Virgo Sun Pisces Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The Sun and the Moon are not in opposition to each other, and they are just like mother and father to a child. One gives one thing, another gives something else, and combined, they make an entire picture, combined; it all makes sense, we are not saying that it gives a good or bad it just makes.

In the natal chart, when we know both positions, then we know why we are as we are. At least some of the burning questions could be answered.

It is the same analogy, like with knowing mother and father, you know where you came from and who made you the way you are in the current moment. You ask yourself where your Moon is and what it says a lot.

This is the case since the majority of us know where the position of the Sun is.

Maybe combined, they can tell you something you didn’t know about yourself. Don’t forget that you have a great experience and inner wealth that you need to discover by understanding only the Moon’s place.

In the same way, knowing these two positions is the same feeling – who are you now, who you were, and who you can become if you follow your potential.

Today we are looking into the lives of the people who have Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon positions.

Read here what it means.

General Meaning

There is no denying that these humans are Virgos in their core, they have their traits, but at the same time, the Moon in Pisces makes them different, filled with contradictions. They are the people whose lives are full of controversies.

They are, therefore, people who listen to the, at the same time, their intuition and reason, who conflict necessity forces them to cooperate to simply survive and, if possible, succeed in life if they find a balance in life.

Thus this dual nature has a chance to be psychologically enriched by experiences and self-knowledge, and if they are able to follow this idea, these people can make the best out of their lives, for sure.

Today, we find such people in hospitals, social institutions, spiritual institutions, and artistic professions because of the emphasized imagination and deep impressions. If they are painters, they are those who will paint something abstract but filled with so many details that are unbelievable.

The Moon in Pisces is immersed in spirituality, love, and sacrifice for others, and the problem is in the Sun in Virgo, who asks too many questions.

These people have such a faith that they seem like they are meant to do everything for others, and least of all for themselves, and the Sun in Virgo will have a problem with it, show frustration openly.

But, we must say that all of the trouble, in this case, comes from the Moon in Pisces and its connection to the past, as they are needed to clear the conscience because of deeds from a past life.

How they will do it is another matter, having in mind that that duality of their personality is resolved only by alternating one precise and methodical character (the Sun in Virgo) and one fluid, changeable nature with inadequately defined edges (the Moon in Pisces).

In a case when the Sun in Virgo dominates and shines over the Moon in Pisces, they are being controlled only by reason.

If, on the contrary, the Moon in Pisces dominates, we are dealing with efficient opportunists, who are undoubtedly hardworking, generous, and capable human beings who are able to provide everything for good deeds, but then the frustration remains.


In this luminary combination – there are two sides that are so distant from each other that it is a true wonder how it can work. One wants to reconcile opposites intellectually and logically, in as many details as possible —the other bath in a way that it is letting the collective flow carry it where it wants and where there are no clear outlines.

Astrology experts say that this luminary combination, seen from a general point of view, is hard.

But of course, always count in many other parameters that must be considered for a detailed analysis, which shows that here there is not much compatibility or that there is a shred of fortune and that potentials could be used.

They can be active people who know how to draw energy from higher sources, have good intuition, work calmly and quietly.

In the best-case scenario, if they are able to work hard and with compassion, they have the best results, and if they maintain a bit of distance from problems (that are only in their heads), they can sustain that success.

The problem arises when difficult times come and when they dream too much, then they show that they cannot face failure, and then they will not even try to do something because they are not sure of success, giving up at the beginning.

Also, difficulties force them to resign, and when they are discouraged, they want to go deeper and deeper into that “black hole.”

They quickly lose strength and energy, not using their great intuition as they should, and in those moments, it often happens that they show their trust to the wrong people, making their lives a living hell.

Often loneliness accompanies them in life, and they renew their strength in loneliness and profound isolation- but this is something that must be achieved with the purpose and cannot last too long.

In the end, this is such a luminary combination that these people live lives filled with secrets, maybe even lie to hide their intimacy from others, and do not want anything to be known about him. It can be mysterious and attractive at times, just if they do not go overboard.

In love, these people are known for the idealization of potential lovers, which inevitably leads to disappointment and suffering – now the extent of that suffering can be measured, and in this sense, they can get over it slow and in a reasonable time, and slow and never.

One piece of advice for all people with this luminary combination – of people who have this combination focus their energy to help others, and they can succeed in life because they have a soul of a humanitarian.

Many of them become great psychologists, artists, medical workers, therapists, poets, actors, or simply criminals if life takes them in this way.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon – Man

The man that has Sun and Moon combination in Virgo and Pisces can be, even if he does not want to show it to anyone, very handicapped by his oversensitivity. It seems to the outside world that he is the rationalist who tries to control the mystic that lives deep inside of him.

In a case where his natal charts have great aspects, this man remains a dreamer who attempts to find a foothold on solid ground (and succeeds in this quest). This man is the type of lover who feels a sexual curiosity that is not precisely in line with a stable marriage, and he rarely remains faithful in marriage or even gets married. He will have many vague and chaotic relationships with others and goes to the end in the struggle between a rational being and a being that is imaginative and irrational (no one could keep up with it, not any woman, even those who are very patient).

The lesson he can learn is that the marriage could balance him out.

A man with this set of luminaries does not follow others. He plays his own song and does not hide that he is doubtful, sensitive and this is often an unprotected nature that suffers precisely because of his inability to react.

As a husband – we would say skip this guy.

Regardless, sacrifice in life, acceptance of sacrificing for others, and enduring the intrusive attitude of others are always the best thing that this man can do.

There must be a strong hope that he will, by doing so, find the purpose of his life and be valuable to the world.

When rational nature manages to overcome this attitude of sacrifice, which does not happen infrequently, he can understand the valid values ​​of life. In this sense, he has the great ability of visualization and imagination. If he uses their skills and knowledge, it is possible to change even those destined things that are dark and painful.

In the worst case, this man suffers from psychological instability and sometimes disorientation that he does not know what he wants or how to achieve it.

There were connections with religion in past lives, but also tendencies towards deception, manipulation, fraud…

That is why their life’s task is to become honest, and the fate of a person with the Moon in Pisces will still lead him through many confusing situations and relationships.

In the end, one of the most wonderful sides of this man is this – he is one of the rare Virgos that are able to get into some unknown experiences, into the mystical, and learn from it.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon – Woman

This Virgo woman that has the Moon in Pisces is far more sensitive than some others, and she is susceptible to impressions and more open to all the good and evil that comes from the inner and outer world. She is aware that it is there, and that is what her life is made of, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This Virgo lady is seen as quiet, hypersensitive, vulnerable, and compassionate – she retreats into solitude and isolation when she is injured, suffers quietly in silence, and cries there for days.

In life, she is passive, compassionate, and sensitive to other people’s problems and difficulties.

In a good natal chart, when all other aspects are aligned, then all internal unity is achieved, and this woman becomes a complete human being who carries within herself all the beauties and misery of the world, who reflects and understands her acquaintances and anyone who passes her path. She becomes the one who is able to understand and help at the same time.

Very commonly, this lady is spiritual or religious and often lives alone. She wants to be saved, and in times when she is alone, she feels like her soul is at home. It is important that solitude does not last too long and that it is used for being free from all inner demons that she takes from past lives.

The best way she can do it is through prayer or some meditation – her soul is pure, and her faith is never questioned. She is able to forgive everyone, no matter how many times others have wounded her (and they have, many too many times, here we come to the poor choices).

This luminary combination in a female natal chart gives strong compassion for the world’s sufferings, for the hell of the sick, the poor, and the disabled. She should listen to that instinct.

Regardless of the fact which luminary part of her rules, this lady reacts very emotionally to life. She is pretty passive in life and often lives in opposition to her desires: she is a dreamer who is attracted to what she cannot have or should not have by any conditions.

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