Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

What do you actually know about the Moon and Sun combination in the natal chart, and are you aware of how important they are?

And we believe that there is not much saying of the Moon, and its importance in the natal charts is huge, and do not let be just one more information for astrology freaks.

Here we will speak of one of the most problematic luminary combinations in astrology – the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Capricorn.

Some say that this Moon is what defines coldness, selfishness, and often depression, but the summary of this combination is not unhappiness but walking the path far more around than others; it is like destiny gave these people much more than to some others. Some say that the Moon does not feel really good in this sign.

Read more of this combination; especially pay attention if your kids have this luminary combination.

General Meaning

People who have the luminary combination Virgo Sun and the Moon Capricorn are seen as very peculiar people who seem unacceptable to all others close to them; they are what we can call misfits, castaways.

But things change at the moment when others meet them a bit closer, just by spending a lot of time with them and seeing them from the outside and inside, it could be seen that they are exceptional in various ways and that they have so much to offer to the world, and beyond. Then, all blessings become bigger and bigger.

In a general sense, people with this luminary combination are some of the most practical and intelligent human beings that you will ever meet in life.

But the question arises – why are they so reclusive, seemingly do not want to show themselves to others? They are known for not allowing access, but when they do, they cannot be compared to anyone. These people tend to look only at their own needs.

Other people, especially at the beginning, can see them as disinterested, cold, and reserved people, and that is because they do not feel comfortable expressing their feelings in public. They need time to get used to others and develop intimacy.

They are hard-workers who know how to earn money and be successful in work. If you meet them on the favorable ground, it is the best-case scenario – which causes further difficulty because they avoid performing in public and hate pretentious styles. You will only be able to meet them in the places and environment they love and see fit.

Keep in mind that the Moon in the natal chart always shows our connection to the past life, and therefore all those who have the Moon in Capricorn have difficult past lives – maybe being poor, having a life filled with struggle and a lot of pain.

This impression follows them all the time and it is the cause of probable unhappiness that lasts. These people like to feel useful and productive, also having stable emotions, without any disturbance.

One of the more positive aspects of this lunar position is that they do understand everything personally (even at work, etc.) and that they have stable emotions that they do not see comfortable changing, and this is the root of the majority of their problems.

Their focus is on what they want, and in this sense, they will organize themselves in a way that they reach their goals in the best way they can make sure success will come.

No one can organize life better than these people, they are creating masters, but the problem is that they want all in their team to act the same; if they do not, and then the problem arises and makes a living hell.

But if they put in their hard work and lead others by example, when they give themselves strictly and relentlessly, they are truly able to achieve extraordinary results.

Here we can recognize a lot of ambition, hard work and this is like it in almost any aspect of their lives -, and the like.

In some cases, it makes a life filled with torment and struggle. But on the bright side, they are resilient and can do whatever they can to live the best life they can.

Being completely aware that they have a heavy burden to carry if they’re able to make a difference by being more honest and relax.


Badly aspected, people who have this luminary combination that is, by some astrologers, very difficult, they often come to the realization that they are misfits and that no one can understand them as they truly are.

But the truth is that they are hiding their own thirst for attention and tenderness that they have, but hide, in the first place from themselves.

Their relation to others is problematic since they see them as people who are far away, who are high above all, and do not want to connect to others.

Also, for people who have this luminary connection, if they are immersed in intimacy that requires a lot of effort, it takes a very friendly nature to break that iceberg of their facade. They tend to have a hard time changing what they have learned, so all those parents who have kids with this luminary combination should, by all costs, pay attention to teaching them from an early age those things that will serve them later in life. They stick to tradition and customs, and having them as friend’s means that you will always have a good friend on their side that will tell them his or her true opinion.

But, be prepared for coldness and isolation, with an accent on the excessive introversion that can make them meet happiness quite late in life, and this is the most common cause.

Always there is a desire for the protection they seek, and it can do them a lot of harm. Advice is that they free themselves from boundaries a little and show that they also know how to enjoy life.

In an emotional sense, in the case of the people who have Sun and Moon combination in Virgo and Capricorn, there are almost no sentiments here, or they are enduring so many difficult to express these feelings.

We could speak of these people in a simpler way – the fact is that these people get destiny that is a harder path to take.

However, if they are able and willing to accept this challenge and clear themselves of everything, they can win.

In a better aspected natal chart, when all other aspects are great, these people have been blessed with a solid foundation, and a good vibe is set on the environment with their strong magnetism.

But the problem of not being able to maintain closer relationships with others is due to their inability to understand that people are different and that they cannot be liked by everyone.

An additional problem lies in the fact that they are being lost in too many details and boundaries. The main lesson is to hold on and restrain them, and let go, enjoy a bit more.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Man

This is the man, who is strict, and he is the one that you will be able to recognize by his attitude; he wants esteem and respect – he demands it, and he would prefer it that way, rather than being loved and admired from the society. One of the negative characteristics of this position is too much self-criticism (and as soon as we are critical of ourselves, then we are critical of others as well).

These people can be very difficult towards themselves, and often this criticism comes from childhood, where they were criticized by their parents, society, or the environment. Of course, this is not always the case. It all depends on the whole natal chart.

Born with this position of the Moon and Sun in Virgo and Capricorn, a man expresses his feelings with a certain restraint, so sometimes he seems reserved, cold, rigid, and critical towards the entire world.

But, when he decides to open his soul, he wants to insure himself in some way against possible negative consequences that may occur; and this may be the only reason why he is so reclusive.

Deep inside, this man is able to see that he hides his own thirst for attention and tenderness; but who will wait for him to open up.

Partners and lovers see him as a man who is distant, high above all.

In the worst-case scenario, a man that has Sun and Moon in Virgo and Capricorn is a slave to duty, tradition, loyal, responsible, emotionally distanced at the beginning until he is tied down, and then constant as a rock. A serious man even in his youth, but undeniably he is very wise.

Virgo Sun Capricorn Moon – Woman

In a lady natal chart, when Moon and Sun are aspected in this way, and if other aspects are bad – this woman usually lives a hard life full of torment and struggle.

If there are other bad influences in the horoscope, then the life she lives can really be unhappy in some periods.

A heavy burden has been drawn from the past life (as we have spoken of in the previous section) because she lives with the feeling that she did not repent for her bad deeds and did not understand the significance of her own guilt.

That is why, unconsciously, in this life, she will suffocate and tighten her and remind her of some things she should not have done.

Still, she is a very resilient individual who can bear a heavy burden. The cure for all this is honesty, relaxation, and understanding that there is some meaning behind everything.

But there is no doubt and this lady can gain an excellent social position in life because she is ambitious, hardworking, and the like. This woman is what people like to call an old soul. She is so serious even when he is a child, and this is all because she is truly wise, honest, and responsible toward life and toward the people that are in her life.

Immersing in her intimacy would require a lot of effort. It takes a very warm nature to come close to her.

Although feelings of this lady can be quite difficult and slow, her sentiments are, in any case, deep and lasting. When she loves, she loves to the core, and as a mother, she is the best since she shows a great deal of responsibility towards her family and understanding deeply their problems and needs.

Women with this position as mothers will be: practical, stable, down-to-earth, they will keep up with all of the problems and responsibilities her kids may have, and she will be the best mother you can imagine.

But there is always an opposite example – in disharmonious aspects, she is aware of her flaws, and therefore she knows on some level that she needs to work on herself, in all roles she has in life, with an accent on accepting herself and her “flaws (as she sees them, and putting the focus on them).

Then, all the criticism disappears, and therefore she will not be so critical and difficult towards his children and others who are a part of her life.

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