Virgo Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Your intelligence is your strength and your weakness.

This is your strength, because you are rational, analytical, and able to grasp quickly the details and understand the tangled things.

This is your weakness, because by being preoccupied with intellectual matters, you are probably neglecting the emotional side of life, which nevertheless requires attention and causes anxiety. You believe in logic and are completely lost when you have to experience emotional distress.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

Virgo is a Human sign. Analyst, taxonomist, rationalist, intellectual, dividing the surrounding reality into separate parts, studying each of these parts.

Programmer, mathematician, analytical chemist, design engineer, mechanic, watchmaker, diagnostician, a wonderful artisan who can shoe a flea.

Virgo’s clothing style is neatness, functionality, convenience and precision in detail.

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Going on a date, a Virgo woman will think over all possible options in advance: if he comes earlier, on time, will be late, with or without flowers, and for each will think over the appropriate style of behavior.

And the only chance a gentleman has to master the situation is to make it unpredictable for Virgo.

After all, all Virgos really do not like to get into situations where it is necessary to make decisions in the face of a lack of time or information.

She is sarcastic, sometimes cynical, perfectly notices all the little things, quickly finds a weak link and often declares this publicly.

Virgo views her body as a complex mechanism and does everything in her power to ensure that this mechanism works without failures.

Virgo is closer to machines, mechanisms, various devices, and in ancient times – servants and pets as executors of her will. Slim, graceful, intelligent, and critical.

Virgo is work, work and again work, any work that a person performs is an earthly ministry for him.

For this is necessary not only for the person himself, but also for all people, nature and so on, communicate, work, serve people.

Virgo has an excellent analysis in order to correctly and accurately perform any task, to constantly improve in the profession.

If he does not like his job, does not put his mind and feelings into it, does it somehow, then such an attitude to work leads to occupational diseases. He urgently needs to change his job or attitude to his work in order to get rid of an occupational disease.

As far as a person knows how to live and work for others, Virgo will present him with a bill from 35 to 42 years old.

It is at this time that a lot of diseases in a person are revealed, associated with work that he does not like. Virgo controls the human intestines.

Hence the stagnant processes in him, if a person locks his spirit and soul. If the soul does not work, then the body gets sick.

Strives to achieve the result. The Earth sign gives her a very specific and detailed perception of the world. She lives among people, and the world for her is interaction.

The Sun in Virgo feels immersed in a collective context: the group, family, service are very important to her.

Hence, contact, at least external, the ability to subordinate their will to the collective, the ability to coordinate their interests with the interests of others.

The Sun in Virgo sees the world in specific details, and strives to put it in order.

It classifies everything very well and reduces everything to a single form, the scheme has a brilliant ability to distinguish, the ability to find similarities between different elements, events to neatly sort everything out.

First of all, he perceives appearance, behavior and does not pay too much attention to internal nuances, since he is not very sensitive to them.

It is sacrificial, selfless, its highest symbol is the Virgin Mary. Deprived of confidence and needs strong support, a safe environment.

Greater dependence on a partner produces feelings of guilt. It reacts too much to what others think of it, easily accepts accusations against itself, but quite often criticizes others quite sharply.

In the perception of the new, he slowly, carefully, and inertly, with difficulty, changes his beliefs and attitudes. She enters a new environment uncertainly, treats new people with distrust, does not rush to open up to them, but is stable in her attachments, beliefs and values.

Strives to take care of others, the younger and the weak. Surprisingly hardworking, and he expects that it will be appreciated, but he does everything not for the sake of praise, such a need was laid down from the very beginning.

It is very active, constantly at work, it is difficult to imagine being idle even during rest. Although he seems weak to himself, he is very hardy, efficient and responsible.

Gemini Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon in Gemini endows its charges with mobility, spiritual wealth and excellent intelligence. They can and can do a lot, but often such natures are very ambivalent. They can go to extremes, take on several things at the same time and still not finish what they started.

There are a lot of interests in their lives, knowledge too, but there are practically no real hobbies and deep knowledge. They find it problematic to focus on one thing or concentrate on completing one task, hence the legs of most of their problems grow.

The first thing I want to advise the Moon Gemini is to be more attentive to themselves, their feelings and true desires.

Nature has done so that they tend to think with someone else’s mind, be led by the opinion of others and try to squeeze into the ideas of other people.

They can live in constant anxiety, irritation and anxiety, which negatively affects their psyche.

This manifests itself in frequent and abrupt mood swings, excessive excitability, emotional exhaustion, etc.

They can often be seen looking for new experiences that will give them another dose of adrenaline. They live in a rush and can ignore really important things and events.

Organization and discipline are not for them, their heart is drawn to constant travel and movement, so if possible, and they will change their place of residence like gloves.

They practically never make plans, act in the course of events, live in the present, and needless to say that such a position in life does not lead to anything good.

They did not hear about modesty and shyness at all. They are very sociable individuals who are always open to people.

The latter, by the way, are drawn to them like a magnet. They like to be aware of the latest events, to be the first to know about what is happening, to be aware of the life of others, sometimes even unfamiliar people.

It is difficult to imagine that the Moon Gemini will suddenly run out of topics for conversation, and others may get the impression that all their stories cannot be listened to at all.

It is problematic for them to be alone with themselves, and loneliness is almost the most important fear of such people.

If they are suddenly left alone, they will definitely fall into a depressive state.

But at the same time, among hundreds and thousands of acquaintances, they almost never have real friends, and if there are, then literally one or two with whom they communicate since childhood.

They are constantly tormented by the feeling that they may not be in time for something, which pushes them to quit what they started and start a new business. They should learn to harmonize their internal energy and try to channel it into a peaceful channel, then with all their potential they will be able to achieve great success.

Moon Gemini are not inclined to constancy and it is difficult for them to be loyal, so they almost never associate their life with one person. What can we say about creating a strong family for life?

If a relationship is established, then the partner has to be very difficult, because not everyone is able to withstand such inconstancy and energy pressure that comes from them.

They can use this quality in a good direction and manifest themselves as a creative nature. After all, it is very important for people of such professions to constantly look for novelty, love travel and learn everything new.

They are very friendly, sentimental and always have family ties. They tend to do everything in their own way and not listen to the opinions of others.

If you work out their quality of grasping at a lot, then they can really manage to do a lot of things and at the same time with high quality, which will bring excellent results.

An activity where you need to think quickly and be in constant motion is ideal for them.

Such women often dream of several children, and they will put a lot of effort into their upbringing, so that comprehensively developed and quick-witted personalities grow out of their children.

Such a mother will provide for everything, and so that the kids dress beautifully and eat right, but even more will be devoted to intellectual development.

These are not typical strict mothers, for their offspring they become rather friends who communicate easily and naturally.

This is very good, because babies initially perceive their mother as an understanding person and always come to her for advice, even when they are already becoming adults. She will always support, help with advice and never judge.

The period when the Moon is in Gemini is an extremely favorable time for a kind of cleansing and rejuvenation.

It is no coincidence that this sign of the air element itself is called “the sign of youth”.

This period is considered very, very favorable for all kinds of rejuvenating and relaxation procedures – from visiting beauty salons to various types of massage.

Gemini Days are suitable for both corrective massage and serious types of complex rehabilitation massage.

Virgo Sun Gemini Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are more of a sentimental person than romantic or passionate, and in love affairs are indecisive and volatile.

Not being independent by nature, you nevertheless do not want to tie the knot of close relationships with anyone, and even when you decide to do this, your tendency to criticize everything manifests itself here: you look for flaws in your loved one, thereby killing your feelings…

Intellectual snobbery is developed in you, you are slightly contemptuous of people whose intelligence or education is lower than yours.

Your adaptability will probably allow you to achieve some success in life, as you are a conscientious student and worker, and you will be best at independent intellectual activities, for example, in the arts.

You are burning with the desire to succeed, use any means for this, regardless of the people you meet on your way. You are impressionable, but you react indifferently, gravitate towards an intellectual rather than an emotional assessment of people and events, your mind always acts as a censor and judge.

Thus, although you may be uncontrollable, impulsive and independent in intellectual matters, you are not overwhelmed by emotions.


The intelligence in you outweighs the emotions, and you come across as a good person simply because you almost never had to overcome temptations: you prefer to go the beaten path, and the detours do not tempt you.

You must make sure that too strong mental activity does not lead to neurosis – “always only work and never rest …”

Beware of turning into a bookworm and neglecting physical and emotional health; you need exercise and rest to conserve your immense mental and nervous energy.

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