symptoms of the disease.

It is important for you to surround yourself with beautiful things, you want everything to be perfect.

At the same time, such a person cannot have an exquisite taste, it is quite simple. It is usually difficult to communicate with people.

Aries Moon – Meaning and info

The Moon in Aries in the natal chart reveals the very temperamental and fiery nature of a person, with an emphasized ego, who in many situations is able to express his emotions and his attitudes in a very open, unambiguous and clear way.

Most often, he does not try to hide what he feels at a given moment, but strives to express his feelings and attitudes in a very direct and honest way.

Sometimes he can react with some of his actions and statements in a completely impulsive way, wanting to make it clear to everyone what he thinks about something and how exactly he feels at a given moment.

Namely, this being tries very hard to show his strong individuality on almost every occasion and to show the whole world the strength of his ego and the strength of his will.

In life, he usually proves to be an ambitious and tireless fighter who knows how to be very proud of his achievements, while accepting possible defeats in a dignified way, trying to come out of such life situations as an even stronger person.

There is greater persistence, willingness to work hard as well as courage in realizing life plans.

The enterprising spirit and greater readiness to invest a lot of energy and love in order to achieve the successful realization of the set goals are very much emphasized.

The moon in the cardinal and fiery sign of Aries indicates that this person often proves to be the main initiator of events and that he really likes to enjoy the role of organizer.

There is an enthusiastic mood whenever it is necessary to start a new action.

And this person is almost always ready for action! The adventurous spirit and the need to enjoy life are characteristic.

For many people with the Moon in Aries, honesty is often one of the greatest virtues.

Also, with other people, they can appreciate honesty very much until they put up with it when they notice that someone wants to keep the truth from them and when they try to lie to them.

In general, it will be harder to give a new chance to someone who is determined to have had some dishonest intentions.

The Moon positioned in this way has an independent person in its natal chart who likes to do all things in their own special way.

In life, he is often guided by his heart and often knows how to go “head through the wall”.

This is someone who does not like to wait for things to happen on their own, but hurries to meet them bravely and courageously. He is ready for new beginnings. He is not afraid of risk.

Defy others. She is an energetic, fearless and independent person. A true leader.

In love this person feeds on passion. Passion is its basic mover and something it cannot do without. He is often of a very loving nature and likes to seduce and conquer in a short procedure. In a love affair or marriage, he strives for open and direct communication without twisting.

Sometimes, however, greater impatience in communication can be expressed and it may seem that there is not enough patience to listen to the other party.

It’s actually about having “a short fuse”. In many situations, he knows how to say something in his affect that he will regret bitterly in the next moment.

Sometimes it can seem that in a love affair he tries to satisfy his needs first and foremost and to realize his desires without caring about the needs and desires of his loved one.

That is why he often leaves the wrong impression in the field of love.

In the business plan, he stands out with his energy and competitive spirit. He feels the need to impose his authority. He is impatiently striving to improve his business and financial status in order to achieve the best possible position. He likes to prove himself.

He has leadership skills. He feels better while fulfilling business obligations independently and independently of others and reluctantly agreeing to teamwork.

He tries to erase ugly memories from his memory as soon as possible, not wanting to be overburdened with thinking about some unpleasant situations and some unpleasant events from the past. He doesn’t want to look back on it because he just doesn’t have the time for it.

Heads up, proudly and with dignity steps towards a better, more beautiful and brighter future. He wants to get the most out of life and expects the best from life because he believes that he deserves only the best.

Virgo Sun Aries Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

In addition to the setting of the Sun in our natal, the setting of the Moon is also very important. The moon is our emotions, our mother, our home, possession, and homeland.

In the female horoscope, the position of the Moon speaks of fertility, but also how and in what way it expresses its emotional nature.

It also shows what kind of woman a mother will be, as well as her relationship with her own mother, and in general, she describes resourcefulness in society.

In the male horoscope, the Moon is also an indicator of emotions, but it even more strongly indicates what kind of relationship a man builds towards his mother during growing up, which will later be like reflection, very important and crucial in choosing a partner, i.e. what kind of woman he wants to start a family with.

Of course, in addition to the position of the Moon in the sign, the setting in which the house is located and how it is expected with other planets is also very important.

Fixed stars also have a great influence on the Moon.

The Moon in Aries, although it shows a tendency – I in the first place, will not flaunt it by waving that slogan, nor will it curiously poke its nose into someone else’s life. He is mainly focused on himself and his sphere of action, which he will keep as a fortress, always at the target of vigilance, watching every suspicious person who sneaks around in his free territory of existence.

People born with this position of the Moon are very honest, and they expect that quality from others as well. They loathe the irritating tendencies of attack. He will never be the first to attack anyone, but he will react very sharply to the slightest “step on his fingers”, remark and threat.

He is characterized by dynamism, courage, bravery and combativeness, which in some risky situations borders on insanity.

Their emphasis is on self-control and constant work. He prefers the position of being in charge of events, as far as his integrity is concerned.

He is protectively oriented towards those closest to him, as well as the army of his followers and members.

Arrogant imposition of will is not in the scope of his life attitude and actions, but if it is in the interest of well-being, he will express it at the cost of conflict, because he knows that when the storm passes, things will lie in the order he presented with his foresight.

He is in a protective mood towards the weaker, although he sometimes expresses his character trait of tenderness with some more aggressive attitudes and words.

For some, his astonishingly courageous self-confidence and the treatment of a mere arrogant man, who only looks after his own interest, can provoke resistance.

The Moon in Aries does not care too much for such people, because he hierarchically believes that everyone in the world has their place in society.

He will show himself in full light only when he thinks that the situation primarily requires it, but even then he will keep an inviolable dose of distance, for the sake of the caution of his preservation and prosperity.

Their code of genius is not always under control, due to impatience, especially under the onslaught of desires and plans, and especially when they get out of control or someone tries to sabotage them.

Then the Moon in Aries knows how to react badly, angrily and aggressively, not giving in to authority, but also to get angry very quickly, if the other side accepts the compromise in the principle of credibility of the continued survival of the warring peace.

But he does not like to make enemies, nor does anyone like to consider him as such.

It is not difficult for him to apologize to a small child, if he reacted, in some bitter arguments, with some harsher, inappropriate words. For him, only truth and justice are something to match and respect.

No, the Moon in Aries does not require anyone to bow to him and to caress and caress him, he only appreciates everyone’s personality, correctness in any kind of relationship.


The Moon in Aries is often misunderstood or interpreted differently, and in such situations it retreats into its solitude, into its database of all social circumstances, no matter how acceptable or not they may be in the time in which it lives. As a man of a more advanced code, he will try to fight for his ideals, if necessary, even alone.

His advice is worth its weight in gold, so it is good to consult them on some important issues.

But when someone persistently gives him advice, he will shake his head, and will receive it only from those he considers worthy of himself.

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