Virgo Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Virgo zodiac sign is usually characterized by an intellectual character.

The Virgo is a little philosopher who likes to ponder on all kinds of subjects. You’re thinking and acting is very structured: Your life should run in an orderly and meaningful way.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

Those born under the Virgo zodiac sign are often very practical. They like it best when everything runs smoothly and is well structured and well thought out. They abhor chaos.

If it does look chaotic on their desk, the Virgos have put everything in its place according to a certain system. There are also one or the other in the zodiac sign Virgo, who is known for the infamous cleaning mania.

The Virgo’s apartment will therefore probably always look tip-top. After all, the Jungfrau wants to present itself in a sophisticated way, and it is also part of making your own home neat.

But the whole thing does not degenerate into a cleaning frenzy, even if many a disorderly contemporary might want to accuse her of that.

She just wants it to be beautiful. Professionally, Virgos are correct, demanding, and very dedicated. Because they want to achieve something and are always trying to get their tasks done quickly.

The typical virgin is just a perfectionist. Some colleagues believe they can see pedantry in their eye for detail – what the Jungfrau does should be perfect. With her, everything always has to be one hundred percent, only then is she satisfied.

She’d rather work overtime than feel like she didn’t do everything as well as possible. In this way she will achieve a lot and is usually a step ahead of her colleagues.

However, not everyone can cope with the high standards that they apply to themselves and others.

You are self-sufficient, smart, reasonable, it is easy to get along with you; you are probably good-looking. But in a way, you come across as mildly detached. You are selective in your preferences, in acquaintances, picky about the choice of clothes and would rather spend an evening at home with a book than go somewhere.

She has a tendency to criticize those around her. She doesn’t do this out of bad faith, however. She just wants to tweak things.

In private, the Virgo zodiac sign has a very exquisite taste. Virgo places high demands on friends. Maybe a little too high for some. She values ​​people who are educated and well-groomed. She is suspicious of overly freaky types.

Virgo loves intelligent partners who make her feel special. It goes without saying that your partner is well groomed and well dressed. After all, it has to suit her.

Libra Moon – Meaning and Info

The planet in Libra makes it possible to find harmonious partners, to be or become able to meet the requirements of the public, to create an effective image, and also promises success in elite affairs and elite premises.

Flowers in vases on your table, a good melody, light wine and sweets will help create a good mood.

Relations with relatives and friends, as well as friends and acquaintances will be improved. The decisive character trait will weaken, the decisions made will easily change.

People will become prone to disputes on various topics, but it will not come to scandals and quarrels. Libra makes it possible to reconcile and be judicious.

Samples of old lunar calendars tell that during such a period it is necessary to start building a dwelling, the house will stand for a long time and safely from fire and various troubles, and the family living in it will be prosperous.

It will be useful to visit the places where you get good, travel more in order to get profit. It is advisable to sing in the shower and scream, this will help you avoid weeds in your life.

The passage of the Moon by the sign of Libra forces us to look for an equilibrium position in any situation, in most cases it is, of course, a compromise. We strive to avoid quarrels and conflicts at all costs, to round off sharp corners.

These are days of peacefulness and benevolence, striving for balance, harmony, and justice. The craving for beauty rises, good taste and understanding of beauty awakens. It is often on these days that we tend to buy works of art and simply beautiful things.

With the Moon in Libra, we become diplomats, but often prefer to be in a chosen society. If the environment around us is ugly and inharmonious, we feel out of place, out of place, and subconsciously strive to change the world around us, to ennoble it.

The new moon in the sign of Libra is a great day for a wedding, starting a new family and, oddly enough, for a divorce. The choice made when the Moon is in Libra is not the worst, but possibly the best.

Waxing Moon in Libra – take care of your relationship, think about the people with whom you are in close contact.

On the day when the Moon is in the sign of Libra, you are completely objective about people and will be able to figure out with whom to continue to be friends, and who can be excluded from your social circle.

The Libra Full Moon is a time of compromise. You are prone to concessions and expect the same from your partner. Waning Moon in Libra – Do not take drastic action. Hide and listen to yourself, this will help you figure out the correctness of your path.

Virgo Sun Libra Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are self-sufficient, smart, reasonable, it is easy to get along with you; you are probably good-looking. But in a way, you come across as mildly detached. You are selective in your preferences, in acquaintances, picky about the choice of clothes and would rather spend an evening at home with a book than go somewhere.

The fact is that, firstly, you take great care of yourself, and secondly, you are a big snob, although this is not immediately evident.

You know how to organize your life so as to exclude from its people with whom you are bored, or those who, in your opinion, are not as smart as you, or are below you in social status.

Behind your humble manners lies a firm determination to do what you like, and your main life principle is “live and let live.”

You are a moralist when it comes to your life, but you rarely criticize others, because you understand that people are unlikely to be interested in your opinion, so you do not express it.

You are courteous, respectful of social traditions, your personal and, possibly, secret life will not go beyond the bounds of decency.

Without the slightest bit of cynicism, you believe that your affairs concern only you as long as you do not talk about them, and secretly, without deceiving anyone, do what you need. You do not like quarrels and will resort to sophisticated diplomacy just to avoid them; you are a pacifist both in words and in deeds.

You are so self-sufficient that a life of passions and emotions is not very important to you; therefore, people with this position of the planets often do not marry, although they have the opportunity to do so. You get into habits early and don’t like to cheat on them. Avoid this, try to marry young.

You are such a reasonable, understanding, tolerant and rational person that your emotions do not hurt you, and it is very easy to communicate with you, because you know how to empathize, and not because you experienced personal sorrows, but because you intuitively understand what it feels like …

You probably don’t have to worry about your daily bread, and if you’re creatively gifted, your intuitive understanding of life will lend extraordinary credibility to your literary or painting work. You have a kind of universal approach that gives breadth and sublimity to the most mundane or fantastic theme of your work and allows you to philosophically approach people, events and problems.

The zodiac sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury like the zodiac sign Gemini, which means that both prefer the mind to the heart. This connects, but can also lead to the liveliness in the relationship suffering.

The Pisces zodiac sign is inspiring for Virgo, because it carries the creativity into the partnership. To enjoy more, Virgo learn from the Taurus zodiac sign.

And the other zodiac signs? This is revealed by the great partner horoscope, the actor traffic light. Virgo is a very large constellation, which underlines the importance of the sign. On old cards the Virgin is shown with wings and two ears of corn.

Most of all she has to do with the goddess Demeter, who brings the good gifts of bread and wine. The wings are a bit confusing, because Virgo is not an angel.

Virgo stands for a free, independent femininity. No zodiac sign has the independence that Virgo has. She does not want to be subject to anyone. She makes sure that she can go her own way, regardless of the situation in life. She will not compromise on elementary matters.

That doesn’t do justice to the sign. Of course, Virgo claims to be very precise, and there is also something perfectionistic about it, but wonderfully not consistently.

Virgos can also have a corner where they are pleasantly sloppy, actually as a healthy regulative.

The Virgo is definitely not predestined to be a perfect housewife. Rather, it has a special cosmic mission: to contribute to the healing of this planet with courage and humility.

The talent for analysis and diagnosis belongs to Virgo, as well as the claim to purity.

That is why virgins are often found in therapeutic professions and prefer to deal with the unevenness of life that require healing and order.

Environmental protection is explicitly a virgin quality. You have a critical point of view and the courage to name unpleasant and uncomfortable things and to balance them out.

No other zodiac sign is as closely related to Zen Buddhism as Virgo.

There are special rules here that state that even insignificant daily chores like dusting, ironing, even chores as low as cleaning the toilet can be divine acts.

Everything is meditation and is done with the right consciousness by the Virgo. Zen-inspired, she sees beauty in simplicity and simplicity.

Yes, but there are more. “Order is half of life” for example, but not because the Virgo is so perfectionist, but because she perceives disorder as a waste of time. It’s very economical.

The fact that virgins cannot delegate well is shown in another motto: “Only what I do myself is well done”.

Unfortunately, you can often find them in the second row, which is due to childhood. Virgos are often born in a situation where someone questions whether it is wise to have a child now.

Because the parents, for example, are very tense, stuck in an existential start-up or an emergency. The unborn child internalizes this feeling of being inconvenient.


Out of this situation, Virgo-burns often stay in the second row later and must be encouraged to demand the appropriate praise for their really brilliant achievements, before someone else puts their achievements in the foreground.

Part of the virgin: order, clarify, and heal. She works systematically, methodically, reliably, continuously, logically.

This enables them to do perfect work. With her preferences she can often be found in therapeutic professions, very often she is active in social education.

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