Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in the horoscope and is located in its sector from 150 to 180 degrees from the vernal equinox. This sign includes people born from August 23 to September 23. The ruling planet is Mercury.

The planet in the fall – Venus. Planet in exile Neptune. Virgo Release – Earth. Virgos are introverts.

By temperament – phlegmatic. Key characteristics of character: punctuality, sobriety of mind, high diligence, modesty, criticality. General characteristics of the zodiac sign Virgo.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

The sign of the zodiac Virgo is considered in astrology to be one of the most immaculate, pure in soul, thoughts and deeds of the sign.

Unfortunately, most of the people of this sign are bachelors and old maids.

According to external data, these people stand out with a clean, open and deeply sober look of thinking eyes. They usually have a high forehead. Their face shines with calmness and poise. They are neatly dressed, discreet, without any extravagance and very elegant.

In society, they are inconspicuous, silent, behave quietly, modestly, they never interrupt anyone while talking, listen carefully to the interlocutor, are sincere, reasonable and very observant. They are patient, not demonstrative, and well-mannered with excellent manners.

Virgos rarely attend parties, friendly gatherings and bars, as they consider this an unnecessary occupation and regret wasting time.

In the life of the Virgo, basically the greatest workers. Work is their normal state, and it is replaced by rest, celebration, entertainment and often even love. They rest, changing one type of activity with another. They cannot and do not want to rest passively and aimlessly. They sincerely love to work and are passionate about work from head to toe.

Even when they come to visit, they will not sit still and will try to help the owners, set the table, clear the table, and wash the dishes. They can work day and night as if possessed, bringing everything to perfection with pinpoint precision, without missing out on any trifles.

Virgos are very disinterested and friendly, always ready to help, but selectively. They hate lazy people, idlers, Slovenes, gamblers, life-gamblers, and adventurers.

Virgos will always help the weak, especially the sick, help a person in difficult times, and take care of those who want and do not know how to do something, but will not forgive a parasite and a loafer.

Scorpio Moon – Meaning and Info

The Moon in Scorpio is traditionally considered falling. This means that it is in the opposite sign of its exaltation, Taurus, which is considered the best position (next to its domicile in Cancer) for the Moon, because this sign has characteristics related to the moles: nutrition, corporality, substance, contact, refuge, stability, security, calm, profit, pleasures.

The Moon in Scorpio is nourished by the exact opposite energy: power, crisis, transformation, fear, domination, extortion, loss, anguish, intensity, regeneration, sexuality, displeasure, dissatisfaction.

Let us also add that the rulers are also different for each sign: the Moon in Taurus, has Venus as its depositor, beneficial and peaceful; the Moon in Scorpio to the violent Mars and the intense Pluto.

During the transit of the Moon in Scorpio, what comes into play is the intensity of the situations and especially of the emotions.

The scenarios and characters involved may vary according to the astrological houses that the sign occupies in each natal chart, but where we have Scorpio there is a question of power.

How will that power be exercised? It may, according to its traditional meaning, involve affairs with women, probably from the family. Powerful women or capable of influencing powerful people. Financial issues also have a special affinity with this Moon.

Money and property of the spouse or others appear as recurring reasons these days.

The possibility that the Moon in Scorpio offers us is to connect with our emotional demands and regenerate them.

It is a good opportunity to renew or revise your trust in something or someone.

All situations that involve fusion, intensity and take us to extremes are feasible. It is better to channel this energy into positive activities, because with Scorpio there is a danger of self-destructive attitudes.

With the Moon in Scorpio the intensity passes through what is not said, through those suggested depths.

Emotional flows that feed on accumulated silences. Underground passions that unleash violent tides.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

If you have the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Scorpio, you are a practical, shrewd person with a cunning in your soul.

You have a business acumen, the ability to understand, to penetrate the essence of the issue. You are tenacious and tenacious. You worry a lot about personal gain, strive to control your loved ones and do what is convenient for you and them.

For loved ones you are a mountain! If something touched emotionally, you can go to extremes, it is difficult to stop you. You have analytical thinking and external modesty, or even this can be called secretive.

You look and act like an intellectual, but your main driving force lies in your emotional nature. And, fortunately or unfortunately, it leaves a strong imprint on your thinking.

You are unable to believe in something that is alien to your inner emotional attachments, and thus you can be an ardent adherent of any theory that attracts you. You can clothe your choice in the garb of reasoning, but in fact you are guided in your beliefs not by reason, but by intuition.

It will take a huge explosion to knock your favorite idea out of you; it seems to you that if you stand firm, not accepting any arguments, then this proves the integrity of your nature. You easily come up with reasons to justify your ideas and are very good at convincing others of their importance.

You can outsmart your opponent, in a dispute your victory is important to you, not the truth. You do not yet know that you can win a dispute without proving something or convincing someone.

You can probably be one of those radical theorists who, on paper, convince the expediency of almost any reform, draw convincing diagrams and schemes, despite all the evidence that their plan will not work.

You are a born missionary, you are interested in convincing people of the correctness of your ideas, and you are deeply confident that, having accepted your idea, they will always be faithful to it.

You are smart, but you are not a realist. You will succeed as an author of fiction, stories, and various fiction, although you yourself imagine yourself as a conductor of ideas.

When your mind takes over your emotions, you can be invincible; when the heart rules over the head (as often happens with you), you become your own enemy.

Develop an objective approach to life and you will achieve a lot; to look at things only from your point of view means to limit your possibilities.

To be a true expert in astrology and horoscope, you don’t have to stop only at your main zodiac sign.

In fact, every person, at birth, presents a Christmas theme, or rather a “map of the zodiac” where not only the sign in the house of the sun appears, but also the ascendant and the other signs, they occupy different positions depending on planets

One of the houses that cannot be overlooked is Luna’s, which greatly affects our personality. Today we will focus on Moon in Scorpio.

To calculate the Moon from your birth chart, you need the same information needed to calculate the upward or rising zodiac sign, at the exact time of birth.

In fact, it is based not only on the day, but also on precise time.

If you have found that yours astrological moon is in Scorpio, deepen your knowledge about this very important trait of your personality here.

All those born to are of the zodiac sign of Scorpio. 23 October 22 to November. Along with Cancer and Pisces, it is part of the Watermarks and is directly influenced by two planets, Pluto and Mars, symbols of both virility, fiery and passion.

Scorpio is undoubtedly an enigmatic and fascinating sign. Reveal an aura of mystery in any situation that makes you attractive to everyone.

This undiscovered aura is then combined with ambition and an innate curiosity, which very often leads the native Scorpio to travel around the world and accept every adventure out of his thirst for knowledge.

There is also a strong intuitive and ironic sense that is best exploited thanks to his remarkable intelligence. As a general rule, a Scorpio one deep Emotionality to be discovered.

However, Scorpio’s ambition and determination can turn into vanity and stubbornness. Also, these people tend to be touchy, irascible and their passion in love can lead them to dominance in the partner.

After having made a brief review of the most obvious characteristics of Scorpio when it is in the main position of the birth chart, which is that of the Sun, now we pause to better understand what it consists of the influence of the Moon on the personality of an individual, to see how it can vary depending on the sign in which it is found.

In the birth chart, the Moon is that planet that regulates emotions, moods and feelings.

If the ascendant and the zodiacal sign of the Sun mainly regulate the way one places oneself towards others and how we show ourselves on the outside, the Moon determines much more interiority.

Going to analyze your own Moon essentially means probing the emotional world of a person, finding information about his sensitivity, his more or less strong bison of certainties and tranquility, his maternal instinct and his capacity for intuition.

In general, we can say that, for the horoscope and astrology, the sign of the sun reveals how a person acts, while the moon distinguishes his reactions and his emotional sphere.

The Moon in Scorpio has very different traits gods among them that must try to find a balance.

In fact you see the juxtaposition of elements that are defined “feminine”, which is the extreme sensitivity already evident in the other Moons of Water, and those “masculine” Determined by the influence of the planets Mars and Pluto.

Therefore, unlike of the Moon in Cancer or Pisces, that of Scorpio sees a control over the emotions, at least on the outside.

An individual with the Moon in this sign tends to hide his interiority more, showing himself to others sweet and loving, but hiding in himself, restlessness and a riot of feelings.

The traditional charm of Scorpio remains, endowed with that aura of mystery and that irresistible enigmaticity, combined with a unique ability to know how to read the people around them, deciphering their thoughts and emotions.


This innate intuition can be used both to help others, but in certain situations, the native with the Moon in Scorpio can exploit this knowledge in his favor.

Overall, it shows anyway extreme sweetness towards others, especially family and friends.

However, Moon in Scorpio also signifies a clear rejection of commitments and a tendency to control.

These individuals are afraid of losing control over situations, those that matter most to them, and even themselves.

Thus we find it difficult to let people out of their lives, especially partners in a relationship.

It is probably the most fearsome water moon in the world betrayal, which causes strong reactions such as jealousy and possessiveness.

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