Virgo Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The first hours of Saturday, August 23, the Sun leaves its sign to begin to transit through the sixth zodiac sign, Virgo.

Looking at the characteristics of this sign, we see that it is of mutable energy and of the Earth element.

As the Earth is the element analogous to the Material Plane, with the Sun passing through here we know that it is an ideal time to review how our professional goals are going, our financial projects.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

As well as, it is an ideal time to open businesses – waiting for the New Moon of the 25th or the First Quarter of September 1 – Virgo, the sign of Kiron, can help you achieve the goals you already have, teaching you that discipline and order, are necessary to accelerate victories and use time optimally.

Let’s see how the solar transit through the Virgo sign favors us. Being born with the Sun in Virgo is a positive indicator for people, it gives them responsibility, order and prudence.

As the Sun rules a Fire sign and here on Earth, it may be difficult for the person to develop a complete spirituality.

Although Virgo is ruled by Kirón, a planet analogous to Ajña, the sixth chakra, or third eye, called by many, is the tendency that if a Virgo is explained or informed about the multidimensional reality of the Universe, with ease you can understand it.

Anything that is explained and answered to her, she can mentally digest and process. They need to analyze, hypothesize and question to internalize information. Analytical and critical capacity, they have it innately.

On an affective level, people born with the Sun in Virgo tend to protect themselves a little; if they are in love, they can be faithful and loyal, very helpful and considerate of their partner, but a little unsure about future projection.

Many people with the Sun in Virgo, sometimes perceive one of their parents more distant or distant, so they tend to project those issues in their relationship.

Virgo, who is of an intelligent and rational nature, must do meditations and a strong introspection where he questions, why is it that he has reached this or another certain situation?

As that by means of the maieutic, each Virgo can answer the why of each situation that he lives. The wisdom is within every human being and a Virgo, can find it with some ease.

Due to the labor issue, they are usually organized and hardworking people, so the goals they aspire to, usually materialize.

Virgo’s phrase is I analyze, so all humans must take advantage of these days to analyze what is right and what is not; in which we are behaving well and in which area of ​​life we ​​are not acting according to our principles. This is a period, where we must seek to heal, heal, solve, harmonize, etc.

After Virgo, the Sun will transit through Libra and there we will receive all that we have sown in the previous six months; so if there is a time to make amends, apologize or seek to solve something, we are in the ideal period.

With the Sun in the sign of Kirón, it is time to review our health and look for the origin of each disease, not only the problem at a physiological level; but also, the emotional or mental component, associated with a certain ailment.

With the Sun in Virgo, it is also a time to implement healthier activities in our routine. Starting to train, meditate, go for a run or do some physical activity to de-stress can be the best relief during these times. While the Sun transits in Virgo, in the collective unconscious, the phrase “.

A healthy mind in a healthy body” resounds; It is necessary to clear the energy that affects us in a negative way, so I also recommend that you buy quartz, elements that the Earth gives us – Virgo element – in order to harmonize the energy points in which we are most sensitive and therefore, we are more predisposed to sometime small physical ailments.

This is a period where we must get the best of ourselves in every way, the fact that the Sun passes through a mutable sign, guides us to be clear that for success, it is necessary to change mental points and evolve internally. Meditate, order, and serve selflessly.

Leo Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon is in the sign of Leo. Leo is a sign that loves attention, audience, dominance and creative expression.

With the position of the Moon in this sign, emotional security seeks to express oneself to the outside, to others, through socializing, joint activities.

It is important to this Moon and it feels good and accepted when others praise it and when they admire it, thus motivating it to continue creating.

Leo as a sign does not like to be exploited, judged and ignored, when the Moon is in this sign, the greater the ignorance and criticism, the more emotional insecurity is expressed. This is roughly the context of our mood these days.

The moon in Leo is influenced by the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. The sun is in Virgo, so creativity is focused on order, work and organization.

The sun is in a separation square towards Saturn, so the problems with the law, systems, and authorities are subsiding.

However, all sudden changes at work, the appearance of uncontrolled emotions or any unforeseen outbursts can make us insecure, vulnerable and alienated, which is manifested through excessive pride, pride, false proof and inflated ego that serves no purpose.

Jupiter in Libra is focused on partnership, diplomacy, and in contact with Venus, on love, enjoyment, shopping, creativity, and learning. This is a good period for focusing on one’s own interests, giving values ​​- Venus, education, learning, training, and travel – Jupiter.

Creativity and free will can be increased through an active focus on interests that we may have neglected, even if we find people who share those interests with us, here are the fulfilled symbolism of Jupiter in Libra.

Mercury is still right next to Mars, making the mind fast and impatient, the words are cold and sharp, there is no empathy, no understanding, least of all forgiveness.

The truth comes to light and is not at all pleasant, however, in terms of Mercury and Pluto, we needed this to better understand ourselves or at least what we were suffering.

Depending on how we manipulate these words and energies, that is how we will feel. It is better to fast than any words, than to sarcasm, because it will provoke the Moon sign Leo, which can react proudly and consequently unconstructively for any conversation.

The moon in trine with Saturn and Uranus brings good decisions and great inspiration, so it would be good to use it for work, reaching agreements and constructive solutions. We should listen to the advice of the elders and turn for help to someone who has the experience and knowledge to help us.

Dare to do something nice for yourself. To host others and offer ourselves in help, organization, solving business, in this way we will regain peace and satisfaction, and at the same time fulfill the symbolism of Leo – to be needed and generous.

Virgo Sun Leo Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Virgo is a symbol of diligence and self-confidence. Within this constellation, practical, reasonable people were born who want to know and understand everything. The girl, whose characteristics will be discussed in the article, differs from other signs by modesty.

She is calm outside, but passionate at heart, ready for anything for love. Looking at it, it cannot be said, but in it, sometimes, such lively passions are immersed, and which are not explained by even more temperamental signs.

The girls are under the control of Mercury, which gives them lightness and mobility.

Unlike Gemini, who also controls this planet and strives for external activity, Virgo’s psychic energy is realized in a constant pursuit of perfection. Their great internal organization and conscientiousness are their main qualities, and every virgin will agree with that.

The characteristics of these people from an emotional point of view are very interesting. They are capable of great love, tenderness and strong feelings, but not every person can ignite their emotions.

They very rarely show their sensual side. But their practical and analytical part is always left in sight. With the harmonious development of the Mother of God, they became very gentle, careful and diplomatic.

Astrologers say it is a unique combination when mind and heart come together. But if his development begins to go out of harmony, Virgo becomes terrible, irritated, dissatisfied, and too careful. And it suffers from it primarily on its own.

According to the horoscope, Wednesday is considered an auspicious day of the week for the Mother of God. This is the best period for important things and obligations.

According to astrologers, if you start planning that day, you will surely find the strength to finish the job. It is considered unfavorable on Thursday and Friday, these days it is most difficult for Virgos to make decisions and implement his ideas.

Each sign has its own special numbers, which brings them luck. For the representatives of such a constellation as Virgo, the numbers 3, 5, 6, 12, 20, 27 are the most favorable.

For girls born under this constellation, stars are advised to avoid bright colors. First of all, it refers to the clothes and the interior of your house. It is best to give preference to tones that symbolize sophistication and excellent taste – gray, dark blue, white.

The talismans of the sign include locusts, owls, fruits (especially apples, peaches, plums), and a picture of the planet Earth. The proposed materials are gypsum and ceramics.

According to the findings of oriental astrologers, the horoscope by year of birth in combination with the zodiac sign determines the characterization of human relationships in life. So you can learn more about the main features of each of them.

So, Virgo, despite the external peace, is not very self-confident. He is a constant in friendship and needs protection and care. In love, romantic and happy, if you quickly choose the right partner.

Otherwise, careful sorting of options will most likely never find its ideal. Virgo, born in the year of War, is demanding and punctual. He likes to get out of the way, avoiding any conflicts.

Virgin-Bull is conservative, perfectly organized and economical. The nervous system is extremely sensitive, and if something fails, it becomes deeply unhappy. The dragon virgin knows exactly what she wants from life and is successfully accomplished in both her career and family.

Virgin-Tigers are extremely careful and cautious. A lot has been achieved in the profession and it is very picky about choosing a life partner. Virgo-cats seek permanence in relationships, they love security, but their main problem is that they do nothing.

Their lives determine the degree of profitability of the case. Virgo-Snake, like Dragon-Virgo, is an extraordinary person. She is incredibly intelligent, impressive, nothing can be hidden from her gaze.

Born in the year of the Horse, people are emotional and prone to searching for a life partner to share their dreams and desires with.

The Year of the Monkey gives Virgo reconnaissance and strong self-control. Virgo-Peter is sensitive and remembers the evil he inflicted for a long time, he can torment revenge.


Born in the year Dogs often set unrealistic tasks and seek help from others. Virgo-pig, like Virgo-Goat, loves the house and appreciates comfort.

These ladies do not tolerate loneliness, it can become the most difficult test in their lives.

In this aspect, Virgo rarely shows passion. Their natural desire to analyze everything, including feelings, does not allow them to open up completely. No horoscope sign gives birth to so many younger and older girls like this.

They try not to express their love with feelings anymore, but with actions.

Therefore, men tend to think that Virgo is too cold. She often gives the impression that she is shy, detached and secretive. And it is actually so.

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