Virgo Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

The sun in the sign Virgo in the birth chart speaks of reliability, endurance, hard work, developed intelligence. They are discerning, careful, realistic, and practical and risk averse.

Before making a decision, they analyze and take into account every little thing.

From the outside they look rather reserved and reserved.

You can rely on these people, their endurance gives a sense of confidence and reliability.

Having finished one business, they immediately proceed to another, they are stable and persistent in their goals. They are modest, silently and calmly doing their job.

Virgo Sun – Meaning and Info

They are always realistic, hence the sharp criticism of others, constructive, but without tolerance for the weaknesses of others.

Whether a person wants it or not, external circumstances will force him to work, another question is how productive and whether it will bring satisfaction.

Virgo, like no other sign, prone to whining and criticism, these people are rarely satisfied with their financial situation and status at work.

They are sensitive to other people’s criticism, touchy and can take revenge. Many take advantage of their willingness to sacrifice themselves.

Among them there are many bores and grumblers, petty neat, envious people.

Virgo’s critical gaze will not escape any mess – neither at work, nor at home.

If Mars in the horoscope is in Virgo, Taurus: the native will be hot-tempered, aggressive; Saturn in Virgo is a grumbler, skeptic, and pedant.

If there is no strong Mars, Jupiter or the Sun in the horoscope, Virgo usually reaches a calm, relatively well-paid post and calms down on this.

The attitude to love is very practical. Marriage for them is compatibility and mutual support, and extraordinary love is fiction. In love, they demand order, fidelity, and clarity.

A woman with the Sun in Virgo is a wonderful hostess, a faithful wife, and wins a good name thanks to her hard work and selfless concern for others. He treats children strictly and demandingly.

A man with the Sun in Virgo is a good husband and father, but in order to choose a life partner, he likes to check women for their readiness to make sacrifices for him. They try to hide their emotions behind the seeming coldness and stiffness.

This sign, along with Mercury, is ruled by the planet Proserpine, therefore such a person often encounters health problems in himself or his loved ones.

The houses of the horoscope into which Mercury and Proserpine fall will indicate the sphere of individual development.

The signs of the zodiac of these planets describe the nature of thinking and the motivation of a person.

For those born under this sign, the period of the Sun in Virgo will be a time of contentment and happiness, especially in home and family life.

A person will enjoy his home and his surroundings, he will have good relations with neighbors and friends, especially with elders and elderly people who will love, respect and support him.

The native will be surrounded by affectionate pets.

Taurus Moon – Meaning and Info

The moon is here “visiting” the night Venus and in exaltation, in the sign of the elements of the Earth.

In this position, you will most likely be calm and phlegmatic, you have a very stable emotional world. You are also stable, peaceful, slow and reflective, responding adequately to external impulses.

Apparently, you are sensitive to your material environment and to comfort, you strongly react to the harmony and disharmony of relations with the outside world.

First of all, this can manifest itself either in relation to the material world, emotional relationships with people around, as well as in perfect harmony with nature.

Usually in life you unconsciously tune in and first of all perceive situations that are calm by their nature, slowly develop, situations that are stable, giving you the opportunity to relax and rest, the possibility of accumulation and comfort.

And in any life situation, these components are perceived by you in the first place.

Any situation is always wider than what we perceive, we always interact only with a part of the situation, that is, we always build the relationship of our inner world with the situation, and what we perceive and see in the first place is determined by the Moon in signs.

It is not necessary that a situation that seems completely definite to you is also perceived by another person.

Here it is necessary to distance yourself somewhat from subjective perception when you conduct such an analysis.

In other words, each situation is multidimensional and each person forces it to line up according to his own program of perception.

So, it is possible that your perception is somewhat slow, and your emotional reaction is balanced and stable.

It is usually believed that the position of the Moon in Taurus is an initially stable healthy psyche, although everything is not so simple, because, on the one hand, there is initial stability, and on the other, if a crack has arisen, then you are not fully adapted to new circumstances.

Paradoxically, it would seem that according to statistics, among people with schizophrenia, those with the Moon in Taurus, more than those with the Moon in Cancer and Pisces.

This is difficult to understand at first glance, since it is generally accepted that Cancers and Pisces are most susceptible to schizophrenia.

Apparently, what happens is that a person who is stereotypically tuned in to stable situations, finding himself in a situation of unexpected discomfort, suffers a more severe breakdown.

After all, any strength, as a rule, has a limit.

In addition, your unconscious reactions develop relatively slowly, so you usually tend to be patient and swing for a long time before doing anything. You may not even really like to do something, since any action requires the release of energy, and Taurus is associated with accumulation and relaxation, so you probably won’t budge unnecessarily.

Surely you love cozy surroundings, for example, sitting in an armchair by the fireplace with a good meal. This is perhaps one of the most comfortable situations for you.

At the same time, active planets, including, for example, Mars, may well be quite pronounced in the horoscope.

Then in your life you should be active, but you really want it to be warm, satisfying and comfortable, to be surrounded by beautiful, harmonious things, albeit not sophisticated, but pleasant to look at.

Medical contraindications. Your throat, thyroid gland and the entire endocrine system, pharynx, larynx are most vulnerable. You may have already experienced neck and throat surgeries.

In addition, this position of the moon often leads to diseases of the lungs, bronchi, chest, blood and nervous system, frequent neuralgic pain in the hands.

They are always realistic, hence the sharp criticism of others, constructive, but without tolerance for the weaknesses of others.

In general, it should be borne in mind that if you perform orthoscopic body correction (that is, an operation to change the appearance), then in general you should ensure that the part of the body that is being corrected does not correspond to the sign in which the transit moon is located.

So, for example, if the transit moon is in Taurus, moles cannot be removed from the neck.

When the Moon is in Taurus, the throat is very congested and, in addition, there is a great sensitivity of a person to food, so you should not eat anything at all.

But you can’t go hungry either – you need to eat good food and follow a diet.

In addition, it is better for you not to influence the organs of the endocrine system and endocrine glands unless absolutely necessary.

The moon feels better in feminine signs; in Taurus, she also culminates and begins, as they say, to understand a lot about herself.

It gives the temptation of a too good instinctive sense of forms and an extreme degree of attachment to the already familiar and familiar.

Here Taurus’ laziness and inertia reach their apogee, the principle prevails: “Better a well-known evil than still unknown what kind of good.”

In addition, the lower programs of the subconscious mind easily focus on primitive sensations of form (and simply primitive forms) and do not want to work hard and perceive (not to mention to create) more subtle and complex.

Lunar Taurus (especially harmonious) with completely impenetrable mocking superiority will say to anyone: “well, you dig deeply” – and will reliably drown the most subtle thought and the highest impulse in its swamp (in the latter case, the phrase works well – and with the same intonation – “well, you, brother, an enthusiast …”).

Lunar Taurus is extremely ponderous internally – but just as stubborn and reliable.

Behind him you feel, especially in material matters, as behind a stone wall – and the same feeling of a stone wall arises when you try to change something in his subconscious.

In the highest octave, this position of the Moon makes it possible for a very subtle and at the same time responsible work with forms.

Virgo Sun Taurus Moon – Rising Signs, Compatibility, Man, Woman

You are charming, balanced and have common sense, but how much you can develop these qualities in order to derive intellectual and financial advantages from them depends on some aspects of your horoscope.

If in your horoscope there are no conjunctions or quadrature’s to the Sun or the Moon, you “will probably walk through life calmly, being in favorable and mild conditions, you will be successful in material matters without the need to pay much attention to them.

You always give the impression of a wealthy person or capable of providing for yourself, since this position is one of the most successful for material well-being.

If there are connections and quadrature’s to the Sun or the Moon or to two planets at once, your unlimited energy, intellect and, above all, common sense will greatly help you advance in the field of science or art.

You have no pronounced leadership ability, but you are unmatched for intellectual development or following guidelines.

However, with your Taurus independence, you find it difficult to follow orders over time, and therefore it is best for you to pursue an independent career, where you will not need to give or follow orders – in the field of art or literature.

The main danger is that general luck and protection from anxiety will limit your opportunities for development, since the tendency to relax and calm down on what has been achieved is very strong, especially when emotional needs (by the way, are very strong) are satisfied.

A little trouble will do you good and wake you up as you are extremely conscientious and cannot afford not to do the job.

Apparently, you are sensitive to your material environment and to comfort, you strongly react to the harmony and disharmony of relations with the outside world.

First of all, this can manifest itself either in relation to the material world, emotional relationships with people around, as well as in perfect harmony with nature.


You have a deep intellect, albeit late developed (your emotions outpace your intellectual development), you study hard in your youth and continue to learn throughout your life. You will always read, study and assimilate everything that people have to offer you.

Above all, you have gracious and charming manners. You will surely be popular in the community.

This position of the planets gives intelligence and brings success in a career that depends on all the listed qualities.

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