Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Regardless of how much information we have regarding astrology, natal charts, personal horoscopes, etc., many people do not know how to use all gathered data to make their lives better to live full potential.

The potential is the crucial word since not all of us make our full potential in life, and therefore having guidelines is a great way to live life. If not anything else, it is the easy one.

Maybe the problem is that they look at only information associated with their sign or the position of the Sun in their natal charts.

But, just by adding the position of the Moon in the natal charts, you can learn more about the life you were meant to live.

Of course, not every natal chart is the same, and many small aspects must be addressed.

Here want to draw those people who have Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius – the question is, can these two work good, be in a synthesis?

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General Meaning

In a general sense, people who have this set of luminary are “made” so that they can prevent some of the most important and natural needs so that they can expand in some way.

Under ordinary circumstances, such individuals respect social conventions and recognize moral values ​​- we could label them as models of conformism.

People who have Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius are attracted to others who react well on their way of life and like to be appreciated for their honesty, integrity, and reasonable behavior. They talk and act mostly when they are sure they are right, which does not contribute to any spontaneity – all thanks to the Sun in Virgo.

It has a very specific vibe, and therefore it changes the Moon in Sagittarius, and here it gives a different but equally “positive” impulse.

But the Moon in Sagittarius makes them eternal optimists.

This is important because the Moon will have its say on a positive and expansive outlook on life. They see the bigger picture in everything, even though the Sun in Virgo wants to keep it narrow.

Deep inside, they believe that everything happens for a reason and our greatest good, and this is all thanks to the wonderful Moon in Sagittarius.

But, on top of it, they can be passionate and idealistic with an innate need for freedom and change, with the desire to expand horizons wherever possible. They are open to new things and change, and this is only plausible when they shut up the Sun in Virgo.

The need for freedom is very strong and can make them restless, especially when they are in difficult situations or relationships with complicated people. They need to be surrounded by diverse people who are optimistic (this is very important).

All of this, of course, can spoil or improve the bad or good disposition of the Moon (Jupiter), some aspect or field in which the Moon finds itself. This is still you, with a wider or less wide – the most beautiful smile in the world. The Moon in Sagittarius speaks of the breadth of life that comes from a philosophical way of thinking.

People with this position of the Moon in their earlier life were philosophers, professors, priests, and others, and this is relevant to know since the Moon is our connection to the past, past lives to be more concrete. They were educated and successful, and that kind of impact is seen in the present moment.


One of the most wonderful traits these people are blessed with is their honesty; they are generous and optimistic but very attached to one sometimes too strict moral code.

Not just that – they want to convince others that their codes are right. This position of the Sun and Moon located in Virgo and Sagittarius indicates great optimism and faith that can help either blossom during life, regardless of the circumstances, and in other, they can be demised but never destroyed, that is for sure.

The everyday life of the people who have Sun and Moon in Virgo and Sagittarius is enriched by peaceful and generous spirituality.

The spiritual aspect means that they are willing to cultivate the nature of small and large things. In some cases, they have a pronounced need to remove the mediocrity of their material life and live it beyond it.

These are very strong people you can rely on, and this is the case for all Virgos in this world, and these that have the Moon in Sagittarius are the best of the best.

Yes, at the same time, they are seen as idealists, and they want to overcome themselves, believing that they will be able to do with the power that is beyond them, some kind of spiritual strength.

When this luminary position is well aspected with other planetary positions, then they are putting their strength to the right cause. They are fighting for the right cause. This is best seen in the example, taking the weak and the unprivileged in their defense.

Here outlook overthrows reason: the world is vast, and that is a challenge enough to make an effort to conquer it – sometimes they can do it, in other times they are not able to do so, but the effort and the will are present.

This luminary position in Virgo and Sagittarius indicates that they like to travel and reach new places, cultures, often finding love in those distant places, as you would expect from Sagittarius’s.

We can also add that these people have a strong inner need to explore the world and be active in traveling to countries unknown to them, is strictly controlled conditions, as the Sun in Virgo would not allow anything to happen. This is what may be, in some cases, satisfies the deep emotional needs they have during life.

I love to collect memorabilia from different places in the world as these are memories they want to have and look at daily.

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Man

This is the man who is in touch with his need to become wiser by the day and wants to learn how to live a better life, so that is why he likes to listen and being involved in difficult and limited topics.

Nothing is beyond his reach. He is blessed with the inner knowledge that life is simple and beautiful. In some cases, this luminary position in a natal chart of a man can come as an indication that he has come to learn to have the inner knowledge that life is simple and beautiful.

Growing up was fulfilled and happy in most cases, and he usually has a mother that is quite a joyful lady, optimistic, very active, and gives her son a philosophical viewpoint on life.

Because this is a man who would never be in the same place and is always on the lookout for adventure, under some of his strict rules, but nevertheless, he is a person willing to have as many adventures as he can. Give him a tracksuit, a backpack, a road, and a horizon, and he will not ask for anything more – of course, before, he would take every possible shot to make sure that nothing can happen to him.

He is handsome, and he can be a joyful player in the company, he can tell the joke the sweetest, he is the one who laughs the most beautifully, and the one who can’t watch the sadness, probably because he has it inside. And most importantly, it will be for him because he will not even see what others experience as a drama or a burden. He will go on.

On a more negative side, he is an impatient person, superstitious, and a bit lazy at times. He will not “load on his heads” the harsh reality or the burden of everyday life because this man will not accept that burden easier to come to him.

The Moon in Sagittarius would not let it happen. He can be charming and gentle, with a smile that will not leave his face and that optimism that life will be better.

Virgo Sun Sagittarius Moon – Woman

Women with this position of luminaries where the Sun is located in Virgo and the Moon in Sagittarius can become to be wonderful moms, they are open, optimistic, active, enthusiastic, want to teach their kids that in life there is more than just material aspect, and usually, she succeeds.

The Moon represents what we are like as mothers and our mother figures. If your mom has a Sagittarius Moon, you’re in luck, or you have it. You will be an amazing mom.

Here the Sun in Virgo just brings more dedication and joy into that family life, and she is sticky when that is what she feels her kids need.

Yes, this woman can be selfish at the same time, but also a very generous and helpful human being, who loves to help others, particularly kids and animals that are left and alone without anyone’s help.

She is brave, talkative, and gets excited easily. You can recognize her by the way she laughs, and she is able to capture attention, so she is really one of those women who can rarely happen to go unnoticed in the crowd.

It rarely happens that this lady changes her ideas and lets others influence her environment with words or examples. She is very strict when it comes to it. She is rigorous to her ideas that are in circulation, keeping in mind that she is different than others since she is a real person with great ideas who knows how to put into practice what others have generally imagined, but she is most commonly inclined to work in the shadows. She does not like to be in the limelight, but she likes to lead, that is for sure.

In the best-case scenario, this lady is wonderful, caring, and above everything else, she is optimistic.

It is seen in life, private life, and in everything in between. A natural-born traveler, she is a strong believer in tomorrow and philosopher without any comparison, and there is so much all of us could learn from this lady.

When she is on some travel, this lady is different than other travelers Sagittarius, by her need to plan this journey for a longer time, and then she can enjoy it very much.

Of course, every Moon is the representation of our internal connections to the past, and if she had more good deeds in the past, this luminary combination is considered good because it does not carry a great burden, and this woman can truly enjoy her life and be very happy.

Of course, there is a destiny task, like in a life of all of us, with a different set of Luminaries, and for her, that task is to develop a higher state of consciousness, as well as to get to know other experiences from which the soul needs to learn something.

Fate, therefore, often takes them abroad, where the door is just opening for her, which should bring her a new dimension of life. This does not happen as a rule, but it does, and it is a very distinct life.

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