Virgo Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Eve is a sign of the elements of the Earth, which here acquires stability, strength and fundamentalness.

Its main formative planets are Proserpine and Mercury. The element Earth in Virgo is very static, so you can be distinguished by double conservatism, strong rationalism, scrupulousness and pedantry.

From Mercury, you have prudence and perception of everything through the mental plane. You are able to memorize very large amounts of information and can process and analyze this information almost exactly.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

However, sometimes you lack creative initiative and intuition, that is, those main qualities that are necessary for creative synthesis.

You are, as a rule, an excellent analyst, but with synthesis you are usually weak, so among the Virgins you can find many experimental scientists and picky researchers who delve into details and build their system from small facts (For example, Butlerov, Rutherfod, Galvani, Faraday, Darwin).

Among the Virgins we also find compilers of dictionaries – Brockhaus, Vladimir Dal.

There are also Virgo writers, very gifted and creating monumental works – Goethe, L. Tolstoy. You can be a philosopher because you have a strong enough mindset. In general, you study well and perceive any information.

You can reach great heights with hard work and consistency.

For you, perhaps harmony consists of many small details and separate components, that is, harmony for you is made up of little things.

Therefore, you can be a good statistician, bookkeeper or librarian.

In the case of low spiritual development, in the worst case, qualities such as coldness and rationality may appear.

An example of a strong Virgo logician is Hegel, whose iron logic to some extent compensated for his low ability to synthesize.

At worst, you can be a dry pedant, but still with some creativity.

Among the countries under the sign of Virgo are Germany, first of all, Prussia, where pedantry, accuracy and accuracy were very high. Japan is also the country of Virgo, where details are worked out very precisely and in detail, unique devices are created, very small and precise.

Among Virgos we also find people with the “little man” complex. They are very executive and honest, they never ask for trouble and do not conflict with their environment. Gogol loved and described such people very much.

Your worst traits in the case of a low level are service and servility shown in communication and at the same time strong self-interest, which you may be guided by.

In the case of the average level, Virgos are most often selfless. Some tediousness and pedantry are characteristic of you in any case, even at the highest level of development.

At the highest level, you are saturated with information and are a living walking dictionary, very erudite.

It’s better not to argue with you – you can crush with your erudition.

In general, you probably love it when you admire your intelligence and abilities, and work for you is probably the most important thing in life.

Your innermost essence and development system is analysis, and you develop through the analysis of everything. You build your system from small details, and in your highest manifestations, realizing the vibrations and qualities of Proserpine, you build a kind of super-system that is sometimes understandable only to you alone, that is, ahead of its time.

Your main problem is the problem of “taming” your talkativeness, as well as the possibility of direct expression of your feelings.

As a rule, you have a Venus complex – love is given to you with great difficulty, because you perceive feelings and emotions mentally, through the mind.

From this, you can manifest coldness in love, coldness in general, tightness and notoriousness. You sometimes suffer in your personal life or your family life is not very good, you may well be a bachelor or an old maid.

When raising children with the Sun in Virgo, special attention should be paid to aesthetics, because in the worst case, the lack of Venusian qualities can lead to the fact that they go to the other extreme: from coldness to full revelry.

Virgos begin to explore love from a mental point of view, become cold experimenters in love and s*x.

For example, you can choose your partner according to the sign of the zodiac, by degree, by decade and experiment, what and how to get it, that is, you go the harsh practical way.

Your karmic task is to do the hardest and most difficult work on earth, the most thankless work that all other signs of the zodiac give her.

Therefore, you can work in hospitals: a nurse, a nurse, a surgeon, where there is a lot of sewage and dirt – you endure everything easily, you are not squeamish. You belong to a very responsible, serious and high zodiac sign.

Cancer Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon began to deify thousands of years ago. In all ancient civilizations, the lunar deity was equated with the Sun.

In some religions, the moon was attributed to the source of spiritual knowledge, as well as wisdom.

People in ancient times were convinced that the moon is very powerful and almost omnipotent.

It has a tremendous impact on the life of all mankind and it is still continuing to study and research.

The moon is subject to the movement of all water bodies of simply huge sizes, moreover, it is able to stop or, on the contrary, enhance the growth of all plants.

But what can I say, even in the body of every person, most biorhythms are associated precisely with the lunar phases.

As mentioned above, its influence in astrology and throughout earthly life is still being studied and researched.

Most astrologers have nicknamed the Moon “The Sun of a Woman”, thereby highlighting its special influence on women. This planet is responsible for all human instincts, habits and emotions.

In her complete power is a change in emotional mood, interest in any area of ​​life. Moreover, all the functions of the internal organs in the human body are subject to it.

The lunar side of human nature is directly related to feelings and the perception of life that is inherent in humans.

The moon is the patron planet of the Cancer zodiac sign. In the horoscope of this sign, this planet has tremendous power.

In this case, a person fully lives only on his own impressions and emotions. They have no idea what hatred is.

These people are very sensitive, they often give in to their own memories.

Such personalities are not able to throw out of their memory children’s and the best fragments from their lives, their imagination develops quite well.

These people have a wonderful effect on people, exclusively at the subconscious level. Considering that Cancers are under the auspices of the Moon, they are very soft and graceful.

These people are filled with romance, tenderness and have a vulnerable nature. If the Moon has a negative effect on Cancers, then in this case they become fickle, they do not adhere to all the rules of behavior, they become very touchy and quick-tempered.

The moon is simply a unique object. In addition, it is she who is the only satellite of our planet Earth.

The atmosphere on this planet is almost completely absent. It is the second brightest celestial body.

One of the phenomena most visible to the human eye is the ebb and flow of the seas.

In astronomy, the interval that takes place between the new moons is usually called the synodic month, which is 29 days and 5 hours.

This planet rules over people and has a positive impact. It is unique in its structure. She’s really special.

After all, otherwise, it would have been studied and fully explored long ago. The moon is a symbol of the unconscious in man. In a personal horoscope, the Moon shows the type of emotionality.

The lunar influence determines the relationship with the mother and the nature of emotional reactions.

The sunlight reflected by the Moon already personifies passivity, acceptance, and the Yin principle. The moon in the zodiac has only one abode – Cancer.

The moon rules the sign Cancer and in the best way reveals its potential in the life of the owners of such a horoscope.

Both solar and lunar Cancers diligently protect their inner world from undue attention. Lunar Cancer has super sensitivity, he understands the subconscious motives of others.

Mood change and dependence on the lunar phases, as well as the secrecy and suspicion of the Moon in Cancer, slows down the approach and recognition.

Lunar Cancer perceives a vast palette of other people’s reactions to themselves and can take a lot into their account.

In communicating with him, it is better to be sincere, otherwise, lunar Cancer will not trust to the end.

Lunar Cancer himself is never completely frank with anyone and never, but fine tuning with him can give an amazing effect of complete mutual understanding.

In Vedic astrology, Cancer is a sign of brahmaness who have access to philosophical knowledge.

Such a person has a high ability to concentrate and strong psychic energy. Lunar Cancer is capable of deep feelings, passionately desires to truly love at least once in his life.

The priority of the life attitudes of the Moon in Cancer is family, prosperity and success.

Virgo Sun Cancer Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You have come a long way from a timid sensitive child afraid of his own shadow; for although you are still sensitive and somewhat timid, you have largely freed yourself from these and, with the help of pure willpower and mental strain, have established yourself in this world as a person to be reckoned with.

You still feel an inner tremor when you try to make important decisions and especially when you try to force others to follow your orders; but your need for success is so strong and you have so brilliantly nurtured such qualities as restraint and poise hidden under your protective armor that you may have an important position where people will listen carefully to your words and follow your orders…

As with a boss, it is not easy with you, because, being not a very confident person in your soul, you hide it behind excessive severity and insist on absolute obedience to the rules – and especially to your words.

You are eminently traditional, and although you have thoughts about social progress, you are an ardent supporter of the existing power – especially your own. Your power over people comes from understanding their thoughts and feelings and your ability to put yourself in their place without giving up your own personality.

Your sense of tact can turn into strength and contribute to your progress or weakness, leaving you in a subordinate position; but in any case, this is dictated by your sense of the right policy and expediency. You won’t fight for lost opportunities; you, like the God of Battles, will be on the side of the majority.


You are an amiable and pleasant person, responding to sympathy, love and understanding; you are confused and unbalanced by toughness or malevolence, but you are capable of striking back if your opponent is up to you. You turn the feeling of shame into courage and fearlessness.

You are a loyal and sensitive lover, although with your sensitivity you can drive your partner crazy.

As a leader, you can completely confuse your subordinates by constantly changing your opinions. You must develop real self-confidence so that your truly great abilities can receive appropriate recognition among people.

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